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Stone Titan Record Release Show at WHITNEY HOUSE, HARTFORD

Stone Titan Record Release Show with Elder, Iron Hand, Stone Titan, & Gowl
The Stone Titan 7″ release show.
Stone Titan
Iron Hand 

Tomorrow: 2 Shows

Wednesday 12/28/2011 2 Shows at Redscroll
Tomorrow we have two events that you should check out.

 At 1PM there will be a free acoustic in store set by Connecticut’s
Make Do And Mend. The first 50 will also receive a gift bag that comes
with a wooden MDAM CREW dog tag. So get here early!
At 8PM, we bring you a night of noise performances by Different
Dentist, Reviver, & Toynbee Idea. FYI: Different Dentist is the solo
material by my brother and founding member of the Redscroll empire;
M.D. This will be his only east coast appearance before he heads back
to Oakland, CA to continue his work with Ratskin Records and Styrofoam

Blackout Sale Day 1

Blackout At Sunrise Sale Day 1
Good day today.  Lots of friendly faces.  Thanks everyone. Looking forward to seeing many more faces tomorrow.  
(Rick (left) and Josh (right) ready to get things started)
We put all the dollar records out front; we’ll do the same for the rest of the weekend too.
6AM brought a rush of people we had not yet seen on Black Friday before.  The Record Store Day releases went rather quickly and we have very little of that left.
After we dealt with the initial flood of people we got DJs going at about 11AM with our friend Tim Daltrey (bottom right of above picture; below looking at a record):
DJ Lokash picked it up from there for a couple.
  Always an enjoyable and varied set.  Love it.
Shopping continued to happen:

Our friend Anthony of The Needle Drop stopped by and played some records:

Some more shopping:

Charles/Fresh Cut laid down a hip-hop set of some classic jams:

And then Maroje finished the night in style with deep bass dubbed out sounds:

And the night finished off with a fun bunch of rowdiness in a not so far off not so secret spot:


(Living Laser)

(Bust It!)

Sold a few more things and called it a night.

Fun times. And the sale does indeed continue for another 2 days! Our racks are still fairly full!

Out and About: WESU Record Fair, Youth of Today, Salvation…

Out and About: 
WESU Record Fair, Youth of Today, Salvation…

Connecticut has a lot going on this weekend. Here are three things that we will most definitely be in attendance for.

1. WESU Fall Record Fair (Facebook Event). Last year we scored a ton of great stuff for way cheap! Sean got a a copy of Botch “We Are The Romans” LP /300 for $30, that’s a steal! We’ll have a couple of tables of stuff from our store set up along with 17 other dealers.The Hartford Area Roller Derby girls will be selling baked goods as well. Get sugared up and dig hard. There will be a couple food trucks outside too. This fair is FREE. 11AM – 4PM. Saturday, November 12th Beckham Hall Wyllys Avenue, Wesleyan University Campus Middletown, CT.

2. After the record fair, we’ll be heading down to The El’N’Gee in New London, CT to catch a performance by legendary Connecticut natives, Youth Of Today. This show is brought to us by Brass City Boss Sounds, so head over to their site and secure your ticket to move up front and shout out loud. 

The last time I saw YOT was 1999. They played a reunion show in Wallingford. It was originally supposed to be at the Extreme Skatepark, but it got moved to the Polish Club down the street. I’m glad it did because the floor of the 4th floor warehouse the skatepark was in would have absolutely caved in. At that time, Jamey (Hatebreed, Stillborn, Jasta) had a small record store called Subterranean in the center of town. The day of the show, a bunch of local kids got recruited to help out. I got left at the shop by myself. No one gave me the key to take the security cases off of CDs, so I was cutting them out with pliers. People from all over the world flew in for that show and had to come to Subterranean to pick up their tickets. I have a really vivid memory of trying to explain to some nice European dudes that I couldn’t take purple money. 

When I arrived at the show that night, I remember the hall was packed super tight and it felt like it took forever from the time the doors opened to when Right Brigade started that night. As soon as the feedback started in, the floor opened up wide. Dudes were moshing so hard, the floor boards were bouncing up and down and I could barely stay on my own two feet, let alone defend myself from getting hit. I made my way to the side of the stage and managed to watch the rest of the show from the speaker stacks. Youth Of Today was amazing that night. I can’t put the vibe of their set into words.

Do not miss this opportunity to catch them live!

3. Sunday brings us a night of brutal hardcore rituals by Salvation (Youth Attack), Hoax (Youth Attack) & Brass Caskets will be taking place in a secret location (Facebook Event). To be guided to the show, meet at Redscroll. We’ll show you the way.

Live Music: Thou, The Body, Sea Of Bones

Live Music: Thou, The Body, Sea Of Bones
6th of October 2011 at 8PM, $6 Minimum Donation, All Ages
(at the secret spot located really close to us)

THOU is a band that have enough releases to equal the weight of their music.  I mean the music is heavy.  These New Orleans fellas are coming to town tomorrow evening to shake the foundation of the venue and all who stand before them.

THE BODY (of much more close by Providence, RI) are traveling with Thou to the enigmatic locale. I (Rick) rated their album “All The Waters Of The Earth Turn To Blood” as one of my favorite of 2010 and their new CD with The Braveyoung ain’t none too shabby neither. Man, there is a lot of tonnage going into the mysterious berth. May the vibrations not open the mouth of the Earth monster to swallow us all whole (actually, that’d be a pretty good story – may we live to tell it).

And finally, from our home state of CT (more specifically New Haven) SEA OF BONES will shake yours to jelly.  I hope all this hyperbole is going to good use. Share it with your friends and come along.