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WFMU Fair Recap

WFMU Record & CD Fair 2010 Recap
Have you ever been to a record fair?  No.  Read on.  Yes, well unless you’ve been to this one you still have no idea how huge this thing is and you should still read on.  Actually, beyond reading you can view this single take I did with my camera – I just held it at chest level and walked around the fair (trying not to double back ever – but there is an awkward area where you basically have to) occasionally turning to view things.  It’s not a pro video by any means, but it gives you an idea of the drastic scope of this thing, the WFMU Record and CD Fair:

 This was our (Redscroll) 2nd year setting up at the fair.  It was a wild success once again.  Friday, we spent the day buying and setting up trades.  Saturday we sold and made some purchases, then Sunday we sold and bought again (a partial list of what we bought is at the bottom of this post).  If you follow us on twitter then you know that this event is also great for people/celeb watching.  I got to talk to Q-Tip (unfortunately, I couldn’t really sell him anything; he also was trying to be as inconspicuous as possible with his hood up and sunglasses ever present – like the unibomber really).  Todd Barry and Horatio Sanz (I think) were there.  ?uest Love (The Roots, y’ know?) was also there, but we didn’t actually see him.  I’m betting there were other notables as well – I just didn’t seem them.  Please do join us next year. 
As promised – here’s the list:
Cramps, The Songs The Lord Taught Us
Cramps, The Bad Music For Bad People
Cramps, The A Date With Elvis
Dead Kennedys In God We Trust, Inc.
Death Cult Gods Zoo
Death Cult Brothers Grimm EP
Garden Variety Garden Variety
HR Human Rights
Husker Du New Day Rising
Husker Du Warehouse: Songs And Stories
Prurient History Of Aids
Skatalites, The African Roots
Sugar Cubes, The Life’s Too Good
Suicidal Tendencies Suicidal Tendencies (Frontier Records)
Ty Segall / Black Time Ty Segall / Black Time
Various Artists The Blasting Concept (Black Flag, Husker Du, Minutemen, Overkill,…)
Various Artists The Blasting Concept II (Saint Vitus, SWA, Meat Puppets, Black Flag, Overkill,…)
Various Artists The World’s Lousy With Ideas Volume 8

WFMU Record Fair

The WFMU Record & CD Fair is happening this coming weekend.

The WFMU fair is huge. It is basically the biggest one that happens in the world on any given year. True Story. If you can think of a record then most likely it is there (well, maybe not all of them, but you know…).  Besides the records and CDs there are also a ton of great interesting people (read: people watching for miles and miles). 

Vinyl Junkies from Stokely Baksh on Vimeo.

Josh, Ben (Mammoth Hunter) and I (Rick) will be at the fair Friday-Sunday. Redscroll Records will be set up on SATURDAY ONLY at tables E4 & E5. The full dealer list should be up soon here: Our friends Trash American Style & Painkiller will also be there. The list will be ridiculous when it’s published so definitely keep an eye out for that.

Autumnual Rituals

Fall begins today.  Autumn.  

Scenery gets all colorful.  Food gets all appley and pumpkiny.  Clothes get longer.  Majick happens.  Pagans perform rituals while the darkness enshrouds this hemisphere.  School is in full swing.  Prime vacation time has passed (unless you are a wizard). 

Records start showing up everywhere.  There are a slew of record fairs.  The biggest fair we’ll be set up at is the biggest one you can imagine: WFMU.  It is guaranteed that we will sell a bevy of vinyl there.  You can get a jump on that by buying up our good stock now! 

We spent all summer digging, hunting and following maps to hidden treasures.  We are overflowing with grade-A used vinyl.  It is a prime time to get here and dig through our stacks.