28th Of September 2012 Update

28th Of September 2012 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records

This week hit us a bit unexpected with some technical difficulties (PSA: Back up your hard drives often!). Unfortunately for us that means our inventory is a bit off. Luckily we were planning a full inventory project, but now it’s coming quicker than expected. This should effect all of y’all (our customers/friends) very little except for in this update there is no delineation between electronic, general pop & rock, hip-hop, etc. genres. So, maybe you’ll see something extra and that’s fun, right? I think so. It also means that our update this week is a little padded with a bunch of restocks that otherwise might have been skipped in our ordinary update, but let’s consider them “Key” this week. Happy browsing!

LPs & 12″s
A Perfect Circle    “Mer De Noms” (2LP, 180 Gram)
Against Me!    “As The Eternal Cowboy”
Agitation Free    “Malesch”
Airhead    “Pyramid Lake / Black Ink”
Alias    “Alias (Civil Defense)”
Alice In Chains    “Black Gives Way To Blue” (2LP + CD)
Altar Eagle    “Nightrunners”
Aluk Todolo    “Occult Rock” (2LP Gatefold)
Amps For Christ    “Circuits”
Animal Collective    “Centipede HZ” (2LP, + D/L)
Anodyne    “4 Empires EP”
Aphex Twin    “…I Care Because You Do”
Aphex Twin    “Richard D. James Album”
Arcade Fire    “Neon Bible”
Arcade Fire    “Funeral”
Armalite    “Armalite”
Avett Brothers, The    “The Carpenter” (2LP + D/L)
Band Of Horses    “Mirage Rock” (+ D/L)
Beach House    “Teen Dream” (LP + DVD) (+ D/L)
Best Coast    “Crazy For You” (+ D/L)
Between The Buried And Me    “Colors”
Between The Buried And Me    “Between The Buried And Me”
Bikini Kill / Huggybear    “Bikini Kill / Huggybear”
Black Moon    “Enta Da Stage”
Blake, James    “Enough Thunder”
Blount, Reggie    “Shining Star”
Blur    “Leisure” (180 Gram, + D/L)
Burial    “Burial”
Burning Love    “Rotten Thing To Say”
Busy Twist    “Friday Night EP” (180 Gram + D/L)
Call Of The Wild    “Leave Your Leather On” (+ D/L)
Cancer Kids    “The Possible Dream”
Carlson, Matt    “All Moments”
Catalyst, The    “Voyager” (Gatefold Red Vinyl)
Chain Of Strength    “The One Thing That Still Holds True”
Champion    “Crystal Meth / Speed”
Childish Gambino    “Camp” (2LP, 180 Gram, + D/L)
Chotto Ghetto    “Sparkles!”
Chrissy Murderbot    “Friendship EP”
Christian Cosmos    “The Sharp Lines That Delineate His Robes”
Chromatics    “Kill For Love (Everybody’s Got A Secret To Hide, Everyone Is Slipping Backwards)” (2LP + D/L)
Chromatics    “In The City” EP (Snow White Vinyl)
Chromatics    “Night Drive” (2LP Fantasy Silver Vinyl)
Clash, The    “Last Gang In Town: Rarities 1976 – 1984” (Unofficial)
Comeback Kid    “Symptoms & Cures”
Cramps    “Smell Of Female”
Crass    “Ten Notes On A Summers Day”
Curren$y    “The Stoned Immaculate”
Dead C    “Harsh ’70s Reality” (+ D/L)
Dead Can Dance    “Anastasis” (+ D/L)
Decemberists, The    “We All Raise Our Voices To The Air” (3LP, Gatefold)
Defiance, Ohio    “The Great Depression”
Defiance, Ohio    “The Fear, The Fear, The Fear”
Denial Of God     “Death And the Beyond”
Desire    “Desire II”
Desire    “If I Can’t Hold You Tonight”
Destroyer    “Kaputt” (2LP Gatefold + D/L)
Dicks    “These People” (LP + 7″)
Discharge    “Hear Nothing See Nothing”
Divider    “At Twilight”
DJ October    “Planet Of Minds”
Dream Continuum    “Reworkz e.p.”
Drums Of Death    “Blue Waves EP”
Dumont, Duke    “For Club Play Only 2”
Earth Crisis    “Destroy The Machines”
Electric Wizard    “Black Masses” (2LP, Gatefold)
Emerson, Donnie & Joe    “Dreamin’ Wild”
Eprom    “Feldspar”
Eyehategod    “Dopesick”
Falty DL    “Love Is A Liability” (2LP)
Fengler, Marcel    “Frantic / 6 In A Row / Mosaique”
Fleet Foxes    “Helplessness Blues” (2LP, + D/L)
Forest Swords    “Dagger Paths”
Foster, Josephine    “Blood Rushing”
