23rd Of August 2013 Update

23rd Of August 2013 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records

Wall records 8-23-13
LPs & 12″s
Author & Punisher    “Women & Children” (+ D/L)
Barwick, Julianna    “Nepenthe” (Ltd. Ed. Colored Vinyl + D/L)
Beatles, The    “The Beatles 1958-1962”
Bird Nest Roys    “Me Want Me Get Me Need Me Have Me Love” (Discography Reissue 2LP + D/L)
Callahan, Bill    “Expanding Dub / Highs In the Mid-40’s Dub”
Cedermark, Andrew    “Home Life”
Charli XCX    “True Romance”
Crass    “Feeding Of The 5000” (+ D/L)
Damu & Thefft    “Chemistry / Tonight, Tonight”
Defiance Ohio.    “The Calling” (+ D/L)
Desertshore    “Drifting Your Majesty”
Destruction Unit    “Deep Trip” (+ D/L)
Destruction Unit    “Void” (Clear/Black)
Diana    “Perpetual Surrender” (+ D/L)
Disappears    “Era”
DJ Koze    “Kosi Comes Around” (2LP)
Dowsing    “I Don’t Even Care Anymore”
Dylan, Bob    “Freewheelin’ Outtakes: The Columbia Sessions, NYC, 1962”
Editors    “The Weight Of Your Love” (2xLP + CD; 180 Gram)
Ghost Mice / Ramshackle Glory    “Ramshackle Glory / Ghost Mice”
Gingy & Bordello    “Saturday Night Fervor”
Guillaume & The Coutu Duments    “Take Back All Those Things”
Head And The Heart, The    “The Head And The Heart” (+ D/L)
Holter, Julia    “Loud City Song” (2LP + D/L)
Interplanetary Prophets    “Zero Hour”
Kavinsky    “Odd Look (Ft. The Weeknd)”
Knife, The    “A Tooth For An Eye” (Cooly G And Pursuit Grooves Remix 12″)
Lafayette Afro Rock Band, The    “Soul Makossa”
Live Skull    “Live Skull”
Mars, Bruno    “Unorthodox Jukebox”
Mingus, Charlie    “Blues & Roots” (180 Gram)
Modern Life Is War    “Fever Hunting” (Olive Green First Press + D/L)
Mount Eerie    “Live In Bloomington, September 30th, 2011”
Murray, Sunny    “Sunshine” (Actuel 48, 180 Gram)
Nairobi    “Wax”
Nelson, Sean    “Make Good Choices”
Neufeld, Sarah    “Hero Brother” (180 Gram + Art Print Poster + D/L)
New Swears    “Funny Isn’t Real”
No Age    “An Object” (+ D/L)
Noctum    “The Fiddler”
Noctum    “The Séance”
Oneness Of Juju    “African Rhythms”
Pentimento    “Pentimento”
Porcelain Raft    “Permanent Signal” (Ltd. Ed. White Vinyl + D/L)
Primitive Man    “Scorn”
Propagandhi    “How To Clean Everything” (Remastered + Bonus Tracks + D/L)
Rokk    “I Want To Live High”
Royal Teeth    “Glow” (+ D/L)
Seabat    “Scattered Disc”
Segall, Ty    “Sleeper” (Gatefold)
Shepp, Archie    “Yasmina, A Black Woman” (Actuel 4, 180 Gram)
Shigeto    “No Better Time Than Now”
Stone Temple Pilots    “Core” (180 Gram Reissue)
Sundials    “A Collection Of Songs From 2009-2012: Always Whatever”
Superchunk    “I Hate Music” (+ D/L)
Superchunk    “I Hate Music” (Deluxe Edition Fluorescent Orange Vinyl + White Vinyl 7″ + Stencil + D/L)
Their / They’re / There    “Their / They’re / There” (Clear Red Vinyl + D/L)
Trashies, The    “Teenage Rattlesnakes” (+ D/L)
Trouble    “The Distortion Field” (Purple Vinyl Ltd. Ed.)
Urinals    “Negative Capability” (2LP + D/L)
Wu-Tang Clan    “Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Culture Vol. 1” (2LP)
Yong Yong    “Love”
Young, Nate     “Regression Vol. 3 (Other Days)”
Zola Jesus    “Versions” (Essential Zola Jesus Songs Arranged For String Quartet By JF Thirwell + D/L)

Cisneros, Al (OM)    “Ark Procession / Jericho”
Mala    “Noches Suenos”

Feral Trash    “Dead Eyes”
Kremlin    “Will You Feed Me?”
Loscil    “Sine Studies 1”
Regosphere / The Vomit Arsonist    “Death, Like A Thief / Mind Turns Violent”
Swiftumz    “Love Ya 4 Eva”

A.M.S.G.    “Anti-Cosmic Tyranny”
Braids    “Flourish // Perish”
Christicide    “Upheaval Of The Soul”
Modern Life Is War    “Fever Hunting”
Primitive Man    “Scorn”
Segall, Ty    “Sleeper”
Superchunk    “I Hate Music”
Superchunk    “No Pocky For Kitty” (Remastered Reissue)
Zola Jesus    “Versions” (With JG Thirwell)

Cassette Tapes
Meatbingo    “Trendy Robots”
Segall, Ty    “Sleeper”

Wire Magazine #355


Ghost B.C. Infestissumam
(Loma Vista)
After hearing so much about this mystery-cloaked metal band from Sweden, I finally checked out some of their songs and was impressed. None of the member’s true identities have been officially revealed: the lead singer portrays himself as what looks like a skull-faced anti-pope called Papa Emeritus II, with all instruments played by “Nameless Ghouls” covered head-to-toe in black-masked outfits. The real secret to their popularity, however, is their surprisingly catchy-as-it’s-dark music, which sounds more deeply rooted in classic stuff like Blue Oyster Cult and Black Sabbath than the “extreme-leaning” Satanic metal I expected. For example, “Secular Haze” – the first song that I heard from this album – sounds like a deathly march with its spooky, carnival-esque organ melody and kinetic guitars and drums, complete with a memorable chorus delivered with Emeritus II’s versatile voice.  Another favorite is easily the seven-and-a-half minute centerpiece “Ghuleh/Zombie Queen,” starting as a mellow, resonant piano-and-synth ballad and evolving into a powerful, intensely rocking beast.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Psychic Ills One Track Mind
(Sacred Bones)
Psychic Ills One Track Mind 300x300
This New York trio has been around for ten years, starting as electronic experiments but now existing as a full-on, straightforward psych-stoner-drone rock band. The mood throughout feels like a stoned and bleary-eyed stroll through a rough city, with the blazing sun fighting to open your eyes. Some of my favorites include “See You There” for its trippy, hooky guitar conveying an unsettlingly wide-open atmosphere, as well as the acoustic-guitar-and-harmonica-based “City Sun” creating some relaxation from the shady mood.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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