Wednesday Weekly Video Volume 10

Wednesday Weekly Video Volume 10

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ust got the latest Swans album in (3LP or 2CD+DVD). This is the title track; an 18 minute plus journey in sonic space. (We also got the Why? EP 12″s and Pallbearer LPs in today – among other things.)

WHY? – “A Sky For Shoeing Horses Under” from anticon. on Vimeo.

Just got some copies of the new Why? EP in. I like it. This is off the Alopecia LP which is my favorite. Hip-Hop Freak Folk. (Sean)

dead in the dirt is opening for Sunn O))) tomorrow night. They’re one of the many recent crusty hardcore additions to the Southern Lord roster. I set up a show for DITD the last time they rolled through CT and they ruled. How could we not become fast friends with dudes who cover LEFT FOR DEAD then hang out for hours talking about DEATH IN JUNE & 100 DEMONS?

Happy Labor day! If you have today off and need something to do you should watch the somewhat recent documentary on Phil Ochs (I believe it’s available to stream in a variety of places). Here’s one of my favorites of his. (Rick)

We’ve got the new Cat Power Sun (Deluxe and regular LP as well as CD – on Matador Records) in the store today. Here’s a little teaser directed by Chan Marshall herself.

Smoothed out jazz hop from the mid 90s. The album got the reissue treatment in a few ways recently. Most recently we got the instrumentals in. So nice. (Rick)

These Western-Mass./CT boys have been doing pretty well with the grunge-y garage melodic rock and roll (RIYL: Dino Jr.). This video also features their friend from home (CT’s own Phemale as a mummy). We’ve got this jam on the cassette format currently.

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