27th of January 2012 Update

27th of January 2012 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
Acid King    “Busse Woods”
Acid King    “Free / Down With The Crown”
Alice In Chains    “MTV Unplugged (180 Gram Remastered)”
Beaters / Prize Pets    “Prize Pets / Beaters (+ D/L)”
Big D And The Kids Table    “Strictly Rude”
Black Bananas    “Rad Times Xpress IV”
Blasphemophager    “The III Command Of The Absolute Chaos “
Blut Aus Nord    “Memoria Vetusta I: Fathers Of The Icy Ages (Picture Disc)”
Book Of Black Earth, The    “The Feast”
Burning Yellows / The Whines     “The Whines / Burning Yellows (+ D/L)”
Co La    “Daydream Repeater (NNA038)”
Coleman III, John Wesley    “Bacon Bear E.P. / Followed By Static”
Cronin, Mikal    “Mikal Cronin (Debut Album + D/L)”
Cuticle    Mother “Rhythm Earth Memory”
Damon & Naomi With Ghost    “Damon & Naomi With Ghost (LP + 7″)”
Danse Society, The    “Demos Vol. 1”
Dead Ones, The    “The Dead Ones”
Delrey, Bosco    “Everybody Wah”
Echo & The Bunnymen    “Ocean Rain (Reissue)”
Einsturzende Neubauten    “Silence Is Sexy (180 Gram Gatefold 2LP Reissue)”
Frost, Ben / Bjarnson, Daniel (Ben Frost & Daniel Bjarnson)    “Solaris”
Girls    “Yes, No, Yes No, Yes, No”
Growlers / Thee Ludds    “Thee Ludds / Growlers (+ D/L)”
Harmonious Thelonious    “Drums Of Steel EP”
Imperial Teen    “Feel The Sound (+ D/L)”
Indian Summer    “Hidden Arithmetic”
Jerebine, Doug    “Doug Jerebine Is Jesse Harper (1969)”
Keys, Calvin    “Shawn-Neeq “
Lobisomem    “Onze Pedras Atiradas (+ D/L)”
Loin Cloth    “Iron Balls Of Steel”
MC5    “The Very Best Of MC5”
Mensah, Joe / Sulley, Oscar    “Africa Is Home (Natural Self Re-Edit) / Olufeme (Natural Self Remix)”
Morgion    “Cloaked By Ageds, Crowned In Earth MMIV”
Moroder, Giorgio    “E=MC^2 (2LP)”
Nadja / Galena (Nadja & Galena)    “Konstruktion “
Napalm Death    “Time Waits For No Slave (Picture Disc)”
Neon Blud    “B-Girls”
New London Fire    “The Dirt The Blood The Faith”
NOFX     “Heavy Petting Zoo”
Opposition Rising    “Aftermathematics”
Ordination Of Aaron    “Ordination Of Aaron Discography (2LP)”
P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. (Problems)    “Make It Through The Night”
Parliament    “Up For The Down Stroke (Reissue)”
Pelican    “March Into The Sea”
Phoenix Bodies    “Raise The Bullshit Flag”
Planes Mistaken For Stars    “We Ride To Fight!”
Pop. 1280    “The Horror (+ D/L)”
Porcelain Raft    “Strange Weekend (Ltd. Ed. White Vinyl + D/L)”
Queens Of The Stone Age    “Secret Acoustic Gig November 18, 2002; Dachstock Reithalle, Bern, Switzerland”
Radiohead    “Bloom RMX (Jaime XX Rework Part 3)”
Rolling Stones    “Too Much Blood (A Very Special Promotional 12” From The Album “Jamming With Stu”)”
Shepp, Archie    “The Magic Of Ju-Ju (180 Gram Reissue)”
Shining, The (TheShining)    “Hey You!!! / [Tell Me] I’m Wrong “
Sisters Of Mercy    “Remasters Sampler (Unofficial)”
Stations    “Stations”
Thursday    “Full Collapse”
TV Freaks    “TV Freaks”
Uniform Choice    “Screaming For Change (Ltd. Ed. Color Vinyl Reissue)”
Waxahatchee    “American Weekend”
Winter, Kendle    “The Mechanics Of Hovering Flight”
Young, Nate    “Stay Asleep [Regression Vol. 2] (NNA039)”

