RSR PC 058 Austin Larkin & Zach Rowden

This month brings a return guest in Zach Rowden and a new guest in Austin Larkin. Together they perform as Red Yellow Blue Green Black. Definitely go back and listen to the Zach and Henry (Tongue Depressor) podcast if you haven’t yet! For this episode we focused more on Austin as we had yet to dive into his musical background.  We of course also talk about lots of things we’re listening too.

Austin created sirens for the recent tour with Tongue Depressor – some deep insight on those. General talk of musical education background and Austin’s brief stint in a band signed to Sub Pop and how that led to a few years at school for music and then on to Jakarta to further study gamelan.  Lots of insight and interesting musical and other art related divergences follow. Give a listen!


Opening Track:
Austin Larkin “9’58”- 20’00′” Metal Cups of Different Hues (Self Released)

Conjunto Primitivo “Tiniebla” Morir y Renacer (Chicago Research)
Dissolve “Sandblaster” Dismantle (Maitsuba)
Ben Vida & Lea Bertucci “Basso Profundo” Murmurations (Cibachrome Editions)
Demonax “Play That Metal Mean” Demonax (O.P.M. Records)

African Imperial Wizard “Ezana of Aksum” Isandhlwana (Tesco)
High Vis “Walking Wires” No Sense No Feeling (Venn)
Wardruna “Solringen” Kvitravn – First Flight Of The White Raven (By Norse Music / Sony / Fimbulljóð Productions)
Chaotian “Adipocere Feast” Effigies of Obsolescence (Dark Descent)

Nilüfer Yanya “Shameless” Painless (ATO)

Reverorum Ib Malacht “Minor Martyrium” Kyrie Eleison, Lord Have Mercy (Malacht Multimedia)

Closing Track:
Red Yellow Blue Green Black “B” January 7th (Self Released)

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