24 August 2012 Update

24 August 2012 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
Caminiti, Evan (Of Barn Owl)    “Dreamless Sleep”
Can    “BB Presents: Can – Monster Movie Live At Burg Norvenich, 25th July 1969”
Can    “BB Presents: Can – Tago Mago Live In Koln 1971”
Can    “BB Presents: Can – Future Days Live In Koln 1973”
Capacities    “The Unexamined Life”
Cut Hands    “Black Mamba / Krokodilo Theme”
Darkthrone     “Live From Denmark”
Directions    “In Music” (By Bundy K. Brown, Doug Scharin, James Warden)
Drinking Electricity    “Overload + Singles” (2LP 180 Gram Colored Vinyl Gatefold + Insert By Dave Segal Numbered/650)
Fay, Bill    “Life Is People” (2LP Gatefold + D/L)
Fires & Floods    “The Voice At Your Heels”
Gebru, Tsege Mariam    “Spielt Eigene Kompositionen”
Hardside    “Time Is Punishment”
Houndmouth    “Houndmouth”
Hurley, Michael    “Back Home With Drifting Woods”
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble     “Bulletproof Brass”
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble (Remixed By Mr Scruff & Colm K    “Fire”
Ikon    “Flowers For The Gathering” (Limited Ed. Colored Vinyl + CD)
Kraftwerk    “BB Presents: Kraftwerk Live In Paris 1976 / Live In Utrecht 1981”
Kubin, Felix    “Teenage Tapes” (Numbered Ltd. Ed.)
LeBlanc, Dylan    “Cast The Same Old Shadow” (+ D/L)
Like Rats    “Like Rats” (Ltd. Ed. Color Vinyl)
Messengers, The    “The Messengers”
Mixtapes    “Even On The Worst Nights” (Off Blue Vinyl + D/L)
Mountain Man    “Two: Cut The Legs Off Your Brothers”
Ombre (Julianna Barwick & Helado Negro)    “Believe You Me” (+ D/L)
Os Mutantes    “E Seus Cometas No Pais Do Baurets” (180 Gram)
Pink’s, Ariel Haunted Graffiti (Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti)    “Mature Themes” (+ D/L)
Ringworm    “Stigmatas In The Flesh” (Ltd. Ed. Color Vinyl)
Sea And Cake, The    “Oui” (2012 Reissue)
Sea And Cake, The    “One Bedroom” (2012 Reissue)
Sea And Cake, The    “Nassau” (2LP 2012 Reissue)
Slapshot    “Olde Tyme Hardcore” (180 Gram)
Teengirl Fantasy    “Tracer” (+ D/L)
Various Artists    “Best Of… Unsound Bands (1983 – 85)”
Various Artists    “Laila Je T’Aime: Guitar Music From The Western Sahel” (Mississippi / Change / Sahel Sounds)
Various Artists    “Personal Space: Electronic Soul 1974-1984”
Vilipend    “Inamorata”
White, Matthew E.    “Big Inner” (Numbered Limited Edition /2000)
Yeasayer    “Fragrant World” (Limited Edition Colored Vinyl 2LP Gatefold + D/L; First Copies Come With Bonus 7″)

Electronic 12″s & LPs
Airhead    “Pyramid Lake / Black Ink”
Aphex Twin    “Digeridoo 20TH Anniversary Ed.”
Ashong, Andrew    “Flowers”
Barker & Baumecker    “Transektoral” (2LP)
Clouds    “Consciousness”
Dead Fader    “Work It, No”
D’Niel, Alexander    “Klona EP”
Floorplan    “Altered Ego EP”
Flying Lotus    “Reset”
Grand High Priest Feat. Dajae    “Marry Mary (Remixes)”
Hall, Kyle & S. Julien    “Funkinevil”
Haswell, Russell    “Remixes (Regis, William Bennet, Kevin Drumm)”
Kruder & Dorfmeister    “G-Stoned”
Madis One    “In The Image”
Makoto    “Another Generation EP”
Midland & Pariah    “Sheworks003”
Mosca    “Eva Mendes EP”
Murphy, Steve & Die Roh    “The Chasm” (2LP White Label)
Nautiluss    “Alpha”
Pole    “Waldgeschichten 3”
Prodigy, The    “Music For The Jilted Generation” (2LP)
Rivet    “Grifter / Sundry”
Roger, Franck    “Take You Up / Can We / Surrounded”
Rrose    “Preretinal”
Simko, Kate    “Kabuki Drop EP”
Soap Dodgers    “Ill Minded / Contact”
Various Artists    “Keysound Allstars V.1”
Various Artists    “Hypothesis Of Objects Construction On Natural Environments: Hidden Archive Remixes” (Obtane & Giorgio Gigli, Claro Intelecto, Svreca, Brando Lupi)

