15th of June 2012 Update

15th of June 2012 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
Aias    “A La Piscina”
Apple, Fiona    “The Idler Weel Is Wiser Than The Driver Of The Screw And Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do (180 Gram + D/L)”
Atom Age    “The Hottest Thing That’s Cool”
Basho, Robbie    “The Seal Of The Blue Lotus (180 Gram)”
Bjork, Brant    “Jalamanta: 10 Year Anniversary Edition (24 Page Booklet Deluxe Gatefold)”
Brainworms    “Swear To Me”
Brandlmayr, Martin / Werner Dafeldecker / Christian Fennesz    “Till The Old World’s Blown Up And A New One Is Created (+ D/L)”
Brian Jonestown Massacre, The    “Aufheben (Gatefold 2LP)”
Celebrity Murders    “Time To Kill Space”
Chapman, Michael    “Plaindealer”
Coffinworm    “Great Bringer Of Night”
Cookie Duster    “When Flying Was Easy (Featuring Brendan Canning)”
Dead Hookers    “The Burial / The Rebirth”
Ensemble Economique    “Crossing The Pass, By Torchlight”
Finally Punk    “Casual Goths (Compiles All Out-Of-Print Material Plus 2 Previously Unreleased Songs + D/L With Tour Films And More)”
Funk Police    “How We Are Funk We Play”
Guided By Voices    “Class Clown Spots A UFO (+ D/L)”
Hammers Of Misfortune    “The August Engine”
Horrid Red    “Celestial Joy (/400)”
Intelligence, The    “Everybody’s Got It Easy But Me (+ D/L)”
Isis    “The Red Sea (Ltd. Ed. White/Black Vinyl + D/L)”
Kebab    “Life It’s A Joke / We Live In A System (Belgian Punk)”
Keszler, Eli / Keith Fullerton Whitman    “Eli Keszler / Keith Fullerton Whitman Split LP (NNA043)”
Lust For Youth    “Growing Seeds”
Monochrome Set, The    “Strange Boutique (180 Gram)”
Monochrome Set, The    “Love Zombies (180 Gram)”
Movie Star Junkies    “Junkyears: Rarities And Farm Recordings 2005-2007”
Murray, Brendan / Perispirit    “Brendan Murray / Perispirit”
New Bruises    “Chock Full Of Misery”
Oberst, Conor And The Mystic Valley Band    “One Of My Kind (180 Gram + DVD + CD)”
Old Baby    “Misunderstanding Human Behavior (+ D/L)”
Peaking Lights    “Lucifer (Ltd. Ed. /2000 + D/L)”
Potter, Grace & The Nocturnals    “The Lion The Beast The Beat (+ D/L)”
Power, Ryan    “I Don’t Want To Die (NNA044)”
Prizehog    “A Talking To (Ltd. Ed. Color Vinyl)”
Pyramids With Wraiths    “Magpie & Raven (Clear Vinyl One Sided LP + D/L /350)”
Ramesses    “Possessed By The Rise Of Magik (2LP Gatefold)”
Relatives, The    “The Relatives”
Samiam    “Soar (20th Anniversary Ed. Gatefold Color Vinyl + D/L)”
Schnitzler, Conrad    “Zug: Reshaped And Remodeled By Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer (+ D/L With Bonus Tracks)”
Smashing Pumpkins    “Oceania (First Studio Album In 5 Years)”
Starving Weirdos    “The Path Of Lightning (Gatefold 2LP)”
Stop Breathing    “Stop Breathing”
Vatican Shadow    “September Cell”
Volcano!    “Pinata (Ltd. Ed. + CD)”
White Manna    “White Manna (+ D/L)”
White Stripes, The    “7 Nation Army (Unofficial)”
Witchfinder General    “Death Penalty (180 Gram Ltd. Ed. Coloured Vinyl)”
Zelienople    “The World Is A House On Fire”

Hip-Hop & Reggae 12″s & LPs
Banks, Azealia    “1991”
B., Anthony    “Freedom Fighter (+ CD)”
Big Youth    “Screaming Target”
I-Roy    “Gussie Presenting IROY”
SPVCXXGHXZTPVRRP (Spaceghostpurrp; Raider Klan)    “Mysterious Phonk: The Chronicles Of Spvcxxghxztpvrrp (+ D/L)”

Electronic 12″s & LPs
Cina    “Hanoi / Queen B. / Hanoi (Tim Paris Mix)”
Dear, Matthew    “Her Fantasy / Crimewaves / Her Fantasy (Tornado Wallace Remix)”
Drexciya    “Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller II (+ D/L)”
Goliath    “The Message Carriers”
Guido    “Flow Ft. Jay Wilcox”
Jam City    “Classical Curves (2LP Gatefold)”
Locked Groove    “Different Paths”
Maga Bo    “Quilombo Do Futuro Remixed”
Midland    “Placement Remix”
Nguzunguzu    “Mirage EP”
Protect-U    “Motorbike / Lawndog / Invisible Halo”
Superpitcher    “Moon Fever”
Thompson, Linval & Manasseh    “Show Babylon”
Truth & Yayne    “Dreams / Last Time”
Tyrell, Alden    “Touch The Sky Feat. Mike Dunn”
Various Artists    “Tall Black Guy Presents: Tempo Dreams Volume 1 (Teru, Chief, Tensei, Tall Black Guy, …)”
Various Artists    “Field 07”

