2nd of June 2012 Update

2nd of June 2012 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
Angel Witch    “As Above, So Below (Import; 2LP Gatefold)”
Aosoth    “Aosoth”
Artillery    “My Blood (180 Gram Ltd. Ed. Coloured Vinyl)”
Autopsy    “Mental Funeral (Gatefold)”
Avengers    “Avengers (180 Gram Reissue)”
Bathory    “Blood Fire Death”
Bathory    “Under The Sign Of The Black Mark”
Bathory    “The Return…”
Blackdeath    “Jesus Wept (/500)”
Bombay Royale    “You Me Bullets Love (+ D/L)”
Bones, Sean    “Buzzards Boy (+ D/L)”
Burzum    “Filosofem (2xLP, Gatefold)”
Burzum    “Hvis Lyset Tar Oss (2xLP, Gatefold)”
Carpathian Forest    “Bloodlust And Perversion (Gatefold White Vinyl)”
Chance, Bob    “It’s Broken!”
Clandestine Blaze    “Falling Monuments”
Clash, The    “Last Gang In Town: Rarities 1976-1984 (Unofficial)”
Cohran, Kelan Philip & The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble    “Kelan Philip Cohran & The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble”
Cure, The    “Visions Of Domino”
Demoncy    “Joined In Darkness”
Disembowelment    “Transcendence Into The Peripheral (2xLP, Gatefold, Color)”
Dismember    “Like An Everflowing Stream (180gm 2xLP, Gatefold, Color)”
Drudkh    Eternal “Turn Of The Wheel (+ D/L)”
Eicher Spielt Noise Boys, Stephan    “Stephan Eicher Spielt Noise Boys”
Electric Wizard     “Black Masses (2LP Gatefold; Domestic Issue)”
Emperor    “Emperor (Wrath Of The Tyrant) (180gm 2xLP, Gatefold, Color)”
Enslaved    “Yggdrasill”
Enslaved    “Frost “
Father Befouled / Helcaraxe    “Ruination Of The Heavenly Communion (Red Vinyl)”
Frustration    “Relax “
Grass Widow    “Internal Logic “
Gravenhurst    “The Ghost In Daylight (+ D/L)”
Higgins, Gary    “Red Hash (Repressed LP + Bonus 7″)”
Hives, The    “Lex Hives An Album By The Hives (180 Gram)”
Hot Chip    “The Warning (Gatefold 2LP)”
In Aeternam Vale    “Dust Under Brightness (12″ EP)”
In Aeternam Vale    “DUB (Dust Under Brightness LP)”
incantation    “Blasphemous Creation”
Integrity    “Palm Sunday (Ltd. Ed. Colored Vinyl + D/L RSD2012)”
Intelligence    “Crepescule With Pacman”
Ital / Magic Touch    “Magic Touch / Ital”
Joy Division     “Closer (Colour Vinyl; Unofficial)”
Kiss It Goodbye    “She Loves Me (Ltd. Ed. Color + D/L)”
Leckey, Mark    “Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore”
Led Zeppelin    “Led Zeppelin III (Unofficial)”
Led Zeppelin    “Led Zeppelin IV (“Runes” “Zofo” Unofficial)”
Led Zeppelin    “Led Zepplin II (Unofficial)”
Lemonade    “Diver (+ D/L)”
Liars    “WIXIW (Liars Sixth Album, Deluxe Edition 180 Gram Vinyl + CD)”
Mayhem    “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas (180gm, Gatefold, Color)”
Mayhem    “Deathcrush (180gm, Gatefold, Color)”
Megaton Leviathan    “MMIX (2009 Demo 12″ LP)”
Metallica    “The Black Demos”
Mortuary Drape    “Secret Sudaria (2xLP, Gatefold)”
Mortuary Drape    “All The Witches Dance”
Mutilation    “Remains Of A Ruined, Dead, Cursed Soul”
Mynabirds, The    “Generals (+ Poster + CD)”
Napalm Death    “Hatred Surge From Enslavement To Obliteration 1985-1986 Demos (Unofficial)”
Natural Child    “For The Love Of The Game”
Nice Face    “Horizon Fires”
Nightwish    “Imaginaerum ~Orchestral Version~ (Ltd. 180 Gram Clear 2LP Gatefold + Lyric Sheet)”
Noothgrush    “Erode The Person”
Noothgrush    “Failing Early Failing Often (2LP Gatefold)”
Obituary    “Darkest Day (2LP Gatefold)”
Oxes    “Bile Stbudy (+ D/L)”
Pearl Jam    “Xmas With Eddie: The Complete X-Mas Singles (Unofficial)”
Pharaohs, The    “Awakening (+ D/L)”
Pharaohs, The    “In The Basement (+ D/L)”
Pita    “Get Out”
Poison Idea    “Kings Of Punk (Colored Vinyl Ltd. Ed.)”
Poison Idea    “Record Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes L.P. (Colored Vinyl Ltd. Ed.)”
Primitive Weapons    “The Shadow Gallery (Clear Vinyl)”
Purity Ring    “Belispeak (12″ With Embossed Sleeve)”
Rayon Beach    “This Looks Serious (Family Ties Cover Art Rules!)”
Robinson Brotherhood, Chris    “Big Moon Ritual (2LP Gatefold)”
Samael    “Ceremony Of Opposites (Gatefold)”
Sigur Ros    “Valtari (Gatefold 2LP + D/L)”
Slayer    “Hell Awaits Demos 1984 (Unofficial Color Vinyl /500)”
Slayer    “Reign In Blood Demos (Unofficial)”
Sultan, Mark    “War On Rock N’ Roll”
Thompson, Mayo    “Corky’s Debt To His Father (LP + Bonus 7″)”
Various Artists    “Long Live Boogaloo: 22 Rare Latin Boogaloos Circa 1963-1972 (2LP Gatefold + D/L)”
Various Artists    “Space: 1999: An Original Television Soundtrack Recording Composed By Barry Gray”
Walkmen, The    “Heaven (+ D/L)”
Weisman, Chris    “Fresh Sip (2LP)”
Womack, Bobby    “The Bravest Man In The Universe (12″ Single)”
You Blew It!    “Grow Up, Dude”