Frightened Rabbit    “State Hospital EP” (+ D/L)
Fugazi    “Fugazi”
Garbage    “Not Your Kind Of People” (2LP, 180 Gram, + D/L)
Gaslamp Killer, The    “Breakthrough” (+ D/L)
Gaslight Anthem, The    “Sink Or Swim”
Gaslight Anthem, The    “Handwritten” (+ D/L)
Gehenna     “Upon The Gravehill”
Gignor, Alklibar    “La Paix”
Gillette    “Gillette” (SILK-005)
Glass, Samantha    “Mysteries From The Palomino Skyliner”
Good Luck    “Into Lake Griffy”
Grave Miasma     “Exalted Emanation”
Grizzly Bear    “Shields” (2LP, Gatefold, + D/L)
Guided By Voices    “Class Clown Spots A UFO”
Hammock House    “Lower East Side” (Includes Remixes By Twin Shadow, Whiskey Barons, Isa GT & Toy Selectah)
Heavy Blanket    “Heavy Blanket”
Helio Sequence, The    “Negotiations” (2LP, Gatefold, + D/L)
Homework    “Conversation Piece (Exploited)”
Hostage Calm    “Hostage Calm”
Hound & Harlots    “The Good Fight”
Hounds Of Hate    “Purple Stuff”
Hubler, Manfred / Schwab, Siegfried    “Vampyros Lesbos: Sexadelic Dance Party”
Jameszoo    “Faaveelaa”
Jay-Z    “The Black Album” (Gatefold)
Jimmy Eat World    “Bleed American” (180 Gram, + D/L)
Killer Mike    “Underground Atlanta”
Kinks, The    “Are The Village Green Preservation Society” (Unofficial)
Kinks, The    “Something Else By The Kinks” (Unofficial)
Krallice    “Krallice”
Kylesa    “Time Will Fuse Its Worth”
Leatherface    “Live In Melbourne”
Led Zeppelin    “Stoned On The Stairway” (Unofficial)
Led Zeppelin    “Teady Bears Picnic” (Unofficial)
Led Zeppelin    “Touch & Go” (Unofficial)
Led Zeppelin    “III” (Unofficial)
Leeon    “A New Chapter” (Includes Remix By Conforce)
Les Sins    “Fetch / Taken”
Less Than Jake    “Greased”
Liars    “Sisterworld” (2LP)
Lilacs & Champagne    “Lilacs & Champagne”
Lost Tribe    “Lost Tribe” (Gatefold)
Lowtalker    “The Marathon”
LV    “Sebenza” (2LP)
MalaBimba    “MalaBimba” (+ CD)
Manson, Charles    “Songs From The Sick City: Studio Recordings From 1967”
Melt Banana    “Charlie”
Melt Banana    “Teeny Shiny”
Minus The Bear    “Infinity Overhead” (Gatefold)
Misfits, The    “Static Age”
Modest Mouse     “The Fruit That Ate Itself”
Mogwai    “Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will” (2LP, + D/L)
Mount Carmel    “Real Women”
Murder By Death    “Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon”
My Morning Jacket    “Z”
Nas    “Illmatic”
Necros Christos    “Doom Of The Occult” (2LP Gatefold)
Neutral Milk Hotel    “In The Aeroplane Over The Sea” (+D/L)
Nightbringer / Acherontas    “The Ruins Of Edom”
No Doubt    “Push And Shove” (Picture Disc)
Oberst And The Mystic Valley Band, Conor    “One Of My Kind” (180 Gram, + DVD, + CD)
Octo Octa    “LA Vampires By Octo Octa”
Octo Octa    “Oh Love”
Off With Their Heads    “I Will Follow You” (Shaped Picture Disc)
OneOhTrix Point Never / Rene Hell    “OneOhTrix Point Never / Rene Hell” (Split LP)
Ooko    “Sex Sells”
Orchid    “Gatefold”
O’Rourke, Jim    “Halfway To A Threeway”
Orton, Beth    “Sugaring Season” (LP + CD)
Page99 / Majority Rule    “Document #12”
Pallbearer    “Sorrow And Extinction” (2LP Gatefold)
Pantera    “Reinventing The Steel” (180 Gram)
Partch, Harry    “The World Of”
Pearl Jam    “Ten” (180 Gram, 2LP)
Perseus Traxx & Aroy Dee    “Hope EP” (/250)
Pianos Become The Teeeth    “The Lack Long After”
Pink Floyd    “Ummagumma Live Outtakes” (Unofficial)
Pink Floyd    “Let There Be More Light: BBC Radio Sessions 1968/1969” (Unofficial)
Pink Floyd    “Animals” (Unofficial)
Pink Floyd    “A Place For Asserted Lunatics” (Unofficial) (2LP)
Pinkish Black    “Pinkish Black”
Pixelord    “Supaplex”
Pixies    “Doolittle”
Poison Idea    “Feel The Darkness”
Pollard, Robert    “Jack Sells The Cow.” (+ D/L)
Pollard, Robert    “Mouseman Cloud” (+ D/L)
Population One    “I Program My Computer Right”
Protect-U    “Motorbike”
Pswingset    “All Our False Starts”
Queens Of The Stone Age    “Songs For The Death” (Unofficial)
