31st of August 2012 Update

31st of August 2012 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
Animal Collective    “Centipede HZ” (2LP, 150 Gram, Gatefold, + D/L)
Animal Collective    “Centipede HZ” (2LP, 180 Gram, Silver Foil Gatefold, DVD, + D/L)
Audacity    Mellow Cruisers”
Call Of The Wild    “Leave Your Leather On” (Limited Edition + D/L)
Cat Power    “Sun” (2LP, Deluxe) (Out on shelves next Tuesday)
Cat Power    “Sun” (2LP) (Out on shelves next Tuesday)
Cliff, Jimmy    “Rebirth”
Dam-Funk    “I Don’t Wanna Be A Star”
Darkest Hour    “Undoing Ruin”
Deerhoof    “Breakup Song”
Dilloway, Aaron / Jason Lescalleet    “Grapes And Snakes”
Divine Fits    “A Thing Called Divine Fits” (Members Of Spoon, Wolf Parade & New Bomb Turks; + D/L)
Entrance Band, The    “Fine Flow”
Feehan, Mark    “MF” (+ D/L)
Fresh & Onlys, The    “Long Slow Dance” (+ D/L)
Future Blondes    “Feather 17”
Hot Guts    “Edges”
Katatonia    “Dead End Kings” (2LP, Gatefold)
Led Zeppelin    “Stoned On The Stairway” (Unofficial)
Led Zeppelin    “Teady Bears Picnic” (Unofficial)
Led Zeppelin    “Touch & Go” (Unofficial)
Minerva, Maria    “Will Happiness Find Me?”
Monster Magnet    “Powertrip” (Gatefold 2LP)
Pallbearer    “Sorrow And Extinction” (2LP Gatefold)
Palmer, Amanda & The Grand Theft Orchestra    “Theatre Is Evil” (2LP, Gatefold)
Queens Of The Stone Age    “Songs For The Death (Alternative Versions From The Album ‘Songs For The Deaf’)” (Unofficial)
Queers, The    “Don’t Back Down”
Razor    “Armed & Dangerous”
Rodriguez    “Coming From Reality”
Rolling Stones, The    “Deja Que Sangre (Let It Bleed)” (Unofficial)
Siege    “Drop Dead”
Slaughter    “Strappado”
Smiths, The    “Hatful Of Hollow”
Stubborn Heart    “Need Someone / Unearthly Powers / Penny Drops”
Swans    “The Seer” (3LP Gatefold + Poster + D/L)
Thought Broadcast     “Emergency Stairway”
Trauma    “Trauma”
Various Artists    “Fac. Dance 02: Factory Records 12″ Mixes & Rarities 1980-1987” (2LP, Gatefold)
Voivod    “War And Pain”
Whitney, Marva    “It’s My Thing”
Why?    “Sod In The Seed” (E.P.)
Wild Nothing    “Nocturne” (Picture Frame Outer Sleeve + D/L)
Womack, Bobby    “Love Is Gonna Lift You Up” (Remixes By Julio Bashmore & Exemen)
Young, Neil & Crazy Horse    “Americana” (2LP, 180 Gram)
Zimmer, Hans    “The Dark Knight Rises” (+ D/L)

Hip-Hop 12″s & LPs
Alchemist, The    “Russian Roulette” (Guests Include: Danny Brown, Evidence, Roc Marciano, Guilty Simpson, Action Bronson, Mr. MFN Exquire…)
A-Trak & Dillon Francis    “Money Makin'” (Ltd. Ed. Split-Color Vinyl; Feat. Juicy J & Danny Brown)
Blu & Exile    “Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them” (+ D/L)
Curren$y (Currensy)    “The Stoned Immaculate”
DJ Q-Bert (Skratchy Seal; Super Seal 4D)    “Super Seal In The 4th Dimension” (2LP Gatefold)
DJ Shadow    “Total Breakdown: Hidden Transmissions From The MPC Era 1992-1996” (2LP)
Masta Ace Incorporated    “Sittin’ On Chrome” (2LP, Gatefold)
Parallel Thought    “The Art Of Sound” (+ CD)
Pharcyde, The    “Labcabincalifornia Instrumentals” (2LP)
Ross, Rick    “God Forgives, I Don’t” (2LP)
Smoke DZA X Harry Fraud    “Rugby Thompson” (+ D/L Of Instrumentals)
SPVCXXGHXZTPVRRP (Spaceghostpurrp; Raider Klan)    Mysterious Phonk: The Chronicles Of Spvcxxghxztpvrrp (Instrumentals)