Brain Killer    “3”
Clutch    “Pigtown Blues (PIC Disc)”
Dead Moon    “Too Many People (Mono; Dead Moon 1987-2006)”
DeMarco, Mac    “Only You / Me & Mine”
Die Selektion    “Cladis (White Vinyl)”
Fresh & Onlys, The    “Yes Or No (Ltd. Numbered Ed. /500)”
Gold Panda    “Mountain / Financial District “
Koudede    “Guitars From Agadez Vol. 5”
Lakes    “Crossed With Leaves”
Lust For Youth / War (Var)    “The Glass House Etiquette”
Mazzy Star    “Common Burn / Lay Myself Down”
Moctar, Mdou    “Tahoultine / Tahoultine (Gulls Remix) [Sahel Sounds; Boomarm Nation]”
Post Teens    “The Heat”
Superchunk    “This Summer / Cruel Summer (/1300)”
Victims Family    “Have A Nice Day”

CDs Non-Rock
Forest Swords    “Dagger Paths E.P.”
Lust For Youth    “Solar Flare”
Taylor, Ebo    “Appia Kwa Bridge”
Various Artists    “Frozen Border: Minutes In Ice (Skirt, Blawan, AnD, Dean Cole…)”

CDs Rock
Beach Boys, The    “That’s Why God Made The Radio”
Crone    “Endless Midnight”
Die Selektion    “Die Selektion (Numbered /999)”
Friends    “Manifest!”
Grimes    “Geidi Primes”
Guided By Voices    “Class Clown Spots A UFO”
Kelly, Scott / Steve Von Till / Wino    “Songs Of Townes Van Zandt”
Liars    “WIXIW”
Off!    “Off! (First “Proper” Full Length)”
Serpent Throne    “White Summer Black Winter”
Sigur Ros      “Valtari”
Sutekh Hexen    “Behind The Throne”
Smashing Pumpkins    “Oceania”
Witch Mountain    “Cauldron Of The Wild”


Die Selektion Cladis

(Edition Gris)
This record starts with some ominous tones and a voice (in a language I do not understand) under a wall of static or possibly just rain; there is a thunder strike after the voice stops. The rain and thunder fade out as the side comes to an end. The B-Side again begins with some ominous tones and some distant rhythms. On this side that distant rhythm is a clue as to what Die Selektion really leaves you wanting more and more of – dark dance music. Some 4/4 beats and repetitious harmonic joy thrown in the mix (we all can’t be dark all of the time – even within the dark times; especially on joyous days as this when Josh and Jenn are being married!). I’m looking forward to a lot more from this relatively new group out of Germany (a group that includes “a classic trumpet”).
[Reviewer: Rick]

Extra Life Dream Seeds

(Northern Spy)
On their third full-length, this Brooklyn trio embarks on a truly ambitious journey of conceptual experimentation. Sounding like a mix of Renaissance, progressive, and math rock, the songs are theatrical and epic in scope. The primarily driving force is vocalist/synth player/acoustic guitarist Charlie Looker’s dramatic and poetic singing. From melancholy opener “No Dreams Tonight,” the running themes include God-fearing religiousness and childhood innocence, most strikingly in situations involving abuse (“Discipline For Edwin”) and death (“Ten Year Teardrop.”) It’s not easy to think of other albums to compare this to: the abstract lyrics, backed by music that ranges from chamber-reminiscent strings to thick, angular prog to creepy avant-garde minimalism, make for a very unique and surreal experience.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Rob Crow He Thinks He’s People

(Temporary Residence Ltd.)
Known as a singer and multi-instrumentalist in numerous bands (most notably Pinback,) Crow’s latest solo record will likely appeal to a wide audience. Properly describing it to those unfamiliar with his trademark style, though, requires some imagination (I have to admit that I haven’t heard much of his other material before this.) The title is a great indicator: his brand of electric/acoustic indie rock is self-deprecating and dark-humored, but delivered in a way that sounds comfortably organic and mellow instead of off-putting. His years of experience have paid off: he manages to sound both authentic and well-controlled about feelings of helpless on the slightly spooky “Tranked,” as well as not caring about “what any man says” about wearing “a dress for your services” on “So Way.” His sense of humor gets pretty blunt, particularly when he says he’d like to be there when annoying cellphone-users die and get put in body bags (“I’d Like To Be There.”) It’s refreshing that he isn’t afraid to say exactly what’s on his mind.
[Reviewer: Mark]