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14th of September 2012 Update

14th of September 2012 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
2 Chainz    “Based On A T.R.U. Story” (2LP Gatefold)
Acid Problem    “Acid Problem”
Alvarius B. (Alan Bishop Of Sun City Girls)    “Alvarius B.” (2LP Reissue /400 Ltd. Ed.)
Antibalas    “Antibalas” (+ D/L)
Azure Ray    “As Above So Below”
Band Of Horses    “Mirage Rock” (Gatefold + Poster + D/L)
Ben Folds Five    “The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind” (180 Gram 2LP Gatefold + D/L)
Blue On Blue / Os Ovni    “Vision Imaginary”
Crypts    “Crypts”
Cult Of Youth    “Love Will Prevail” (+ D/L)
Dinosaur Jr.    “I Bet on Sky” (Ltd. Ed. Colored Vinyl + D/L)
Dixon, Willie    “I Am The Blues Man” (180 Gram)
Easy Star All*Stars    “Thrillah (A Dub Take On Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’)” (2LP Gatefold)
Ein-St-Ein    “Varsavia”
Fennesz    “FA 2012”
Frak    “Prism”
Grizzly Bear    “Shields” (2LP Gatefold + D/L)
Hooded Menace    “Effigies Of Evil” (2LP Gatefold)
Lekman, Jens    “I Know What Love Isn’t” (Ltd. Ed. Colored Vinyl + D/L)
Little Walter    “Hate To See You Go” (180 Gram)
Locrian & Christoph Heemann    “Locrian & Christoph Heemann”
Lymbyc System    “Symbolyst” (Gatefold + D/L)
Macka B    “Rasta Soldier”
Merzbow    “Merzbient” (18xLP 2xBox Set – It Is $355.00 In The Store And It Is Hefty)
Moore, R. Stevie    “Hearing Aid”
Negro, Joey And The Sunburst Band    “The Secret Life Of Us” (2LP Gatefold)
Neud Photo    “Kraftjerkz 012”
NOFX    “Self/Entitled” (+ D/L)
Northstar    “Is This Thing Loaded”
Oppenheimer    “Analysis”
O’Rourke, Jim    “ON #8 (Old News #8)” (2LP)
Polar Bear Club    “Live At The Montage”
Prekop, Sam    “Who’s Your New Professor”
Rangda    “Formerly Extinct”
Rhyton    “The Emerald Tablet”
S.Y.P.H.    “4.LP” (+ CD)
Schnitzler, Conrad / Andreas Reihse    “Con-Struct” (+ D/L With Bonus Tracks)
Sea And Cake, The    “Runner”
Sic Alps    “Sic Alps”
Sleepies    “Weird Wild World”
Sleeping People    “NOTRUF” (Ltd. Ed. /1000 + D/L)
Sorgini, Giuliano    “Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue” (Death Waltz Recording Co.)
Sun Araw    “The Inner Treaty”
Terror    “No Regrets No Shame: The Bridge Nine Days” (Grey Vinyl + D/L)
Trash Company, The    “Having Fun”
Treasure Fleet    Cocamotion (+ D/L)
Various Artists    “This Is How It Should Be Done Vol. 1” (+ CD; Green Street, LoopMaffia, Evil Needle…)
Various Artists    “Surinam! Boogie & Disco Funk From The Surinamese Dance Floors 76′ – 83′”
Waters, Muddy    “Sail On” (180 Gram)
Woods    “Bend Beyond” (Gatefold + D/L)

Electronic 12″s & LPs
Bell, Damon    “Nommo WL”
Bobby Tank    “Afterburn / Vorpheum”
Deadbeat    “Eight” (3LP)
Drvg Cvltvre    “Everything Oblivion EP”
Exaltics, The    “Node EP”
Exaltics, The    “The Exaltics Meets Morphology”
Huckaby, Mike    “Baseline 88-89”
Marter & Yony    “Spye EP”
Moodyman    “Picture This Sampler 2”
Moodyman    “Picture This Sampler 1”
Murphy, Hakim    “Wet Analog EP”
Obsolete Music Technology    “Relapse EP”
Old Apparatus    “Realise EP”
Parrish, Theo    “Urban 24”
Pursuit Grooves    “91 Fellows”
Pusherman    “Donuts EP”