Hip-Hop 12″s & LPs
Camp Lo    “Uptown Saturday Night (Official 2LP Reissue Remastered + Poster)”
Digital Underground    “Sex Packets”
Dub, Dave (Dave Dub)    “The Treatment (Gatefold 2LP + D/L)”
Jay-Z    “The Blueprint (Gatefold 2LP)”
La The Darkman    “Heist Of The Century”
Mad Cobra    “Hard To Wet, Easy To Dry”
MF DOOM    “Operation Doomsday: Silver Age Set (Remastered 2LP On “Gun Metal” Colored Vinyl)”
RJD2    “Deadringer (Remastered + 2 Previously Unreleased Songs)”
Sene.    “Brooklynknight. (Ltd. Ed. Purple/White Vinyl + D/L)”
Sonnymoon    “Sonnymoon (2LP Color Vinyl + D/L)”
Various Artists    “Lyricist Lounge Volume One (4LP; De La Soul, Mos Def, Q-Tip, Saul Williams, Talib Kweli, Zack De La Rocha, KRS-One, Last Emperor)”
Various Artists    “These Are The Breaks: 12 Sampled Selections From the Ubiquity Vaults”

Electronic 12″s & LPs
A Made Up Sound    “Take The Plunge”
Aphex Twin    “The Aphex Twin Classics (2LP)”
Barker    “Like An Animal”
Blockhead    “Interludes After Midnight (2LP + D/L)”
Brackles    “No. 2”
Caprice    “Depths Revival EP”
Cassegrain & Tin Man    “Carnal”
CVBox    “Analog Amputations EP”
Data    “Making Simple Things Complex”
Die Roh    “Van Draft EP”
Dixon, Jack    “You Won’t Let Me EP”
DMX Krew    “East Side Boogie”
Dumont, Duke    “For Club Play Only”
Eprom    “Regis Chillbin”
Genius Of Time    “Drifting Back”
Girl Unit    “Club Rez EP (2×12″)”
Hundred In The Hands    “Keep It Low (6 Track Single Featuring Andy Stott, Optimo, Patten, DJ Twitch)”
Ill Blu    “Clapper”
Juk Juk    “Thinking Too Much”
Last Japan    “Ambush EP”
Moby    “The Poison Tree (David Lynch Remix) / Lie Down In Darkness (Photek Remix) (UK RSD Title)”
Moodyman    “Classics Volume 3 (White Label)”
Morphology    “Dalek Invasion”
Mungo’s Hi Fi    “Hire And Removal Refix (Ft. Eek-A-Mouse)”
Munk, Jonas    “Pan”
Negrot, Aerea    “Macuto”
Pariah    “Detroit Falls / Orpheus (10″)”
Rumpistol & Red Baron    “Floating (2LP)”
Schlachthofbronx    “Schlachthofbronx (2LP)”
Skrillex    “Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites: The Remixes”
Slugabed    “Time Team (3LP + D/L)”
Sonar Base    “We Attack At Dawn EP”
SP-X    “Stalker EP”
Svreca    “Vilna / Hagagatan (10″)”
Sweatson Klank    “Elevate Me”
Terje, Todd    “T.T. Re-Edits Vol. 8”
TMSV/DJ Madd    “Difference”
Tyrell, Alden    “Rush / Tntus”
Various Artists    “Nickel Ride”
Various Artists    “Repitch 000.1”
Various Artists    “In The Dark: The Soul Of Detroit”
Walls    “Coracle Remixe”
Walton    “All Night EP”
XI    “Joy Fear EP”
XXXY    “Bash EP”

