RSR PC 050 Redscroll Favorites of 2021

It’s the beginning of a new year so first off HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hoping the best for everyone in the coming year!

Rick and Josh host the podcast with no guests and plenty of music clips. We assembled a list for each of our full time staff here. Rick and Josh rip through their respective lists and then those submitted by Caren and David. All of those are listed below. Tune in for some light commentary and clips of them all to check out.

This past year brought us a ton of excellent music and that’s definitely reflected in these lists we’ve put together here. There is also a Spotify playlist linked below to give everything a deeper listen (aka check out the full songs and not just clips).

The podcast opens with some music by Tongue Depressor who we are very thankful to have done an amazing release with this year. The rest of the tracks are from each of these albums listed below (in the order they appear below). Quick note here too that Rick and Josh go into further depth about this on the podcast, but we (Rick & Josh) basically didn’t include any artists in our favorites that we have a favorable prejudice towards, but we didn’t preclude Caren and David from doing that. πŸ™‚

List format: [BandAlbum” (Record Label)]

Rick’s Favorites of 2021:

The Bug “Fire” (Ninja Tune)
Tara Clerkin TrioIn Spring” (World of Echo)
Sarah DavachiAntiphonals” (Late Music)
Dry CleaningNew Long Leg” (4AD)
Editrix β€œTell Me I’m Bad” (Exploding In Sound)
Ben Lamar Gay β€œOpen Arms To Open Us” (International Anthem Recording Company)
HTRK β€œRhinestones” (N&J Blueberries / self-released)
John Glacier β€œShiloh: Lost for Words” (PLZ Make It Ruins)
Rochelle Jordan β€œPlay With The Changes” (Young Art Records / UNDRGRND Records)
Klein β€œHarmattan”(PentaTone)
Makaya McCraven β€œDeciphering The Message” (Blue Note)
Raja Kirik β€œRampokan” (Nyege Nyege Tapes)
Riki β€œGold” (Dais Records)
Scotch Rolex β€œTewari” (Hakuna Kulala)
Senyawa β€œAlkisah” (simultaneous release by over 40 labels)
Patrick Shiroishi β€œHidemi” (American Dreams Records)

7” (Caren Co-Signed)
Taqbir β€œVictory Belongs To Those Who Fight For A Right Cause” (La Vida Es Un Mus)

Josh’s Top of the Year 2021:

Amyl & The Sniffers β€œComfort To Me” (ATO Records / B2B Records / Rough Trade)
BadBadNotGood β€œTalk Memory” (XL Recordings / Innovative Leisure)
Julien Baker β€œLittle Oblivions” (Matador / 6131 Records)
The Body β€œI’ve Seen All I Need To See” (Thrill Jockey)
Mdou Moctar β€œAfrique Victime” (Matador)
Mythic Sunship β€œWildfire” (Tee Pee)
Pan-Amerikan Native Front β€œLittle Turtle’s War” (Nuclear War Now! Productions)
Riki β€œGold” (Dais)
Laura Stevenson β€œLaura Stevenson” (Don Giovanni)
Spectral Wound β€œA Diabolic Thirst” (Profound Lore)

Best hardcore 7” of the year:
Gel β€œViolent Closure” (Atomic Action)

Honorable mentions:
Fly Pan AM β€œFrontera” (Constellation)
Frozen Soul β€œCrypt Of Ice” (Century Media)
Gas β€œDer Lange Marsch” (Kompakt)
Of The Wand And The Moon β€œYour Love Can’t Hold This Wreath Of Sorrow” (Tesco)
Emma Ruth Rundle β€œEngine Of Hell” (Sargent House)
Sun Kil Moon β€œLunch In The Park” (Caldo Verde Records – digital only)

David’s List of 2021 Favorites:

Aaron Dilloway & Lucretia Dalt β€œLucy & Aaron” (Hanson Records)
Myriam Gendron β€œMa DΓ©lire – Songs Of Love, Lost & Found” (Feeding Tube Records / Les Albums Claus)
Manzanita Y Su Conjunto β€œTrujillo – Peru 1971-1974” (Analog Africa)
Helena Meirelles β€œA Rainha Da Viola Caipira” (Vampi Soul)
Mountain Movers β€œWorld What World” (Trouble In Mind)
Rob Noyes β€œArc Minutes” (Vin Du Select Qualitite)
Shirese β€œThree Going On Four” (C/Site Recordings / Gnosisocial Progress)
Joseph Spence β€œEncore (Unheard Recordings Of Bahamian Guitar And Singing)” (Smithsonian Folkways)
Derya Yildirim & Grup Şimşek β€œDost 1” (Les Disques Bongo Joe / Catapulte Records)
Various β€œEssiebons Special 1973-1984” (Analog Africa)

Caren’s Favorites for 2021:

Astrid Øster MortensenGro Mig En Blomst” (FΓΆrlag FΓΆr Fri Musik)
Astute Palate β€œAstute Palate” (Petty Bunco)
Tara Clerkin Trio β€œIn Spring” (World Of Echo)
Clarissa Connelly β€œThe Voyager” (Southern Record Distributors)
Dry Cleaning β€œNew Long Leg” (4AD)
Dummy β€œMandatory Enjoyment” (Trouble In Mind)
Gerald Cleaver β€œGriots” (Meakusma, Positive Elevation Records)
Rochelle Jordan β€œPlay With The Changes” (Young Art Records / UNDRGRND Records)
The Mind β€œOpen Up The Window And Leave Your Body” (Lumpy Records)
Mind Maintenance β€œMind Maintenance” (Drag City)
Moin β€œMoot!” (AD 93)
Mountain Movers β€œWorld What World” (Trouble In Mind)
Natural Information Society with Evan Parker β€œDescension (Out Of Our Constrictions)” (Eremite Records)
picnic β€œpicnic” (Daisart)
Powers / Rolin Duo β€œStrange Fortune” (Astral Editions)[Note: Music on the podcast is from a different release as I didn’t have this one available to me]
Rosali β€œNo Medium” (Spinster)
Salamanda β€œAllez!” (Good Morning Tapes)
Space Afrika β€œHonest Labour” (Dais Records)
YL Hooi β€œUntitled” (Efficient Space)
You’ll Never Get To Heaven β€œWave Your Moonlight Hat For The Snowfall Train” (SΓ©ance Centre)
Yu Su β€œYellow River Blue” (BiΓ© Records, Music From Memory)

Spotify Playlist:
Missing from Spotify: Pan-Amerikan Native Front, Shirese, and Astrid Oster Mortensen.