T-USED-DAY Update for August 5th, 2014

T-USED-DAY Update for August 5th, 2014
at Redscroll Records

T-USED-DAY 8-5-14
Here are some of the latest used arrivals at the shop. Keep in mind this doesn’t include any of the CDs or many of the LPs in the general rock/pop/jazz/anything-in-the-back-room that we get in.  This list also builds over the course of a week so sometimes some items are no longer in stock by the time this is posted. We try to avoid that, but it happens. Call ahead if there’s a particular release you’re curious about. These are the in-store prices – if you’d like to find any of these online please visit us here: http://www.discogs.com/seller/Redscroll

LPs & 12″s
2Pac Outlawz    “The Outlaws Of Comedy: Live Performances By Tupac’s Outlawz”    LP        $10.00
Adele    “19”    LP        $15.00
Adolescents    “Adolescents” (Pink)    LP        $17.00
Allman Brothers Band, The    “Selections From Live At The Beacon Theatre 1992”    LP        $28.00
Amebix    “The Power Remains”    LP        $7.00
Amon Amarth    “Twilight Of The Thunder God” (White)    LP        $25.00
Amon Amarth    “Surtur Rising” (Picture Disc)    LP        $18.00
Anathema    “Serenades”    LP        $25.00
Anathema    “Untouchable”    LP        $25.00
Anathema    “Weather Systems”     LP        $20.00
Antischism    “Still Life” (Clear)    LP        $12.00
Arcade Fire    “Reflektor” (180 Gram)    LP        $16.00
Arch/Matheos    “Sympathetic Resonance”    LP        $8.00
Assfactor 4    “Assfactor 4”    LP        $5.00
Aus-Rotten    “The System Works… For Them” (LP + Flexi)    LP        $12.00
Backstreet Boys    “Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)”    12″        $3.00
Balance Of Terror    “A Better Tomorrow”    LP        $3.00
Beatles, The    “Rare Beatles” (British Import)    LP        $8.00
Before Dark    “Come Correct”    12″        $1.00
Bernay’s Propaganda    “My Personal Holiday”    LP        $3.00
Between The Buried And Me    “Alaska”    LP        $20.00
Between The Buried And Me    “Colors_Live” (Red/1400)    LP        $28.00
Between The Buried And Me    “The Great Misdirect”    LP        $18.00
Bigod 20    “On The Run”    12″        $3.00
Black Sabbath    “Black Sabbath”    LP        $13.00
Black Satin    “Black Satin Featuring Fred Parris”    LP        $5.00
Bl’ast    “Blood!”    LP        $12.00
Blonde Redhead    “Melodie Citronique”    LP        $5.00
Bolt Thrower    “Those once Loyal” (Metal Blade Reissue)    LP        $20.00
Bolt Thrower    “War Master” (White/Silver/Red + Poster)    LP        $30.00
Bolt Thrower    “In Battle There Is No Law” (White/Black Splatter)    LP        $20.00
Bolt Thrower    “Mercenary”    LP        $20.00
Bricusse, Leslie    “Doctor Dolittle: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” (Sealed)    LP        $2.00
Bright Eyes    “Lifted Or The Story Is In The Soil, Keep Your Ear To The Ground” (180 Gram)    LP        $20.00
Bubblegum Singers, The    “Sailing Sailing Over The Bounding Maine” (Children’s Music / Filed In Soundtracks)    LP        $2.00
Cairo Pythian    “Toytowne”    LP        $7.00
Catalyst    “Marianas Trench” (Blue)    LP        $5.00
Chipmunks, The    “Christmas With The Chipmunks” (Childrens Pop, Filed in Soundtracks)    LP        $2.00
Chipmunks, The    “A Chipmunk Christmas” (With Book! Childrens Story/Music; Filed In Soundtracks)    LP        $4.00
Cinderella    “Night Songs”    LP        $6.00
Cloud Mouth    “That Ghost Is Always With Me” (“Chron Clowd” Color Vinyl)    LP        $6.00
Cloud Rat / The Oily Menace / Wolbachia    “Cloud Rat / The Oily Menace / Wolbachia”    LP        $10.00
Coltrane, John    “The Master”    LP        $8.00
Cooper, Alice    “Goes To Hell”    LP        $4.00
