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David Cross at Lyman Center (New Haven) – Win A Pair of Tickets!

David Cross at Lyman Center (New Haven) – Win A Pair of Tickets!

David Cross brings his “Making America Great Again” tour to New Haven on Saturday, April 2nd at 8PM.

First person to come in here and ask us a knock knock joke get to see David Cross’s “Making America Great Again” appearance at the Lyman Center in New Haven on the campus of Southern Connecticut State University.

Tickets are not available in the shop  for this one, but are available online at


Discounted/Win Hannibal Buress Tickets! April 24th in New Haven

Hannibal Buress – The Comedy Comisado Tour
Friday, April 24th at Southern’s Lyman Center in New Haven!

Hannibal Buress is funny. If he had an LP for sale we’d sell it here. If he’d let us release “Gibberish Rap” as a 12″ single we’d do it. For now, all we can do is express how we think he’s funny and help promote this show he has coming up with/at SCSU.

You can get $5 off tickets at the link provided below and laugh along with us. You can also come by the store and enter to win one of 4 (FOUR!) pairs (PAIRS! That’s 2!) of tickets we’re giving away! Come by anytime in the next 10 days (April 11th we’ll pick winners) and enter to win a pair high value (monetary and laugh-etary) tickets.  That’s all there is to that. Come by, enter, possibly win! Whether you win or not you should probably go if you like laughing.

Use coupon code RED at checkout for $5 off tickets here:
[link includes all pertinent information to event as well]

hannibal bieber
[Special Guest?]

Hannibal Buress is a comedian, actor, writer, musician, magician, and poker dealer from Chicago.  He’s appeared on television a lot. At least 10 times. Actually it’s way more than that. He’s the cohost of The Eric Andre Show on Adult Swim. He’s a cast member on Broad City on Comedy Central. He’s had failed tv show deals of his own. He tours regularly doing stand up comedy. There’s other stuff on google that you can find. Have a nice day.

6th Of April 2012 Update

6th Of April 2012 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

We will be CLOSED on EASTER SUNDAY. Please enjoy the day as suggested in this quick blog entry earlier today.

Quick note about the upcoming Record Store Day (4/21/12) – we’ll be opening early (at 9AM this year) and we’ll have the full list posted the day before (if I can possibly do it earlier I will, but things probably won’t show up until the last minute).  Some releases have already been delayed and a few have been cancelled – that information can be found on the Record Store Day website. We’ll have more announcements and information posted here and through Twitter. Of course, it’s business as usual otherwise and we’re working as hard as ever to keep up and to keep you informed of what we have going on and what’s coming in. On to the update… right after this commercial interruption:

LPs & 12″s
Alligators    “Time’s Up You’re Dead”
AU    “Both Lights (+ D/L, Deluxe Jacket + Printed Inner Sleeve)”
Bear In Heaven    “I Love You, It’s Cool (Ltd. Ed. White Vinyl + D/L)”
Black Dice    “Mr. Impossible “
Bola    “Volume 7 (Awesome Tapes From Africa + D/L)”
Breton    “Other People’s Problems (+ D/L)”
Carter Tutti Void    “Transverse (LP + CD; A Unique & Exclusive Collaboration By Chris Carter, Cosey Fanni Tutti, & Nik Void)”
Choir Of Young Believers    “Rhine Gold (+ D/L)””
Collage Culture    “Examining The 21ST Century’s Identity Crisis”
Damages    “Indignation”
Demdike Stare / Hype Williams    “Meets Shangaan Electro”
Earthless    “Sonic Prayer Jam (Ltd. Ed. Color Vinyl)”
Fields, Lee    “Faithful Man (+ D/L)”
First Aid Kit    “The Big Black & The Blue (180 Gram Vinyl + D/L)”
Giana Factory    “Save The Youth (Ltd. Ed. + 20 Track D/L + Poster)”
Iron Maiden    “En Vivo! (Ltd. Ed. Double Picture Disc Vinyl)”
Marley, Bob    “Lee “Scratch” Perry Masters (Remixed/Remastered)”
Mickens, Sam    “Slay & Shake”
Midnight Souls    “Going Through The Motions”
Moonrises    “Moonrises”
Nurse With Wound / Blind Cave Salamander    “Cabbalism “
Rob    “Make It Fast, Make It Slow”
Sic    “Thought Noises”
Skeletonwitch    “Beyond The Permafrost (Gatefold Reissue)”
Thieves Like Us     “Bleed Bleed Bleed (+ D/L)”
Trampled By Turtles    “Stars And Satellites (180 Gram + D/L)”
U.V. P0P (UV Pop)    “No Songs Tomorrow (+ D/L With 3 Unreleased Songs)”
Various Artists    “Mondo Hollywood: Original Motion Picture Sound Track”
Various Artists    “Hells Angels On Wheels: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”
White Fence    “White Fence & Family/Perfume Vol. 1 (Of 2)”
Wino & Conny Ochs    “Labour Of Love (Latitudes Series /500)”
Zammuto    “Zammuto (Side Project Of The Books + D/L)”