Radio Moscow / Earthless / Premotion 13    “Earthless / Premonition 13 / Radio Moscow”
Ramesses    “Possessed By The Rise Of Magik”
Raveonettes, The    “Observator” (+ D/L)
Redd Kross    “Researching The Blues”
Refused    “The Shape Of Punk To Come”
Regis    “Reclaimed 1-4 (Lino 30 Sessions 2000/2001)”
Reptile Youth    “Reptile Youth” (+ D/L)
Revilers    “Revilers”
Ringworm    “Stigmatas In The Flesh”
Robinson Brotherhood, Chris    “The Magic Door” (2LP, Gatefold)
Robotnick, Alexander    “Ce N’Est Q’Un Debut” (180 Gram /500)
Rodriguez    “Coming From Reality”
Rodriguez    “Cold Fact”
Rolling Stones, The    “Play Chuck Berry” (Unofficial)
Rose Croix    “Rose Croix”
Sade    “The Balearic Sound Of Sade (Remixes)”
Samothrace    “Reverence To Stone”
Saturnalia Temple    “Aion Of Drakon” (Translucent Purple Vinyl)
Schneider TIM    “Construction Sounds” (+ CD)
Sekuoia    “Rain Dog / Finest Ego V.3”
Shiftlet, Mike / Swanson, Pete    “Bedside / College View”
Shigeto    “Lineage”
Silent Servant    “Negative Fascination (Extended 12″ Mixes)”
Singh, Charanjit    “Ten Ragas To A Disco Beat”
Smog    “A River Ain’t Too Much To Love”
Social Distortion    “Social Distortion”
Sod Hauler    “Sod Hauler” (/117)
Sonic Youth    “Rare Tracks Vol. 1” (Unofficial)
Sonic Youth    “Rare Tracks Vol. 2” (Unofficial)
Sonic Youth    “Murray Street”
Soul Investigators, The    “Home Cooking” (+ D/L)
Spacin’    “Deep Thuds”
Spencer Blues Explosion, The Jon    “Meat + Bone”
Stereolab    “Mars Audiac Quintet”
Stereolab    “Transient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements”
Stewart, JT    “Ophelia EP”
Strummer And The Mescaleros, Joe    “Rock And And The X-Ray Style” (2LP, + CD)
Strummer And The Mescaleros, Joe    “Global A Go-Go” (2LP, + CD)
Submerse    “Tears”
Sutcliffe Jugend    “Transgression”
Swans    “The Seer” (3LP, Gatefold)
Symmetry    “Themes For An Imaginary Film” (3LP + D/L)
Taking Back Sunday    “Where You Want To Be”
Television    “Adventure”
They And The Children    “Thoughts On Becoming A Ghost”
Thin The Herd    “Mournful And Overcast”
Thompson, Mayo    “Corky’s Debt To His Father” (+ Bonus 7″)
Three Mile Pilot    “The Chief Assassin To The Sinister”
Title Fight    “Floral Green”
Tool    “Lateralus” (2LP, Gatefold, Picture Disc)
Torche    “Harmonicraft” (+ Slipmat + D/L; Clear Vinyl)
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs    “Trouble” (+ D/L)
Towers / The Exelar    “Towers / The Exelar”
Trainwreck     “If There’s Light It Will Find You”
Turbonegro    “Sexual Harassment” (+ Patch)
Tycho    “Dive”
Tyrell, Alden    “Rush / Tinitus”
Umberto    “Welcome To The Chillzone”
Unholy Thoughts    “The Attic”
Unicorns, The     “Who Will Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone!”
Unknown Artist    “Untitled” (UNHOERBAR)
Useless Eaters    “Cheap Talk: The Singles”
V.I.V.E.K.    “Against The Tide / Trinity”
Vaccines, The    “Come Of Age” (180 Gram, + D/L)
Various Artists    “Electronic Toys: A Retrospective Of 70’s Synthesizer Music”
Various Artists    “Electronic Toys Volume Two: A Retrospective Of Early Synthesizer Music”
Various Artists    “I’m Going Where The Water Drinks Like Wine”
Various Artists    “Loving On The Flipside: Sweet Funk And Beat-Heavy Ballads 1969-1977”
Velvet Underground, The    “Praise Ye The Lord” (Unofficial)
Verse    “Aggression”
Vitims / From Ashes Rise    “Victims / From Ashes Rise”
Void    “Sessions 1981-83”
Waits, Tom    “Bone Machine” (Unofficial)
Waits, Tom    “Small Change” (Unoffial)
Walkmen, The    “Heaven” (+ D/L)
Weekend Nachos    “Unforgiveable”
White Wires, The    “The White Wires”
White, Bukka    “Big Daddy” (180 Gram)
Windhand    “Windhand”
Winehouse, Amy    “Back To Black”
Wipers    “Is This Real?”
World Inferno Friendship Society    “True Story Of The Bridgewater Astral League”
Xeno & Oaklander    “Sentinelle”
Xibalba    “Hasta La Muerte” (2LP, Gatefold)

