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Chopx7 Album Release Show

It’s an album release show for Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop! Details on the release here. 

Tickets available here. 

February 12, 2023 at Space Ballroom (Front Room)
[295 Treadwell St., Hamden, CT]

Space Camp

“what is this, besides way too much” – anonymous sound guy
New album “Gold Star” featuring such hits as “Crunch House Bathroom” blazing up the charts! Honestly not sure if they have more energy or musicality – it’s all “way too much!”


CT’s most notorious noise rockers yelling sardonically and perhaps satirically at you in particular. New album from them coming soon!

Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop

ALBUM RELEASE SHOW! New tape, “We Live as Ghosts,” on Redscroll Records out February 3rd. Noisegrind. Cybergrind. Fast, loud and abrasive. Getcherpull!


Powerviolence, hardcore thrashers also coming out with a new album this year (Daze Records).

Doom Beach

New Britain’s finest pair of loud sound makers. Heavy dirgin’. You check out “Copperhead” from last year? It rips!



Kidnapped Record Release Show Friday!

The Kidnapped “Collected Works 2017-2019” LP came out this past Friday and this coming Friday brings us to the record release show! We’re stoked on the record and stoked on this gig!

Show Details Here:

You can buy the LP at the gig this Friday, buy it in the store (and stores around the country!) or buy online here:

See you in Hamden Friday! Continue reading Kidnapped Record Release Show Friday!

Eugene Mirman speaks on heckling and Chappelle (Live Thursday In Hamden, CT)

Eugene Mirman is funny. He’s from Massachusetts.  He used to stop into Brass City Records a bunch, but doesn’t really remember that that’s the name of the store. He also has some thoughts on hecklers and the Dave Chappelle incident in Hartford earlier this year. I had a quick chat with him in support of his Thursday night gig in Hamden at the Spaceland Ballroom. You can listen to it below. You can see all the information on the gig here.

Continue reading Eugene Mirman speaks on heckling and Chappelle (Live Thursday In Hamden, CT)

Redscroll Recommends CT Shows (10/30-11/3/2013)

10/30 @ BAR

Manic Productions: Nik Turner’s HAWKWIND, Nightbitch and Hedersleben (FREE SHOW)


10/31 @ Spaceland Ballroom

Manic Productions: Felice Brothers, Nun Neil Young, Anthony Fantano (The Needle Drop DJ set)


11/1 @ The Space

Manic Productions: Moving Mountains, Field Mouse, This Old Ghost, and Caravela


11/3 @ Webster Underground

The Webster: A Loss For Words, Handguns, Major League, City Lights, Light Years, and more