Electronic 12″s & LPs
Bicep / Ejeca / Omar Odyssey    “You / Don’t”
Chris E. Pants    “Doggy Style / Pass It Around”
Clark    “Fantasm Planes”
EDMX    “Cerberus / I’m Rushing My Tits Off / Orange Squash”
Gkahn     “Weird And Radical Poets”
Groundislava    “Feel Me”
Hood, Robert (O/V/R) / DVS1    “Post-Traumatic Son – Robert Hood / DVS1 Mixes”
Parrish, Theo    “Hand Made”
Paul Du Lac    “Child’s Play”
Recondite    “Plangent #004”
Sekuoia    “Rain Dog / Finest Ego V3”
Various Artists    “A-Sides Part 1”
Various Artists    “A-Sides Part 2”
Vladislav Delay    “Espoo”

King Tubby    “King Tubbys Meets Rockers Uptown” (3×10″ Box Set)
Markus Suckut / Marcelus    “10inch01″ (Electronic; 10”)
Robot Koch    “Cosmic Waves” (Electronic; 10″)
Something Fierce / Occult Detective Club    “Something Fierce / Occult Detective Club” (+ D/L)

Bleached    “Francis: Dazed / No Friend Of Mine”
Casket Lottery, The    “The Door” (+ D/L)
Cold Showers    “Decay”
Damu The Fudgemunk    “RDF028: Beat Grinder” (Clear Flexi)
Electric Wizard    “Legalize Drugs & Murder” (Heavyweight Vinyl)
Ellis, Nathan    “Nathan Ellis: Balance Beam / Orion Too / The Comedians” (+ D/L)
Fed Up!     “Live At WFMU”
Ikon    “Azkadelia” (+ CD)
Mission Of Burma / Wild Flag    “Mission Of Burma / Wild Flag Split”
Mountain Movers    “Desertion / It’s Just Summertime”
Red Dons    “Auslander” (+ D/L)
Roadrage / Sleepwalkers    “Roadrage / Sleepwalkers”
Scruffnuk Dust    “Breakfast / Nighttime Reflections”
Teams    “Love Distance”
Weekend Nachos / Lack Of Interest    “Weekend Nachos / Lack Of Interest”
Wild Moth    “Mourning Glow” (Color Vinyl +