Band Of Mercy    “Conquest”
CocoRosie    “We Are On Fire / Tearz For Animals”
Coffins / Macabra    “In Quarantine With Death (Green Vinyl + Buttons + Large Insert /100)”
Cops    “Premonitions + 4”
Full Of Hell / Code Orange Kids    “Full Of Hell / Code Orange Kids”
Impaled Nazarene    “Goat Perversion (White)”
Impaled Nazarene    “Satanic Masowhore”
Intelligence With Kelley Stoltz, The    “(They Found Me In The Back Of) The Galaxy / Lake Of Dracula”
Kumbia Queers / Scream Club And Electrosesexual    “Scream Queens At the Kumbia Club”
Modeselektor with Thom Yorke    “This”
Pulling Teeth      “Witches Volume VI”
Spencer Blues Explosion, The Jon    “Gadzooks! / Tell Me That You Love Me (Jukebox Single)”
Tempest    “(Solace)”

CDs Non-Rock
Brackles    “Brackles”
Drexciya    “Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller II (Deluxe DVD Size Packaging)”
El-P    “Cancer4Cure (Cancer For Cure)”
Keep Shelly In Athens    “In Love With Dusk / Our Own Dream”
Kool Keith    “Love And Danger”
Munk, Jonas    “Pan”

CDs Rock
Black Cobra “Invernal”
Dawnbringer “Into The Lair Of The Sun”
Drudkh “Eternal Turn Of The Wheel”
Hot Chip “The Warning”
Ides Of Gemini “Constantinople”
Hooded Menace “Fulfill The Curse (Import)”
Marduk “Serpent Sermon”
My Bloody Valentine “Loveless (2CD Remaster)”
Sigur Ros “Valtari”
Walkmen, The “Heaven”


The Big Pink Future This

This London duo (Robbie Furze and Milo Cordell) serves up another record of passionate, synth-tinged indie-pop. With its high production values and enticing hooks, it’s easily accessible throughout – thankfully, though, they seasoned it with plenty of fuzzed-out effects throughout to make it especially resonant. For example, opening track “Stay Gold” and “Rubbernecking” have a powerfully jubilant, head-bobbing sound that should definitely appeal to fans of Sleigh Bells. Others, like “The Palace” and “Lose Your Mind,” reminded me of 80s pop with meticulous keyboard details and echo-y vocals. They’re great at conveying multiple moods; it’s particularly apparent when the record closes with the surprisingly melancholy “77.”
[Reviewer: Mark]

White Load Wayne’s World III b/w Godfather IV

I’m impressed by how tight this Providence trio sounds, even when playing “black out drunk” as side two is described. Imagine hardcore punk (early Dwarves comes to mind) boiled down to its very essence: a raucous and just plain loud mix of quick-and-to-the-point songs with shouted vocals, a guitar that sounds thoroughly caked in mud and an eardrum-pounding beat that seldom takes a rest. Recorded at a place called “Vomit’s Hole,” side one sounds more “polished” (which I use in the absolute loosest sense of the word,”) while side two sounds the most “live,” primarily consisting of even-rougher versions of the tracks on side one. Needless to say, despite the obvious cliché of the sentiment, these guys truly do rock hard.
[Reviewer: Mark]