30th Of January 2015 Update

30th Of January 2015 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records
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LPs & 12″s
2AMFM “Starfist Lazerbeam”
2AMFM “Fusion Daze”
Alessandroni “(Industrial By Alessandroni)”
Arnalds, Olafur “… And They Have Escaped The Weight Of Darkness”
Belly “Star” (180 Gram)
Blackshaw, James “Apologia”
Brian Jonestown Massacre, The “Methodrone” (2LP Gatefold)
Brian Jonestown Massacre, The “Give It Back!”
Brian Jonestown Massacre, The “BraveryRepetitionAndNoise”
Carpenter, John “Lost Themes” (Extremely Limited Amount On Color Vinyl + D/L)[Release Date 2-3-15]
Casablancas, Julian “Phrazes For The Young”
Catholic Guilt “Catholic Guilt” (+ D/L)
Charlie “Spacer Woman”
Citycop “Loner”
Claude Speeed “Sun Czar Temple”
Cloakroom “Further Out”
Colon, Willie “The Hustler”
Cowell, Jeff “Lucky Strike’s And Liquid Gold” (Numero Reissue; Release Date 2-3-15)
Crutchfield, Allison “Lean In To It”
Crying Lion “The Golden Boat”
Cummi Flu “Z”
Davis, Miles “Live At The Philharmonic In Berlin, 1st November, 1973”
Davis, Miles “Live At Fillmore West In San Francisco, 17th October, 1970”
Davis, Miles “Kind Of Blue” (200 Gram: Quiex SV-P)
Die Form “Die Puppe” (1982 Debut Reissue)
Dilloway, Aaron / Jason Lescalleet “Popeth”
Disappears “Irreal”
Dodos, The “Individ” (180 Gram Orange Vinyl + D/L)
Dosh & Ghostband “Def Kith”
Erase Errata “Lost Weekend” (+ D/L)
Fatima “Yellow Memories”
Fis “Speech Spirits”
Fjaak “Oben”
Floating Points “Nuits Sonores / Nectarines”
Garrincha & The Stolen Elk “Life Is Wasted On The Living”
Give “Electric Flower Circus”
Gondwana “Aum”
Grateful Dead “Europe ’72” (3LP)
Grateful Dead “Grateful Dead” (Original Master Recording)
Guided By Voices “King Shit & The Golden Boys” (+ D/L)
Guided By Voices “Bee Thousand” (20th Anniversary Ed. + D/L)
Haino, Keiji / Jim O’Rourke / Oren Ambarchi “Tea Time For Those Determined To Completely Exhaust Every Bit Of This Body They’ve Been Given”
Half Japanese “Volume Two: 1987-1989” (Box Set)
Harding, Curtis “Soul Power”
Headless Ghost “Let’s Fall”
Hendrix “Band Of Gypsys” (180 Gram)
Hot Guts. “Wilds.”
Isis “Panopticon” (New Vinyl Master)
King Tubby “Crazy Bald Head Dub”
Kirlian Camera “Edges (21st Century Versions)”
Landes, Dawn “Bluebird” (+ D/L; Release Date 2-3-15)
Legendary Pink Dots, The “10 To The Power Of 9 Volume 2”
Liaisons Dangereuses “Liaisons Dangereuses” (Remaster + D/L)
Mayfield, Curtis “Roots” (180 Gram)
Melchior, Dan “The Souls Of Birds And Mice” (+ D/L)
Menace Beach “Ratworld” (180 Gram Splatter Vinyl + D/L)
Michna “Thousand Thursday” (Red Vinyl + D/L; Release Date 2-3-15)
Mills, Jeff “The Power”
Mills, Jeff “The Jungle Planet” (2LP)
Modus “Adderf Arreus” (Feat. Hieroglyphic Being)
Morrissey “World Peace Is None Of Your Business” (Box Set)
Myton, Cedric & Congos “Image Of Africa”
Naka Naka “Mundo Harsh” (+ D/L)
Name, Jack “Weird Moons”
Night Flights “Night Flights Vol. 1”
Nite Fields “Depersonalisation” (+ D/L)
Nu-Sound II Crew / Magnus II “Nu-Sound II Crew — Magnus II” (1986/1993 Detroit Electro)
O’Dwyer, Aine “Music For Church Cleaners Vol. I And II”
Ontario Hospital “Future Ready”
Parrish, Theo “American Intelligence” (3LP Trifold)
Psychic TV “Alien Be-In” (Remix 12″)
Psychic TV “Snakes”
Red Aunts “Come Up For A Closer Look”
Red Axes “Shem Vol. 1”
Reservoir “Cicurina Vol. 1”
Roberts, Matana “Coin Coin Chapter Three: River Run Thee” (180 Gram + Poster + D/L)[Release Date 2-3-15]
Robot Koch “Tsuki”
Scientist, Jah Thomas Meets “In Rock Dub”
Sensation’s Fix “Time To Decide” (+ CD)
Sick Feeling “Suburban Myth”
Sick Llama “Surrounded By Gold And Dead”
Sport “Colors”
Tejada, John “Signs Under Test” (2LP + CD)
Tohon, Stanislas “Dans Le Tchink Systeme”
Too $hort (Too Short) “Born To Mack” (180 Gram)
Toure, Samba “Gandadiko” (180 Gram + D/L)
Untold “Doff”
Various “The Brazilian Boogie Connection: From Rio TO Sao Paulo (1976-1983)”
Various “Hyperdub 10.4: Decadubs 5” (2LP)
Various “Dance Mania: Ghetto Madness” (2LP 180 Gram: DJ Deeon, Paul Johnson, Tyree…)
Various “Music Of Tanzania” (2LP Gatefold)
Various “The Roundup Part 1″ (12″ + 10”)
Villarreal, Victor “Sleep Talk” (Silver Vinyl + D/L; Release Date 2-3-15)
West, Willie “Lost Soul”
Winston, George “Love Will Come: The Music Of Vince Guaraldi Volume 2” (Solo Piano)
Xhin / Tommy Four Seven / Kangding Ray / Dscrd “Five Years Of Artefacts Chapter Three”
XXXY “18 Hours / Clap Pitch / Tool (Satire Mix)”
Zappa, Frank “Hot Rats” (200 Gram: Quiex SV-P)

