30th Of December 2011 Update

30th Of December 2011 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

Have a safe and happy new year!

We are closing early tomorrow/Saturday (12-31-11) at 6PM.

LPs & 12″s
Burial Hex    “In Psychic Defense (Single Sided 12″)”
Burzum    “From The Depths Of Darkness (180 Gram Ltd. Ed. Coloured Vinyl)”
Dashboard Confessional    “The Shade Of Poison Trees (Ltd. Ed. Color Vinyl)”
Death    “Leprosy (180 Gram Ltd. Ed. Coloured Vinyl)”
DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn / RP Boo    “DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn Meet Tsetsha Boys / RP Boo Meets Shangaan Electro”
Farflung    “A Wound In Eternity (Gatefold)”
Fruit Bats    “Echolocation (+ D/L)”
Give Up The Ghost    “Background Music (+ D/L 2011 Reissue)”
Give Up The Ghost    “We’re Down Til We’re Underground (+ D/L 2011 Reissue)”
Guilty Pleasures    “Summer Strange (Legendary “Lost” Album Recorded In 2000)”
Hammering The Cramps    “Hammering The Cramps”
Head on Electric    “Sleep Slaughter Sheep”
Headphones    “Headphones (Red Vinyl /1000 + D/L)”
High Dive     “High Dive”
London Diehards    “There’s Lies, Damn Lies And There’s…”
Lykke Li    “Youth Novels (2LP)”
OCS (Thee Oh Sees)    “Songs About Death & Dying Vol. 3 (Screen Printed Sleeves /700)”
Prince    Dance 4 Me (12″ Single With Remixes)”
Rise And Fall    “Hellmouth”
Samb, Herve & Daniel Moreno    “Kharit (2LP)”
Six Organs Of Admittance    “The Sun Awakens”
Stoned Ambassadors, The    “Bring You Down”
Teenage Moods    “Mood Ring (/300)”
Various Artists    “Thai Funk Volume One (2LP 70s Thai Funk + D/L With Bonus Material)”
Various Artists    “Thai Funk Volume Two (2LP Thai Funk + D/L With Bonus Material)”
Various Artists    “Lost Highway Tenth Anniversary (10 Standout Tracks From Ryan Adams, Lucinda \Williams, Hank Williams, …)”

Electronic LPs & 12″s
Ateq    “Res”
Blawan    “Fram / Iddy”
Bok Bok & Tom Trago    “Night Voyage Tool Kit”
Byetone    “Symeta”
CV313    “Standingstill”
Deadmau5    “2012 Re-Edits (Green Vinyl)”
Demdike Stare    “Elemental 1 & 2 (4×12″)”
Digid    “Submerged EP”
DJ Duke    “Blow Your Whistle”
D’Marc Cantu    “Fallen  (2LP)”
Function    “Ember”
Green, Camilla    “Out Of Business”
Joker    “The Vision Instrumentals”
Kaspar    “Ode To The Ancients EP”
Linkwood    “Secret Value”
Locussolus (Harvey Pres)    “Tan Sedan (With Com Truise Remix)”
Milano    “The Fall (With Untold Remix)”
Mind Fair    “Kerry’s Scene (With Legowelt Remix)”
Monitors, The    “Control / Protection”
Nilsen, BJ    “Vinyl”
OVR    “Live In London”
Pacific Blue    “PCB 01 Remixes (Silent Servant, Rrose)”
Pillowtalk    “Far From Heaven”
Raiders Of The Lost ARP    “On And On”
Recondite    “Plangent #003”
Redhinho – Sibian & Faun    “Stay Together / I’m Sorry”
Redshape    “On Da Floor EP”
Ripperton    “City Lights (Featuring Van Hai)”
Rozzo    “Meta Tracks Vol. Three”
Shifted    “Telic / Solus / Image/Channel”
Tyson    “After You’re Gone (Remixes)”
VVV    “Across The Sea (2LP)”
Young Hunting    “The Night Of The Burning”

Mugwumps “Down”
Ssssnakes / Slow Death
Riptides / Queers
Riptides / Dwarves

Atlas Moth “An Ache…” (Back in stock!)
Black Keys “El Camino”
Forest Swords “Dagger Paths”

Murder In The Front Row


Crone Endless Midnight CD

(Translation Loss/Waylon Recordings)
This project is from former Isis bassist Jeff Caxide, along with several other band members helping with everything from the instrumentation to the artwork and layout. The result is a radical departure from a “metal” sound, instead focusing on rich, darkly beautiful electronic/drone soundscapes. Opener “What You Dream Of” is built around a sensual synth endless melting over a galaxy speckled with stars burning brightly. “Ghost City” is a bit more chilling, with a looping, mechanical-sounding sample simulating a barren atmosphere; however, it eventually returns to the soothing, strangely uplifting nebula essence of the previous track. “The Silver Hammer” sounds like a full-day trip through the vast, dark wilderness, and “Cellar Holes From A Lifetime Ago” feels like a morose, introspective late-night walk through a deserted city of the future. The title track closes the album with more celestial ambience, sweeping electronics, and thick, resonant guitar plucking. As distressing as an “endless midnight” concept may sound, this album doesn’t aim to make listeners feel downtrodden. Rather, it’s a step forward in songwriting maturity – an unexpectedly mellow journey through the darkest caverns of the mind.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Spazz La Revancha [Reissue] LP

(625 Thrash)
Here’s the second LP in a series of long out-of-print Spazz reissues; Crush Kill Destroy was re-released last December and Dwarf Jester Rising is coming back in the future, though when exactly is unknown. Originally released on the now-defunct Sound Pollution label in 1997, this record is another great example of how Spazz made the powerviolence genre fun. The endlessly buzzing guitar, rapid-fire drumming, and distinct floor-shakingly low-tuned bass was mixed with all three members’ shared vocal shouting – the result was a refreshingly intense-yet-tight sound. They strike the perfect balance between the unique fury of both hardcore punk and grindcore. Their razor-sharp wit remains strong, with poseur bashing, kung fu referencing, and Satan worshiping. There isn’t much more that needs to be said – these guys were smart enough to make something truly unique-sounding in a sea of similar-sounding bands.
[Reviewer: Mark]