Wednesday Weekly Video Volume 3

Wednesday Weekly Video Volume 3

Techno Animal (Technological Animal) was (last active in 2004) a project of Justin K. Broadrick (Godflesh, Napalm Death, Jesu, … and most recently JK Flesh – which is a moniker many associate directly with Techno Animal) & Kevin Martin (The Bug, King Midas Sound, Black Chow, Experimental Audio Research,…). This track is from 1997 and I honestly picked it because it is one of the couple tracks that actually has a video (and not a static picture). It definitely stands along side of some of the earlier ATR/Alec Empire material – acidic hip-hop laced harsh d’n’b.

Kontravoid – Native State (Official Video) from Kontravoid on Vimeo.
Just got this 7″ in yesterday (“Cut to Cleanse” is the B-Side). I guess Cameron Findlay (the artist behind this project who was also in the electonic pop group Parallels) played drums for Crystal Castles which some find notable, but really this stands on its own merit as great cold dark pop.

 The album this is on was on my (Rick) best of list for 2011 and it still gets plenty of play (like right now – the LP is on in the store this second and it’s actually on this song). Great track for walking along blankly glaring in the direction of your shoes.

Amenra is a European post-metal (Neurosis, Isis) band that’s been around for 13 years or so. If you dig sweaty riffs that jam on for days, this is for you.

Trust – Bulbform from Arts & Crafts on Vimeo.
Our friend Ryan came in today and told us how he can’t stop listening to this album (“TRST” by Trust). Both of us (Rick and Josh) totally empathize with that sentiment. Don’t mind us weirdos we’re just dancing in our heads.

I was sort of bummed out that I missed the boat on seeing Refused when they recently played New York. Fun fact: in the very early stages of planning to open Redscroll, I debated naming the store, “New Noise”. -Josh

Over the top post apocalyptic gang violence set to Twin Shadows’s “Five Seconds”.