29th Of August 2014 Update

29th Of August 2014 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records

Instagram Collage 8-29
LPs & 12″s
Aby Ngana Diop    “Liital” (+ D/L)  (9/2 Release Date)
Alias    “Pitch Black Prism”
Atmosphere    “Sad Clown Bad Summer #9”
Aviator    “Head In The Clouds, Hands In The Dirt”
Banks, Alex    “A Matter Of Time”
Bitchin’ Bajas    “Krausened EP”
Black Milk    “Glitches In The Break”
Broken Bone    “Willowbrook”
Camera    “Remember I Was Carbon Dioxide” (180 Gram LP + CD)
Can    “Soundtracks” (Remastered Edition + D/L)
Can    “Monster Movie” (Remastered Edition + D/L)
Carlos, Wendy    “Tron: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” (Audio Fidelity Limited Edition 180+ Remastered)
Castanets    “Decimation Blues” (Marbled Blue Vinyl + D/L)  (9/2 Release Date)
Castle, Jennifer    “Pink City”  (9/2 Release Date)
Catharsis    “Light From A Dead Star II.” (2LP Gatefold)
Close & Second Storey    “No Love Lost Feat. Kid A”
Cloud Rat    “Moksha” (Red Vinyl)
Cloudface    “(Untitled)”
Coachwhips    “Get Yer Body Next Ta Mine” (Reissue + D/L)
Code Orange    “I Am King” (9/2 Release Date)
Connections (Connecti0ns)    “Into Sixes”
Copeland    “Eat, Sleep, Repeat” (Clear Vinyl)
Counting Crows    “Somewhere Under Wonderland” (+ D/L)
Crime    “Murder By Guitar” (1976 San Francisco Band Reissue)
DAF (Deutsch Amerikanischen Freundschaft)    “Produkt Der Deutsch-Amerikanischen Freundschaft” (180 Gram)
Damu The Fudgemunk And Flex Matthews    “Live! From Wonkabeats (Volume One)”
Dark Sky    “Imagin” (2LP Gatefold)
Drexciya    “Neptune’s Lair: Scientific Research Development Lab”
Dub Club    “Meaning Of Dub ((((One Riddem))”
Fontaine, Brigitte    “Brigitte Fontaine” (1972 Art-Pop Reissue)
Gainsbourg, Serge Avec Alain Goraguer Et Son Orchestre    “Du Chant A La Une! Volume 1 & 2”
Gruppo D’Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza    “Improvvisazioni A Formazioni Variate Dei Compositori-Esecutori: Franco Evangelisti, Walter Branchi, Mario Bertroncini, John Heinemann, Egisto Macchi, Ennio Morricone” (Improvisations With Shifting Configurations; 1973 Reissue)
Half Japanese    “Overjoyed” (Ltd. Ed. Splatter Vinyl + D/L)  (9/2 Release Date)
Haunted, The    “Exit Wounds”
Hector, Karl & The Malcouns    “Sahara Swing” (+ 7″ + D/L)
Heldon    “Allez-Tela” (Second Album Reissue + D/L)
Holter, Julia    “Tragedy” (180 Gram Gatefold + D/L)
House Shoes    “The Gift Vol. 5! T-White”
Jack Ruby    “Jack Ruby (Vol. 2)”
Jean, Laura    “Laura Jean” (+ D/L)
Jefferies, Peter    “Electricity” (First Time On Vinyl + D/L)
K-Def    “Tape One” (Golden-Era Beat Tape)
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard    “Float Along – Fill Your Lungs / Oddments” (Double LP Gatefold)
KK Null / Israel Martinez / Lumen Lab    “Terra Incognita”
Legion, The    “The Lost Tapes”
Lunch, Lydia & Rowland S. Howard    “Shotgun Wedding”
Madlib    “Madlib Medicine Show No. 3 – Beat Konducta In Africa”
Marron 5    “V” (Red Vinyl)
Merchandise    “After The End” (Green Vinyl; 2LP)
Murdoch, Stuart    “God Help The Girl: Orginal Motion Picture Soundtrack” (2LP 180 Gram Gatefold + D/L)
Muscle & Bone    “Peace & Light”
Mutual Benefit    “The Cowboy’s Prayer” (+ D/L)
New Pornographers, The    “Brill Bruisers” (Ltd. Ed. Multicolored Vinyl)
Ngozi Family    “Day Of Judgement: Select Edition” (2LP + D/L)
Old Firm Casuals, The    “This Means War”
Opera Multisteel    “Opera Multisteel”
Pallbearer    “Foundations Of Burden” (2LP + D/L)
Pelican    “Arktika”
Phase Fatale    “Skyscraper”
Punch    “They Don’t Have To Believe”
Pyramid Vritra    “Palace” (+ D/L)
R.E.M.    “Unplugged 2001” (Gatefold)
R.E.M.    “Unplugged 1991” (Gatefold)
Raw Poetic & Kev Brown    “Concentrated Maneuvers”
Red Hot Chili Peppers, The    “Freaky Styley” (180 Gram)
Sagittarius A    “Omega Point”
Segall, Ty    “Manipulator” (2LP Gatefold)
Sewer Election    “Nara”
Shovels & Rope    “Swimmin’ Time” (180 Gram 2LP Clear Vinyl + CD)
Sick Of It Al    “Just Look Around” (Reissue)
Sick Of It Al    “Blood, Sweat, And No Tears” (Reissue)
Sinoia caves    “Beyond The Black Rainbow” (Ltd. Ed. Clear Vinyl + D/L)  (9/2 Release Date)
Skatalites, The    “Play Ska”
Skatalites, The    “Treasure Isle Time”
Skeptical    “Echo Dub / Chain Reaction”
SND     “Travelog” (2LP)
Souls Of Mischief    “There Is Only Now (Adrian Younge Presents:)”
Souls Of Mischief    “There Is Only Now  – Instrumental (Adrian Younge Presents:)”
Sudden, Nikki & Rowland S. Howard    “Kiss you Kidnapped Charabanc”  (9/2 Release Date)
Teenage Fanclub    “Man-Made” (180 Gram + D/L With Bonus Tracks)
Thrice    “Vheissu” (2LP Gatefold Reissue)
Tiger Flowers    “Dead Hymns” (White Vinyl)
Tilts    “Cuatro Hombres”
Twitching Tongues    “World War LiVe”
Various    “XL Recordings: Pay Close Attention” (Box Set)
Various    “Music From The Mountain Provinces: Recorded In The Philippines By David Blair Stiffler” (1988)
Various    “Spiritual Jazz 5 – Esoteric, Modal And Deep Jazz From Around The World 1961-79”
Various    “Do The Rock Steady 1966 To 1968 (Made In Jamaica)”
Various    “That Ska Beat! 1962 To 1966 (Made In Jamaica)”
Wand    “Ganglian Reef”
Willits, Christopher    “Opening” (+ D/L)  (9/2 Release Date)
Yellow Stitches    “Wrong Place Wrong Time EP”
York Factory Complaint    “Lost In The Spectacle”
Young, The    “Chrome Cactus” (+ D/L)
Zammuto    “Anchor” (+ D/L With Bonus Track)  (9/2 Release Date)

