T-USED-DAY Update for February 17th, 2015

T-USED-DAY Update for February 17th, 2015
at Redscroll Records
TUSEDDAY 2-17-15
Here are some of the latest used arrivals at the shop. Keep in mind this doesn’t include any of the CDs or many of the LPs in the general rock/pop/jazz/anything-in-the-back-room that we get in. This list also builds over the course of a week so sometimes some items are no longer in stock by the time this is posted. We try to avoid that, but it happens. Call ahead if there’s a particular release you’re curious about. These are the in-store prices – if you’d like to find any of these online please visit us here: http://www.discogs.com/seller/Redscroll

LPs & 12″s

4Skins “The Good, The Bad & The 4Skins” LP $12.00
AC/DC “If You Want Blood” LP $5.00
AC/DC “Fly On The Wall” LP $6.00
AC/DC “Highway To Hell” LP $15.00
Acquaye, Saka & His African Ensemble “Gold Coast Saturday Night” LP $17.00
Ade, King Sunny & His African Beats Synchro System” LP $5.00
Ade, King Sunny & His African Beats “Aura” LP $5.00
A-Ha “Hunting High And Low” (Picture Disc) LP $10.00
Alice Cooper “Constrictor” LP $6.00
Armored Saints “Raising Fear” LP $8.00
Astley, Virginia “Hope In A Darkened Heart” LP $10.00
Aswad “Rebel Souls” LP $8.00
Bauhaus “1979-1983” (UK Pressing) LP $18.00
Black Sabbath “Technical Ecstasy” LP $7.00
Black Sabbath “Sabotage” LP $13.00
Black Sabbath “Black Sabbath Volume 4” LP $17.00
Black Sabbath “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” LP $13.00
Black Sabbath “Paranoid” LP $15.00
Black Sabbath “Masters Of Reality” LP $15.00
Blow Monkeys, The “Limping For A Generation” (Germany) LP $5.00
Bone Symphony “Bone Symphony” (Sealed) LP $7.00
Bowie, David “Let’s Dance” LP $4.00
Bpeople “Petrified Conditions 79-81” LP $13.00
Brainbombs “Burning Hell” LP $22.00
Brainbombs “Singles Compilation” LP $18.00
Bride “Silence Is Madness” LP $17.00
Bush, Kate “Never For Ever” LP $14.00
C*nts, The “Look Out!” LP $5.00
Camel “Moonmadness” (Promo) LP $6.00
Charged GBH “City Baby’s Revenge” LP $12.00
Circulatory System “Mosaics Within Mosaics” LP $15.00
CJSS “Praise The Loud” LP $8.00
Clown Alley “Circus Of Chaos” LP $9.00
Cream “Once Upon A Time” ( German Pressing) LP $12.00
Cure, The “Standing On A Beach: The Singles” LP $16.00
Darkness “Death Squad” LP $20.00
Deathwish “Demon Preacher” LP $15.00
Demon “The Plague” LP $8.00
Devo “Q: Are We Not Men?” LP $20.00
Dio “Dream Evil” LP $8.00
DJ Spooky The Subliminal Kid “Riddim Warfare” LP $7.00
Dylan, Bob “Another Side Of Bob Dylan” LP $7.00
Dylan, Bob “The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan” LP $13.00
Dylan, Bob “Blonde On Blonde” LP $18.00
Dylan, Bob “Highway 61 Revisited” LP $5.00
Emperor “In The Nightside Eclipse” LP $18.00
Entombed “Clandestine” LP $25.00
Evenings “Yore” LP $14.00
Explainer “Dedicated To You” LP $10.00
Flirts, The “Questions Of The Heart” LP $7.00
Frijid Pink “Frijid Pink” LP $25.00
Fuzz “Fuzz” LP $13.00
