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RSR PC 025 Mark & Ben from Manic Presents

We talk to Mark and Ben about the history of Manic Presents. We dig into an archived show list and talk about some specific landmark shows and some with fun footnotes and anecdotes.  We talk about how much Manic has grown from its Manic Productions past to its current incarnation as part of Premier Concerts; the journey from booking in small rental halls to currently booking at Cafe 9, Space Ballroom and College Street Music regularly.

Ben (Left) & Mark (Right)

Mark and Ben explain what it takes to run a show from the small rooms to the current big rooms. They explain how bands can get booked. And of course we talk about what we’re listening to!

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Manic Presents / Premier Concerts Update 05-02-2019

We’re back with our weekly Manic Presents Redscroll Blog! Here’s all the exciting announcements from this week! Just announced at College Street Music Hall – North Carolina alt rock/indie band Rainbow Kitten Surprise on (9/20)! At Space Ballroom we just announced – Nashville folk musician William Tyler on (6/15), Illinois alternative rock duo Local H on (7/19) L.A. retro/punk oufit The Regrettes on (8/10), Northampton, MA synthwave duo Boy Harsher on (9/16), Boston folk collective Darlingside on (9/21), and dream pop veterans Luna on (10/3)! Finally at Cafe Nine – Ports of Spain tour kickoff show on (7/8), Seattle doom metal band UN on (7/22), NYC ska/punk band The Toasters on (9/17)! Don’t forget to grab your tickets!

This week’s show schedule begins Saturday (5/4) with Johnny Marr (of The Smiths) at College Street Music Hall! On Monday (5/6) at Cafe Nine we have Brooklyn alternative rock band TEEN as part of our Manic Mondays music series and on Wednesday (5/8), sludge metal legends EYEHATEGOD returns to Space Ballroom! Brighten your week with one of our awesome shows!

CONTEST TIME! Enter for a chance to win a pair of tickets to Turnover w/ Turnstile, Reptaliens, and Illusion at College Street Music Hall on (5/9), a t shirt, and a copy of “Good Nature” on vinyl!
Enter here:

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LOW in Hamden Thursday Night: Ticket & Signed Poster Contest

LOW in Hamden Thursday Night: 
Ticket & Signed Poster Contest

Manic Productions Presents


Mike Doughty

Thu, June 20, 2013

8:00 pm

Spaceland Ballroom

Hamden, CT


A special seated performance!

I love sitting! If you love sitting and watching bands and would also love a free poster signed by the band (the band being Low – not trying to be tricky there)… Here’s a picture in fact:

 So, yea, if you want that poster and would like a pair of tickets to the show please make it to the store and claim the poster by asking for it at the counter. We’ll give you the poster and you’ll win free entry for yourself and a guest. Easy.



We’ve got two pairs of tickets to the WHY? show Monday, February 11th at The Space in Hamden, CT. All you have to do is come down to Redscroll and instagram a photo of yourself in front of the store (include the sign in the pic!). Don’t forget to use the hashtag, “#Redscroll” and tag us in (@redscroll)! Come inside when you’re done foolin’ around with your phone and see if you’ve won.

If you don’t win, we’ll sell you some tickets since you’re here anyway!