10th Of February 2012 Update

10th Of February 2012 Update 
of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
12XU (One Two XU)    “Les Grandes Marees (OBI Strip)”
A Place To Bury Strangers    “Onwards To The Wall (+ D/L)”
Alcest    “Le Soyages De L’Ame (Gatefold)”
Bardo Pond / Carlton Melton    “Split (Fallen Far Out Found Feasting In Palace)”
Bikini Kill    “Reject All American (+ D/L)”
Blues Control / Laraaji    “RVNG FRKWYS Vol. 8”
Burnt Friedman    “Bokoboko (2LP)”
Caspian    “Live At Old South Church”
Cloud Nothings    “Attack On Memory (+ D/L)”
Dispatch    “Who Are We Living For?”
Flaming Lips, The    “Transmissions From The Satellite Heart (Featuring The Absolute Sounds Of The Flaming Lips) (2012 Reissue)”
Flaming Lips, The    “Clouds Taste Metallic (2012 Reissue)”
Flaming Lips, The    “Hit To Death In The Future Head (2012 Reissue)”
Flower Travellin’ Band    “Anywhere (180 Gram)”
Goatwhore    “Blood For The Master (Gatefold)”
Graveyard    “The Altar Of Sculpted Skulls”
Green, Colleen    “Milo Goes To Compton. (+ D/L)”
Guelewar    “Touki Ba Banjul: Acid Trip From Banjul To Dakar (Cambian Funk Reissue 70s-80s)”
Happy Ending    “Have A Nice Day! (+ CD)”
Hause, Dave    “Resolutions”
Hooded Menace / Horse Latitudes    “Hooded Menace / Horse Latitudes”
Islands    “A Sleep & A Forgetting (+ CD)”
Loops Of Your Heart    “And Never Ending Nights (180 Gram /500 + CD)”
Michaelson, Ingrid    “Human Again”
Miles, Wymond    “Earth Has Doors (+ D/L)”
Moore (Steve) / Majeure    “Brainstorm (Ltd. Ed. /1000 + D/L)”
Naujoks, Christian    “True Life / In Flames”
Neung Phak    “Neung Phak”
Neurosis    “Souls At Zero (2012 Reissue)”
Neurosis    “Enemy Of The Sun (2012 Reissue)”
O’Rourke, Jim    “Old News #7”
Owen    “No Good For No One Now (+ D/L)”
Phantom Family Halo, The    “When I Fall Out”
Pink Floyd    “Wish You Were Here (180 Gram + D/L + Poster; Black Bag Edition)”
Pulp    “The Demos (1981-1984)”
Shearwater    “Winged Life (+ D/L)”
Shearwater    “Animal Joy (+ D/L)”
Sleigh Bells    “Reign Of Terror (Gatefold + Lots of 12×12 Cards)”
Strawberry Path (Jimmy & Hiro)    “When The Raven Has Come To The Earth (180 Gram)”
Swell Maps    “… In “Jane From Occupied Europe” (+ D/L)”
Swell Maps    “A Trip To Marineville (+ D/L + 7″)”
Tennis    “Young & Old (Black Sticker)”
Thieves Like Us    “Berlin Alex (+ D/L)”
To Live And Shave In L.A.    “The Cortege “
Tronics    “Love Backed By Force (+ D/L)”
Turman, Robert    “Flux “
Twilight Sad, The    “No One Can Ever Know (+ D/L)”
Useless Eaters    “C’Est Bon!”
Van Etten, Sharon    “Tramp (+ D/L)” [Our first copies come with a bonus 7″ and poster – get ’em whilst you can]
Vanishing Lepers    “Vanishing Lepers”
Various Artists    “Voguing And The House Ballroom Scene Of New York City 1976-96 Volume One (2LP + Junior Vasquez Mix CD)”
Various Artists    “Voguing And The House Ballroom Scene Of New York City 1976-96 Volume Two (2LP)”
Windy And Carl    “We Will Always Be”
Young Magic    “Melt (+ D/L)”

Hip-Hop 12″s & LPs
Mr. Complex    “Swiss Chocolate Cake (+ USB Drive)”
Parker, Lewis    “Shark”
Pusha T    “Fear Of God II: Let Us Pray (2LP Gatefold)”
Various Artists    “All The Breaks Vol. 2 (100 Breaks)”
YU    “The Earn (2LP /500)”