Creatures, The    “Boomerang”    LP        $12.00
Crispy Nuts    “I Love Crispy Nuts”    LP        $15.00
D’Agostino, Gigi / Datura    “Summer Of Energy” (Picture Disc)    12″        $4.00
Daitro    “Laisser Vivre Les Squelettes” (Orange /300)    LP        $28.00
Dead Dog    “Don’t Touch Me” (Clear /100)    LP        $8.00
Deafheaven    “Roads To Judah” (Cream/Black)    LP        $14.00
Deafheaven    “Demo”    LP        $12.00
Death Cab For Cutie    “Transatlanticism”    LP        $25.00
Death In Vegas    “Dirge”    12″        $4.00
Death Threat / Rude Awaking    “Death Threat / Rude Awakening” (Red)    LP        $9.00
Derek & Ray    “The Cinema Scene Today” (Sealed, Soundtracks)    LP        $3.00
Die Kreuzen    “October File”    LP        $8.00
Dinosaur Jr.     “I Bet On Sky”    LP        $8.00
Dinosaur Jr.     “Chocomel Daze”    LP        $12.00
Dire Straits    “Brothers In Arms” (Japanese Pressing With OBI Strip)    LP        $20.00
Dissection    “Storm Of The Light’s Bane”     LP        $100.00
Down In The Dumps    “Dumps Luck” (Grey)    LP        $5.00
Downpresser    “Don’t Need A Reason”    LP        $14.00
Dr. Dre    “Dr. Dre & Friends” (Unofficial)    LP        $10.00
Dream Theater    “Images And Words”     LP        $25.00
Dresden Dolls, The    “The Dresden Dolls” (Red/Black Swirl Numbered)    LP        $28.00
Echo & The Bunnymen    “Echo & The Bunnymen”    LP        $7.00
Ferocious Fucking Teeth    “Ferocious Fucking Teeth”    LP        $8.00
Fifteen    “Buzz” (Green)    LP        $40.00
Fire Party    “Fire Party”    LP        $3.00
Fleetwood Mac    “Mystery To Me”    LP        $5.00
Forget The Times    “Soul Music”    LP        $7.00
Friel, Dan    “Obsoleter”    LP        $5.50
Godspeed You! Black Emperor    “Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada E.P.”    LP        $10.00
Gojira    “The Way Of All Flesh” (Blue/White)    LP        $30.00
Grouper    “The Man Who Died In His Boat” (With Sticker!)    LP        $9.00
Harris, Harold    “Here’s Harold” (Sealed)    LP        $15.00
Heavy Blanket    “Heavy Blanket” (White)    LP        $20.00
Hell No    “!Adios Armageddon!”    LP        $2.00
Hellkrusher    “Doomsday Hour”    LP        $6.00
Hipnosis    “Droid / Automatic Piano”    LP        $3.00
House Martins, The    “The People Who Grinned Themselves To Death”    LP        $4.00
Houston, Whitney    “The Unreleased Mixes” (Box Set)    LP        $15.00
Hypatia / The South    “Hypatia / The South”    LP        $2.00
Hypnolovewheel    “Turn! Turn! Burn!”    LP        $7.00
Ice Cube    “We Be Clubbin'”    12″        $2.00
Ilsa    “The Maggots Are Hungry” (Clear)    LP        $16.00
Incendiary    “Cost Of Living” (Clear)    LP        $17.00
Inter Arma    “Sky Burial”    LP        $16.00
Iron Maiden    “Stranger In A Stranger Land” (Single)    12″        $15.00
Iron Maiden    “Women In Uniform” (German Single)    12″        $15.00
Iron Maiden    “Running Free” (Anti-Heroin Sticker Single)    12″        $7.00
Iron Maiden    “The Trooper” (German Single)    12″        $14.00
Iron Maiden    “The Number Of The Beast” (Maxi-Single; Netherlands)    12″        $18.00
Iron Maiden    “Run To The Hills (Live)” (UK Single)    12″        $11.00
Iron Maiden    “Flight Of The Icarus” (German Maxi Single)    12″        $10.00
Iron Maiden    “Running Free” (Picture Disc)    12″        $12.00
Iron Maiden    “A Real Live One” (UK)    LP        $49.00
Iron Maiden    “Powerslave” (Textured Cover US Pressing)    LP        $22.00
Iron Maiden    “Piece Of Mind” (Translucent Gold; Unofficial)    LP        $30.00
Iron Maiden    “From Fear To Eternity: The Best Of 1990-2010” (3LP Picture Disc)    LP        $35.00
