14th Of February Valentine’s Day 2014 Update

14th Of February Valentine’s Day 2014 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records

Books And Books

LPs & 12″s
Adams, Ryan & The Cardinals    “Cold Roses” (2LP Gatefold 180 Gram)
Addison Groove    “Presents James Grieve” (2LP)
Arcanoid    “Monotypes”
AV    “Venus Bar” (+ D/L)
AV    “Mort A Vegas” (+ D/L)
Bad Religion    “How Could Hell Be Any Worse?”
Band Of Horses    “Acoustic At The Ryman” (180 Gram)
Beat Happening    “Black Candy”
Belzebong    “Dungeon Vultures (Including Demo 2009)” (Green Vinyl /500)
Bishops Green    “Bishops Green” (Blue Jacket Cover)
Bolder    “Hostile Environment”
Bolt Thrower    “Warmaster”
Buck, Peter    “I Am Back To Blow Your Mind Once Again”
C.O.M.A.    “Clinik Organik Muzak Anatomik”
Coltrane, John    “Blue Train” (Special Collector’s Ed. 180 Gram)
Com Truise    “Wave 1”
Cooke, Sam    “The Singles Collection (All His Classic Tracks From 1956-1962)” (2LP Gatefold 180 Gram Ltd. Ed.)
Cryptopsy    “Cryptopsy”
CTRLS    “Movements EP”
Danger Mouse & Danielle Luppi    “Rome (Starring Jack White & Norah Jones)”
Detroit Swindle    “Huh, What!”
Disrupt    “Dub Matrix With Stereo Sound”
Doom    “Corrupt Fucking System”
Easy Star All Stars    “Easy Star’s Lonely Hearts Dub Band”
Eletechnique    “Intrusion II: Original Soundtrack Recording”
Emmanuel, JD    “Time Traveller” (2LP)
Eschaton    “Eschaton (Ancient Methods & Orphx)”
Frahm, Nils    “Wintermusik”
Frahm, Nils    “Screws”
Frahm, Nils    “Juno Reworked”
Gnod    “The Somnambulist’s Tale”
Goblin    “Non Ho Sonno (Sleepless)” (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Goblin (New Goblin)    “Live In Roma: Alpheus, Rome, Ital February 18th, 2011” (Deluxe Yellow Wax Double LP)
Godflesh    “Godflesh”
Goldston, Lori    “Creekside: Cello Solo”
Grouper / Roy Montgomery    “Grouper / Roy Montgomery” (Split)
Hand    “The Other Side Of The World” (/500)
Heptones    “Ting A Ling”
House Shoes    “The Gift Vol. 3 – House Shoes And Street Corner Music Present: Ext A.K.A. Rudy Eckes Street Corner 003”
Ike Yard    “Remix EP 3”
Jack Dice    “Sip Paint”
Jackson, Michael    “Bad” (25th Anniversary Picture Disc)
Jagwar Ma    “Howlin”
Jerome LOL    “Deleted / Fool”
Johnson, Robert & Friends    “Robert Johnson & Friends” (2LP Gatefold 180 Gram)
Kennedy, Inigo    “Vignettes (One)”
Kerridge    “A Fallen Empire” (2LP)
Kerridge, Samuel    “Auris Interna”
Khunnt    “Dead Eyes”
Komeda, Christopher    “Rosemary’s Baby” (180 Gram Clear Remaster)
Landstrumm, Neil    “Like A Sultan EP”
Legowelt    “The Rise & Fall Part 1”
Legowelt    “The Rise & Fall Part 2”
Legowelt    “Tower Of Gipsies”
Levy, Barrington    “Poorman Style”
Living Laser    “Find A Way” (Neon Laser Yellow)
Locked Groove    “WPH Brown”
Lone    “Crystal Caverns 1991”
Lucy    “Churches Schools And Guns Remixed”
M.I.A.    “Matangi”
Madteo    “Insider”
McTell, Bilind Willie    “Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order September 21, 1933 To April 25, 1935 Volume 4”
Menche, Daniel / Anla Courtis    “Yagua Ovy”
Mercy Ties    “A Dim Lit Place”
MF Doom    “Metal Fingers Presents Special Herbs Volume 1 & 2″ (+ Ltd. Ed. 7”)
Mississippi Sheiks, The    “Complete Recorded Works Presented In Chronological Order: March 27, 1934 To October 15, 1936 Volume 5”
Mississippi Sheiks, The    “Complete Recorded Works Presented In Chronological Order: July 20, 1932 To March 26, 1934 Volume 4”
Morrione, Ennio    “4 Mosche Di Velluto Grigio (The Four Velvet Flies)”
Nausea (CA)    “Condemned To The System”
Nicodimus (Nicodemus)    “She Love It In The Morning”
Night Plane    “World Turning”
Nochexxx    “Thrusters” (3LP)
Olsen, Angel    “Burn Your Fire For No Witness” (We have a limited amount of the Ltd. Ed. White Vinyl and even less with a bonus 7″ – grab those quick if you need ’em)
Orphan Fairytale    “My Favorite Fairytale” (2LP)
Owen    “Owen” (+ D/L)
Patton, Charley    “Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order May 28, 1930 To February 1, 1934 Volume 4”
Phosphorescent    “Here’s To Taking It Easy” (+ D/L)
Plus/Minus (+/-)    “Jumping The Tracks”
Pypy    “Pagan Day” (+ D/L)
Pyramid Vritra    “Indra” (+ D/L)
Radio Slave    “Repeat Myself” (Remixes)
Rainer Veil    “New Brutalism”
Saturn    “Saturn” (1970’s Rhinestone Rock Ltd. Ed. /500)
Selda    “Selda” (1976 Remastered)
Selda    “Selda” (1979 Remasterd)
Smiths, The    “The Queen Is Dead” (Remastered 180 Gram)
SNTS    “Horizontal Ground 16”
Somewhen    “9”
Songs: Ohia    “Ghost Tropic”
Space Dimension Controller    “Welcome To Mikrosector-50” (2LP)
Space Lady    “The Space Lady’s Greatest Hits”
Special Request / Akkord    “Special Request Vs. Akkord”
Story So Far, The    “Under Soil And Dirt” (+ D/L)
Sunn O))) & Ulver    “Terrestrials” (Ltd. White Vinyl)
Terrible Twos    “Horror Vacui” (+ D/L)
Thug Entrancer    “Death After Life” (2LP Gatefold Numbered /1,000)
Ti Paris Et Sa Guitare    “Te Paris Et Sa Guitare”
Turner, Ike    “His Woman, Her Man” (2LP Gatefold)
Van Droogenbroeck, Joel    “Biomechanoid”
Various    “Jackpot Dub: Rare Dubs From Jackpot Records 1974-1976”
Various    “A Fistful Of Fuzz”
Various    “For A Few Fuzz Guitars More”
Various    “Love, Peace & Poetry: African Psychedelic Music”
Various    “Rajasthan Street Music” (Gatefold 2LP)
Various    “Sutro Park Presents: Live At The Bootleggers (Featuring Lattie Murrell And William Floyd Davis)”
Various    “Sulla Giostra Nell’Ombra” (Violet Poison)
Wilson, Clay    “The Bunker New York 002”
Yellowman    “One Yellowman (And Fathead)”
Zenker Brothers    “Stratus Phunk”