Electronic 12″s & LPs
Ernestus, Mark / Djery Djery / Mbene Diatta Seck    “Mbeuguel Dafa Nekh / Dub Dafa Nekh”
Hobo    “Iron Triangle (2×12″)”
Justice    “On’N’On / Canon EP”
Pitchben    “Stand Up”
Prinzhorn Dance School    “Classy Class (+ D/L)”
Talabot, John    “Fin (+ CD)”
Terranova    “Hotel Amour (+ CD)”

Justice    “On’N’On (+ D/L) “
Mize, Cheyenne Marie    “We Don’t Need “

Akron/Family    “Everyone Is Guilty”
Apse    “3.1”
Bad Brains    “1981 171A Sessions (Unofficial)”
Callers & Delicate Steve    “Further Out / Perfect Pairs”
Damu The Fudgemunk & Raw Poetic    “Kilawatt V1.5 (Deluxe/Expanded Ed. + CD)”
Lau, Eric & Guilty Simpson    “The Mission / (Georgia Anne Muldrow Remix)”
Mount Eerie    “Distorted Cymbals”
Useless Eaters    “Sucked In”
War On Drugs, The    “Come To The City”
White, Jack      “Love Interruption / Machine Gun Silhouette”
Whore Paint    “Whore Paint”

Currensy & Sean O’Connel…
Embalmed (Mexico) “Exalt The Imperial Beast”
Midnight “Satanic Royalty”
Mitochondrian “Parasignosis”
Oval “OvalDNA (CD/DVD)”
Porter Ricks “Biokinetics”
Sanguis Imperem “In Glory We March”
Speedwolf “Ride With Death”
Dub Spencer & Trance Hill “Too Big…”
Sharon Van Etten “Tramp”
Various Artists    “Voguing And The House Ballroom Scene Of New York City 1976-96”
Vladimirs “Late Hours”

Wax Poetics #50 (Prince/Frank Ocean)


Sandro Perri Impossible Spaces LP/CD
Hailing from Toronto, Perri has been musically active for over a decade. One of his older projects is Polmo Polpo, which focuses on wildly experimental ambient compositions. On Impossible Spaces, his second full-length using his real name, he sounds a lot more traditional and folksy than he did on his previous work. However, there’s no shortage of creativity and post-rock adventure (in addition to performing the vocals, guitar, synth, and most of the drums and percussion himself, Perri wrote, recorded, produced, and even created the artwork for the record.) Trying to describe this album to the unfamiliar is no easy feat: there are so many layers and varying paths throughout that it takes multiple listens to really appreciate it all. It’s a great example of a musician using his guitar to paint a canvas with an amazing variety of brushstrokes, expressing a number of emotions. For example, “How Will I?” focuses on the loss of his friend and collaborator Jordan Somers, but instead of wallowing in sorrow, Perri finds solace in his memories and proclaims “hand in my hand, shoulder to shoulder / today, it looks like love is bolder.”
[Reviewer: Mark]

Versis Illcandescent CD

(The Beat Down)
Hip Hop artist, Versis, emerges from the California underground with his first LP, Illcandescent.  At just 19 years of age, his lyrical content is mature, mellow, and reflects the cool California living. Versis has a voice and flow very similar to Blu, but has fresh ideas built-in into a soulful sound.  A blend of Blues, Jazz, and Hip Hop, Illcandescent is an album that ensures easy listening. This 14 track album has incredibly impressive production, from ‘Spittin’ in the Wind’ featuring one of Europe’s top producers, fLako; to the always impressive Exile, on ‘Life Story’. Versis released Illcandescent in 2010, and since then, his highly underrated album has been floating around the underground, waiting for you to get your copy.
[Reviewer: Kyle]

Whore Paint Menarchy 7″

(Anchor Brain Records)
Last week I was lucky enough to catch the full Saturday line up of Ladyfest Boston. The biggest standout of the day (besides Sick Fix who if you haven’t seen, make it a point to do so) was Whore Paint. A Providence, RI all-girl three piece. Noisy swirling guitar parts played through an array of effects pedals and two amps to make up for the lack of a bass player backed by a muddy thudding drumbeat. Singer Reba, delivers a soulful vocal mix ranging from softly whispered to banshee wailing and everything in between. I’m pretty sure this record is on 180 gram too, which is awesome cause this is going to get a lot of plays from me!
[Reviewer: Josh]