Iron Maiden    “Killers” (US Pressing, Writing On Center Label)    LP        $18.00
Iron Maiden    “Invasion Of The Rarities” (Unofficial)    LP        $28.00
Iron Maiden    “Live After Death” (Club Edition)    LP        $19.00
Iron Maiden    “Live After Death” (UK Press)    LP        $18.00
Iron Maiden    “Piece Of Mind” (US Pressing; Check Condition)    LP        $10.00
Iron Maiden    “Somewhere In Time” (US Pressing)    LP        $18.00
Iron Maiden    “Maiden Japan” (US Pressing)    LP        $14.00
Iron Maiden    “The Number Of The Beast” (UK Pressing)    LP        $18.00
Iron Maiden    “The Number Of The Beast” (US Pressing)    LP        $19.00
Iron Maiden    “Somewhere In Time” (Club Edition)    LP        $22.00
Iron Maiden    “Somewhere Back In Time: The Best Of: 1980-1989”    LP        $29.00
Iron Maiden    “Killers” (US 1981)    LP        $15.00
Iron Maiden    “Somewhere In Time” (Check Condition)    LP        $9.00
Irwin The Disco Duck    “Vol. 2” (Childrens Pop; Filed In Soundtracks)    LP        $2.00
Jawbreaker    “Unfun” (Original Press)    LP        $41.00
Jay-Z    “Big Pimpin'”    12″        $4.00
Jewel    “Serve The Ego” (2×12″)    LP        $8.00
Jimmy Eat World    “Damage” (Test Press /80)    LP        $60.00
Judas Priest    “The Ripper” (Unofficial; Live In NY November 1979)    LP        $30.00
Kenton, Stan / Jean Turner    “From The Creative World Of Stan Kenton Come The Exciting New Voice Of Jean Turner”    LP        $4.00
Kicking Spit    “Psychrockbullshit”    LP        $8.00
King Crimson    “Earthbound”  (Editions EG Reissue)    LP        $13.00
King Crimson    “In The Wake Of Poseidon” (Editions EG Reissue)    LP        $14.00
King Crimson    “Red”  (Editions EG Reissue)    LP        $16.00
King Diamond    “Abigail” (Roadrunner Reissue)    LP        $25.00
King Harvest    “Dancing In The Moonlight”    LP        $5.00
Kiss (K.I.S.S.)    “Double Platinum” (Torn Cover)    LP        $3.00
Lady Gaga    “Artpop”    LP        $20.00
Lemuria    “The First Collection 2005-2006” (Seafoam Green)    LP        $15.00
List / Perfect Future    “List / Perfect Future” (/350)    LP        $7.00
Machlis, Joseph    “A Young People’s Introduction To Mozart” (Children’s Music / Filed In Soundtracks)    LP        $1.50
Magnificent Men, The    “Better Than A Ten Cent Movie”    LP        $7.00
Mammatus    “Mammatus”    LP        $10.00
Mascis, J.    “Several Shades Of Why” (Purple)    LP        $20.00
Mason, James    “Mary Shelley Frankenstein (Abridged)” (Story, Non-Music; File In Soundtracks)    LP        $6.00
Melanie C    “I Turn To You” (2×12″)    LP        $1.00
Merchandise    “Children Of Desire”    LP        $10.00
Minogue, Kylie    “Spinning Around” (2×12″)    LP        $5.00
Minogue, Kylie    “I Guess I Like It Like That”    12″        $29.00
Mitsouko, Rita    “Marcia Baila”    12″        $5.00
Mohinder    “Everything”    LP        $6.00
Motley Crue    “Shout At The Devil” (Check Condition)    LP        $3.00
Motorhead    “No Sleep ‘Til Hammersmith” (Gold)    LP        $18.00
Mould, Bob    “Black Sheets Of Rain”    LP        $10.00
Mould, Bob    “Workbook”    LP        $10.00
Murphy, Eddie    “Eddie Murphy”    LP        $1.00
My Fictions    “Stranger Songs” (Maroon Mix)    LP        $16.00
Nate Dogg    “The Very Best Of Nate Dogg”  (Unofficial)    LP        $30.00
Nate Dogg    “Nate Dogg & Friends Vol. 2”  (Unofficial)    LP        $15.00
Neon Blud    “B-Girls”    LP        $6.00
Neurosis    “Honor Found in Decay”    LP        $28.00
Nine Inch Nails    “Hesitation Marks” (No CD)    LP        $15.00
Nine Inch Nails    “Down In It” (Sealed Single)    12″        $12.00
Nine Inch Nails    “Broken / Fixed” (Unofficial)    LP        $35.00
