5th Of September 2014 Update

5th Of September 2014 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records

Piles Of Records
So many piles of records to price!

LPs & 12″s
Azumah, Christie & The Uppers International    “Din Ya Sugri”
Bitchin’ Bajas    “Bitchin’ Bajas”
Brightside    “Now + Loud” (Violet)
Bugskull    “Collapsed View”
Cirino, Chuck    “Chopping Mall: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” (180 Gram Colored Vinyl)
Cray76    “Master & Servant”
Culpepper’s Orchard    “Culpepper’s Orchard” (Shadoks Reissue)
Demdike Stare    “Liberation Through Hearing”
Donovan Wolfington    “Stop Breathing” (Pink)
Dopplereffekt / Objekt    “Hypnagogia”
Ifukube, Akira    “Godzilla: The Japanese Original Motion Picture Score” (Death Waltz)
Ikonika    “Position EP”
Jerusalem    “Jerusalem” (Reissue Of 1972 British Heavy Rock Produced By Ian Gillan)
Kaleidoscope    “Forget About Tomorrow: The Singles” (180 Gram)
Laze, The    “The Phantom Of The Opera 1925 – Motion Picture Soundtrack” (Ltd. Ed. Vinyl; Modern Soundtrack To Silent Film)
Mato    “Homework Dub” (Daft Punk’s “Homework” Dubbified)
McCallum, Jon    “Surf Nazis Must Die: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”
Morozov, Yury    “Cherry Garden Of Jimi Hendrix” (Shadoks Reissue)
Morricone, Ennio    “Il Gatto A Nove Code: A Film By Dario Argento (The Cat O’ Nine Tails)” (Ltd. Ed. Deluxe Yellow Vinyl)
Mu-Ziq    “Rediffusion” (+ D/L)
Nicolai, Bruno    “Orgasmo Sonore: Omaggio A Bruno Nicolai Ed Alle Sue Musiche Per Il Cinema Giallo” (Soundtrack)
Old Gray    “An Autobiography” (White)
Oscillotron    “Eclipse”
Posture & The Grizzly    “Busch Hymns” (Mint)
Reed, Lou    “Metal Machine Music: First Full Instrumental Version Performed Live By Zeitkratzer” (180 Gram + D/L /500)
Reiko, Ike    “You, Baby (Kokotsu No Sekai)” (180 Gram)
Reitzell, Brian    “Watch_Dogs: Original Game Soundtrack” (Blue/Black & 180 Gram Varieties + D/L; Watch Dogs)
Restorations    “LP2” (Ltd. Ed. Colored Vinyl + D/L)
Saintseneca    “Grey Flag”
Scharpling And Wurster    “Rock, Rot & Rule: The Ultimate Argument Settler (Ronald Thomas Clontle)” (WFMU’s The Best Show)
Session    “Unikuva” (Shadoks Reissue)
Simonetti, Claudio / Fabio Pignatelli (Goblin)    “Phenomena: A Film Written And Directed By Dario Argento”
Skullflower / Mastery    “Skullflower / Mastery” (Green)
Sorority Noise    “Forgettable” (Yellow)
Sospetto    “Non Bussare Alla Porta Del Diavolo”
Spacemen 3    “Live At The New Morning, Geneva, Switzerland, 18.05.1989”
Spectral Empire    “Goloko Dhama / Sadhu”
Superdrag    “Head Trip In Every Key”
Szajner, Bernard (Z)    “Visions Of Dune” (+ D/L; Synth Classic Reissue)
Thelema    “Ephemerol (Tribute To The Movie ‘Scanners’)”
Title Fight    “Shed” (Ltd. Ed. Colored Vinyl + D/L)
Trapanese, Joseph / Aria Prayogi / Fajar Yuskemal    “The Raid 2: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” (Ltd. Ed. + Poster)
Tricky    “Adrian Thaws” (2LP Gatefold + CD)
Various    “Bosporus Bridges: A Wide Selection Of Turkish Jazz And Funk 1968-1978 (Compiled By Lasarus And Roskow)”
Various    “No Seattle: Forgotten Sounds Of The North-West Grunge Era 1986-97 Volume One”
Various    “No seattle: Forgotten Sounds Of The North-West Grunge Era 1986-97 Volume Two”

Esben And The Witch    “A New Nature”
Ital    “Endgame”
Katie Kate    “Nation” (Book + CD; Elektro-Rap Future Pop)
Onyeabor, William    “What?! William Onyeabor Remixed”
Sleater-Kinney    “The Hot Rock”
Sleater-Kinney    “All Hands On The Bad One”
Sleater-Kinney    “One Beat”
Tricky    “Adrian Thaws” (Deluxe Ed. Digipak/Book Sleeve)

Bitchin’ Bajas    “Bitchin’ Bajas” (2x Cassette)
Funeralbloom    “Petals”
Left & Right    “Five Year Plan”
Old Gray    “An Autobiography”
Posture & The Grizzly    “Calling All Creeps”
World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, The    “Whenever, If Ever”
World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, The    “Formlessness”

APHEX TWIN “SYRO” PRE-ORDER Dropcards (With Bonus Content)

Wire #367


Force of Darkness Absolute Verb of Chaos and Darkness
(Hells Headbangers)
Released on vinyl last year and now on CD, the latest EP from this Chilean death metal outfit is an unrelenting twenty-minute assault of blast-beats, shredding and guttural-voiced, all Spanish roaring. There’s a strong influence from old-school death and black metal such as Kreator and Sodom, with their brutality alternating between bracingly intense barrages and savory breakdowns. Tracks like “Thy Mystical Vibration” and “Kliphotic Procreation” strike an awesome balance of this, while closer “Oceans of Black Lava” is a unique favorite: it settles on a slow-burning rise from suffocating darkness, like a cool-off after hearing the white-hot shredding.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Neo Boys Sooner or Later
Neo Boys Sooner or Later 300
This double-album collects dozens of mostly-unreleased tracks from Portland, Oregon’s first all-female rock band and one of its first punk bands (along with the Wipers, who they often played with.) During their 1977-1983 existence, Neo Boys evolved from being teenagers playing jagged, unrefined tunes to more confidently executed New Wave, once they settled with permanent guitarist Meg Hentges. There are themes of gender politics and feminism throughout, with some of my favorite tracks being the catchy, refreshing surf-style “Time Keeps Time” and shimmering ska-like “Under Control.”
[Reviewer: Mark]

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