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RSR PC 071 Undergrounds Record Cafe – Nick & Dean

Undergrounds Record Cafe opened under a year ago (about 8 months) in Oakville, CT.
We are joined this month by Nick & Dean – the owners of this new hybrid café and record shop. Dean has been shopping with us basically since we opened and his son Nick used to tag along and get lost in the racks (or go over to the sports memorabilia shop and come back to wrangle dad). Time keeps on moving! We start off in the same way we usually do – talking about what we’re listening to. We then move the conversation to different aspects of the restaurant and Nick’s culinary background. We talk to Dean about what they carry and how they’ve been reaching more and more folks as word gets out.

Nick and Dean of Undergrounds Record Cafe
Nick and Dean of Undergrounds Record Cafe

Dean will also be at our record fair next Sunday with a table full of records (and maybe some bread or some sort of sampling from the café?! Something’s in the works. ).   Conversation pushes towards what the future holds for the restaurant and possible events and possible dinner services (special occasions).

Music on this episode: Continue reading RSR PC 071 Undergrounds Record Cafe – Nick & Dean

Vendors at the 2023 Record Fair at Counter Weight Brewing

You might be wondering which vendors to expect at the Record Fair this year?! Well, wonder no more!

Flyer for Record Fair at Counter Weight Brewing
Record Fair at Counter Weight Brewing

The Archive – “The Archive is Vinegar Syndrome’s experimental retail store located at our film preservation facility in Bridgeport, CT (right off I-95!). We carry all of our releases (of course) and a wide variety of other like-minded genre home video companies, in addition to super rare VHS, Laserdiscs and movie posters. We also have a growing selection of vinyl LPs and one of the largest collections of soundtrack LPs you will ever encounter.”

George Audette – George is among many returning vendors. Good source for rock priced to move. We’ve pulled some real cool stuff out of his bins. You might have seen this nice dealer at various record fairs. (no website!)

Bad Kitty – “Bad Kitty Music is the outward manifestation of one goofball longhair’s obsession with records… Genres available include: Rock, Pop/Vocal, Country Rock, Folk, Jazz, Blues, Soundtracks, Electronic, Country, R&B/Funk/Soul, Reggae/Ska, etc. Generally speaking, LPs from the 1950s – 1990s, mostly used. Prices start at two bucks (practically free!!) and go from there. Credit/Debit cards, Paypal, and Venmo are all accepted, and impulse purchases are encouraged.”

John Bastone – John runs the Record Riots around the East Coast (there are many!). Former store owner and general music fanatic. Check out the podcast we did with him here. He does a regular radio show Tuesdays 7-10PM on WBXO.

DomCasual – Our friend Dino you might recognize from various record fairs on the east coast including WFMU and working at The Archive in Bridgeport. He loves a good 12″ single and carries a lot of them.  Solid selection – check out his Discogs shop here.

Feeding Tube RecordsByron Coley will be coming down with what we can only imagine from the Western Mass. shop! Psych, drone, experimental, folk, … so much to choose from!

Get Awesome Records – What’s your idea of awesome? If it’s metal, hardcore punk, noise and other unhinged forms of music then yes, Logan will set you up.  You can check the Discogs shop for him here.  Happy to have him heading up from NY for this!

Noize in the Attic – Greg is also host of the Noize In The Attic radio show and is here representing the Danbury Record show.  Greg and Malcolm Tent co-promote the Danbury show. Rock and metal and more.

Northern Void – Grim and trve and kvlt metal and some more! Check out the wares:

Records The Good Kind – They’ve got a shop up in Vernon and you might have heard Ian on our podcast here.  Great selection and if you want to talk about indie pop there’s none better. Check out their store online here.

Redscroll Records – That’s us! You probably know us and we hope you have some love for us. We’ll have multiple tables!

Slipped Disc Records – Slipped Disc Records of NY will be at the show with a brand new collection of punk, new wave, 60’s/ 70’s rock and metal titles. There will be hundreds of new arrivals, over 1,000 sealed reissues including titles from new artists and old favorites.

Studebaker Hawk – Coming down from Massachusetts, Studebaker Hawk is a DJ, vinyl record dealer, organizer of the Northampton Record Fair, and co-runs the record label Peace & Rhythm. Come dig the crates for jams of all genres of LPs, 12″s, and 7″s. For a preview, check out the over 17,000 records for sale at and reach out if there’s anything from the Discogs store that you’d like brought down for you. IG Studebaker_hawk

Trash American Style – Malcolm Tent helms this enterprise. You might recognize the name because he is a legend. You might recognize it because T.A.S. was integral to the CT music community as a brick and mortar enterprise for multitudes of years. Having moved on from the shackles of a brick and mortar you might also recognize M.T. as a troubadour (current member of Antiseen and Profanatica). He’s breaking open the vault (his personal collection of fairly rare punk/underground rock) for this one! Exciting! Check him out here and his store out here online. Oh, and he was on the podcast too! Check that here.

Undergrounds Record Cafe – Long time friend of the shop Dean opened this shop with his son recently in Oakville. His son is quite the chef so if you’re in that area sometime grab a bite to eat and browse some music! They’ll also be on the podcast October 1st so check that out next week! Check out their site& menu here: 

Vinyl_13 – New dealer! Alex is a long time friendly face frequenter of the shop and we’re excited to see what she brings! Check out the wares via Instagram here:

Vinyl Destination – Dave is a great guy with a great shop up in Lowell, MA . Mill No. 5 is where the shop resides and it’s, in general, quintessential New England and an ideal record shop locale. We’re glad he can bring a bit of his shop down to us! And especially glad to have him back after a few years absence ! Check Vinyl Destination online here.

Willimantic Records – Joe has created a shop that also hosts a full live schedule of adventurous sounds.  He’s got a website here. Very much a community oriented shop! Willimantic Records is a used record shop currently located in the Bliss Marketplace at 34 North Street in Willimantic, Connecticut.

RSR PC 070 Ajna of Forest Thrall

Anonymity reigns within the dark realm of black metal. We interviewed an entity known to us here as Ajna. Ajna healms Forest Thrall and plays in Vengeance Sorcery, Cerberus, Sravana, Cemetery Lights and likely more currently active and some that are at this time conceptual acts.

We talk about the Vengeance Sorcery experience of playing Nuclear War Now Fest in Tijuana, Mexico. Ajna goes into depth on the musical paths taken in listening and in playing and gives a short anecdote about how a member of Dokken presented as a sort of missed connection on a tow truck route. We talk about nature and the scourge of the litterer! We veer off on 108 mystic and odd directions and of course we talk about the music we’re listening to!

Links: (this has links to Bandcamp pages as well) Continue reading RSR PC 070 Ajna of Forest Thrall

$1 45 Dive – Saturday & Sunday, September 2nd & 3rd 2023

Hey all! We have too many 45s / 7″s and we want to have less of them! We have 42 unprocessed unpriced boxes full of 45s we have not scoured through. We have not cherry picked or even looked through these. We’re going to put them all out next weekend and you can dig through to find gems and they’ll all be $1.
(The 45 rack with priced records withstanding; just talking about these untouched boxes.)