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Autumnual Rituals

Fall begins today.  Autumn.  

Scenery gets all colorful.  Food gets all appley and pumpkiny.  Clothes get longer.  Majick happens.  Pagans perform rituals while the darkness enshrouds this hemisphere.  School is in full swing.  Prime vacation time has passed (unless you are a wizard). 

Records start showing up everywhere.  There are a slew of record fairs.  The biggest fair we’ll be set up at is the biggest one you can imagine: WFMU.  It is guaranteed that we will sell a bevy of vinyl there.  You can get a jump on that by buying up our good stock now! 

We spent all summer digging, hunting and following maps to hidden treasures.  We are overflowing with grade-A used vinyl.  It is a prime time to get here and dig through our stacks.