RSR PC 067 Ephyra – Vaughn & Senti

This month on the podcast we’re joined by Senti & Vaughn of Ephyra – a collective of 7 folks releasing metalcore that sounds 20 years displaced! Really wild to take a listen for the first time and think this is not from that original era this takes heavy influence from.  We talk about all the bands currently on the label and all the members of the bands and who plays what in which. Tight group playing in quite a few formations. We talk about everything we’re listening to as usual and conversation ensues as usual!

We talk about label demands and how Ephyra caught on much more than they ever expected faster than could be. CD and tape production specifics are talked about; nice little tips and tricks if you’re starting anything up (one of which being – have someone who’s good at accounting). Prayer for Cleansing, Undying, Incubus, Limp Bizkit, a laundry list of bands mentioned… Love Lost But Not Forgotten, deadeyesunder, A Thousand Falling Skies… Jay from Papercut may have been in the room too.

Music on this episode:

Papercut “A Life Let Go” Papercut 2 (Ephyra)

XV “No Touching” On The Creekbeds On The Thrones (Ginkgo Records)
Garden Of Mary “The Silent Road” The Agony In Memory (Funeral Party Records)
Inga Copeland “A World In Danger III (With Scratcha DVA)” Higher Powers (Relaxin’ Records)
The Ephemeron Loop “Lattice Dysmorphism of Lysothymic Oneiroid Cytoterrain” Psychonautic Escapism (Heat Crimes)
Old Saw “Spinner’s Weave” Sewn The Name (Lobby Art Records)

Gatekeeper “From Western Shores” From Western Shores (Cruz Del Sur Music)
xServitudex “Dark Nation” Bringing Your Hell (Self-Released)
Vanguard “Living Grave” Rage Of Deliverance (New Age Records)
Mystic 100s “Windopane” On A Micro Diet (Listening House)

Shed Theory “Astray” .B4THELURCH `~ (Self-Released)
Defeated Sanity “Verblendung” Passages Into Deformity (Willowtip)

Taking Back Sunday “Cute Without the “E” (Cut From the Team)” Tell All Your Friends (Victory Records)
Skyforest “Together In Death” Aftermath (Northern Silence Productions)

Razel Got Her Wings “As the Sun Sets on the Longest Day” Reaching Serenity (Ephyra)

Balmora “A Dagger To The Heart Of Finality” With Thorns of Glass and Petals of Grief (Ephyra)

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