8th of August 2014 Update

8th of August 2014 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records

New Records 8-8-14

LPs & 12″s
49th Parallel    “49th Parallel” (Reissue /500)
5, 6, 7, 8’s, The    “Teenage Mojo Workout”
Adebisi Shank    “This Is The Third Album Of A Band Called Adebisi Shank”
AFX / Autechre    “Falling Free / 444” (Unofficial)
Amanda X    “Amnesia” (+ D/L)
Animal Collective    “Water Curses”
Asusu    “Velez (A Made Up Sound Remixes 1 & 2)”
Batu    “Spooked / Clarity (Dismantled)”
Birth Of Flower    “Deity”
Black Wine    “Yell Boss”
Blood Orange    “Uncle Ace”
Caribou    “Can’t Do Without You”
Carter, Tom & Pat Murano    “Four Infernal Rivers” (Gatefold)
Cash, Johnny    “The Legend Of Johnny Cash” (180 Gram 2LP Gatefold)
Clapton, Eric & Friends    “The Breeze: An Appreciation Of JJ Cale” (2LP 180 Gram Gatefold + D/L)
Clementi, Roberto    “Bonton EP Part 2” (Green)
Clubroot    “Remixes 1”
Cold World    “How The Gods Chill” (Gatefold)
Comet Gain    “Paperback Ghosts” (+ D/L)
Cooper, Mike    “Trout Steel” (Reissue Of 1970 Album)
Cooper, Mike    “Places I Know / The Machine Gun Co. With Mike Cooper” (Reissue Of 1971-1972 Albums)
Coulton, Alex    “War Games / Pointe Noire”
Crippled Black Phoenix    “A Love Of Shared Disasters” (Reissue 2LP Color Vinyl /1000)
Crystal Maze    “Twilight People EP”
Daughters Of The Sun    “Ride To Die”
Doors, The    “L.A. Woman” (Rhino 180 Gram)
Drvg Cvltvre    “American Psychosis”
FaltyDL    “In The Wild” (+ D/L)
Gaslight Anthem, The    “Get Hurt” (+ D/L)
Ghosts On Tape     “Only Now / Snake Box”
Goodiepal    “Battlefleet Gothic – Live At Roskilde 2000”
Grosskopf, Harald    “Oceanheart” (180 Gram)
Grosskopf, Harald    “Synthesist” (180 Gram)
H.S.    “A Verdigris Reader”
Hazlewood, Lee    “The N.S.V.I.P.’s (Not…So…Very…Important…People)” (Reissue)
Hazlewood, Lee    “Friday’s Child: Different Songs About Different People Who Don’t Know The Difference” (Reissue)
Hazlewood, Lee    “Love And Other Crimes” (Reissue)
Hodge    “Amor Fati / Renegades”
Holy Tongues    “Weak People” (Random Color Vinyl)
Hood    “Outside Closer”
Huxley    “The Machine”
Icarus Line, The    “Avowed Slavery” (+ D/L)
Ital & Halal    “The Day After”
Jarse    “Det Gar Runt Igen”
Joyce Manor    “Never Hungover Again” (+ CD)
Kilgour, David And The Heavy 8’s    “End Times Undone” (Randomly Mixed Color Vinyl + D/L)
Kline Coma Xero    “Kline Coma Xero” (180 Gram Ltd. Ed. Color Vinyl)
Kowton / Asusu    “MM/KM & Dresvn Remixes”
Kyuss    “Welcome To Sky Valley”
Kyuss    “Wretch” (2LP Reissue)
Led Zeppelin    “Led Zeppelin (I)” (Deluxe 3-LP Set On 180 Gram Vinyl; Includes Unreleased 1969 Paris Concert)
Lee, Bunny “Striker” & The Roots Of Reggae    “I Am The Gorgon – 22 Killer Hits: Original Movie Soundtrack”
Loops Haunt    “IIVA”
Lowtec    “Workshop 20”
Lurka    “Holding / Nah So / KMT”
Melt-Banana    “Cell-Scape”
Ministry (M*nistry)    “(Experimental Album)” (Originally slated for release in 1985-86, it appeared on the Wax Trax release schedule, but was eventually shelved. F/ 1 side each by Bill Rieflin & Roland Barker (Paul’s brother), + 2 sides by Paul. Heavy Fairlight CMI experimentalism.)