Sigur Ros    “Varúð” (“Varud”)
Various Artists    “Five Minutes To Midnight” (Mississippi Change Social Music)

Casket Lottery, The    “The Door” (+ D/L)
Ellis, Nathan    “Nathan Ellis: Balance Beam / Orion Too / The Comedians” (+ D/L)
Fed Up!     “Live At WFMU”
Ikon    “Azkadelia” (+ CD)
Roadrage / Sleepwalkers    “Roadrage / Sleepwalkers”
Scruffnuk Dust    “Breakfast / Nighttime Reflections”

CDs Rock
Bauhaus    “In A Glass Haus”
Collins, William Fowler     “Tenebroso”
Insanity Defense    “Epitaph 1982 – 1985”
Lawhorn, Chris    “Fugazi Edits”
Satanic Cheerleaders    “Hell Is For Hippies”
Scam, The    “Sic World”
Teengirl Fantasy    “Tracer”
Yeasayer    “Fragrant World” (First Copies Come With Bonus 7″ – Yes, Even The CD Comes With It!)

CDs Non-Rock
Cooly G Presents    “Dub Organizer – The Intro Vol. 1”
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble    “… Bulletproof Brass!”
Prodigy, The    “More Music For The Jilted Generation” (Expanded Ed. 2CD Remastered + Bonus Disc)
Wruhme, Robag    “Olgamikks”

California X    “Sucker / Mummy”
Dolphins Into The Future    “A Star Maker, Strange Dreams, And Clairvoyance”
Halo, Laurel    “Antenna”
Holter, Julia    “Live Recordings”
Hubble     “Hubble Linger”
Le Revelateur    “Horizon Fears”
Phork    “Discrepancies”
Rupert, Freddy    “Wait”


Nite Jewel One Second Of Love

[Buy Online From RSR]
(Secretly Canadian)
Originally from Los Angeles, singer-songwriter Ramona Gonzalez has been creating her brand of electronic/alternative dance music since 2008. On her second album, the improved production values suit the minimal instrumentation well: right from the beginning of opener “This Story,” her impassioned voice combines with a wall of lush synth and resonant, nuanced drum beats to create a sound that instantly reminds me of 80s pop balladry. That electronic style stands out to me the most, such as when it sounds mellow and cooled-down with “In The Dark” and drawn-out and glowing in “Clive.” Her voice is what really takes center stage, though: for example, she shows off its smoothness and versatility with several layers in the funky “She’s Always Watching You.” The deep and multi-instrumented “Unearthly Delights” is another good example of saying a lot with minimal instrumentation.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Perispirit Spiritual Church Movement

[Buy Online From RSR]
(Digitalis Recordings)
Describing the experimental music from Boston-based duo Ricardo Donoso (synths, electronics) and Luke Moldof (guitar, electronics) is no easy feat: it’s abstract noise, but also extremely complex and focused. Both tracks are roughly 15-16 minutes each, and interesting to interpret the meaning of the record’s religious theme. The jarring, stark and warmth-free “14th Annual Séance” feels like a wordless telling of something that’s clearly not right, such as being haunted by the ghosts of a bloodstained past. It’s expressed with what sounds like literally hundreds of different electronic samples, all starting and stopping with complete abruptness (many of these sounds only occur one at a time – sometimes overlapping, but mostly sticking to a totally minimal nature.) “Attn: Deficit Order” takes a different approach, starting off sounding like the first track but transitioning into melodic synth, more-playful electronic sounds and scattered beats that make it feel like some sort of oddly relaxing alien jungle… before switching back to an unpredictable mix of bracing, head-spinning and sometimes relaxing noises (and back again.)
[Reviewer: Mark]