Wednesday Weekly Video Volume 13

Wednesday Weekly Video Volume 13
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My First Step Towards Failure at The Unitarian Church – August 12th, 2001 from The Sin in Grey on Vimeo.

My First Step Toward Failure (emo/screamo w/ 3 guitars) appeared on the first 7″ put out on Redscroll Records. This band is important. Without them, and more specifically the beautiful bastard behind the drums (check out his current project s: RATSKIN Records., Styrofoam Sanchez), their would be no Redscroll Records. Before they disbanded, they recorded a full lengths worth of material that was never officially released. Someday, I hope we can put it out. (Josh)

Gil Scott-Héron’s “Pieces of a Man” was one of the first pieces of music I was exposed to as a youngin’. That album still resonates with me something fierce. When Jamie XX and him released this particular jam (it IS a JAM) I felt a bit of youngin’ me reinvigorated. The recent release of The xx (which Jamie xx is a part of) album got me going back to this one (as well as listening to the new one of course). Killin’ me. (Rick)

New Shelves!

I’ve been addicted to the 3-piece british psych/metal band, Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats for a few months now. My first listen to the album, “Blood Lust”, I didn’t really care for it, but over time I found that I couldn’t get the fuzzy riffs out of my head. Check out the video for “I’ll Cut You Down”. (Josh)

Now that it’s officially fall we can delve into the melancholic electronic pop sounds of Sweden (nothing was stopping me from doing this mid-summer either). Fever Ray Fever Ray is Karin Dreijer Andersson of The Knife (which she does with her brother, Olof). There is a nicely written full bio on her site here: We talk about dishwasher tablets.

Supreme Cuts recently teamed up with Haleek Maul for a free mixtape. Just before that they released “Whispers In The Dark” on 12″ glow in the dark vinyl (which we have here) on Dovecote Records. This video is for a track off their now out of print first release (a 10″ on Small Plates Records). Chilled out hip-hop illbience. (Rick)

Just got some copies of this (LP comes with CD). Good Goblin influenced prog funk soundtrackings.

Thee Oh Sees just came out with a new record an we have that, but this one is from their 2008 LP, “The Master’s Bedroom…” which is the one that first really dragged me in to many repeated listens. (Rick)

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