Hip-Hop 12″s & LPs
Cut Chemist    “Outro (Revisited) Featuring Blackbird”
Doomstarks (Doom & Ghostface)    “Victory Laps (Feat. Madvillainz Remix)”
Homeboy “Sandman    “Chimera EP”
Roddy Rod    “Oakwood Grain II (+ D/L For This And Volume One)”

Electronic 12″s & LPs
Burial / Four Tet    “Nova”
Devonwho    “Strangebrew (+ D/L)”
DJ Kaos    “Keep On Movin'”
Dream Continuum    “Reworkz E.P.”
Ekoplekz    “Westerleigh Works EP”
Elephant & Castle     “Transitions (Feat. Tuneyards & Rachel Fannan)”
Eleven Tigers    “Stableface / Stableface (Peverelist Remix)”
Funckarma Vs. Onionboy    “Rusty W / Kokon”
H. Mueller – DJ Stingray    “NRSB-11”
Host, The (Barry Lynn/Boxcutter)    “The Host (+ D/L)”
Ital    “Hive Mind (+ D/L)”
Laid Back    “Cosyland”
Lone    “Crystal Caverns 1991”
Mieux!    “Next Episode”
Parrish, Theo    “Capritarious 7 / Only The Beginning”
Roger, Franck    “Take You Up”
Schlachthofbronx    “Dirty Dancing (2LP + CD)”
Swindle & Silkie    “Unlimited / Pineapple”
Szczepanik, Nicholas    “We Make Life Sad”
Trackman Lafonte & Bonquiqui    “Fortunes Of The Lord / More Than A Cat Has Ever Seen / The Feeling The Force / Fascinating Facts”
Various Artists    “KETA004: Rioteer – Gabberism And The Subcultural Behaviour Pattern Trap”
Various Artists    “San Proper Skudge Silent Running 2012 DMNTL AS-5.4 Rattle (Station 2 Station) Anniversary Series Part 4”
Zundel, Mati    “Amazonico Gravitante”

Best Coast    “Make You Mine (2×7″)”
Git Some (2 Members Of Planes Mistaken For Stars)    “Git Some (+ D/L)”
Hides    “Hides”
King Tuff    “Wild Desire (+ D/L /750)”
Lia Ices    “Wish You Were Here / Late Night”
Noose    “The War Of All Against All”
NY Hoods, The    “Demo 1986”
Oddisee    “Slow It Down / On Standby (Feat. YU) / Slow It Down (Inst.)”
Peace    “Peace”
Rations    “How Much Land Does A Man Need?”
Revenge / Hate Your Guts    “Watch The World Burn”
Schlachthofbronx    “Slowine / Dickie Riddim Feat. Warrior Queen”
Snowing    “Fuck Your Emotional Bullshit”
Title Fight    “Kingston”
White Woods    “Where Did You Go (+ D/L /500)”