Hip-Hop 12″s & LPs
Homeboy Sandman    “Subject: Matter”
James “Dilla” Yancey (Jay Dee / J. Dilla)    “Mochilla Presents Timeless Suite For Ma Dukes (Miguel Atwood-Ferguson W/ 60 Piece Orchestra)”
Union    “Time Leak (Feat. Talib Kewli & Sly Johnson) (Triangle Shaped Disc)”
Union    “Analogtronics (Teal & Pink 2LP)”

Electronic 12″s & LPs
Azari & III    “Manic”
Beat Pharmacy    “Inside Job EP”
Biosphere    “N-Plants (Gatefold 2LP)”
Brown, Stephen    “Mini Mood”
Da Grynch    “The Gorilla EP”
Damage, Benjamin / Doc Daneeka (Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka)    “They Live! (2LP)”
Demdike Stare    “Ep. 3 Title: Rose”
Disgu!se    “Remixes Volume 1”
DJ Marfox    “Eu Seiquim Sou EP”
FCL    “More Vocals For Everyone”
Ghostek    “Easy Changes EP”
Hadamard    “The Jupiter Cycle: #1 Jupiter Summanus”
Hadamard    “The Jupiter Cycle: #2 Jupiter Lucetius”
Leila    “U&I (+ D/L)”
Madonna, Luigi    “Sensation “
Morphology    “Information Paradox”
Nidam, Maayan    “Isitin / Merry Go Round / Na Und / Better Stop”
OFF Love    “Probably Love”
Omar S & Ob Ignitt    “Wayne County Hill Cop’s (Part.2)”
Organs Of Loe    “Bone”
PCM (Pulse Code Modulation)    “Sonne Und Stahl (10″ EP)”
Photonz    “WEO”
Pittsburgh Track Authority    “Pittsburgh Tracks”
Plug    “Back On Time (Ltd. Ed. Vinyl + D/L)”
Pusherman    “Shake It Off”
Randomer    “Real Talk “
SBTRKT    “Braiden (White Sleeve/Label)”
Searle    “Mind Transfer”
Skream    “Anticipate (Feat. Sam Frank)”
Spam Chop    “The Cuckup EP”
Surachai    “Plague Diagram”
Third Man, The    “Follow As Satellites”
Various Artists    “Pop Ambient 2012 (+ CD)”
Various Artists    “Anniversary Series Part 2: 2012 DKMNTLAS-5.2”
Various Artists    “Echospace Presents: Altering Illusions (4LP)”
Volk, Johannes    “The Lost Signals”
Walls    “Into Our Midst”
Xosar    “Tropical Cruize “
ZZT    “Partys Over Los Angeles”

Fire! With Jim O’Rourke    “Released! (/500)”
Gonjasufi    “MU.ZZ.LE (“Muzzle”; Gatefold; Mini Album)”
Pyramids / Violent Breakfast    “Pyramids/Violent Breakfast”

Best Coast    “She Was High (So Was I)”
C.R.A.S.H.    “A War On All Fronts”
El Michels Affair    “Run Fay Run / Hung Up On My Baby”
Fatal Birth    “Fatal Birth”
Gauntlet Hair    “My Christ / Need To Retire / Minimal Armageddon”
Guided By Voices    “Back To The Lake / Dig Through My Window”
Heavy Hawaii    “Super Bowl XXIX”
Hordes    “Abarognosis”
Incredible Say Whats!, The    “A Tribute To The Soul Machine: Twitchie Feet / Bag Of Goodies”
Innercity    “Innercity Untitled EP (NNA033)”
Light Club    “Black And Gold”
Lost Sounds, The    “Lost Sounds”
Magnetic Fields, The    “Andrew In Drag”
Maxines, The    “Drugstore”
Mdou Moctar    “Tahoultine “
Minority Unit    “Clear Mind”
My Best Fiend    “Higher Palms”
Sic Alps    “Vedley”
Side Kicks, The / Tigers Jaw    “The Side Kicks / Tigers Jaw”
Suburban Scum    “Hanging By A Thread”
Trial    “Foundation”

