3rd Of February 2012 Update

3rd Of February 2012 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
Alkaline Trio    “Goddamnit”
Ambarchi, Oren / O’Rourke, Jim / Haino, Keiji    “Imikuzushi (2LP Gatefold)”
Battles    “Dross Glop 1”
Bayside    “Acoustic”
Between The Buried And Me    “Between The Buried And Me”
Birthday Party    “Peel Sessions”
Black Flag    “First Four Years”
Blood For Blood    “Spit My Last Breath”
Bolt Thrower    “Honour Valour Pride (2012 Reissue)”
Bolt Thrower    “Those Once Loyal (2012 Reissue)”
Bolt Thrower    “Mercenary (2012 Reissue)”
Caravels / Gifts From Enola    “Well Worn”
Caretaker    “Patience (After Sebald)”
Cocteau Twins    “Stars And Topsoil: A Collection (1982-1990) (2LP Gatefold)”
Cohen, Leonard    “Old Ideas (180 Gram + CD)”
Cruise Family    “We’re In Heaven”
Deftones    “Saturday Night Wrist (Rerelease)”
Dispatch    “Four Day Trials”
Doozer, The    “Keep It Together”
Electric Wizard    “Come My Fanatics”
First Aid Kit    “The Lion’s Roar (180 Gram + D/L)”
Fucked Up    “Year Of The Tiger (+ D/L)”
Golden Calves    “Golden Calves Money Band LP + Century Band 12″ (Pre-Wooden Wand 1996)”
Gotan Project    “La Revancha Del Tango (2LP)”
Hit The Lights    “Invicta (+ D/L)”
Hospitals, The    “The Hospitals”
House Of Low Culture    “Poisoned Soil “
Iron Lung    “Sexless // No Sex”
Johnson, Robert    “The Complete Collection”
Kimono Draggin’     “Kimono Gold”
King Khan & BBQ    “The King Kahn & BBQ Show”
Kweller, Ben    “Go Fly A Kite (Deluxe Diorama Package 180 Gram + CD)”
Ladytron    “Witching Hour (Ltd. Ed. Red Vinyl)”
Lanegan Band, Mark    “Blues Funeral (Ltd. Ed. Colored Vinyl + D/L)”
Led Zeppelin    “BBC Sessions (Fanclub Edition)”
Lilacs & Champagne    “Lilacs & Champagne (Ltd. Ed. + D/L; The Producing Team Behind Grails)”
Lonely Forest, The    “Arrows”
Make Do And Mend    “Part And Parcel”
Morgan, Neal    “In The Yard (+ D/L)”
Of Montreal    “Paralytic Stalks (Deluxe Ed. Gatefold 2LP Yellow Vinyl + D/L)”
Peaking Lights    “936 Remixed (Ital, Xander Harris, Innergaze, Cuticle)”
Perispirit    “Spiritual Church Movement”
Pink Floyd    “London 1966/1967”
Queens Of The Stone Age    “Vinyl Firsts, B-Sides & Remixes (Fanclub Edition; 2LP)”
Reggie And The Full Effect    “Greatest Hits ’84 ’87 (Ltd. Ed. White Vinyl)”
Rene, Wendy    “After Laughter Comes Tears: Complete Stax & Volt Singles + Rarities 1964-65”
Residents, The    “Sonidos De La Noche: Coochie Brake (+ D/L)”
Royal Baths    “Better Luck Next Life (+ D/L)”
Schnauss, Ulrich & Mark Peters    “Underrated Silences (+CD)”
Schneider, Marc & Aera    “The Taylor & Smith EP”
St. Vincent    “Actor (+ D/L)”
Sunn O)))    “00 Void (2xLP Finally On Vinyl; Originally Recorded In 2000 On 2″ Tape)”
Trailer Trash Tracys    “Ester (180 Gram + D/L)”
Various Artists    “Michigan Meltdown: Post-Garage Pandemonium And Pre-Punk Fuzz Freaks From The Mitten State’s Milken Era (Astaroth, Air, Master Danse, …)”
Various Artists    “We Are The Works In Progress (Four Tet, Karin Dreijer Andersson, Terry Riley, Blonde Redhead, Deerhunter, Liars, Broadcast…)”
Wiese, John    “GGA”
Witch Cross    “All That’s Fit For Fighting (4LP Set)”
Womack, Bobby    “Facts Of Life (Reissue)”
Woollen Kits    “Woollen Kits (+ D/L)”

