ET Gangsta Santa

With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s time to think about that music enthusiast in your life! Here at Redscroll, we have tons of great gift ideas for your musically inclined friends, family, or maybe that discerning secret santa! Here are some great ideas, ranging from stocking stuffers to that big box under the tree!

Maybe that special person in your life is a total bookworm. We’ve got you covered on that front! Titles we have in stock range from poetry to autobiography, hip hop to heavy metal, comics to punk zines, and more.

If you know someone who’s getting interested in vinyl for the first time, or maybe rediscovering their record collection after many years, why not surprise them with a turntable? Maybe it’s their first one, or their old setup is looking kinda shabby – either way, we’ve got several choices in stock right now, including models by Audio-Technica, Pro-Ject, and Crosley.



Maybe your roommate is perpetually losing their earbuds – we’re sure they wouldn’t mind the upgrade to a pair of beautiful LSTN headphones!

For your favorite superfan, you may want to consider a box set – perfect for starting an instant collection, or for the completist in your life. Most of our vinyl box sets are located on the right wall, directly when you walk in the front door of our shop.

To ensure a long life for your vinyl, we’ve got a great stash of products to clean and protect your records! Bags, inner sleeves, cleaning solution, brushes, slipmats for your turntable, and more essentials are here to keep your vinyl in excellent shape.

Not sure where to begin? If you’ve got someone who’s tough to shop for on your list, we’ve got gift certificates here in any denomination you choose.

PS. 45 adapters make excellent stocking stuffers! Visit us during our 8th Annual Blackout at Sunrise Sale on Friday, November 28 to find out how you can snag a custom Redscroll “red squirrel” adapter.



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  1. can I be first in line? I’m expecting a hangover and will need to sleep one off. thanks for your consideration

    1. Uhhhhhhh, I’m not sure what you’re actually implying, but if you mean you want to sleep in our parking lot that’s really a choice you have to make on your own. We don’t supply sleeping bags or tents or anything though. Stay warm.

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