Innerspace Halflife    “Wind (Innerspace Halflife) / Phazzled (Ike Release)”
Porter, Glen    “The Devil Is A Dancer, The Piper Is A Madman”
Various Artists    “The Unified Field Issue 01″ (Magazine + 10” Clear Vinyl)

Antibalas    “Dirty Money / A.W.O.L.”
Bug, The    “Can’t Take This No More” (Ft. Daddy Freddy)
Cho, Margaret & Neil Hamburger    “I Drink / How Little Men Care”
Coma Regalia / Capacities    “Coma Regalia / Capacities”
Crime    “Hot Wire My Heart / Baby You’re So Repulsive”
Harness    “Victim Of Suffering”
Howlin Rain    “When The Morning Comes / Collage”
Hunted Down    “Life’s Womb”
Lloyd, Martin    “L’Amant Electronique” (Hand Numbered Ltd. Ed.)
Man… Or Astro-Man?    “Analog Series 1”
Mob, The     “Back To Queens”
My Iron Lung    “Grief”
Night Beds    “Even If We Try / You Were Afraid”
Oh No / Doom    “3 Dollars” (5-Inch Vinyl)
Parasol    “Crush Season”
Red Hot Chili Peppers    “Magpies On Fire / Victorian Machinery”
Sea Lions / Golden Grrrls    “Sea Lions / Golden Grrrls”
Socialized Crucifixion    “More Than A Glance”
Soul Control    “Bore Core”
State Champs    “Overslept”
Vom    “Live At Surf City”
Wreck    “Reap What You Sow”

CDs Rock
Dinosaur Jr.    “I Bet On Sky”
Ehnahre    “Old Earth”
Grave    “Endless Procession Of Souls”
Hooded Menace    “Effigies Of Evil”
How To Dress Well    “Total Loss” (First Few Copies Come With Bonus 7″ – The LP Was Delayed A Month)
Loomis, Jeff    “Plains Of Oblivion”
Pinkish Black    “Pinkish Black”
Woods    “Bend Beyond”
Yuppicide    “American Oblivion”

CDs Non-Rock
Kid 606    “Lost In The Game”
Masta Ace & MF Doom    MA_DOOM: Son Of Yvonne
Sensations’ Fix    “Music Is Painting In The Air (1974-1977)”
Theologian    “Finding Comfort In Overwhelming Negativity” (DVD Size Box CD)
Zygadlo, Rudi    “Tragicomedies”

The Minus Times Collected: 20 Years / 30 Issues (Edited By Hunter Kennedy)(Contributors Include: Stephen Colbert, Brad Neely, Robert Frank, Dave Eggers…)


Landing Landing

(Geographic North)
Formed in 1998, this New Haven-based trio provides Connecticut with an ethereal blend of genres such as Krautrock, shoegaze and space rock. After six years of working on their latest album, the culmination of effort has paid off.  The shimmering synth dreamscapes and ornate guitars make me feel like I’m drifting through memories of surreal places. Landing creates gorgeous, transcendent ambience excellently with their uniquely mixed sound that shouldn’t be relegated to a single genre. Right from the beginning, “Finally” builds a massive wall of electronic glow to back the calm vocals, brisk drums and spacey guitar sounds. Another instant standout, the faster-tempo “Heart Finds The Beat,” emphasizes on nebula-echoing bass, airy female vocals and numerous other reverb effects for an atmosphere to get lost in. One more I particularly enjoyed is the very warm-sounding closer “Native Land,” with numerous “ahhhh” vocals used as a multilayered instrument, reminding me of Sigur Rós. For maximum effect, this album should be played extra-loud.
[Reviewer: Mark][Note: We don’t have this right now and if you know the band please tell them we’d like them to bring some by ;)]