Addison Groove    “Transistor Rhythm”
Baker, Aidan    “Green & Cold”
Blood Of Heroes, The    “The Blood Of Heroes”
Bola    “Volume 7”
Borgore    “Borgore’s Misadventures In Dubstep (Various Artists)”
Carter Tutti Void    “Transverse (A Unique & Exclusive Collaboration By Chris Carter, Cosey Fanni Tutti, & Nik Void)”
Com Truise    “Galactic Melt”
Deadmau5 Vs. Melleefresh    “Melleefresh Vs. Deadmau5 At Play”
Dial81    “Boxcar Portal”
Dr. John “Locked Down”
Front 242    “Geography”
High On Fire “De Vermis…”
Host, The (Barry Lynn/Boxcutter)    “The Host”
Les Momies De Palerme “Brulez Ce Coeur”
Lull & Beta Cloud & Andrew Liles    “Circadian Rhythm Reconfigured”
Meshuggah “Koloss”
Oneohtrix Point Never    “Replica”
Porter Ricks    “Biokinetics”
Tape    “Revelationes”
Trust “TRST”
Tycho    “Dive”
Various    “SuperiorBelly (Compilation)”
Various    “Sid Chip Sounds: The Music Of The Commodore 64”


Carter Tutti Void Transverse CD/LP

(Mute)(Buy Online From RSR)
This is a live album without live album trappings (no crowd noise, etc. – taken straight from the sound mix essentially). It’s got the Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti pair (of Throbbing Gristle and their own dealings) and Nik Void (Factory Floor). I was not at the Short Circuit Festival where this was recorded, but I imagine it was even more hypnotic and mesmerizing there and I long to play this at very high volumes so I can try to mock that experience as best I can. The whole thing flows seemlessly and when it ends it feels abrupt (though it is not) to be pushed back into the waking world (or maybe just stare at the cover until you press play again). 
[Reviewer: Rick]

Neptune msg rcvd CD/LP

(Northern Spy)(Buy Online From RSR)
It’s fascinating how musicians can exemplify their sound through the construction of their instruments: for example, classical performers lean toward exquisite designs. Boston’s Neptune represents noise rock’s jagged, rough elements excellently with instruments literally constructed from scrap metal (for example, not many music stores sell amplified gas cans or metal buckets.) The result is a very unconventional, dramatic vocal-laced sound right the beginning with the endlessly piercing build-up of “Luminous Skull.” It’s followed by the cold, nightmarish “Dark Report,” which is loaded with sharp guitars reminiscent of no wave and abrupt blasts of radio static. Another highlight is the eerily atmospheric “Negative Reversal,” complete with the same brand of bizarre poetry found in the earlier tracks (“let’s lift the curtain up / see how he operates / he’s made of medicine / an anesthetic.”) The most “accessible” track would be “Rpr,” with more traditional-sounding noise-rock patterns that wouldn’t sound out of place alongside acts like Sonic Youth and Boredoms. For the most part, though, it’s a very avant-garde journey for those who love challenging music.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Yamantaka // Sonic Titan YT//ST CD/LP

(Psychic Handshake)(Buy Online From RSR)
To put it in the most basic terms, this record comes from an experimental Montreal collective that includes members of Japanese-Scottish (Ruby Kato Attwood) and Chinese-Irish (Alaska B) descent. Their culture-mixing origins translate to their self-categorized “noh-wave” sound (that’s no typo – it refers to Japan’s Noh theater.) They manage to fuse elements from an impressive list of both Eastern and Western genres, including progressive rock, metal, psychedelia, noise, folk, opera and even pop. I was weary about seeing such a broad list, but I was very impressed with how they managed to pull it off in a truly one-of-a-kind rock opera.  I’d love to see the whole thing put to visuals, because it really does sound like an interesting epic. “Reverse Crystal // Murder of a Spider” is an easy choice of a favorite with its fuzzed-out guitar-fueled sound perfect for ascending a mountain. Another standout is “A Star Over Pureland,” which features red-hot Lightning Bolt-comparable shredding. It’s not all about heaviness, though: “Oak of Guernica” relies on gorgeous, mystical dream-pop ambience and “Hoshi Neko” utilizes passionate Japanese vocals, a driving beat and a hypnotic synth hook that all build to a shimmering climax before fading into a cloud of sound.
[Reviewer: Mark]