Electronic 12″s & LPs
Alfabet (Awanto3 & Tom Trago)    “Hell Of Samba / Too Shy”
Ango    “Another City Now (6 Track EP)”
Diplo Vs. Tiesto    “C’mon”
Duck Sauce    “Big Bad Wolf”
Exaltics, The Meets Gosub    “The Exaltics Meets Gosub (Part One)”
Fluxion    “Traces EP 1/3”
Gao, Mike    “Finest Ego: Faces 12″ Series”
GB (Gifted & Blessed)    “7 In 24 / Dogon”
Gray, Chris    “Moonchildren / Go Away”
Joker    “On My Mind”
Jones, Lee    “The Moose Mingles EP”
Lonely C + Baby Prince    “Not So Lonely Remixes EP”
Machinedrum (AKA Tstewart)    “SXLND”
Madteo    “Bugler Gold Pt. 1”
MRSK    “Twirl / Pinkman”
Obsolete Music Technology    “Mmmmmusic / Distance”
Onra    “Chinoiseries Pt. 2”
Parker, Lewis    “Shark”
Pollyester    “Concierge D’ Amour / Voices”
Regis    “Speak To Me / Model Friend”
Rrose    “Artificial Light (1969-1909)”
Rrritalin    “Nutter Magnet EP”
Sid Vaga    “Brazuca”
Svreca    “Obscur. Final (Remixes By Regis, Orphx, Silent Servant & Skirt)”
Tejada, John / Truncate (David Flores)    “Maximiliano / Veinticinco”
Toth, Andras    “Would U?”
Two Armadillos    “Golden Age Thinking Part 1 Of 3”
Unit Moebius Anonymous    “Permabu”
Various Artists    “A Tribute To Richard Polson (Surgeon, Oliver Ho, Regis, 65D Mavericks)”
Xosar    “Ghosthaus”

Husker Du    “Eight Miles High / Makes No Sense At All / Love Is All Around”

Black People    “Brain Wash / Fallen Down”
Code Orange Kids    “Cycles”
Colouride    “Amor Y Neon / Your Master Is Calling”
Creem    “Good Riddance / I Hate”
Doubledealer    “Whose World Is This”
End Of A Year / Shook Ones    “End Of A Year / Shook Ones”
Futility    “Forward / Deluge”
Gallows    “Death Is Birth”
Ivy League    “Ivy League”
Murder City Devils    “Every Day I Rise / Ball Busters In The Peanut Gallery”
Snake Oil    “Snake Oil”

Alcest “Les Voyages De L’Ame”
Current 93 “Thunder Perfect Mind (2CD Reissue)”
Del Rey, Lana “Born To Die”
Katy B “On A Mission”
Regis “1994-1996” (Slipcase)
Rene, Wendy “After Laughter Comes Rain…”
Timelords “History Of…”
Unthanks, The “The Songs Of Robert Wyatt…”
Void “Sessions…”

Radiohead “King Of Limbs: Live From The Basement” (Both the DVD and Blu-Ray Versions)

Savage Damage Digest Issue #2
Tape Op Issue #87


 Co La Daydream Repeater LP

(NNA Tapes)
NNA Tapes has developed a good and respectable reputation off of releaseing a nice variety of left of center synth oriented (and many very droney) music. The variety hasn’t quite reached the level where I would have expected this release however. Co La has a very sample heavy and constructed album (closer to plunderphonic stuff than mashups – not that those aren’t related to each other) here.  It’s fun and quirky and nostalgic (many Motown and roots reggae sounding samples) and entirely danceable at times and serenely chill at others. Looping rhythms.
[Reviewer: Rick]

Creem Good Riddance / I Hate You 7″ 

(Katorga Works)
Creem is a pissed off hardcore band from New York that is shooting for an 80s Boston (Jerry’s Kids / SSD / Last Rites) sound and manages to hit the nail on the head straight down to the low recording quality, which is probably what separates them from the other modern bands doing the style, like COA. Two short songs that will make you want to stomp around, throw beverages and punch a stranger in a cramped BO smelling basement. Featuring members of Natural Law & Nomos, these guys know how to channel the “mysterious guy” aesthetic with blank labels and the absence of a lyric/info sheet. This is the second press (small hole, new cover).
[Reviewer: Josh]

Machinedrum Room(s) CD/LP

(Planet Mu)
Producer/musician Travis Stewart constructs some very trippy, abstract and elaborate IDM landscapes on this record. Generous helpings of scattered hip-hop beats, hypnotic vocal samples and all sorts of spacey electronic bursts provide an intoxicating experience throughout. “Sacred Frequency” is an instant standout with its ultra-tight, infectious beat pattern splashed with endless electronic glissandos that sound like shooting stars. Stewart is very effective at manipulating sample loops: for example, “Come1,” “The Statue” and “Door(s)” all utilize invigorating keyboard patterns that sound perfect for jaunting through an old-school video game world. The closing track “Where Did We Go Wrong?” provides a surprising finale, with the beats replaced with a cascade of soft white noise and celestial ambience. I should probably listen to this record before going to sleep; it might just spawn some new dream worlds.
[Reviewer: Mark]