Lee Ranaldo Between The Times & The Tides

Being one of Sonic Youth’s founding members, Ranaldo has taken a surprising turn on his latest album. It’s been promoted as his “first rock record,” which is fitting due to its pure, very accessible sound of… well, rock (specifically of the alternative/indie persuasion.) Even with the absence of avant-garde, he constructs downright great songs without abandoning his roots: his strong voice combined with his glowing guitar licks makes me imagine R.E.M. if they drew inspiration from Sonic Youth. The powerfully delivered seven-minute “Xtina As I Knew Her” serves as an excellent example of this: the somber, overcast atmosphere is crafted with layers of guitars that aren’t afraid to wander into a bit of controlled-yet-trippy dissonance. “Fire Island (Phases)” incorporates a huge variety of multi-tempo passages, drawing influences from not only Sonic Youth-style alt-rock, but also steel guitar-based country rock and 70s hard rock, among others. Another example of the steel guitar sounding refreshingly rich is on the longing acoustic ballad “Stranded,” with easily relatable lyrics (“I’ll be right there when you call / you know I love you best of all…”)
[Reviewer: Mark]

7th Of September 2012 Update

7th Of September 2012 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
45 Grave     “Pick Your Poison”
Byrne, David & St. Vincent    “Love This Giant” (Gatefold; Out For Sale On Tuesday)
Chomp    “Buddha Jabba Mumma”
Dylan, Bob    “Tempest” (180 Gram + CD)
Enough    “Common Visions”
Enslaved    “Yggdrasill”
Forward    “What’s The Meaning Of Love? Singles Collection”
Genesis P-Orridge / Stan Bingo    “What’s History” (+ D/L)
Hardside    “2009-2011”
Harry Pussy    “One Plus One” (Gatefold 2LP)
Hopkins, Lightning    “Texas Blues Man” (+ D/L)
I Can See Mountains    “Hope You Never Get It” (+ D/L)
Kowalsky, Gregg With Jozef Van Wissem    “Movements In Marble And Stone”
Kuti, Fela    “Fela Ransome-Kuti And His Koola Lobitos”
Land    “Night Within”
Lorelei    “Enterprising Sidewalks” (+ D/L)
Loscil    “Sketches From New Brighton” (2LP Gatefold)
Melchior, Dan    “The Backward Path” (+ D/L)
Minus The Bear    “Infinity Overhead”
Mono    “For My Parents”
Mould, Bob    “Silver Age” (+ D/L)
Oh Sees, Thee    “Putrifiers II EP”
Pswingset    “All Our False Starts”
Red City Radio    “To The Sons & Daughters Of Woody Guthrie”
Residents, The    “Duck Stab” (+D/L)
Sam Bros. 5    “Sam Bros. 5 – With Daddy ‘Good Rockin’ Sam” (+ D/L)
Shiflet, Mike / Pet Swanson    “Bedside / College View”
Sick Fix    “Vexed”
Tower & The Fool, The    “How Long”
UV Race / Eddy Current Suppression Ring    “UV Race & Eddy Current Supression Ring Live At Missing Link” (+ D/L)
Verocai, Arthur    “Timeless: Arthur Vercai March 15, 2009” (2LP Gatefold)
XX, The    “Coexist” (Regular Edition Our For Sale On Tuesday – Deluxe LP Edition Has Been Delayed to a Sept. 25th Release)

Hip-Hop 12″s & LPs
Masta Ace Incorporated    “Slaughta House” (2LP)

Electronic 12″s & LPs
Dear, Matthew    “Beams” (2LP)
Dusk + Blackdown    “Dasaflex”
Fake, Nathan    “Steam Days” (+ D/L)
Lorn    “Weigh Me Down”
Mala    “Cuba Electronic / Calle F”
Tejada, John    “The Predicting Machine” (2LP 180 Gram + CD)
Toddla T    “Watch Me Dance: Agitated By Ross Orton & Pips” (+ D/L)
Woolfy Vs. Projections    “The Return Of Love” (+ CD)

