State House, New Haven, Mhysa & Rick

Mhysa is playing the State House in New Haven on Friday and Rick is playing some records at it.  Check the  Mhysa bandcamp out – she has a great record out that was put on wax by Halcyon Veil called “Fantasii.”  Adventurous experimental R&B with no boundaries.

Also looking forward to Salwa (which you can read about in the full write up below).

If you’ve yet to check out our Podcast with Rick & Los of State House  (a new and great venue that we’re happy and excited to work with now and going forward with great programming in a great space) please go for it here: RSR PC 011 State House New Haven.

Now,  as far as what I’m going to be playing at the gig I made a sort of stream-of-conscious playlist based on what I have in my arsenal that relates to this event in my head.  Many of these will likely get played at the gig, but no guarantees. Take a listen inside my head here (and hell, come on back to it, as I may add to it as the week goes on):

And finally, here’s the full write up from the event page:
Shaki Presents
Friday September 14, 2018 at State House in New Haven, CT
8pm (DJ Rick Reaction)
All Ages

MHYSA is a Queer Black Diva and underground popstar for the cyber resistance from Prince George’s County, Maryland. Her debut album, fantasii, was released through Halcyon Veil on July 21, 2017, to glowing reception including many major year end lists. A live audio-visual experience touring Europe and North Americas has since followed. Highlight festival appearances include Corridor in Seattle, NRML in Mexico City, Borealis in Bergen, Rewire in The Hague, Counterflows in Glasgow, and Donau in Krems.

Of fantasii, MHYSA says: “This debut album is an epic poem, like a reverse Dante’s Inferno, where I take the listener higher, upward through my hopes, dreams, inspirations, and desires. It represents my love for Black women and femmes, as the stories are all told from our perspectives.”

Her debut EP, Hivemind, was released in February of 2016. In addition to her own productions, MHYSA’s experimental approach to dance music and RnB shines through in her highly sought-after THOT FANTASY mix series. THOT FANTASY mixes have been commissioned for luminary platforms like DIS Magazine and GHE20G0TH1K, highlighting MHYSA’s deep connections to the queer art, music and fashion scene of NY.

“The Maryland-born and Philadelphia-based multimedia artist E. Jane (who uses they/them pronouns) described their pop-star alter ego Mhysa in a recent interview with Rhizome as “a part of myself I think white institutions tried to smother. Now I keep her with me and bring her out when we’re safe to be, preferably in spaces where Black women can just be themselves.” It’s apparent even from the first few seconds of fantasii, Mhysa’s debut album, the extent to which Jane and Mhysa actively construct such spaces: Mhysa’s warped, pitch-shifted vocals beckon over twinkling notes, “Come with me/Come with me/To feel that we belong,” coaxing the listener into a fantasy world in which Mhysa puts her own aspirations, feelings, and experiences unapologetically at the center.”
-nabbed from Phork

Take a hit off this joint:

“Salwa Abdussabur is a local spoken word artist and activist who identifies as queer or non-binary… They where a youth teaching artist and organizer for the Citywide Youth Poetry. When Salwa is not “spitting bars”, teaching poetry they, or busting tables they are speaking there truth at rally’s and marching for social justice. Salwa is involved in various community works. They dedicate there time fighting for LGBTQ+ on the intersecting needs of safety housing and job for queer and trans youth. Salwa hopes that through there poetry, marching, rallying, and organize that minority youth in not just New Haven but in this country and throughout the world will get the opportunities and resources they deserve to thrive and not survive. Despite all that they knows it starts within yourself and within your community.”

Happy to announce DJ Rick Reaction will be setting the mood on this night!
Aside from being a part of the crucial WESU station, most folks know Rick as one of the owners of Connecticut’s AMAZING record store Redscroll Records.
Arrive early, get in the mood.


***We are so excited to host the underground popstar/Queer Black Diva here in New Haven! Stay tuned for more information on this special show…***

Tickets available here: