30th of July 2009 Update

30th of July 2009 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
Anals “Total Anal”
Anatomi-71 “Mot Nya Hojder”
Audion “It’s Full Of Blinding Light”
Breakage “Together”
Can “Ege Bamyasi (200 Gram Limited Edition)”
Capitalist Casualties / Man Is The Bastard “Capitalist Casualties / Man Is The Bastard”
Cynic “Traced In Air (Clear)”
Depeche Mode “Demos & Alternates (Import)”
Doyle, Arthur Plus 4 “Alabama Feeling”
Dr. Know “Killing For God”
Earth “Radio Earth”
Eddie K “Who’s The Hardest?”
Excision “Yin Yang”
Faust “So Far”
Government Warning “Paranoid Mess”
Harvey Milk “The Singles”
Jandek “Six And Six”
Joy Division “Love Will Tear Us Apart”
Joy Division “Love Will Tear Us Apart (Limited Edition Red Vinyl / 300)”
Kraftwerk “Electric Café”
Kraftwerk “Computer World”
Modeselektor “Hello Mom!”
Morphine “Yes (180 Gram)”
My Bloody Valentine “Before Loveless (180 Gram)”
NOFX “Frisbee (+ Download)”
Opeth “Morningrise”
Opeth “Orchid”
Opeth “My Arms, Your Hearse”
Pearls Before Swine “One Nation Underground (180 Gram; + Download; Hand Numbered /1000)”
Pop, Iggy “Iggy & Ziggy – Cleveland ’77”
RZA “Afro Samurai Resurrection: The Soundtrack”
Silk Flowers “Silk Flowers”
Silkie / Mizz Beats “Purple Love”
Slaney, Igor “Terror & Prey (Original Unreleased Soundtrack)”
Television Personalities “And Don’t The Kids Just Love It”
Television Personalities “Mummy Your Not Watching Me”
Toxic Holocaust “An Overdose Of Death”
Trail Of Dead, And You Will Know Us By The… “…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead”
Various Artists “Black Rio 2: Original Samba Soul 1968-1981 (Compiled By DJ Cliffy)”
Ward, M “End Of Amnesia (2LP)”
White Days “Fefe Na Efe”
Zomby “Mu5h”

Crooked Ways “Crimes Of…”
Death Before Dishonor “Our…”
Dodeskaden / Sprangd
First Step “WWK Sessions”
Gorod “Process Of A New Decline”
Government Warning “Executed”
Judgement “Just Be”
Logic Problems “No Center”
Murder Of Crows / Copeater
Recluse “Summer Shower”
Rotting Out “This Is Just…”
Stormnatt “Crimson Sacra”
Video Disease “Make Me Pure”
Young Widows / My Disco

Atheist “Live At Wacken”
Church Of Misery “Houses Of…”
Colin of Arabia “Pain Mach…”
Culted “Below The Thunders”
Fall “Unutterable”
Howl “Howl”
Isole “Silent Ruins”
IXXI “Elect Darkness”
Killing Joke “Gathering Part 1”
Killing Joke “Gathering Part 2”
Lord Weird Slough Feg “The Slay Stack Crows”
Man Must Die “No Tolerance…”
Moloch “Trauer”
Moutheater “Ornament”
Municipal Waste “Waste ‘Em All”
Nifelheim “Nifelheim”
Nocturnal “Violent Revenge”
Peregrine “The Agrarian Curse”
Psyched To Die “Year One”
Rapoon “Melancholic”
Sarcofago “Worst/Crust”
Terror “The Damned…”
Various Artists “Afro-Cuba: Carnival Music Of Eastern Cuba”
Various Artists “Sacred Music: Polyphonic Voices Of Georgia”
Vicious Cycle “Pale Blue Dot”

Magazines, Books
Wax Poetic #36 (Brazil)
XLR8R #127 June/July 2009 (Mavado)
Your Disease Spread Quickly (Melvins Comic)