Armalite    “Humungous”
Astaroth    “Satanispiritus”
Big Nils    “Bitch Gutsssssss”
Black Tambourine    “OneTwoThreeFour”
Brick    “Benevolence Of Beasts”
Burning Love     “Black Widow”
Cold Showers    “Decay”
Drug Culture    “Drug Culture”
East End Badoes    “Hard Hits For Herberts!”
Eyehategod    “New Orleans Is The New Vietnam”
Forward    “Devil’s Cradle EP”
Full Of Hell / The Guilt Of…    “Full Of Hell / The Guilt Of…”
Gorilla Biscuits    “Gorilla Biscuits”
Herrema, Jennifer With Kurt Vile And Scott “Wino” Weinrich    “Before They Make Me Run / Sway”
Hot Water Music    “The Fire The Steel The Tread”
Integrity    “Kingdom Of Heaven”
Iron Chic    “Cosmic Future”
Latterman    “Our Better Halves”
Moon Pool & Dead Band    “Patsy”
Nashgul / Malpractice Insurance    “Nashgul / Malpractice Insurance”
Philm / Dave Lombardo    “Symptom Of The Universe / Drum Friction”
Pleasant Living    “Pleasant Living”
Red Hot Chili Peppers    “Never Is A Long Time”
Redflesh    “Raw War”
Rooftop Vigilantes / Mannequin Men    “Rooftop Vigilantes / Mannequin Men Split”
Saddest Landscape / We Were Skeletons    “Saddest Landscape / We Were Skeletons”
Seven Sisters Of Sleep    “Seven Sisters Of Sleep” (includes CD)
Shai Hulud    “A Profound Hatred Of Man”
Shook Ones    “Merriweather Post Pavillion”
Stolen Parts    “The Old New”
Title Fight    “Kingston”
Valient Thorr / High On Fire    “Beast With a Billion Eyes / Speak In Tongues”
Weekend Nachos / Lack Of Interest    “Weekend Nachos / Lack Of Interest”
What’s Eating Gilbert?    “The Nashville Session”
White Guilt    “White Guilt”
Wild Moth    “Mourning Glow”
Wild Nothing    “Nowhere”
Yadokai    “Second”

