7th Of September 2012 Update

7th Of September 2012 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
45 Grave     “Pick Your Poison”
Byrne, David & St. Vincent    “Love This Giant” (Gatefold; Out For Sale On Tuesday)
Chomp    “Buddha Jabba Mumma”
Dylan, Bob    “Tempest” (180 Gram + CD)
Enough    “Common Visions”
Enslaved    “Yggdrasill”
Forward    “What’s The Meaning Of Love? Singles Collection”
Genesis P-Orridge / Stan Bingo    “What’s History” (+ D/L)
Hardside    “2009-2011”
Harry Pussy    “One Plus One” (Gatefold 2LP)
Hopkins, Lightning    “Texas Blues Man” (+ D/L)
I Can See Mountains    “Hope You Never Get It” (+ D/L)
Kowalsky, Gregg With Jozef Van Wissem    “Movements In Marble And Stone”
Kuti, Fela    “Fela Ransome-Kuti And His Koola Lobitos”
Land    “Night Within”
Lorelei    “Enterprising Sidewalks” (+ D/L)
Loscil    “Sketches From New Brighton” (2LP Gatefold)
Melchior, Dan    “The Backward Path” (+ D/L)
Minus The Bear    “Infinity Overhead”
Mono    “For My Parents”
Mould, Bob    “Silver Age” (+ D/L)
Oh Sees, Thee    “Putrifiers II EP”
Pswingset    “All Our False Starts”
Red City Radio    “To The Sons & Daughters Of Woody Guthrie”
Residents, The    “Duck Stab” (+D/L)
Sam Bros. 5    “Sam Bros. 5 – With Daddy ‘Good Rockin’ Sam” (+ D/L)
Shiflet, Mike / Pet Swanson    “Bedside / College View”
Sick Fix    “Vexed”
Tower & The Fool, The    “How Long”
UV Race / Eddy Current Suppression Ring    “UV Race & Eddy Current Supression Ring Live At Missing Link” (+ D/L)
Verocai, Arthur    “Timeless: Arthur Vercai March 15, 2009” (2LP Gatefold)
XX, The    “Coexist” (Regular Edition Our For Sale On Tuesday – Deluxe LP Edition Has Been Delayed to a Sept. 25th Release)

Hip-Hop 12″s & LPs
Masta Ace Incorporated    “Slaughta House” (2LP)

Electronic 12″s & LPs
Dear, Matthew    “Beams” (2LP)
Dusk + Blackdown    “Dasaflex”
Fake, Nathan    “Steam Days” (+ D/L)
Lorn    “Weigh Me Down”
Mala    “Cuba Electronic / Calle F”
Tejada, John    “The Predicting Machine” (2LP 180 Gram + CD)
Toddla T    “Watch Me Dance: Agitated By Ross Orton & Pips” (+ D/L)
Woolfy Vs. Projections    “The Return Of Love” (+ CD)

Bottom Out    “Mourning” (Red Vinyl + D/L)
Carridale    “The Wandering EP” (Purple Vinyl + D/L)
Cheap Time    “Other Stories / In This World”
Clear    “Demo”
Crucial Dudes / Shared Arms    “Crucial Dudes / Shared Arms” (+ D/L)
Dry Hump    “Dry Hump”
Eyehategod    “New Orleans Is The New Vietnam”
Full Of Hell / The Guilt Of…    “Full Of Hell / The Guilt Of…”
Miller, Roger (Mission Of Burma / Alloy Orchestra)    “Big Steam / Dream Interpretation”
Primitive Calculators    “Sick / Cunt”
Rodrigo & Gruff / Cate Le Bon    “Gold Medal Winner / Time Could Change Your Mind”
Segall, Ty    “The Hill / Mother Lemonade”
Shannon And The Clams    “Ozma / Muppet Babies”
Slugz    “Empty Space”
Young Prisms    “Apartment Song EP”

CDs Rock
Byrne, David & St. Vincent    “Love This Giant” (Out For Sale On Tuesday)
Enemy Within, The    “As Long As I Can Walk, I’ll Step Out Of Line”
Horse Latitudes    “Awakening”
Mono    “For My Parents”
Oh Sees, Thee    “Putrifiers II EP”
Swans    “The Seer” (2xCD + DVD Special Edition)
XX, The     “Coexist” (Out For Sale On Tuesday)

CDs Non-Rock
Alvarius B (Alan Bishop Of Sun City Girls)    “Alvarius B” (Legendary Solo 1998 2-CD Reissue)
Assembly Of Light Choir    “Assembly Of Light Choir”
Blu & Exile    “Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them”
Groundislava    “Feel Me”
JJ Doom    “Key To The Kuffs”
Lustmord    “Heresy / Heretic: The Sixtystone Edition” (2CD Deluxe Package)
Reks    “Rebelutionary”


