24th Of January 2014 Update

24th Of January 2014 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
Actress    “Ghettoville” (3LP + D/L)
Against Me!    “Transgender Dysphoria Blues” (Gatefold)
Anastenapia    “Music Of The Fire Walkers” (Gatefold 2LP)
Arctic Monkeys    “AM” (180 Gram + D/L)
Beat Spacek    “Alone In Da Sun”
Bibio    “The Green EP”
Big Ben Tribe    “Tarzan Loves The Summer Nights”
Big Ups    “Eighteen Hours Of Static”
Bird, Andrew    “I Want To See Pulaski At Night”
Broderick, Peter    “Float 2013”
Candlemass    “Ancient Dreams”
Cilio, Luciano    “Del’Universo Assente” (2LP Gatefold)
Cooly G    “Hold Me”
Copyrights, The    “North Sentinel Island”
Culted    “Oblique To All Paths” (Gatefold)
Dead Moon    “Trash And Burn” (Mono)
Death Of Lovers    “Buried Under A World Of Roses” (Gold/Blue)
DeMent, Iris    “My Life” (180 Gram)
Die Welttraumforscher    “Die Singende Sternlaterne / Folklore Des Weltalls 1982”
Doomriders    “Darkness Come Alive”
Dorau, Andreas    “Aus Der Bibliotheque” (+ CD)
Ebert, Alexander    “All Is Lost: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” (+ D/L)
Eminem    “The Marshall Maters LP 2” (Gatefold)
FaltyDL    “Danger / King Brute (Feat. Shanghai Den)” 10″
Fengler, Marcel    “Remixes”
Field, The    “Cupid’s Head Remixe I” (/500)
Fielded / Alex Barnett    “Fielded / Alex Barnett”
Fontaine, Brigitte    “Brigitte Fontaine Est… Folle” (Gatefold)
Fontaine, Brigitte    “Comme A La Radio” (Gatefold Reissue)
Guardian Alien    “Spiritual Emergency”
Habibi    “Habibi” (+ D/L)
Harper, Twig    “New Lost Knowns”
Helm    “The Hollow Organ”
Iced Earth    “Plagues Of Babylon” (2LP Gatefold 180 Gram)
Illustration Sonore    “Undisciplined Strips Of Emotions.” (Ltd. Ed.)
Indian    “From All Purity”
Interment / Brutally Deceased    “Glory Days Festering Years”
Jets    “Midas Touch (Feat. Jamie Lidell)”
Lazy Smoke    “Corridor Of Faces Demos” (Ltd. Ed. /500)
Le Travo    “Erring And Errant”
Leisure Muffin    “In Wearable Hertz / Heldscalla / Alys”
Lerche, Sondre & Kato Adland    “The Sleepwalker: Original Soundtrack”(180 Gram + D/L)
Loop    “A Gilded Eternity” (2LP + 7″ Numbered Ltd. Ed.)
Mantronix    “King Of The Beats” (2LP)
Max & Mara    “Less Ness”
McMorrow, James Vincent    “Post Tropical” (+ D/L)
Mogwai    “Rave Tapes” (+ D/L)
Murphy’s Law    “Murphy’s Law” (Colored Vinyl Re-Mastered + D/L)
Mustard Plug    “Can’t Contain It” (+ D/L)
NHK’ Koyxen    “Dance Classics Vol. I”
Night Sins    “To London Or The Lake”
No Statik    “Unity And Fragmentation”
Optimo    “Dark Was The Night Sampler”
Peggy Sue    “Choir Of Echoes” (180 Gram + CD + D/L)
Pentagram    “Day Of Reckoning”
Pontiak    “Innocence”
Pow!    “Hi-Tech Boom”
Pye Corner Audio    “Black Mill Tapes Volumes 3 & 4” (2LP)
Radigue, Eliane    “Vice – Versa, Etc. (1970) – Processed Tape Recorder Feedback”
Revolution Francaise (Jean Pierre Massiera)    “Translocomotion”
Said The Whale    “Hawaii” (Gatefold)
Smith, Steven R. / Ulaan Khol    “Ending / Returning”
Storm Corrosion    “Storm Corrosion” (2LP Gatefold)
Strange Attractor    “Back To The Cruel World.”
Supreme Cuts    “Divine Ecstasy”
Tack>>Head    “For The Love Of Money” (Ltd. Ed. /500)
Tejada, John    “We Can Pretend”
Tiger & Woods    “Gin Nation”
Toe.    “The Book About My Idle Plot On A Vague Anxiety” (Gatefold)
Truth Vs. Stylust Beats    “Chicks & Drugs / Empire”
Various    “100 Moons  (Hindustani Vocal Art, 1930-55)”
Various    “Which Way Does The Blood Red River Flow?” (Southern Delta Blues)
Various    “Salam Alay: The Sound Of Armenian Diaspora, 1969-79”
Various    “Pop Ambient 2014”
Various    “Haiti Direct: Big Band, Mini Jazz & Twoubadou Sounds, 1960-1978” (2LP + CD)
Venetian Snares    “Miss Batalaton”
Venetian Snares Vs. Bong-Ra    “4 Adaptations Of Rossz Csillag Allatt Szuletett”
Vertonen    “Fait A La Machine / Machines Domestiques ” (Picture Disc + CDr; Numbered/300)
Victrola    “Maritime Tatami”
War, Gary    “Purple Pilgrims”
Whirr    “Pipe Dreams” (+ D/L)
Young The Giant    “Mind Over Matter” (+ D/L)