No Artist    “Chilling, Thrilling Sounds Of The Haunted House” (Non-Music, Special Effects; Filed In Soundtracks)    LP        $4.00
Nothing    “Guilty Of Everything”     LP        $14.00
Nude Beach    “Nude Beach”    LP        $6.00
Opeth    “Watershed” (RSD Ed. Green)    LP        $25.00
Opeth    “Blackwater Park” (180 Gram)    LP        $40.00
Opeth    “In Live Concert At The Royal Albert Hall” (Box Set)    LP        $65.00
Osbourne, Ozzy / Randy Rhoads    “Randy Rhoads Tribute”    LP        $8.00
Page, Jimmy & The Black Crowes    “Live At The Greek” (Red/Clear/Blue)    LP        $40.00
Palatka / Asshole Parade    “Network Of Friends Project 2”    LP        $5.00
Pallbearer    “Sorrow And Extinction” (Purple / Yellow)    LP        $20.00
Parker, Paul    “Wicked Game”    12″        $1.50
Perry, Lee “Scratch”    “Chicken Scratch”    LP        $18.00
Pet Shop Boys And Dusty Springfield    “What Have I Done To Deserve This”    12″        $4.50
Petty, Tom    “Full Moon Fever”    LP        $22.00
Petty, Tom And The Heartbreakers    “Southern Accents”    LP        $5.00
Pianos Become The Teeth    “Old Pride” (Grey/Black)    LP        $15.00
Porcupine Tree    “Coma Divine: Recorded Live In Rome” (3LP + 7″)    LP        $120.00
Porcupine Tree    “The Incident”    LP        $35.00
Porcupine Tree    “On The Sunday Of Life” (Orange)    LP        $28.00
Porcupine Tree    “Up The Downstair”    LP        $28.00
Porcupine Tree    “Lightbulb Sun”    LP        $35.00
Porcupine Tree    “Recordings”    LP        $25.00
Porcupine Tree    “Voyage 34” (White)    LP        $28.00
Porcupine Tree    “The Sky Moves Sideways”    LP        $30.00
Porcupine Tree    “Stupid Dream”    LP        $35.00
Porcupine Tree    “Signify”    LP        $25.00
Prince (Artist Formerly Known As)    “The Greatest Romance Ever Sold” (2×12″)    LP        $5.00
Prodigy    “Firestarter”    12″        $4.00
Pryor, Richard    “Insane”    LP        $3.00
R. Kelly    “I Wish” (Dance Mixes)    12″        $1.00
Rainbow    “Difficult To Cure”    LP        $5.00
Rhapsody    “Symphony Of Enchanted Lands II – The Dark Secret”    LP        $28.00
Rose, David And His Orchestra    “The Wonderful World Of The Brothers Grimm” (Soundtrack)    LP        $4.00
Rude Awakening    “Collateral Damage” (Half Black / Half Oxblood)    LP        $14.00
Run, Forever    “The Devil, And Death, And Me” (Purple)    LP        $10.00
Sebadoh    “Defend Yourself” (Red LP + 7″)    LP        $9.00
Seein’ Red / MK Ultra    “MK Ultra / Seein’ Red: Network Of Friends Part 3”    LP        $3.00
Sisters    “Everybody”    LP        $4.00
Sisters Of Mercy    “Floodland” (Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab)    LP        $18.00
Sisters Of Mercy    “Temple Of Love”    12″        $5.00
Skinny Puppy    “Dig It” (Single)    12″        $5.00
Skinny Puppy    “Testure” (Red Vinyl)    12″        $11.00
Slayer    “Decade Of Aggression – Live” (Black 180 Gram)    LP        $25.00
Smith    “A Group Called Smith”    LP        $6.00
Soilwork    “The Living Infinite” (Sea Blue)    LP        $20.00
Spice Girls    “Wannabe”    12″        $5.00
Spliff Vs. Ameno    “Carbonara 2003″ (Picture Disc)    12”        $5.00
Springsteen, Bruce & The E Street Band    “Live/1975-85” (5LP Box)    LP        $8.00
Stark    “Domino”    12″        $2.00
Stone Temple Pilots    “Purple” (Purple Vinyl; Check Condition; Original Press)    LP        $20.00
Stratis, George    “The Music From Illya Darling” (Sealed)    LP        $2.00
Swing Kids    “Discography” (Picture Disc)    LP        $10.00
Talking Heads    “Little Creatures”    LP        $6.00
Talking Heads    “Stop Making Sense”    LP        $7.00
Tesseract    “Altered State”    LP        $20.00
Tin Armor    “Life Of Abundance”    LP        $8.00