Monae, Janelle    “Metropolis: The Chase Suite (Special Edition)”
Murderbot    “Tremor Dub / Crowd”
Nozinja    “Tsekeleke”
OB Ignitt    “I’m Here Now”
Ottodox    “The Love Of A Former Golden Age Pt. II: The Love”
Ottodox    “The Love Of A Former Golden Age Pt. I: The Golden Age”
Parts & Labor    “Escapers One”
Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers    “Hypnotic Eye” (+ D/L)
Pev & Asusu    “Surge / Remnants”
Pev & Asusu / Pev & Kowton    “MMM & Pangaea Remixes”
Pev & Kowton    “End Point / Vapours”
Pev / Kowton    ”  Livity (Ghost-202 Remix) / Jam01 (Beneath Remix)”
Pollot    “Pollot”
Randomer    “Stupid Things I Do”
Ras Clifton    “Queen Of The Universe / Look Over Yonder”
Rep, Mike And Friends    “Darby Creek Drifter”
Rivergazer    “Random Nostalgia”
Screaming Trees    “Last Words: The Final Recordings”
Serguei    “Psicodelico 1966-1975”
Silversun Pickups    “Swoon” (2LP 180 Gram + D/L)
Slint    “Tweez” (+ D/L)
Slow To Speak    “Edits 199:2014 Sampler”
Sparky    “Portland, Tuff City Kids Remixes”
Spider Bags    “Frozen Letter” (Red Vinyl + D/L)
Staples, Chris    “American Soft” (+ D/L)
Teenage Fanclub    “Man-Made” (+ D/L)
Traxman    “Da Mind Of Traxman Vol 2” (2LP + D/L)
Vakula    “Ukrainian Landscape”
Various    “Studio One Dancehall – Sir Coxsone In The Dance: The Foundation Sound” (Ltd. Ed. 3LP + D/L; Soul Jazz Records)
Various    “Tliltic Tlapoyauak” (History Of Black/Death Metal Compilation: Volahn, Takaaria, Axeman, Shataan… 3LP Box Set)
Various    “Reggae Goodies Vol. 2”
Various    “Present Decay EP”
Various    “The Rocky Horror Picture Show: The Original Soundtrack”
Vereker / LJV (Low Jack & Vereker)    “Flesh And Blood / Event Horizon / Bedroom Jihad”
Wrong Answer    “Circle Of Blood” (Clear)

18+    “Crown / Horn”
Antibalas    “Tattletale”
Dark Blue    “Just Another Night With The Boys” (+ D/L)
Tad    “Oppenheimer’s Pretty Nightmare / Accident On The Way To Church”

1349    “Hellfire”
1349    “Beyond The Apocalypse”
1349    “Liberation”
Abruptum    “In Umbra Malitae Umbulavo In Veternum In Triumpho Tenebraum”
Akercocke    “Rape Of The Bastard Nazarene”
Akercocke    “The Goat Of Mendes”
Amorphis    “My Kantele”
Amorphis    “Tales From The Thousand Lakes / Black Winter Day”
Anathema    “Eternity”
Anathema    “Serenades”
Ancient    “Night Visit”
Ancient    “Proxima Centauri”
Arcturus    “La Masquerade Infernale”
Arcturus    “Arcturus And The Deception Circus Disguised Masters”
Arcturus    “Aspera Heims Symfonia ’95, Constellation ’94 And My Angel ’91”
Arcturus    “The Sham Mirrors”
Arkhon Infaustus    “Perdition Insanabilis”
Behemoth    “Zos Kia Cultus: Here And Beyond”
Bestial Mockery    “Evoke The Desecrator”
Bethlehem    “Mein Weg”
Bethlehem    “Dictius Te Necare” (2CD DVD Size Box)
Black Dawn    “Blood For Satan”
Black League, The    “Ichor”
Blood Red Throne    “Monument Of Death”
Blood Red Throne    “Altered Genesis”
Blood Red Throne    “Affiliated With The Suffering”
Bloodbath    “Resurrection Through Carnage”
Bloodbath    “Breeding Death”
Borknagar    “The Archaic Course”
Borknagar    “Origin”
Borknagar    “Quintessence”
Borknagar    “Epic”
Bug, The    “Angels & Devils”
Cadaver    “Necrosis”
Cadaver Inc    “Discipline”
Carcass    “Necroticism: Descantins The Insalubrious”