Matthew Dear Beams

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(Ghostly International)
Was born in Texas and moved to Michigan while he was a teenager.  In Michigan he was influenced by the Detroit Techno scene.  Dears style can be seen as glitch, techouse, and electronic avant- pop.  I believe Dears new album to have more of an electronic, indie, rock influence to it.  His newest album, Beams, has upbeat futuristic beats with dance floor ready tempos.  He companies his upbeat tempo and more than fun beats with his intense and deep lyrics that seem to be very personal to Dear.  This new album reminds me of a very upbeat and techno like TV on the Radio.  If TV on the radio was going to do a techno dance party on a spaceship, this is probably what it would sound like.  Dear’s music contradicts itself in many ways, which he believes to be his different personalities shining.  Dear’s music has changed very much throughout the years and this album is his most rock like album yet. Dear’s many personalities are seen as his “Beams”, hence the new album.  If you are ready to hop on the futuristic dance floor then Beams is a perfect album for you.
[Reviewer: Kacie]

Jeff Loomis Plains of Oblivion

(Century Media)
Best known for being the lead guitarist of the progressive/thrash/neo-classical metal band Nevermore, Loomis further demonstrates his incredibly advanced techniques on his second solo record. Like one would expect from him, he manages to pull off an epic scope with a combination of white-hot shredding and soaring licks to craft songs that really feel like they’re telling a story (opener “Mercurial” sets the mood excellently by employing both aforementioned elements.) The lightning-speed “Escape Velocity” is another favorite, with several blasting breakdowns to punctuate the face-melting guitar chords. The acoustic, medieval-sounding “Rapture” demonstrates his flexibility well, with an array of complex string techniques. Loomis didn’t accomplish this all alone, though: he features an impressive roster of guest guitarists for solos as well, including Attila Vörös from Hungary (“Requiem For The Living”) and Tony MacAlpine from the U.S. (“The Ultimatum”), as well as ex-Megadeth members Marty Friedman (“Mercurial”) and Chris Poland (“Continuum Drift.”) Though most of the tracks are instrumental, he also invites guest vocals from Christine Rhoades (“Tragedy And Harmony” and “Chosen Time”) and Insahn (“Surrender”) to further punctuate the feeling.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Mono For My Parents

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(Temporary Residence Records)
Mono is a band from Japan that has been experimenting with post- rock/instrumental rock since 1999.  Mono is made up of electronics, strings, chorus, a pianist, and a saxophonist.  This new album by Mono reminds me of a much calmer more fine tuned Explosions in the Sky. Not to get confused that they are any better or worse than Explosions.  Mono’s instruments are just timed more particularly then that of Explosions and other Instrumental bands.  They are precise with their execution and because of this great harmonization the band sounds like a Japanese symphony.  While listening to the album I felt myself placing Mono in either a symphony hall or in a grungy rock hall.  Mono has moved into a brighter territory of music that is uplifting with their triumphant climaxes.  Their eruption of noise is much more tamed then past albums.  While listening to the album I felt as though I was watching a Japanese War movie (in slow motion).  The guitars feel as though they are melting out of the speakers and pouring into my ears. The album makes for a musically emotional roller coaster.  The light guitar repetitions along with the bombastic drums erupts into an uplifting climax in every song which makes the album somewhat soundtrack like.  This would be a perfect album to listen to on a long train ride home.
[Reviewer: Kacie]

Porcelain Raft Strange Weekend

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(Secretly Canadian)
Rome-born and NYC-based Mauro Remiddi is a composer, songwriter and musician: after a 2010 EP, this is the first full-length from his current project. Although his original band, Sunny Day Sets Fire, focused on indie-pop, Porcelain Raft is all about dreamy, atmospheric electropop. His warm, ethereal and lo-fi sound can be attributed to a combination of his wistful, echoed vocals with a varied, driving drum machine, bright-sounding acoustic/electric guitars and a generous helping of sensual synth. The end result sounds quite refreshingly natural, which isn’t an easy feat for an album based mainly on numerous electronic effects. My favorites include the twinkling opener “Drifting In And Out,” with a head-bobbing rhythm to complement the shimmering, descending synth notes. “Unless You Speak From Your Heart” takes a similar kind of drum pattern, with a greater focus on an easily memorable melody. Acoustic-based “Picture” is another unique standout, with the sunny guitar backed by a chunky hip-hop sounding beat.
[Reviewer: Mark]