16th of September 2008 Update of New and Key Restocks

16th of September 2008 Update of New and Key Restocks
at Redscroll Records


LPs & 12″s:
Air “Pocket Symphony”
BBQ “Tie Your Noose”
Beach Boys “Pet Sounds”
Braid “Frame and Canvas (180 gram)”
Briggs “Come All You Madmen”
Coalesce “Functioning on Impatience”
Coldplay “A Rush of Blood…”
Corrupted “Nadie”
A. Desveaux “A Mighty Ship”
Dirty Projectors “Rise Above”
Dropkick Murphys “Sing Loud…”
Final “Afar”
Gnarls Barkley “St. Elsewhere”
Growing “All the Way”
Horse Feathers “House with No Home”
I Rise “For Redemption”
Jawbreaker “Dear You (2xLP)”
Jesu “Heartache”
Jesu “Pale Sketches”
Jesu/Battle of Mice (Split LP; various colors)
Calvin Johnson and the Sons of the Soil
Damien Jurado “Caught in the Trees”
Lagwagon “I Think My Older…”
Landmine Marathon/Scarecrow
Jens Lekman “When I Said I Wanted to…”
Lemuria “The First Collection”
Libertines “Libertines”
Maserati “Inventions Remixes”
Metallica “Kill ‘Em All”
Metallica “Ride the Lightning”
Mirah “Joyride (2xLP)”
Mogwai “Mr. Beast (2xLP)”
Mogwai “Batcat EP”
Motorhead “Motorizer (2xLP)”
My Brightest Diamond “A Thousand Sharks”
Nile “Ithyphallic (limited ed.)”
Thee Oh Sees “The Master’s Bedroom Is…”
Okkervil River “Stand Ins”
Opeth “Damnation (2xLP 180 gram)”
Parts and Labor “Mapmaker”
Pellinor/Surroundings (10″)
Pontiak “Sun on Sun”
Radiohead “Bends”
Radiohead “Hail to the Theif”
Radiohead “Kid A (2×10″)”
Radiohead “Ok Computer”
Radiohead “Pablo Honey”
Ramones “The Ramones (180 gram)”
Ramones “Ramones Mania – Best of”
Rancid “Rancid”
Rancid “And Out Come the Wolves”
Refused “Shape of Punk to Come”
Lou Reed “Transformer (180 gram)”
Arthur Russel “World of Echo”
Skream “Midnight Request Line”
Suicide Note “Empty Rooms”
Tricky “Knowle West Boy”
Various Artists “Dub Sampler vol. 3 (Jamaica Records)”
Woods “How to Survive In…”
Woven Hand “Mosaic”
Woven Hand “Ten Stones”
Young Widows “Old Wounds”

