T-USED-DAY Update for January 21st, 2014

T-USED-DAY Update for January 21st, 2014
at Redscroll Records

t-USED-DAY 1-21-2014

Here are some of the latest used arrivals at the shop. Keep in mind this doesn’t include any of the CDs or many of the LPs in the general rock/pop/jazz/anything-in-the-back-room that we get in.  These are the in-store prices – if you’d like to find any of these online please visit us here: http://www.discogs.com/seller/Redscroll

LPs & 12″s
Alkaholiks, Tha    “Likwit / Only When I’m Drunk”    12″        $2.00
Animal Collective    “Centipede Hz”    LP        $16.00
Bellson, Louis And Explosion    “Louis Bellson And Explosion”    LP        $4.00
Black Moon    “Annihilation”    12″        $5.00
Botch    “An Anthology Of Dead Ends”    LP        $18.00
Busdriver & Radioinactive With Daedelus    “The Weather”    LP        $12.00
Cash, Johnny    “I Walk The Line: Original Soundtrack Recording” (Sealed!)    LP        $10.00
Clegg, Johnny & Savuka    “Third World Child”    LP        $3.00
Cough    “Ritual Abuse” (Blue)    LP        $23.00
Crocodiles    “Summer Of Hate”    LP        $7.00
Crusaders For Real Hip-Hop    “That’s How It Is”    12″        $5.00
Cypress Hill    “Cypress Hill” (Red)    LP        $18.00
Dead Weather    “Horehound” (Etched D-Side)    LP        $16.00
Deerhunter    “Rainwater Cassette Exchange”    LP        $7.00
Diamond Terrifier    “Kill The Self That Wants To Kill Yourself”    LP        $13.00
Dirty Projectors    “Bitte Orca”    LP        $14.00
DJ Honda    “On The Mic”    12″        $3.00
Echo And The Bunnymen    “Crocodiles”    LP        $6.00
Edan    “Fumbling Over Words That Rhyme / Beauty”    12″        $5.00
Ellington, Duke    “Volume III”    LP        $4.00
Freestyle Fellowship    “To Who It May Concern… Version 2.0”    LP        $4.00
Guru, The    “Native Sun” (Orange)    LP        $12.00
Iron Maiden    “Powerslave”    LP        $20.00
Jarrett, Keith    “Invocations / The Moth And The Flame”    LP        $5.00
Lai, Francis    “Love Story: Music From The Original Soundtrack”    LP        $1.00
Lazerbeak & Edison    “Kill Switch”    LP        $10.00
Lee, Shawn Ping Pong Orchestra    “Hooked up Classics”    LP        $10.00
Legion Of Rap    “Hip Hop ‘Buddy'” (Sealed!)    12″        $18.00
Mann, Herbie    “Brazil, Bossa Nova & Blues”    LP        $5.00
Mantronix    “Music Madness”    12″        $5.00
Miller, Steve Band, The    “Greatest Hits 1974-78”    LP        $4.00
Minnis, Eddie (Der Brudders)    “Nicole An’ Shan An’ …” (Wit Ronnie Butler An Der Ramblers)    LP        $5.00
Mr. Lif    “Live From The Plantation / Return Of The B-Boy” (Picture Disc)    12″        $5.00
New York Confidential    “Rush / Hustlers / Tell Me / Party / Celebration / 10 Fuck Commandments”    LP        $60.00
Passage    “Creature In The Classroom”    12″        $3.00
Peterson, Oscar    “I Grandi Del Jazz” (Italian Pressing)    LP        $6.00
R. Crumb And The Cheap Suit Serenaders    “Number Three” (Check Condition)    LP        $10.00
Real Live    “Real Live Shit / Crime Is Money”    12″        $3.00
Rival Mob, The    “Mob Justice” (Seafoam Green /438)    LP        $39.00
Sado    “Shout” (Direct Metal Mastering)    LP        $7.00
Shipwrecked    “The Last Pagans”    LP        $11.00
Sunspot Jonz    “Don’t Let Em Stop You”    LP        $3.00
Supertouch    “The Earth Is Flat” (Rev New Haven Address)    LP        $18.00
Supertouch    “Live On WNYU 1988” (453/500)    LP        $17.00
Sweetbelly Freakdown!    “Sweetbelly Freakdown!”    LP        $5.00
Swiz    “Hell Yes I Cheated”    LP        $35.00
T. Rex    “T. Rex” (Check Condition)    LP        $5.00
Taylor, Hound Dog And The Houserockers    “Natural Boogie” (Check Condition)    LP        $7.00
Taylor, Hound Dog And The Houserockers    “Hound Dog Taylor And The Houserocker” (Check Condition)    LP        $6.00
Trouble, The    “Nobody Laughs Anymore.”    LP        $11.00
Van Morrison    “Moondance”    LP        $4.00
Various    “Rapid Transit” (3LP)    LP        $6.00
Various    “Stars” (Johnny Cash, Alabama, Carl Perkins…)    LP        $6.00
Whitesnake    “Whitesnake” (1987)    LP        $3.50
Young, Neil    “Decade” (2LP)    LP        $6.00

Another Man’s Poison    “Howsa ‘Bout That!” (Blue)    10″        $29.00
Maraboots    “Dans La Nuit”    10″        $10.00

Beatles, The    “Baby It’s You”    7″        $4.00
Beatles, The    “Free As A Bird”    7″        $7.00
Best Coast    “Best Coast (She Was High)” (Orange)    7″        $6.00
Coldplay    “Speed Of Sound”    7″        $3.00
Crossed Out    “Crossed Out” (Unofficial Collection)    7″        $15.00
Deathwish    “Tailgate”    7″        $18.00
Get Down    “Questions And Headaches” (Mosh Camp Records Press)    7″        $5.00
Get Down    “Get Down” (49/100 Release Show Ed.)    7″        $5.00
Hammer And The Nails    “Rome Is Burning / Product Of This Modern Age” (Pre-Release / Test Press Version)    7″        $18.00
Inside Out     “Above All” (Red)    7″        $10.00
Kicking Spit / Stymie    “Kicking Spit / Stymie”    7″        $4.00
Lion Of Judah    “(Number-Rology)” (Clear)    7″        $5.00
Off With Their Heads / Detournement    “Off With Their Heads / Detournement” (Purple)    7″        $4.00
Shipwrecked    “Arctic Nights”    7″        $9.00
Straight Ahead    “Spirit Of Youth” (Clear Yellow)    7″        $20.00
Supertouch    “Lost My Way” (Elephant RSD Cover)    7″        $20.00
Supertouch    “What Did We Learn”    7″        $14.00
Swiz    “Down” (Green)    7″        $17.00
Taylor Allen    “Farmingdale”    7″        $2.00
This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb / Shellshag    “Two Man One Band Band Man”    7″        $4.00

Cassette Tape
Rival Mob, The    “Hardcore 4 Hardcore Promotional Mix Tape” (#99/100)        Cassette        $15.00