Blood On The Dance Floor    “The Comeback / Hell On Heels (Givin’ In To Sin)” (Picture Disc)
Dangers    “Five O’Clock Shadows”
Dead Boomers    “Arak”
Fairfield, Frank    “Duncan & Brady / Devil’s Dream Medley”
Guided By Voices    “The Littlest League Possible” (/1,000 + D/L)
Guided By Voices    “Save The Company” (/1,000 + D/L)
Guided By Voices    “Alex And The Omegas” (/1,000 + D/L)
Neighborhood Brats    “Total Dementia” (+D/L)
Shoes This High    “Shoes This High”
Space Lady, The    “Major Tom / Radar Love”
Whirr / Monster Movie    “Color Change / Flatlining”

Against Me!    “Transgender Dysphoria Blues”
Avichi    “Catharsis Absolute”
Gories, The    “The Shaw Tapes: Live In Detroit 5/27/88”
Melvins, The    “Tres Cabrones”
Mogwai    “Rave Tapes”
Oh Sees, Thee    “Singles Collection Volume 1 + 2”
Springsteen, Bruce    “High Hopes” (Feat. Tom Morello)
Supreme Cuts    “Divine Ecstasy”

Magazines / Books
Maximum Rock ‘N’ Roll #369
Wartella’s Strip Show (Burger Records) Book
WIRE #360


Quiet Life  Wild Pack
quiet life wildpack-300x300
(Mama Bird Recording Company)
This high-energy indie-folk band has done quite a bit of travelling, based locally in New London before moving to San Luis Obispo, California and finally Portland, Oregon. Opener “Record Time” captures that “on-the-road” blues feeling from the get-go, with an endless-highway rhythm for a “drive out to Ohio” concerning a mysteriously ended relationship. The song’s use of lap steel gives me a “surf rock” vibe, which is interesting considering the next track “Devil’s Kin” using a rumbling guitar and beat to capture an even more “surf” feel. Other tracks explore other elements of Americana as well, such as the slow-simmer country-blues “Come On, Come Back” prominently using a swelling organ that reminds me of New Orleans. “New London” gives the city a seven-minute tribute, with piano, harmonica and organ setting a nostalgic atmosphere for lyrics about boarded-up shops, a one-night stand and murder. Wild Pack is an enjoyably diverse album overall, and if you’re interested in seeing Quiet Life live, they’ll be at New Haven’s Café Nine on Thursday, January 30th, opening for Spirit Family Reunion.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Chicago Underground Duo Age of Energy
(Northern Spy)
I’ve seen this duo described as “avant-garde jazz,” but on their sixth full-length as a duo, cornet player Rob Mazurek and drummer/ percussionist Chad Taylor mostly tackle electronic experimentation. The first side consists of twenty-minute “Winds and Sweeping Pine,” with fluctuating cyber-sounds and muffled vocals that capture the feel of a strangely welcoming computerized landscape. The brisk percussion kicks in after a while and leaves before returning in a more tribal (then more jazz-style) form for some eerie sensual darkness toward the end, concluding with synth, free-sounding cornet and fast-paced percussion for an unmistakably jazz sound. Side 2 continues with more subtle electronic and cornet textures on “It’s Alright.” The electronic-free “Castle In Your Heart” follows, dominated by Taylor playing a Zimbabwean-inspired melody on his mbira (Mazurek plays cornet again too.)  The title track brings the album to its very usual close, with whizzing sci-fi electronic sounds backed by jazz drums crashing along, soon joined again by Mazurek’s inventive brass playing.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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