AFX    “Analogue Bubblebath 4”
Aluk Todolo    “Occult Rock”
Animal Collective    “Centipede HZ”
Bad Brains    “Bad Brains”
Caustic Window    “Compilation”
Chromatics    “Kill For Love”
DarkThrone    “Dark Essence: For Fans From Hell” (CD In DVD Size Case)
Dissection    “The Somberlain”
Fecalove    “Void Chaos & Cum”
Gallows    “Gallows”
Hooded Menace    “Effigies Of Evil”
Jesuit    “Discography”
Jodis    “Black Curtain”
Koner, Thomas    “Novaya Zemiya”
Los Campesinos!    “Hello Sadness” (CD + DVD)
Necros Christos    “Triune Impurity Rites”
Necros Christos    “Doom Of The Occult”
Oiltanker    “The Shadow Of Greed LP / Crusades 7″”
Sabbat    “Sabbatrinity”
Shibalba    “Memphitic Invocations”
Silent Servant    “Negative Fascination”
Sleep    “Dopesmoker”
Sound, The    “Froms The Lions Mouth”
Symmetry    “Themes For An Imaginary Film”
Teitanblood    “Seven Chalices”
Torche    Harmonicraft
Ufomammut    “URO:Opus Alter”
Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats    “Blood Lust”
Various Artists    “Willows Songs: The Traditional British Folk Songs That Inspired The Seminal Soundtrack To The Wicker Man”
Various Artists    “Kanye West Presents Good Music Cruel Summer”
Wolves In The Throne Room    “Celestial Lineage”
Young Smoke    “Space Zone”