Bottom Out    “Mourning” (Red Vinyl + D/L)
Carridale    “The Wandering EP” (Purple Vinyl + D/L)
Cheap Time    “Other Stories / In This World”
Clear    “Demo”
Crucial Dudes / Shared Arms    “Crucial Dudes / Shared Arms” (+ D/L)
Dry Hump    “Dry Hump”
Eyehategod    “New Orleans Is The New Vietnam”
Full Of Hell / The Guilt Of…    “Full Of Hell / The Guilt Of…”
Miller, Roger (Mission Of Burma / Alloy Orchestra)    “Big Steam / Dream Interpretation”
Primitive Calculators    “Sick / Cunt”
Rodrigo & Gruff / Cate Le Bon    “Gold Medal Winner / Time Could Change Your Mind”
Segall, Ty    “The Hill / Mother Lemonade”
Shannon And The Clams    “Ozma / Muppet Babies”
Slugz    “Empty Space”
Young Prisms    “Apartment Song EP”

CDs Rock
Byrne, David & St. Vincent    “Love This Giant” (Out For Sale On Tuesday)
Enemy Within, The    “As Long As I Can Walk, I’ll Step Out Of Line”
Horse Latitudes    “Awakening”
Mono    “For My Parents”
Oh Sees, Thee    “Putrifiers II EP”
Swans    “The Seer” (2xCD + DVD Special Edition)
XX, The     “Coexist” (Out For Sale On Tuesday)

CDs Non-Rock
Alvarius B (Alan Bishop Of Sun City Girls)    “Alvarius B” (Legendary Solo 1998 2-CD Reissue)
Assembly Of Light Choir    “Assembly Of Light Choir”
Blu & Exile    “Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them”
Groundislava    “Feel Me”
JJ Doom    “Key To The Kuffs”
Lustmord    “Heresy / Heretic: The Sixtystone Edition” (2CD Deluxe Package)
Reks    “Rebelutionary”


Matthew Dear Beams

[Buy From RSR Online]
(Ghostly International)
Was born in Texas and moved to Michigan while he was a teenager.  In Michigan he was influenced by the Detroit Techno scene.  Dears style can be seen as glitch, techouse, and electronic avant- pop.  I believe Dears new album to have more of an electronic, indie, rock influence to it.  His newest album, Beams, has upbeat futuristic beats with dance floor ready tempos.  He companies his upbeat tempo and more than fun beats with his intense and deep lyrics that seem to be very personal to Dear.  This new album reminds me of a very upbeat and techno like TV on the Radio.  If TV on the radio was going to do a techno dance party on a spaceship, this is probably what it would sound like.  Dear’s music contradicts itself in many ways, which he believes to be his different personalities shining.  Dear’s music has changed very much throughout the years and this album is his most rock like album yet. Dear’s many personalities are seen as his “Beams”, hence the new album.  If you are ready to hop on the futuristic dance floor then Beams is a perfect album for you.
[Reviewer: Kacie]

Jeff Loomis Plains of Oblivion

(Century Media)
Best known for being the lead guitarist of the progressive/thrash/neo-classical metal band Nevermore, Loomis further demonstrates his incredibly advanced techniques on his second solo record. Like one would expect from him, he manages to pull off an epic scope with a combination of white-hot shredding and soaring licks to craft songs that really feel like they’re telling a story (opener “Mercurial” sets the mood excellently by employing both aforementioned elements.) The lightning-speed “Escape Velocity” is another favorite, with several blasting breakdowns to punctuate the face-melting guitar chords. The acoustic, medieval-sounding “Rapture” demonstrates his flexibility well, with an array of complex string techniques. Loomis didn’t accomplish this all alone, though: he features an impressive roster of guest guitarists for solos as well, including Attila Vörös from Hungary (“Requiem For The Living”) and Tony MacAlpine from the U.S. (“The Ultimatum”), as well as ex-Megadeth members Marty Friedman (“Mercurial”) and Chris Poland (“Continuum Drift.”) Though most of the tracks are instrumental, he also invites guest vocals from Christine Rhoades (“Tragedy And Harmony” and “Chosen Time”) and Insahn (“Surrender”) to further punctuate the feeling.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Mono For My Parents

