15th Of August 2014 Update

15th Of August 2014 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records

New Wall 8-15-14
We actually had a delivery or two sidetracked by some delivery snafu’s (UPS trailer accident) so next week’s update will be more substantial and there will be more of the Tuesday releases showing up early next week as well.

LPs & 12″s
Aficionado    “When It Comes To Creation”
Angel Dust    “A.D.”
Antichrist Demoncore    “Antichrist Demoncore”
Blond:Ish    “Wunderkammer”
Citizen    “Youth”
Coliseum    “Deluxe Reissue” (2LP)
Dark Sky    “Silent Fall / Odyssey”
Demdike Stare    “Testpressing #006”
FKA Twigs    “Two Weeks / Pendulum”
Grateful Dead / John Oswald    “Grayfolded” (3LP)
Haack, Bruce    “Electric Luciver Book II”
Harvey Danger    “Where Have All The Merrymakers Gone?”
In Flagranti    “High Pitch”
Jabu    “Kwaidan”
Kavinsky    “Nightcall”
Lussuria    “Industriale Illuminato”
Maan    “NON013”
Manners    “Pale Blue Light”
Monobox    “Film / Rectangle”
Naked Raygun    “All Rise”
Orion    “Second Wave”
Oswald, Lee Corey    “Regards”
Pye Corner Audio / Not Waving    “Intercepts”
Raum    “Event Of Your Leaving”
Run With The Hunted    “The Sieve And The Sand”
Spraynard    “Funtitled”
Sugar Stems    “Only Come Out At Night” (+ D/L)
Surgeon    “Fixed Action Pattern”
Thou    “Ceremonies Of Humiliation” (3LP)
Various    “African Gems (Recordings By Charles Duvelle, Jos Gansemans, Benoit Quersin, David Fanshawe)”
Wagner, Mirel    “When The Cellar Children See The Light Of Day”
White Widows Pact    “White Widows Pact”

Bloodlet     “Husk”
Dwarves    “Trailer Trash / Upredictable”
Replica    “Blast EP”
Sick Of It All    “Sick Of It All”
Slugfest    “Live”

FKA Twigs    “LP1” (LP Versions – both deluxe and regular – have been delayed until a 25th release date)
Hval, Jenny & Susanna    “Meshes Of Voice”

Cassette Tapes
Cock Sparrer    “Here We Stand”
Cock Sparrer    “Shock Troops”
Cock Sparrer    “Guilty As Charged”
Cock Sparrer    “Running Riot In ’84”
Cock Sparrer    “True Grit Outtakes”

Wax Poetic (Aaliyah / Kelela Covers)
Wire #367 (Dean Blunt Cover)


The Men Campfire Songs EP
The Men Campfire Songs EP 300
(Sacred Bones)
Though they’re best known for a post-punk/noise rock sound, this Brooklyn band’s latest EP is all about rich, luminous acoustic balladry that was, in fact, recorded around a campfire (with several effects added later.) It came into fruition while The Men were holed up in a house in the rustic Big Indian area in upstate New York, taking a break from recording their New Moon album (“I Saw Her Face” and “The Seeds” would get re-recorded for the album in electric and acoustic forms, respectively.) The resulting songs are lush and multi-layered, capturing the intimate camaraderie shared through creating music as (and for) a small, tight-knit group in the woods. “Water Babies” is probably my favorite track, lingering with an intense melody and emotional vocals that brought back memories of Nirvana.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Various Artists Diablos Del Ritmo: The Colombian Melting Pot, 1960-1985
Various Artists Diablos Del Ritmo The Colombian Melting Pot 1960-1985 300
(Analog Africa)
Samy Ben Redjeb – the founder of the Frankfurt-based record label Analog Africa – visited Colombia in 2007 to learn more about the history of the country’s music, and this compilation is the result. The focus is the unmistakable influence that African music had on Colombia’s rich spectrum of genres, spawned from communities that include Latin America’s second-largest black population. It’s available as either one double-CD set or two separate double-LP sets, collecting thirty-two Afro-Colombian songs spanning exotic genres such as Afrobeat, Caribbean funk, porro, descarga and more. One of my personal favorites is Wganda Kenya’s 1976 single “Shakalaodé,” with not only lively percussion and rising horns, but also funk that reflects the era excellently.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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