CDs Rock
1349    “Beyond The Apocalypse”
1349    “Hellfire”
Anaal Nathrakh    “Eschaton”
Anaal Nathrakh    “Domine Non Es Dignus”
Birds In Row     “You, Me & The Violence”
Cannibal Corpse    “Worm Infested”
Cat Power    “Sun”
Celtic Frost    “Demos 84 & 85” (fanclub)
Centinex    “Hellbrigade”
Ceremony    “Zoo”
Clandestine Blaze    “Deliverers Of Faith”
Clandestine Blaze    “Fist Of The Northern Destroyer”
Clandestine Blaze    “Night Of The Unholy Flames”
Deathspell Omega / Clandestine Blaze    “Deathspell Omega / Clandestine Blaze”
Deicide    “Scars Of The Crucifix”
Demoncy    “Empire Of The Fallen Angel”
Disiplin    “Disiplin”
Dissection    “Live Legacy”
Dysrhythmia    “Test Of Submission”
Furze    “Necromanzee Cogent”
Furze    “UTD”
Furze    “Trident Autocrat”
Grand Belials Key    “Mocking The Philanthropist”
Gromm    “Cold Old Thorns”
Gromm    “Happiness – It’s When You Are Dead”
Gromm / Endless Blizzard    “In The Glare Of Black”
Immortal    “Damned In Black”
In Flames    “Come Clarity”
Katatonia    “Dead End Kings”
Marduk    “Glorification”
Mayhem / Meads Of Asphodel    “Mayhem / Meads Of Asphodel
Mortiis     “The Grudge”
Nattefrost    “Terrorist”
Novembers Doom    “The Pale Haunt Departure”
Old Man’s Child    “The Pagan Prosperity”
Old Man’s Child    “In Defiance Of Existence”
Opeth     “Ghost Reveries”
Red Harvest    “Cold Dark Matter”
Satyricon    “Now, Diabolical”
Satyricon    “Nemesis Divina”
Scum     “Gospels For The Sick”
Sigh    “Gallows Gallery”
Taake    “Nekro”
Testament    “Dark Roots Of Earth” (CD + DVD)
Thou Shalt Suffer    “Into The Woods Of Belial”
Various Artists    “No Fashion”
Various Artists    “The Dark Psyche”
Zyklon    “Aeon”
Zyklon    “World Ov Worms”
Zyklon    “Disintegrate”
Zyklon-B     “Blood Must Be Shed”

CDs Non-Rock
Assembly Of Light Choir    “Assembly Of Light Choir”
Blu & Exile    “Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them”
Groundislava    “Feel Me”
Reks    “Rebelutionary”
Swans    “The Seer” (2xCD + DVD Special Edition)


Donovan Quinn Honky Tonk Medusa

(Northern Spy)
Also known for his work with several groups (including The Skygreen Leopards, which he formed with Glenn Donaldson,) Quinn sounds moody, mellow and insightful on his third solo record. His music sounds like a mix of indie, folk and country styles: with his sleepy-eyed vocals, he sounds pleasantly content on songs like the warm, dream-like “Laughing City” (“every tail-light is a memory/ that burns a little candle for me.”) A few tracks later, “Dying City” provides a bleak but surprisingly calming perspective on the opposite, thanks to its gentle guitar and fittingly strong piano notes (closer “Love In An Evil World” also pulls off a somber, sky-wide atmosphere well with its synth.) Another track that I really enjoy is “Shadow On The Stone,” which starts out acoustic and rustic before incorporating a very country-perfect steel guitar. In addition to singing and playing the guitar and synth, he employs five other musicians: they include Papercuts’ Jason Quever (guitar and drums) and Odawas’ Michael Tapscott (keyboard, harmonica, harmonium and guitar.) 
[Reviewer: Mark]

The Locust Molecular Genetics From The Gold Standard Labs

It’s hard to believe this San Diego grind/noise/spazz/whatever rock four-piece has been around for almost two decades. With their short, utterly chaotic songs using variously abused rock instrumentation (including some very unnerving synth) to kick down the rules of musical structure and incorporate snarky (not to mention puzzling) comments delivered in screams, they’ve proven to be quite polarizing to the uninitiated. Personally, I enjoy the uneasy listening that The Locust provides: even though the songs are insane (titles include “How To Become A Virgin” and “Twenty-Three Lubed-Up Schizophrenics With Delusions of Grandeur”), all the pieces fit together quite well. This isn’t outright improvised madness; it’s no surprise that The Locust’s tightly (and, of course, unconventionally) structured work has provided many with a bridge between more familiar forms of rock and the weirdo experimental world. This compilation features 44 tracks recorded between 1997 and 2003. Included, among other things, is their self-titled 7-inch EP, debut album and the Flight Of The Wounded Locust EP; contributions to split seven-inches with Arab On Radar and Melt Banana, and even a Queen cover: “Flash’s Theme” from the Dynamite With A Laserbeam tribute on Three One G. 
[Reviewer: Mark]