[Buy From RSR Online]
(Temporary Residence Records)
Mono is a band from Japan that has been experimenting with post- rock/instrumental rock since 1999.  Mono is made up of electronics, strings, chorus, a pianist, and a saxophonist.  This new album by Mono reminds me of a much calmer more fine tuned Explosions in the Sky. Not to get confused that they are any better or worse than Explosions.  Mono’s instruments are just timed more particularly then that of Explosions and other Instrumental bands.  They are precise with their execution and because of this great harmonization the band sounds like a Japanese symphony.  While listening to the album I felt myself placing Mono in either a symphony hall or in a grungy rock hall.  Mono has moved into a brighter territory of music that is uplifting with their triumphant climaxes.  Their eruption of noise is much more tamed then past albums.  While listening to the album I felt as though I was watching a Japanese War movie (in slow motion).  The guitars feel as though they are melting out of the speakers and pouring into my ears. The album makes for a musically emotional roller coaster.  The light guitar repetitions along with the bombastic drums erupts into an uplifting climax in every song which makes the album somewhat soundtrack like.  This would be a perfect album to listen to on a long train ride home.
[Reviewer: Kacie]

Porcelain Raft Strange Weekend

[Buy From RSR Online]
(Secretly Canadian)
Rome-born and NYC-based Mauro Remiddi is a composer, songwriter and musician: after a 2010 EP, this is the first full-length from his current project. Although his original band, Sunny Day Sets Fire, focused on indie-pop, Porcelain Raft is all about dreamy, atmospheric electropop. His warm, ethereal and lo-fi sound can be attributed to a combination of his wistful, echoed vocals with a varied, driving drum machine, bright-sounding acoustic/electric guitars and a generous helping of sensual synth. The end result sounds quite refreshingly natural, which isn’t an easy feat for an album based mainly on numerous electronic effects. My favorites include the twinkling opener “Drifting In And Out,” with a head-bobbing rhythm to complement the shimmering, descending synth notes. “Unless You Speak From Your Heart” takes a similar kind of drum pattern, with a greater focus on an easily memorable melody. Acoustic-based “Picture” is another unique standout, with the sunny guitar backed by a chunky hip-hop sounding beat.
[Reviewer: Mark]

10th of August 2012 Update + Reviews

10th of August 2012 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
Afterhours    “Sleepwalker”
Ambarchi, Oren    “Sagittarian Domain”
Ambarchi, Oren    “Audience Of One” (2LP Gatefold)
Andrew Jackson Jihad / Ghost Mice    “Andrew Jackson Jihad / Ghost Mice”
Andrews, Michael    “Donnie Darko (Original Soundtrack)”
Ape School    “Junior Violence” (/500)
Apers, The    “The Apers”
Black Wine    “Hollow Earth”
Cactus Channel, The    “Haptics” (+ D/L)
Cage, John    “Empty Words (ParteIII)” (3LP Box Set)
Cesear, Austin    “Cruise Forever”
Channel 1    “Satta Dub”
Channel 1    “Full Charge Dub”
Dead C    “Harsh 70s Reality” (+ D/L)
Desire    “II” (Dreamy Ivory Vinyl)
Edwards, Nick    “Plekzationz” (2LP)
Harry Pussy    “Let’s Build A Pussy” (2LP, Gatefold)
Haxan Cloak    “…The Men Parted The Sea To Devour The Wayer” (/700)
Iron Lung    “Supersonic: Live At Supersonic July 25 2009”
Jansch, Bert    “L.A. Turnaround” (LP + CD)
Joyner, Simon    “Ghosts” (2LP Gatefold All Analog Recording + D/L [The Download Is Digital However])
Keys, Alicia    “Songs In A Minor” (2LP, 180 Gram)
Led Er Est    “May” (+ D/L)
Lynch, David & Alan R. Splet    “Eraserhead: Original Soundtrack Recording” (LP + 7″ Gatefold, 16 Page Booklet, + D/L)
Matt And Kim    “Sidewalks” (+D/L)
Merchandise    “(Strange Songs) In The Dark”
Moon Pool & Dead Band    “Human Fly”
Natural Assembly    “Arms Of Departure”
Neon Piss    “Neon Piss”
Nu Sensae    “Sundowning” (+ D/L)
Ormonde    “Machine” (Ltd. Ed. Printed Inner Sleeve + D/L)
Plastic Cross    “Grayscale Rainbows”
Reinhardt, Jonas    “Foam Fangs”
Roland Tings    “Milky Way”
Sod Hauler    “Sod Hauler” (/117 Limited Edition)
Taken By Trees    “Dreams” (+ D/L)
Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats    “Blood Lust”
Various Artists    “Staring Into The sun: Ethiopian Tribal Music” (2LP Gatefold)
Various Artists    “Spiritual Jazz Volume 3: Modal, Esoteric And Ethereal Jazz From The European Underground 1963-1972” (2LP Gatefold)
White Hex    “Heat”
White Wires, The    “III” (+ D/L)
Williams, Gareth & Mary Currie    “Flaming Tunes”
Wye Oak    “Civilian” (+ D/L)

