RSR PC 053 Jeff of FiFac

Jeff joins us on the podcast this month to talk primarily about his project, FiFac. Electronic music production with a wide genre base beyond bass and improvisation. We talk about the FiFac internet presence (and the odd Twitter relationship / rivalry with CT Verses! It’s almost entirely positive – spoiler!). The release show on April 8th at Never Ending Books vol. 2 in New Haven is discussed (info can be found on Jeff’s Instagram page here).  Bands named after other musicians and celebrities? Singing the praises of Willimantic Records and going there for shows during this pandemic. Ok ok ok, I’m just naming random topics. Listen to the podcast and hear it all. We stay on topic, mostly.

FiFac LinkTree

Music from this episode

Opening Music:
FiFac “Thawed Out” Skittering

Uwalmassa “Rantas” Malar (Mana Records)
fLako “With You” Mesektet (Project:Mooncircle)
Aunt Sally “Essay” Aunt Sally (MeshKey)
Patrick Shiroishi & Jeff Tobias “A1” (CAT008) (Topos Press)
RP Boo “All My Life” Established (Planet Mu)
ANZ “You Could Be (Ft. George Riley)” All Hours (Ninja Tune)

Tongue Depressor “A Singing” In The Quarter Column (Redscroll)[Note: the Burnish album on XKatedral is currently sold out, but we have copies of this one for the time being!]
Sabbat “The Melody of Death Mask” The Dwelling (Nuclear War Now! Productions)
Deserta “I’m So Tired” Every Moment, Everything You Need (Felte)
The Chisel “So Do I” Retaliation (La Vida Es En Mus Discos)
Bengt Berger “Darafo/Funeral Dance(Dar Kpee)” Bitter Funeral Beer (ECM Records)

Laura Wolf “Work of Art” Artifacts (Whatever’s Clever)

Closing Music:
FiFac “Swallowed” Skittering

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