Tolkien, J.R.R.    “Poems And Songs Of Middle Earth” (Filed In Soundtracks)    LP        $12.00
Toll, The    “The Toll”    LP        $6.00
Tool    “Undertow”    LP        $10.00
U.K. Subs    “Endangered Species” (Clear)    LP        $20.00
Underdog    “Matchless” (Blue)    LP        $11.00
Unknown    “Yars’ Revenge” (Atari Game Story/Soundtrack)    LP        $30.00
Unknown    “Conan The Barbarian: The Story Of The Exciting Movie…” (Story, Non-Music; Filed In Soundtracks)    LP        $8.00
Unknown    “Batman: Book & Record” (Filed In Soundtracks)    LP        $8.00
Unknown    “Star Trek: Original Stories For Children” (Filed In Soundtracks)    LP        $5.00
Unknown    “The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. II” (Childrens Story, Filed In Soundtracks)    LP        $4.00
Various    “Wild In The Streets: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”    LP        $2.00
Various    “Playback ’65” (New Events, Spoken Word; Filed In Soundtracks)    LP        $1.00
Various    “The Ins And Outs Of The Draft” (Public Affairs / Spoken Word; Filed In Soundtracks)    LP        $3.00
Various    “Metal For Muthas”     LP        $14.00
Various    “Love Dolls Super Star” (Black Flag, Sonic Youth, Meat Puppets…)    LP        $6.00
Various    “A Story Of Dracula, The Wolfman And Frankenstein” (Filed In: Soundtracks)    LP        $10.00
Various    “Conan the Barbarian: Hear 4 Exciting New Stories” (Non-Music, Story; Filed In Soundtracks)    LP        $6.00
Various    “The Blasting Concept Volume II” (Saint Vitus, D.C. 3, Black Flag, Minutemen…)    LP        $4.00
Various    “Food Not Bombs” (Check Condition)    LP        $2.00
Various    “Mixed Signals: A Run For Cover Records Compilation”    LP        $14.00
Various    “Achtung Chicago! Zwei!”    LP        $15.00
Various    “This Inheritance Must Be Refused” (The Ex, Spitboy, Citizen Fish…)    LP        $6.00
Various    “Flipside Tunes – Vinyl Fanzine Number Three”    LP        $8.00
Various    “Jungle Jim – Four Exciting Adventures” (Childrens Story, Filed in Soundtracks)    LP        $2.00
Various    “Caddyshack: Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack”    LP        $5.00
Various    “Goofy Greats”    LP        $2.50
Various    “Christiania” (Check Condition; Folk Psych Comp.)    LP        $3.00
Walt Disney    “The Story Of Tron” (Story, Non-Music; File In Soundtracks)    LP        $4.00
Whore Paint    “Swallow My Bones”    LP        $7.00
Windhand    “Windhand” (Neon Green)    LP        $20.00
Wintersun    “Wintersun” (White/Blue)    LP        $25.00
Wintersun    “Wintersun” (Clear)    LP        $25.00
Witch Hunt    “Blood Red States” (Red Vinyl)    LP        $8.00
Witchcraft    “Legend” (Yellow/Brown)    LP        $22.00
Wolves In The Throne Room    “Diadem Of 12 Stars”    LP        $55.00
Wu-Tang Clan    “America”    12″        $3.00
Xiu Xiu    “Knife Play”    LP        $8.00
Zann / Burial Year    “Fig. 1 / Fig. 2”    LP        $4.00

Head Of David    “Soul Spark”    10″        $5.00
Highlander    “Inside A Dream / Diginified” (Yellow)    10″        $1.00
Resurrectionsists / Battle Of Wolf 359    “Resurrectionsists / Battle Of Wolf 359″    10”        $6.00
Rites Of Spring    “Six Song Demo”    10″        $8.00
Segall, Ty Band    “Slaughterhouse”    10″        $13.00
Timebombs    “Mumbling” (TEST PRESS /40)    10″        $15.00
Various    “Short Fast & Loud” (+ Zine)    10″        $5.00

Acephalix    “Acephalix”    7″        $2.00
Across The Border    “Rare And Unreleased Songs”    7″        $2.00
Age    “Survive” (Green)    7″        $8.00
Atom And His Package    “Behold, I Shall Do A New Thing” (Pink)    7″        $3.00
Battle Of Wolf 359 / June Paik    “Battle Of Wolf 359 / June Paik”    7″        $4.00