Cassette Tapes
Dolphins Into The Future    NNA042
Ettinger, Dylan    NNA021
Lettera 22    NNA041
Leviathan (LVTHN)    “True Traitor, True Whore”
Malepeste    “Malepeste”
Marked Men    “Ghosts”
Marked Men    “Fix My Brain”
Marked Men    “On The Outside”
Marked Men    “Marked Men”
Moloch    “Der Schein Des Schwarzesten Schnees” (Slipcase)
Obsessor     “Mental Hell”
Pest    “Pest”
Rale    NNA040

(Note: All of these reviews are for things we expect stock of early next week. I was hoping they’d be here today.)

Flying Lotus Until The Quiet Comes 

Steven Ellison, better known as his stage name Flying Lotus, or FlyLo to his close fans, is a multi-genre music producer from Los Angeles California.  He has had 3 successful full length albums released under his title Flying Lotus.  For those of you that are unfamiliar with FlyLo, his albums are a type of experimental, jazz, electronic, dance, hip-hop.  He has the beats and bass of a hip hop artist but the tranquility, light chimes, and repetition of a jazz artist, along with electronic beats that have a haunting vibe to them.  His tracks have the feel of being in a dream land, with a hypnotic and trippy atmosphere.  This new album from FlyLo is not far off from his past albums, but it is finer tuned and more precise.   On this album there are also two special guests, including, Erykah Badu and Thom Yorke.  Every time I listen to a new FlyLo album I expect to be completely submerged and swept away by his beats, and he has successfully done this again.  When I first began listening to FlyLo I felt like if I closed my eyes I would wake up in the jungle in the dark running around with flashing colored lights everywhere and completely disoriented.  Sure enough while listening to this album I still feel the same way.  FlyLo’s haunting beats can also give off a “Twilight Zone” type of feel by being totally spacey and eccentric.  The Jazz aspects of this album are almost futuristic, such as if Jazz was being played by aliens this is what it would sound like (far fetched, I know).  However, if you want some funky dreams, the perfect album to fall asleep to would be Until The Quiet Comes.
[Reviewer: Kacie]

Lightning Bolt Oblivion Hunter

Those with a taste for rock served artsy, slamming and outright loud should be familiar with this Providence, Rhode Island duo by now (and if not, now is the time.) Active for almost two decades now, Lightning Bolt has gained notoriety for their amplifier-exploding sound that bluntly unites “noise” and “rock” like few others. Brian Chippendale’s tireless drumming and uniquely echoing-in-another-dimension vocals set the foundation for Brian Gibson’s ultra-distorted bass guitar riffs, which range from being comfortably catchy to unbelievably dizzying. Their latest release (a “lost” recording from August 2008 that’s considered an EP, though it’s long enough to be a full-length) is a perfect summation of what one would expect a Lightning Bolt record to sound like. It strikes a balance between their early repetitious experimentation (such as their 1999 self-titled debut) and more critically appealing thick “rock” sound. They just sound really free throughout while exploring even more new structures. My favorites include the surprisingly foreboding opener “King Candy,” as well as those with instantly memorable fast-rocking riffs that’d fit perfectly on 2009’s Earthly Delights (such as “Oblivion Balloon” and “Salamander.”) Unsurprisingly, they threw in additional variety as well, with the curious Far East-sounding acoustic strumming of “The Soft Spoken Spectre” and 13-and-a-half noise-drenched minutes that make up the hallucinogenic outro “World Wobbly Wide.”
[Reviewer: Mark]

Susumu Yokota Dreamer

(Lo Recordings)
Since the early 90s, this English-speaking native of Japan has been composing and producing numerous albums of lush electronic ambience. His latest record is no different, kicking off with “Human Memory” endlessly pouring layers of synth upon a catchy retro-style breakbeat, along with horns that sound reminiscent of ancient times. The melding of electronic experimentation with Eastern music seems to be the running theme, from the sitar-soaked glimmer of “Flitting Ray,” and what sounds like monks chanting alongside bells in “Double Spot Image.” There’s no shortage of variation, with the driving techno of “Inception” just begging to complement a slick spy car on the move. The same style of deep synth is used on tracks that incorporate more experimental, difficult-to-describe backing sounds, such as “Animiam Of The Airy” and “Brainwashing And Senses,” while the particularly unique “Renounce The World” uses much more unusually-timed synth backed by chanting. Outro “Legendary Stream” is the most atmospheric of all, incorporating rich synth, flutes, running water and conversational speaking toward the end.
[Reviewer: Mark]