Isik Kural “In February” RVNG INTL.

New record on @rvngintl tomorrow (3/24/2022) from @isikkural – we have black and pink variants! We also have Phil here from RVNG INTL doing a bit of a guest spot. He’s picked some items from our Discogs shop and written a bit about them.  And then we picked out a few things we liked from the very solid RVNGIntl catalog that we have in stock and appreciate right back!
“Isik Kural is a singer, songwriter, composer, and sound designer residing in Glasgow, UK by way of Istanbul, Turkey. Isik’s new album in february, out now via RVNG Intl., spins field recordings into morning melodies with delicate and concise production. I’ve assembled a few records from Redscroll’s discogs to paint a picture around Isik Kural’s music – all are great buys from a great record shop, and make a fine soundtrack for a cup of tea at morning or midnight.”
Phil / RVNG Intl


Cucina Povera – Zoom

a glasgow resident as well. night school is a fantastic label to follow and cucina’s music remains a lulling delight.

Field Works – Ultrasonic
a lot of extended rvng intl family on this edition of field works. let’s make isik happen for the next one, mr. hyatt.
elori saxl – the blue of distance

one of the rare will work for good designs for an LP not on rvng! a beautiful album on the outside and within. blue of distance is the title of a collection of essays from rebecca solnit, too. highly recommend the read.

Madalyn Merkey

loved madalyn’s contribution to the andras ‘joyful’ remix ep from beats in space (records in peace). was never more excited for her future work than soaking in this first listen. a repeat play works for now. start with “clutch” and a heavy dose.

Animal Collective – Sung Tongs

if you love sung tongs, you’ll love isik’s in february. play them both at the same time and you will become a dewy field of grass.

Space Afrika

a haunted version of in february (and up there with the great uk debut albums). madalyn remixing this album… ::mindblown:: this album is the scuro to isik’s chiaro.

Pauline Anna Strom
we initially planned to release in february in february, 2021, but bad test pressings and those oft-whined delays at the plant kept isik for 2022. pauline’s first album of new music in thirty years moved up to isik’s slot. we’ll have more news to share about pauline’s historical work soon.
Mark Renner “I cannot overstate how much I love it” – Caren
Tiziano Popoli – incredible compositions
Oliver Coates – a favorite release of 2020 for Rick here. Really just gets better with each listen.
Ursula K. Le Guin & Todd Barton – visionary stuff beyond where Earthsea could take you.
And looking forward to all future Pauline Anna Strom releases as we play that one mentioned often as well.  We’ll be playing this Isik Kural all weekend for starters.