Beartrap    “Sleep Eradication”     7″        $3.00
Birth Control    “Going To Target”    7″        $2.00
Black Cobra    “Black Cobra”    7″        $4.00
Brain Handle    “Smiling / Smiling Again”    7″        $2.00
Brainworms / Tubers    “Split Record(ing)” (White)    7″        $2.00
Brass Caskets / Cold Snap    “Brass Caskets / Cold Snap”    7″        $1.00
Bread And Water / Reason Of Insanity”    “Breadon And Water / Reason Of Insanity”    7″        $1.00
Breed/Extinction    “Breed/Extinction”    7″        $5.00
Bridge And Tunnel    “Bridge And Tunnel” (Purple)    7″        $2.00
Carrie Nations    “Carrie Nations”    7″        $3.00
Castevet    “Stones/Salts”    7″        $7.00
Catalyst, The / Brainworms    “The Catalyst / Brainworms”    7″        $2.00
Chest Pain    “Chest Pain”    7″        $10.00
Chokehold    “Instilled”    7″        $4.00
Cloud Mouth    “Wrecked. A Live 7″”    7″        $3.00
Cloud Rat / Autarkeia    “Cloud Rat / Auarkeia”    7″        $3.00
Dek Boo / Open Star Clusters    “Dek Boo / Open Star Clusters”    7″        $2.00
Divisions    “Divisions”    7″        $2.00
Dowsing    “All I Could Find Was You” (Sea Blue)    7″        $10.00
Dry-Rot    “Subordinate”    7″        $2.00
Dusty Skull    “Tossed And Lost” (Blue)    7″        $5.00
Econochrist    “Another Victim”    7″        $1.00
Failures    “Failures”    7″        $3.00
Ferocious Fucking Teeth    “Hounds”    7″        $2.00
Heats Of Formation    “Indoctrinates Blank”    7″        $2.00
In First Person / Titan    “In First Person / Titan”    7″        $3.00
Inhumanity    “Your Future Lies Smoldering At The Feet Of The Robots.”    7″        $4.00
Lorde    “Tennis Court”    7″        $5.00
Low Culture    “Low Culture”    7″        $3.00
Mirros & Wires    “Sleight Of Hand”    7″        $1.00
Mountain Asleep / Antilles    “Mountain Asleep / Antilles”    7″        $2.00
O Paon    “O Paon” (Orange)    7″        $2.00
Onion Flavored Rings / Future Virgins    “Onion Flavored Rings / Future Virgins”    7″        $3.00
Orchid / Red Scare    “The Red Scare / Orchid”    7″        $5.00
Paramedic / Spraynard    “Paramedic / Spraynard”    7″        $3.00
Petals, The    “Mushroom Farm”    7″        $5.00
Positive Noise    “No Hardcore EP”    7″        $3.00
Red Scare / True North    “The Red Scare / True North” (Check Condition)    7″        $1.00
Saddest Landscape, The / You Blew It!    “The Saddest Landscape / You Blew It!” (Yellow Splatter And Red Versions)    7″        $13.00
Satan’s Satyrs    “Black Souls”    7″        $7.00
Sunken Cheek    “Prince Of Mind”    7″        $3.00
Texas Is The Reason    “If It’s Here When We Get Back It’s Ours”    7″        $4.00
Toxic Narcotic    “Had It Coming” (Blue)    7″        $2.00
Unwelcome Guests    “The Painter”    7″        $1.00
White Work    “Changing The Wheel”    7″        $2.00
Wild, The / Run Forever”    The Wild // Run Forever”    7″        $2.00
Witch Hunt    “Witch Hunt”    7″        $5.00
Wits End / Perfect Future    “Split 7″”    7″        $2.00

Candlemass    “At The Gallows End”        Cassette        $4.00
Candlemass    “Ancient Dreams”        Cassette        $4.00
Hatfield, Juliana Three, The    “Become What You Are”        Cassette        $4.00
Nico + The Faction    “Camera Obscura”        Cassette        $5.00
R.E.M.    “Eponymous”        Cassette        $2.00
R.E.M.    “Document”        Cassette        $2.00
R.E.M.    “Lifes Rich Pageant”        Cassette        $2.00
Various    “Title It Yourself” (Brown Bird, Paul Baribeau, Ghost Mice, Spoonboy…)        Cassette        $2.00
Young, Neil    “Mirror Ball”        Cassette        $3.00

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