Prostitutes    “Truncheon Cadence (Part One)”
Sore Eros & Kurt Vile    “Jamaica Plain”
Zouma, Yumi    “Yumi Zouma Debut EP” (+ D/L)

7 Days Of Funk (Dam-Funk & Snoopzilla/Snoop Dogg)    “7 Days Of Funk” (45 Box Set With Instrumentals And Bonus Tracks)
Bridge Collapse    “Wilderness / Blockbreaker”
Decult 45 / Drones For Queens    “Decult 45 / Drones For Queens” (Red /300)
Freedom    “Pay The Price”
Future Islands    “Seasons (Waiting On You) / One Day”
Gaslamp Killer / Computer Jay    “777”
New Coke    “Duct Tape Your Mouth”
People’s Temple, The    “Never More / Miles Away”
Raindance    “Weathered” (/200 Orange Vinyl + D/L)
Sampha    “Too Much / Happens”
Tigers Jaw    “Hum”

Basinski, William    “Variations: A Movement In Chrome Primitive” (2CD)
Basinski, William    “A Red Score In Tile”
Lucier, Alvin    “Still And Moving Lines”
Lucy    “Churches Schools And Guns”
Pye Corner Audio    “Black Mill Tapes Volumes 1-4” (3CD)
S.O.J.A. (Soja; Soldiers Of Jah Army)    “Strength To Survive”
Various    “Jackpot Dub – Rare Dubs From Jackpot Records 1974-1976”

(We got a bunch of books – look at the picture above for)
WIRE #361 (Actress Cover)
Doin’ It In The Park: Pick-Up Basketball, New York City (DVD; We have the soundtrack for this as well)
Ambarchi, Oren    “Amulet” Tape
Deep Trouble    “Demo ’13” (CTHC) Tape
Damu The Fudgemunk    “Spur Momento Trailer I EP” Tape
Drumm, Kevin    “Shut In” Tape


Jerkagram Let’s Talk About Us
This Brooklyn duo consists of fraternal twins who play psychedelic, minimalist math-rock with emphasis on complex, repeated guitar patterns (Derek Gaines) and similarly unpredictable drums (Brent Gaines.) Bassist Lucas Brode also plays on most of this new album’s tracks. Jerkagram cites a wide range of influences such as kraut rock, free jazz, noise and pop, and it shows on their spellbinding new album (the vinyl won’t be out until “early spring,” but it’s now available to stream and download on their bandcamp). Some of my favorites include the enticing technical jungle of “Animal Magnetism,” as well as the lovely “Looking Up Into the Dawn,” with the misty ambience soon joined by a refreshing layer of heavy rock. If you’re interested in experiencing the “always morphing” sound of Jerkagram’s live performance, they’ll be playing at Bridgeport’s Acoustic Café on Friday, February 21st with Hannibal Montana, Dead Empires and Black Guise.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Walk off the Earth R.E.V.O.
Walk off the Earth REVO 300
Before getting a major record deal, this Canadian band built a fanbase independently through YouTube, doing low-budget music videos for both original and cover songs in their distinct indie/alternative style, often with unconventional instruments. Their breakout hit was their version of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know,” with the music video showing all five members playing a single acoustic guitar. Walk off the Earth’s third album (the title stands for Realize Every Victory Outright) features that breezy cover, of course, but also energetic pop songs that cover a wide range of genres. My favorites include the dance-party vibe of the revolution-themed opening title track, the driving Southwestern banjo-and-horn tune “Speeches,” and immense, yearning romance of the reggae-infused “Sometimes.”
[Reviewer: Mark]

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