Hip-Hop 12″s & LPs
J. Rocc    “Play This Too”
Onra    “Deep In The Night”
Strong Arm Steady & Statik Selektah    “Stereotype” (14 Track Album + D/L)
TBRCK    “EP #01” (Instrumental, Synth-Pop, Disco, Hip-Hop…)

Electronic 12″s & LPs
Cantu, D’Marc    “A New World” (2LP)
Footsie / DJ Tubby    “The Grey Area” (2LP)
Horaflora    “Craterellus Cornucopioides”
Kill Memory Crash    “American Automatic” (2LP)
Planetary Assault Systems    “Function 4 Remixes Episode 2”
Schirach, Otto Von    “Supermeng”
ZZT    “Rock The Peace” (Girl With “Party’s Over” Shirt On Cover)

Babies, The    “Moonlight Mile / Places”
Narcs, The    “Long Hot Summer”
NOFX    “Ronnie & Mags”
Psychich Ills / Moon Duo    “Take Me With You / Zoned”
Woods    “Cali In A Cup / Give Your Light Off”

CDs Rock
Ash Borer    “Cold Of Ages”
Deathspell Omega    “Drought”
Dicks    “Kill From The Heart”
Kelly, Scott & The Road Home    “The Forgiven Ghost In Me”
Om    “Advaitic Songs”

CDs Non-Rock
Haxan Cloak    “…The Men Parted The Sea To Devour The Water” (Ltd /700)
Negro, Joey    “Go Go Get Down: Pure Ghetto Funk From Wasthington DC”
Nguzunguzu    “Warm Pulse EP”
Oram, Daphne / Andrea Parker    “Private Dreams And Public Nightmares”
Phemale “A Root Error” (CD-R In Zine-Like Packaging)


Phemale A Root Error CD-R/Zine

I’ve touted the talents of Phemale (formerly known as Female, but changed slightly in deference and respect to the techno artist veteran that also goes by Female) before. Phemale is a New Haven pop artist that could easily be lumped in with much of the revival of the cold minimal sound. This latest effort is perhaps the least minimal (far from Phil Spector however), but certainly not the least cold (one could argue, I suppose). These songs are good. They’ll be out on cassette soon as well if you don’t mind a little wait and that’s your prefered format. I really don’t need to speak too much more on this because you can listen to it all here:
[Reviewer: Rick]

Leila U&I

[Buy Online From RSR]
Iranian-born and London-based electronic artist Leila Arab has been active since 1993, when she got her start working with Björk. Leila began releasing her own records five years later, and her newest full-length is as energetic as it is dark and experimental, with loads of vibrating laser synth, bleeps, bloops and buzzes amidst a wide variety of thick, scattered and downright challenging-to-describe beats. Personally, it reminded me the most of stuff like Daft Punk and Digitalism (though with a lot more experimentation at points.) The songs range from irresistibly kinetic and danceable (“Activate I,” “Welcome To Your Life”) to druggy and nebulous (“In Consideration”) and even outright rhythmic noise that reminds me of Merzbow’s Merzbeat album (“Interlace.”) Her solo instrumental tracks stand great on their own, but American-born and Berlin-based performance artist Mt. Sims adds even more scope by lending his spacey, echoed voice to six tracks.
[Reviewer: Mark]