J-Dilla “Beats Batch 1” (SP-1200 Batches)
J-Dilla “Beats Batch 2” (SP-1200 Batches)
J-Dilla “Beats Batch 3” (SP-1200 Batches)
J-Dilla “Beats Batch 4” (SP-1200 Batches)

Dwarves “Gentleman Blag”
Explosives, The “Explosives”
Ricked Wicky “Mobility / Imminent Fall From Grace” (+ D/L)
Ricked Wicky “Piss Face / Temporarily Inane” (+ D/L)
Ricked Wicky “Death Metal Kid / Hopefully Not In The Fall” (+ D/L)
Wastoids “Dangerous Spaces”

Aphex Twin “Selected Ambient Works 85-92”
Aphex Twin “Classics”
Archangel “The Bedroom Slant”
Body, The / Thou “You, Whom I Have Always Hated”
Carpenter, John “Lost Themes” [2-3-15 Release Date]
Pagan Altar “Judgment Of The Dead”
Various “LSD (Documentary)” (Timothy Leary, Allan Ginsberg, Aldous Huxley’s Widow, Fire & Ice Ltd…)

Peals “Seltzer” (THRILL 389) Cassette
Weak Flesh “Piss Chiseler” (EROTIC MANGE 001) Cassette
Maximum Rock N Roll #381 February 2015 Magazine
Wire #372 Magazine


Gardens & Villa 
Gardens & Villa Dunes
(Secretly Canadian)
As their name suggests, this Santa Barbara, California indie quintet had a multicolored and ornate sound. Led by vocalist Christopher Lynch’s wistful falsetto, their varied style incorporates synth, guitar, bass, piano and flute, with the primary result being endlessly kinetic, frequently danceable synthpop. Some of my favorite tracks are the blossoming, flute-driven tapestry “Domino” and the unapologetic, dramatized 80s-style synth number “Avalanche,” which is followed by the emotional, tirelessly piano-driven lament “Minnesota.”
[Reviewer: Mark]

Christopher Willits Opening
Christopher Willits Opening
(Ghostly International)
Currently based in San Francisco, Willits is a multimedia artist whose vision here includes digital/analog ambient music and both still and moving images. The “Opening” record was made to complement seven photographs and a 45-minute film of the same name, consisting primarily of nature footage such as clouds, oceans and trees filmed in multiple countries over a four-year-period. Musically, it’s mostly a drifting tapestry of cloud-soft electronica with subtle vocals, harmonies and percussion that “fold” together (as Willits describes the sound created with his custom-designed software.)
[Reviewer: Mark]

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