1994!    “Most Deaf”
Free Time    “Esoteric Tizz / Guess Work”  (9/2 Release Date)
Ringleaders, The    “Grin And Bare It / I’ve Got To Find My Baby”
Sharpees, The    “Take Me To Your Leader / Darkness Of The Night”

Basinski, William    “The Disintegration Loops II” (Remastered)  (9/2 Release Date)
Basinski, William    “The Disintegration Loops III”  (Remastered)  (9/2 Release Date)
Basinski, William    “The Disintegration Loops”  (Remastered)  (9/2 Release Date)
Basinski, William    “The Disintegration Loops IV”  (Remastered)  (9/2 Release Date)
Body Count    “Manslaughter”
Code Orange    “I Am King” (9/2 Release Date)
Grosskopf, Harald    “Synthesist”
Henriksen, Arve    “The Nature Of Connections”
Les Ambassadeurs Du Motel De Bamako    “Les Ambassadeurs Du Motel De Bamako”
Lussuria    “Industriale Illuminato”
Old Firm Casuals, The    “This Means War”
Pallbearer    “Foundations Of Burden”
Segall, Ty    “Manipulator”
Sektor 304    “Communiphones”
Sektor 304    “Live Reaction”
Teeth Engraved    “Starving For The Fires (Pt. 1)” (DVD Size Case)
Theologian / Strom.ec    “Hubrizine” (DVD Digipack Style Case)
Tops    “Picture You Staring” (9/2 Release Date)
Triptykon    “Shatter”
Zammuto    “Anchor”  (9/2 Release Date)

Cassette Tapes
American Football    “AmericanFootball” (White Cassette + D/L)
Bagman    “In Their Blood, And From The Gutter”
Bagman    “Welcome To My Fucking Misery”
Damu The Fudgemunk And Flex Matthews    “Live! From Wonkabeats (Volume One)”
Japandroids    “No Singles” (White Cassette)
Japandroids    “Post-Nothing” (Black Cassette + D/L)
K-Def    “Tape One”
Klaus Layer    “For The People Like Us”
Mindsone & Kev Brown    “Pillars”
Owen    “L’Ami Du Peuple” (Blue Cassette + D/L)
Rentals, The    “Lost In Alphaville” (Transparent Black Cassette + D/L)
RU-486 / Steel Hook Prostheses & Demonologists    “RU-486 W/ Steel Hook Prosthesis & Demonologists”
Segall, Ty    “Manipulator”
Smith, Sonny    “100 Records Vol. 2 Calling Destiny” (Purple Cassette + D/L)
Smith, Sonny    “100 Records Vol. 1 Destroy Men” (White Cassette + D/L)
Smith, Sonny    “100 Records Vol. 3 Life Ain’t Clear” (Yellow Cassette + D/L)
Sonny & The Sunsets    “Antenna To The Afterworld” (Clear Cassette + D/L)
Souls Of Mischief    “There Is Only Now (Adrian Younge Presents)”
Souls Of Mischief    “There Is Only Now: Instrumental (Adrian Younge Presents)”
Their / They’re / There    “Their / They’re / There” (Transparent Black Cassette + D/L)
Various    “Disgust / Gnawed / Nyodene D / RU-486” (2x Cassette)
Xiu Xiu    “Angel Guts: Red Classroom” (Red Transparent + D/L)


Sleeping Bag Deep Sleep
Sleeping Bag Deep Sleep
(Joyful Noise)
The third album from this Bloomington, Indiana trio features fuzzy, catchy and melodic indie-rock that packs more of a sonic punch than their previous work. The mix of distortion-rinsed instrumentation and beaming pop melodies seem reminiscent of 90s indie and alt-rock: the result makes me imagine Pavement or classic Weezer, if they leaned toward shoegaze. One of the most unique tracks is the six-and-a-half minute centerpiece “Whacha Gonna Du,” alternating between sleepy-eyed, head-bobbing bass verses and a chorus that provides a blissful blast of throwback pop fuzz.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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