3rd Of August 2012 Update

3rd Of August 2012 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
Alkerdeel    “Morinde”
Antlers, The    “Undersea” (Ltd. Ed. Colored Vinyl Mastered At 45 RPM + CD)
Antony And The Johnsons    “Cut The World: Live With The Danish National Chamber Orchestra” (2×180 Gram + D/L)
Archers Of Loaf    “All The Nations Airports” (Remastered Reissue With New Cover Art, Clear Vinyl + D/L With 19 Bonus Tracks)
Archers Of Loaf    “White Trash Heroes” (Reamstered Reissue With New Cover Art, White Vinyl + D/L With 13 Bonus Tracks)
At The Drive-In    “In/Casino/Out” (Clear Vinyl)
Bjork    “Biophilia Remixes Part Four (Current Value Remixes)”
Bjork    “Biophilia Remixes Part Three (El Guincho / Hudson Mohawke Peaches And Guacamol Remixes)”
Bjork    “Biophilia Remixes Part Five (King Cannibal Remix / Alva Not Remodel)”
Bjork    “Biophilia Remixes Part Two (Death Grips Remixes)”
Black Past    “Pitch Black”
Burn Your Life Down    “Don’t Try EP”
Camera    “Radiate!” (LP+CD)
Cut Teeth    “Tele Vandalism”
Der Plan    “Geri Reig” (180 Gram)
Der Plan    “Normalette Surprise * 23 Elektronische Schlager” (180 Gram)
Dieb13 / Gustafsson / Siewert    “(Fake) The Facts”
Duck, Little Brother, Duck!    “Don’t Take Our Filth Away”
Dusted (Members Of Holy Fuck, Rituals, Final Fantasy)    “Total Dust”
Epsilons (Ty Segall Is A Member Of This Band)    “Killed ‘Em Deader’N A Six Card Poker Hand”
Fang Island    “Major” (Gatefold)
Fields, Lee & The Expressions    “Faithful Man (Instrumentals)”
Forward    “Just Go Forward To Death”
Holograms    “Holograms” (+ D/L)
Lost Sounds    “The Lost Lost Demos, Sounds, Alternate Takes & Unused Songs 1999-2004″ (LP+7”)
New Dawn, The    “There’s A New Dawn” (2012 Reissue Of Psych Classic From 1970 + D/L)
No Statik    “Everywhere You Aren’t Looking”
Nothington    “Borrowed Time”
Outer Space    “II”
Periphery    “Periphery II: This Time It’s Personal” (2LP, Gatefold)
Reality Crisis    “Not Bound By The Past, We Live In The Present”
Redd Kross    “Researching The Blues” (+ D/L)
Rush    “Clockwork Angels” (Gatefold 2LP + D/L)
Samothrace    “Reverence To Stone”
Slaves, The    “Spirits Of The Sun”
Soderqvist, Johan    “Let The Right One In (Original Soundtrack)” (+ Poster)
Sound, The    “From The Lions Mouth” (Gatefold)
Sound, The    “Jeopardy”
Spectre Folk    “The Ancient Storm” (+ D/L With 5 Bonus Tracks)
Uzala    “Uzala”
Various Artists    “Zendoni: Funk, Psychedelia And Pop From The Iranian Pre-Revolution Generation” (2LP)
Various Artists    “!Saoco! The Bomba And Plena Explosion In Puerto Rico 1954-1966” (3LP)
Wait, The    “Systematic”
Watson, Patrick    “Adventures In Your Own Backyard” (+ D/L)

Hip-Hop 12″s & LPs
Dr. No (Oh No)    “Dr. No’s Kali Tornado Funk”
Nas    “Life Is Good”
Oh No    “OhNoMite” (2LP)