Carpathian Forest    “Black Shining Leather”
Carpathian Forest    “Strange Old Brew”
Carpathian Forest    “Skiend Hans Lik”
Carpathian Forest    “Fuck You All !!!! Caput Tuum In Ano Est”
Cold World    “How The Gods Chill”
Craft    “Fuck The Universe”
Craft    “Terror Propaganda”
Dark Funeral    “Attero Totus Sanctus”
Dark Funeral / Infernal    “Under Wings Of Hell”
Dark Funeral / Von    “Devil Pigs”
Darkmoon    “.308 Antichrist”
Darkthrone    “The Cult Is Alive”
Darkthrone    “Sardonic Wrath”
Darkthrone    “Preparing For War”
Decapitated    “Winds Of Creation”
Diabolical Masquerade    “Death’s Design: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”
Diplo    “Random White Dude Be Everywhere”
Dissection    “Maha Kali”
Dissection    “The Past Is Alive: The Early Mischeif”
Dissection    “Reinkaos”
Dissection    “Storm Of The Light’s Bane / Where Dead Angels Lie”
Dissection    “Starless Aeon”
Dissection    “The Somberlain”
Dissection    “Live Legacy”
Dissection    “Storm Of The Light’s Bane”
Dodheimsgard    “Kronet Til Konge”
Dodheimsgard    “Monumental Possession”
Einherjer    “Bloc”
Einherjer    “Norweigian Native Art”
Eno * Hyde    “High Life”
Enslaved    “Ruun”
Enslaved    “Frost”
Epoch Of Unlight    “The Continuum Hypothesis”
Finntroll    “Nattfodd”
Fleurety    “Min Tid Skal Komme”
Fog    “Through The Eyes Of Night… Winged They Come”
Frantic Bleep    “The Sense Apparatus”
Furze    “UTD”
God Dethroned    “Ravenous”
Grand Belial’s Key    “Judeobeast Assassination”
Grave    “Back From The Grave + Bonus Demos CD”
Grief Of Emerald    “Christian Termination”
Grimfist    “10 Steps To Hell”
Hagalaz Runedance    “Frigga’s Web”
Horna    “Aania Yossa”
Horna    “Envaatnags Eflos Solf Esgantaavne”
Immortal    “Battles In The North”
Immortal    “Damned In Black”
Impaled Nazarene    “Death Comes In 26 Carefully Selected Pieces”
In The Woods…    “Omnio”
In The Woods…    “Three Times Seven On A Pilgrimage”
In The Woods…    “A Return To The Isle Of Men”
In The Woods…    “LiveAtTheCaledonienHall”
Incantation    “The Infernal Storm”
Incantation    “Diabolical Conquest”
Incantation    “The Forsaken Mourning Of Angelic Anguish”
Incantation    “Mortal Throne Of Nazarene”
Katatonia    “Brave Murder Day”
Katatonia    “Brave Yester Days”
Keep Of Kalessin    “Keep Of Kalessin”
Keep Of Kalessin    “Armada”
Keep Of Kalessin    “Agnen: A Journey Through The Dark”
Khold    “Krek”
Khold    “Morke Gravers Kammer”
Krieg    “Destruction Ritual”
Krieg    “The Black House”
Krohm    “Slayer Of Lost Martyrs / Crown Of The Ancients”
Leviathan / Sapthuran    “Leviathan / Sapthuran”
Macabre    “Minstrels: Morbid Campfire Songs”
Mactatus    “Blot”
Madder Mortem    “Deadlands”
Marduk    “Hearse” (Single)
Marduk    “Panzer Division Marduk”
Marduk    “Obedience”
Marduk    “Opus Nocturne”
Marduk    “Those Of The Unlight”
Marduk    “Nightwing”
Marduk    “World Funeral”
Marduk    “Glorification”
Marduk    “Infernal Eternal”
Marduk    “La Grande Danse Macabre”
Martyrdod    “Elddop”
Mayhem    “Wolfs Lair Abyss”
MindGrinder    “MindTech”
Monarch    “Sabbracadaver”
Monty Python    “Spamalot: Original Broadway Cast Recording”
Mord    “Christendom Perished”
Mortiis    “The Grudge”
My Dying Bride    “The Light At The End Of The World”
My Dying Bride    “Meisterwerk I”