Atlas Moth “An Ache…” (Restocked)
Black Pyramid “II”
Current 93 “Thunder Perfect Mind (2xCD)”
Gonjasufi “MU.ZZ.LE”
Mighty Sparrow “Sparrowmania” (2xCD)
Nurse With Wound / Bowers “Rupture”
Union “Analogtronics”
Various Artists “Tally Ho! Flying Nun’s Greatest Bits”
Versis “Illcandescent”
Wold “Freemasonry”

Cure, The “In Orange”

Hex Breaker Quintet “Riders” (NNA036)
Quicksails “A Fantasy In Seasons” (NNA)
Various Artists “Diamond Catalog Remixes (NNA)

Magazine/Fanzine & Book
Don’t Be Swindle #1
Mr. Pottymouth (Eric of Arab on Radar) “Pussy Pow Pow”
YETI #12 (Book + 7″)


Gonjasufi MU.ZZ.LE 2×10″/CD

(Warp Records)
Gonjasufi (Sumach Ecks) the California native, first gained popularity performing with Flying Lotus in 2008, and shortly after signed with the UK based Warp Records. After the success of his 2010 debut album, A Sufi and a Killer, Gonjasufi returns with MU.ZZ.LE, released January 23, 2012. Just under a half hour, this 10 track mini-album does not disappoint. Heavy distortion, hard drums, and a pyschadelic ambiance constrast with the hypnotic and soulful vocals by Gonjasufi. MU.ZZ.LE mixes hip hop break beats with old crackling piano melodies and sombre singing/spoken word. The album is dark, gloomy, emotional, and despite the crazy distortion, quite simplistic. Tracks like ‘Nickels and Dimes’ and ‘Rubberband’, are raw and powerful with hard hip hop beats, while the song ‘The Blame’, cuts back on the destortion for a moment of clarity within the album, in which Gonjasufi dives deep into his emotions. Every song on the album flows into the next, and while the album is short, it is an album that can be enjoyed on repeat.
[Reviewer: Kyle (He’s a new intern and you’ll get an introduction to him soon enough.)]

oFF Love Probably Love LP
oFF Love makes music that involves singing and vocoders. That’s usually enough to turn me away, but it’s really not an issue when everything is processed and it fits. Heavily processed dragging (screwgazing) R&B. If you think the Weeknd is far too clean and straightforward and you want something more akin to your 3AM lifestyle then this right here has you covered.
[Reviewer: Rick]

Tyler Ramsey The Valley Wind CD

(Fat Possum)
The lead guitarist for Band of Horses further demonstrates his singer-songwriter abilities on his third solo album. The experience proves to be as compelling as it is melancholy, with tightly constructed acoustic-driven folk ballads that flow in a very organic-sounding manner. He does an excellent job at conveying an emotional and rustic journey through life, reflecting the experiences that color one’s perspective (in this case, that color would be grey, but thankfully, he doesn’t let this discourage him from moving forward.) “The Nightbird” is a major highlight, with an intimate string section that begs to be played beneath a starry sky, and the “kill the nightbird / that’s been keeping me awake” metaphor that remains up for interpretation. Another standout is “Time Is A Changing Line,” based off of an intricate, mesmerizing pattern created with what sounds like a steel guitar. The song fits very well on the album because of the loneliness and longing it conveys; “all I can hope for is that yours goes with mine.”
[Reviewer: Mark]