Black Boned Angel “Endless Coming…”
Bridge and Tunnel “EastWest”
C-64 Orchestra “Run 10 (2xCD)”
Calexico “Carried to Dust”
Continuum “Vol. 1”
Darkthrone “Frostland Tapes”
Kimya Dawson “Alphabutt”
EAR “Beyond the Pale”
Brian Eno “Here Come the Warm Jets (Import Re-Issue)”
Growing “All the Way”
Mitch Hedberg “Do You Believer in Gosh?”
Horse Feathers “House with No Home”
Informatik “Beyond”
Jesu/Battle of Mice (Split)
Jesu “Why Are We Not Perfect”
Juno Reactor “Luciana”
Damien Jurado “Caught in the Trees”
Kingman & Jonah “Sign Time”
Lemuria “The First Collection”
Meiko “Meiko (Ex)”
My Brightest Diamond “A Thousand Sharks”
New Year “New Year”
Off Minor “Some Blood”
Okkervil River “Stand Ins”
Playing Enemy “My Life as…”
Paranthetical Girls “Entanglements”
Porcupine Tree “Stars Die”
Rahim “Laughter”
Rotersand “I Cry”
Arthur Russell “World of Echo”
Sound of Animals Fighting “Ocean and the Sun”
Suicide Note “Empty Rooms”
Teenage Jesus and the Jerks “Shut Up…”
Tomorrow “Tomorrow”
Tricky “Knowle West Boy”
Underoath “Lost in the Sound of…”
United Nations “United Nations”
Chad VanGaalen “Soft Airplane”
Various Artists “Dub Sampler vol. 3 (Jamaica Records)”
Various Artists “In the Sign of Sodom (A Tribute to Sodom)”
Venom “Hell”
Woven Hand “Ten Stones”
Young Widows “Old Wounds”
Zozobra “Bird of Prey”

Alpha & Omega “Devil’s Bed”
D1 “I’m Loving”
For the Worse/Kids of Carn…
Foundation “Foundation”
Get Real
Grace Alley/Skin Like Iron
Harm’s Way “Harm’s Way”
Mental “Demo II”
Thought Crusade “Common Man”
Underdog “Live from Asbury Lanes”

Cannibal Terror
Curse of the Devil
Fantomas Melvins Big Band
Grindhouse Double Feature: Moon of the Wolf/Honeymoon of Horror
Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers
Horror Classics Vol. 2
Killer’s Delight
Knife in the Water
Lord of the Flies
Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom
Spaced Invaders
The Wolves

New Stock and Key Re-Stocks for 11-28-07 Part 2

New Stock and Key Re-Stocks for 11-28-07 Part 2

Hey, we got more stuff in, but I’m not going to sub-categorize it this time so y’know, read all of it.

2Pac “Pac’s Life”
GG Allin “Hated in the Nation”
Beck “TimeBomb” & “Venom Confection” 12″s
Miles Davis “Sorcerer” & “Kind of Blue”
Dead Machines “Futures”
Laurent Garnier “Cloud Making Machine”
Ghostface Killer “More Fish”
Integrity “Humanity is the Devil”
Alicia Keys “As I Am”
Taking Back Sunday “Where You Want to Be”
Weakerthans “Left and Leaving”
Wolf Eyes “Solo” (2×12″)

Dave Attell “Skanks for the Memories”
Blur “Best of” & “Park Life”
Darkest Hour “Undoing Ruin (+DVD)”
Explosions in the Sky “How Strange, Innocence”
Vince Guaraldi “A Charlie Brown Christmas (24 Bit Remaster)”
Mitch Hedberg “Mitch All Together”
Demetri Martin “These Are Jokes”
Radiohead “OK Computer”
Reel Big Fish/Zolof “Duet All Night Long”
Soundtrack to Darjeeling Limited
Shipwreck “Abyss”
Sigh “Gallows Gallery”
Daniel Tosh “True Stories I Made Up”
Zolof the RnR Destroyer “Schematics”

and lots of DVDs
Big Trouble in Little China
Buckaroo Banzai
Chappelle’s Show (whole series)
Cooking with Porn Stars
Die Hard (Steel Book)
Futurama Movie “Bender’s Big Score”
the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (collector’s edition)
Hot Fuzz (3xDVD Collector’s Ed.)
Logan’s Run
Meet the Feebles
The Omega Man
Rambo (Ultimate Ed.)
Ren & Stimpy Lost Ep’s
Soylent Green
Super Mario Bros.
They Live
This is England

And finally, we just got a bunch of a couple new types of record cleaning systems and record care items in general.

And don’t forget that we will special order anything you want that we can get. Ask us. You’d be surprised how much we have available to us. Get your orders in soon if you want them for Christmas!