Myrkskog    “Deathmachine”
Nachtmystium    “Instinct: Decay”
Nachtmystium    “Nachtmystium”
Naglfar    “Pariah”
Naglfar    “Vittra”
Naglfar    “Sheol”
Naglfar    “Diabolical”
Nattefrost    “Blood & Vomit”
Nattefrost    “Terrorist”
Opeth    “Ghost Reveries”
Opeth    “Blackwater Park”
Primordial    “Journey’s End”
Primordial    “Dark Romanticism”
Primordial    “The Gathering Wilderness”
Red Harvest    “A Greater Darkness”
Red Harvest    “Sick Transit Gloria Mundi”
Red Harvest    “Cold Dark Matter”
Satyricon    “Nemesis Divine”
Satyricon    “Intermezzo II”
Satyricon    “Volcano”
Satyricon    “Now, Diabolical”
Satyricon    “The Shadowthrone”
Scholomance    “The Immortality Murder”
Scum    “Gospels For The Sick”
Sentenced    “The Cold White Light”
Sigh    “Gallows Gallery”
Sirius    “Spectral Transition – Dimension Serius”
Solefald    “Red For Fire”
Solefald    “Pills Against The Ageless”
Solefald    “In Harmonia Universali”
Solitude    “Into The Depths Of Sorrow”
Speeed, Claude    “My Skeleton”
Spoon    “They Want My Soul”
Suffocation    “Despise The Sun”
Taake    “Nekro”
Thou Shalt Suffer    “Somnium”
Thou Shalt Suffer    “Into The Woods Of Belial”
Tormentor    “Recipe Ferrum!”
Traxman    “Da Mind Of Traxman Vol 2”
Trelldom    “Til Et Annet…”
Tsjunder    “Desert Northern Hell”
Ulver    “Svidd Neger”
Ulver    “1993-2003: 1st Decade In The Machines”
Ulver    “Silence Teaches You How To Sing”
Ulver    “Nattens Madrigal – Natte Hymne Til Ulven I Manden”
Ulver    “A Quick Fix Of Melancholy EP”
Ulver    “Perdition City”
Ulver    “Themes From William Blake’s The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell”
Ulver    “Blood Inside”
Ved Buens Ende    “Written In Waters”
Vintersorg    “Visions From The Spiral Generacion”
Vintersorg    “Hedniskhjartad”
Virgin Black    “Sombre Romantic”
Virgin Black    “Elegant… And Dying”
Virus    “Carheart”
Vreid    “Kraft”
Vreid    “Pitch Black Brigade”
Windir    “Valfar, Ein Windir”
Winds    “The Imaginary Direction Of Time”
Winds    “Reflections Of The I”
Wintersorg    “Till Fjalls”
Wolfen Society    “Conquer Divine”
Xasthur    “Telepathic With The Deceased”
Xasthur    “Xasthur”
Xasthur    “To Violate The Oblivious”
Xasthur / Leviathan    “Xasthur / Leviathan”
Xasthur / Nortt    “A Curse For The Lifeless”
Yrkoon    “Occult Medicine”
Yrkoon    “Unhealthy Opera”
Zyklon    “World Ov Wroms” (Tin)


Ava Luna Electric Balloon
Ava Luna Electric Balloon 300
(Western Vinyl)
It’s not easy to pinpoint this Brooklyn indie five-piece’s bouncy style: their Bandcamp tags include “pop,” R&B/soul” and “nervous soul,” and it’s easy to detect elements of funk, punk, jazz and no wave too. Thankfully, it all comes together well in its laid-back little world of artsy lo-fi frizz mixed with strong R&B, sounding fresh and youthful (I found it most comparable to Dirty Projectors or Deerhoof.) The playful “Sears Roebuck M&Ms” is an easily memorable highlight for me, taking wing with a funky, nuanced melody that should instantly induce head-bobbing. Felicia Douglass does an amazing job on “PRPL,” excellently sculpting her voice to complement the cooled-down guitars and keyboards for some pure R&B.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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