11th of March 2011 Update

11th Of March 2011 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records
Quick update about Record Store Day: Holy crap, it is fastly approaching.  I know it’s still a good month and 5 days away, but we’re already deep into preperations. Orders have gone out (more to come).  We’re organizing some great give-aways for the goodie bags (so you’re not just stuck with a bunch of promo material – last year was admittedly lackluster on that front and the reason we’re being pro-active about it ourselves.).  So, yea, get psyched! Don’t forget, our 4 Year Anniversary is on April 12th and it marks the beginning of the week long sale (20% Off Everything) and then Saturday, April 16th is Record Store Day (special hours that day only = 10AM-10PM).
(Reviews at the bottom. One by Rick.  Two by Josh.  None by Sean [SLACKER!].)
LPs & 12″s
Akita / Gustafsson / O’Rourke    “One Bird Two Bird”
All Teeth    “Young Love”
Anchor    “The Singles Collected”
Baton Rouge    “Fragments D’Eux Memes”
Citizen Fish    “Goods”
Combat Wounded Veteran    “This Is Not An Erect, All-Red Neon Body (+ D/L)”
Cro-Mags    “The Age Of Quarrel (Deluxe Reissue Ltd. Ed. +3 Bonus Tracks)”
Cut/Copy    “Zonoscope (2LP)”
D. Charles Speer    “Arghiledes”
Eternal Tapestry    “Beyond The 4th Door”
Grails    “Deep Politics”
Handguns    “Don’t Bite Your Tongue (+ D/L)”
Hot Water Music    “Live At The Hardback “
Lykke Li    “Wounded Rhymes”
Mi Ami    “Dolphins”
Most Precious Blood     “DNR”
Mountain Man    “Grief (Ltd. Ed. Color)”
Parts & Labor    “Constant Future”
Patton, Charley    “Founder Of The Delta Blues (180 Gram Ltd. Ed.)”
Psychedelic Aliens, The     “The Psychedelic Aliens: Psycho African Beat Ghana 1969-1971”
R.E.M.    “Collapse Into Now “
Red Hot Chili Peppers    “Mother’s Milk (Ltd. Ed. 180 Gram Reissue)”
Soundtrack    “The Social Network (Trent Reznor And Atticus Ross)”
Soundtrack    “Vampyros Lesbos: Sexadelic Dance Party (Remastered + Bonus Tracks)”
Steinways, The    “Promise It’ll Never Happen Again”
Tegan And Sara    “So Jealous”
Twilight Singers    “Dynamite Steps (+ D/L)”
Until Your Heart Stops    “Errors”
Various Artists    “Berlin Super 80: Music Underground West Berlin 1978-1984”
X One Way X    “X One Way X (+ CDR)”
Electronic 12″s
1000 Names    “Before Sunrise”
Kryptic Minds    “Can’t Sleep (Feat. Alys Be)”
Motor City Drum Ensemble    “1206-1207 (2×12″)”
Mount Kimbie    “Remix”
Blake, James    “Limit To Your Love”
For The Worse    “For The Good For The Bad”
Black Moth Super Rainbow “Zodiac Girls”
Brain Killer
Cold World / Strength For A Reason
Confines “Withdrawn”
Cross Rage
Culo “Toxic Vision”
End Of A Year
Fy Fan
Hot Water Music “#5”
Manipulation “2011”
Minus “Hard Feelings”
Naysayer “Down But Not Out”
Night Birds “Midnight Movies”
Nightlands “All The Way”
Nothing To Nothing “To…”
Poison Planet “Undermine”
Ritual “Kissing Pavement”
Rvivr “Derailer”
Small Black “Photojournalist”
Stop Breathing
Stripmines “Sympathy”
Violation “Possessed”
Wisdom In Chains “Pocono”
Wolf People “Silbury Sands”
Young Widows “Future Heart”
Animals As Leaders
Children Of Bodom “Relentless Reckless (+ DVD)”
Hecker, Tim “Ravedeath, 1972”
Jaar, Nicholas “Space Is Only…”
Mamiffer “Mare Decen…”
Portal “Swarth” (Back in stock!)
Raekwon “Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang”
Cro-Mags The Age Of Quarrel LP 
(Deluxe Reissue Ltd. Ed. +3 Bonus Tracks) Mightier Than Sword Records
The Cro Mags changed the face of hardcore forever by perfectly fusing elements of hardcore with thrash-metal, inspiring thousands of bands who couldn’t hold a candle to the original. Singer-turned-author John Joseph’s lyrics are urgent, “I know there must be more than the struggle and strife Cause I’m looking for the answers and I need a clue Cause my mind’s so disturbed now what do I do?”.The Age Of Quarrel is a NYHC classic originally released in 1986 and arguably one of the most important hardcore albums of all time. This limited edition remastered 180 gram pressing comes as a gatefold and features three bonus demo tracks from 1984. 100 solid black, 400 clear red/solid black swirl, and 500 clear red = ONLY 1,000 PRESSED! (FFO: Bad Brains, Motorhead, Agnostic Front)[Reviewer: Josh]
Ritual Kissing Pavement 7″
Reflections Records
This two song single is a great introduction to Germany’s Ritual. These guys play emotional hardcore punk with gruffly screamed lyrics. Through the songs & six photograph booklet, “Kissing Pavement” seems to be a concept of sorts showing the balance between natural & urban elements. Limited to 500 copies. (FFO: Modern Life Is War, Burning Love, Blacklisted) [Reviewer: Josh]
Teams vs. Star Slinger Teams vs. Star Slinger LP
(Ltd. Ed. + D/L /2000) Mexican Summer Records
Star Slinger [UK] has been busy these last months making a name by dropping remix after remix.  As you might expect with such a deluge of material, none of it really stood out to me.  A lot of it good and some not really hitting me, it all gets lost in itself. Those aren’t physical releases though (with probable reason).  This release with Teams (the US counterpart who I’m honestly not familiar with beyond this) is a physical release. It’s three songs per side of a 12″ record (2×3=6 total). It’s not enough.  I keep looking for the second LP to put on so I can hear six more.  It doesn’t exist.  I end up playing it from the beginning again and loving it over and over (which is entirely appropriate – read on).  So, what Teams and Star Slinger do here is take some solid soul classics and some more recent R&B and run them up full of loops and drum hits and edits. Not exactly full on remixes and not what would classically be called a blend (but perhaps closer to that).  It retains the soul and impact of the original songs and drops them in a glitch-hop processor.  Head bobbing panty dropping jams (loving it over and over again, y’ dig?). [Reviewer: Rick]