Electronic 12″s & LPs
A Made Up Sound    “Archive II” (+ D/L)
Astro Duo    “Teleporter” (/323)
Batsauce    “Starcr*ssed”
Bok Bok    “MJT (The Torture Track) / Riz MC – Dark Hearts (Bok Bok Dub)”
Deft    “Masquerade EP”
DMX Krew    “Decaying World”
Doshy    “Electrophilic EP”
Fear Ratio, The    “Skana”
Hands Up    “Alien-Talk Good”
Homework    “Conversation Piece”
IAMTHATIAM    “The Invisible”
Ikonika    “I Make Lists”
Joy Orbison & Boddika & Pearson Sound    “Faint / Nil (Reece) / Moist”
Kemp, Martin    “German Salad EP”
Konx-Om-Pax    “Regional Surrealism” (+ D/L)
Leonid Nevermind    “Third Kiss”
LOL Boys    “Changes”
Major Lazer    “Get Free (Feat. Amber Of Dirty Projectors)” (+ D/L)
Motor    “Hyper Lust (Feat. Billie Ray Martin)” (PIC 12″)
Polar Inertia    “Last Vehicle EP”
Powell    “Body Music EP”
Protect-U    “The Protect-U E.P.”
Rrose & Bob Ostertag    “The Surgeon General”
S_W_Z_K (Swayzak, SWZK)    “S_W_Z_K” (2LP)
Tropic Of Cancer    “Permissions Of Love”
Various Artists    “Kommand EP” (Chris Stanford, Dax J, Gareth Wild)
Walker & Kennedy    “3 Stacked Layers, From Macro To Meta”
Williams, Gareth    “Flaming Tunes”
Willits + Sakamoto (Willits & Sakomoto, Willits And Sakomoto)    “Ancient Future” (+ D/L)

Big Nils    “Bitch Gutsssssss”
Blur    “The Puritan / Under The Westway”
Destructive New Age (DNA)    “Destructive New Age”
Direct Effect    “Forget The Rest”
Divine Fits    “My Love Is Real”
Leather    “Leather”
Necrocum / Seppuku    “Seppuku / Necrocum”
Out Crowd    “Just Us”

CDs Rock
Archers Of Loaf    “All The Nations Airports” (2CD Remastered Reissue With Bonus Tracks)
Archers Of Loaf    “White Trash Heroes” (2CD Remastered Reissue With Bonus Tracks)
Evoken    “Atra Mors”
Fellwoods    “Wulfram”
Nachtmystium    “Silencing Machine”
Samothrace    “Reverence To Stone”
Valley Of Fear    “Valley Of Fear”

CDs Non-Rock
Dr. No    “Dr. No’s Kali Tornado Funk”
Folkstorm    “Sweden”
Ocean, Frank    “Channel Orange”
Various Artists    “!Saoco! The Bomba And Plena Explosion In Puerto Rico 1954-1966”
Various Artists    “Zendoni: Funk, Psychedelia And Pop From The Iranian Pre-Revolution Generation”


Wye Oak Civilian

Named after Maryland’s state tree (which lived for centuries before being destroyed in a 2002 thunderstorm,) this Baltimore duo’s dreamy indie-folk transcends the image of just two people performing. Jenn Wasner handles the sensual lead vocals and electric or acoustic guitar, while Andy Stack does back-up vocals, drums and keyboards (often simultaneously, thanks to some creativity.) Their room-filling sound is luminous like streetlights competing with the darkness of night. The title track, for example, is a gorgeously somber lament with moving lyrics about loneliness (“I’m perfectly able to hold my own hand / but I still can’t kiss my own neck.”) My favorite tracks included that one and “Hot As Day,” which don’t hesitate to drift into sequences of loud, shimmering shoegaze that remains rooted in the memorable melodies and intriguing lyrics (“when the days run long and late / darkness gives me pause while I lie awake.”)
[Reviewer: Mark]

The Chap We Are Nobody

(Lo Recordings)
It’s easy to classify this London five-piece as electro-pop, with their tight synth-driven melodies and subdued vocals. Apparently it’s a big transition from their previous work’s more prankster-oriented nature: though their synthesized tunes are arranged in a poppy and cozy manner, their lyrical themes include disillusionment and ennui. Right from the playful opening track, the vocalists cite the “Rhythm King” for not only helping them not only escape from darkness, but also find their hearts. The title track shines amidst its curious bleakness (“leave you all behind / paying for my crime / see me now / now you don’t.”) It’s an interesting juxtaposition of energy and controlled frustration. My favorite was “Hands Free,” which relies on mantra-like singing that demands surrender and getting one’s life back – or death – backed by punk-infused guitar chords and cymbal-crashing.
[Reviewer: Mark]