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State House, New Haven, Mhysa & Rick

Mhysa is playing the State House in New Haven on Friday and Rick is playing some records at it.  Check the  Mhysa bandcamp out – she has a great record out that was put on wax by Halcyon Veil called “Fantasii.”  Adventurous experimental R&B with no boundaries.

Also looking forward to Salwa (which you can read about in the full write up below).

If you’ve yet to check out our Podcast with Rick & Los of State House  (a new and great venue that we’re happy and excited to work with now and going forward with great programming in a great space) please go for it here: RSR PC 011 State House New Haven.

Now,  as far as what I’m going to be playing at the gig I made a sort of stream-of-conscious playlist based on what I have in my arsenal that relates to this event in my head.  Many of these will likely get played at the gig, but no guarantees. Take a listen inside my head here (and hell, come on back to it, as I may add to it as the week goes on):

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