Gang Starr “Take It Personal” LP $2.00
Gene Loves Jezebel “Promise” LP $4.00
Ghostface Killah “Supreme Clientele” LP $11.00
Gun Club, The “Fire Of Love” LP $20.00
Guru, The “Native Sun” LP $5.00
Harvest, Barclay James “Eyes Of The Universe” LP $6.00
Head Of David “Saveana Mixes” LP $7.00
Hearts And Flowers “Of Horses, Kids, And Forgotten Women” LP $10.00
Hearts And Flowers “Now Is The Time For” LP $16.00
Henry, Carl “Reel Dreams” (Sealed) LP $15.00
Humes, Helen “Sneakin’ Around” LP $6.00
Immaculate Mary “Through The Eyes Of Youth” LP $7.00
Impaler “If We Had Brains… We’d Be Dangerous” LP $7.00
Impaler “Rise Of The Mutants” LP $14.00
Iron Maiden “Maiden Japan” LP $12.00
Iron Maiden “Piece Of Mind” LP $20.00
Isaacs, Gregory “Come Along” LP $13.00
James, Elmore / John Brim “Whose Muddy Waters” LP $12.00
Japan “Oil On Canvas” LP $5.00
Japan “Exorcising Ghosts” LP $6.00
Japan “Budokan – Recorded Live In Tokyo 1979” (Unofficial UK Pressing) LP $16.00
Jarre, Jean Michel “Oxygene” LP $7.00
Jobson, Eddie “Theme Of Secrets” LP $6.00
Jones, Quincy “The Color Purple” LP $5.00
Julius, Orlando “Dance Afro-Beat” LP $10.00
King Crimson “Discipline” LP $15.00
King, BB “Better Than Ever” LP $13.00
King, BB “20 Greatest Hits” (Import) LP $10.00
Kiss “Animalize” (Venezuelan Pressing) LP $10.00
Laaz Rockit “No Stranger To Danger” LP $10.00
Love And Rockets “Express” LP $7.00
Majical Cloudz “Impersonator” (Sealed!) LP $9.00
Marillion “Clutching At Straws” LP $5.00
Marillion “Brief Encounter” LP $8.00
Martinez, Cliff “Only God Forgives” (Red / Blue) LP $15.00
Matt And Kim “Lightning Remixes” LP $7.00
Mini-Pops “Mini Pops” (Children’s Record Filed In Soundtracks) LP $5.00
Mira, Eugenio “Timecrimes” (Milky Yellow / Clear) LP $28.00
Mobb Deep “Quiet Storm” LP $2.00
Motley Crue “Shout At The Devil” LP $12.00
Nasty Savage “Abstract Reality” LP $10.00
N’Dour, Youssou “The Lion” LP $5.00
Night Birds “Born To Die In Suburbia” LP $10.00
No Summer “No Summer” (Blue /200) LP $10.00
Nothing “Downward Years To Come” LP $16.00
Okkervil River “The Silver Gymnasium” (Sealed) LP $12.00
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark “If You Leave” (Promo) LP $5.00
Out Of Order “Paradise Lost” LP $10.00
Pemulis “Priorities” LP $9.00
Pharmakon “Bestial Burden” LP $10.00
Pilgrim “Silver Lady” (Local) LP $10.00
Prowler “Prowling Death Squad” LP $36.00
Psychedelic Furs “Mirror Moves” LP $4.00
Public Image Limited “Album” LP $6.00
Rancid “Let’s Go” LP $17.00
Re-Animator “Deny Reality” ( French Pressing) LP $8.00
Renninger, Ron “Another Kite To Fly” LP $15.00
Roxy Music “Avalon” LP $6.00
RZA (as Bobby Digital) “In Stereo” LP $15.00
Saint Vitus “Lillie: F-65” LP $10.00
Silverfish “TFA ep” LP $3.00
Skinny Puppy “Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse” (Canadian Pressing) LP $15.00
Skinny Puppy “Spasmolytic” LP $20.00
Strummer, Joe & The Mescaleros “Friday Nov. 15 2002 Action Town Hall, London” LP $36.00
Sylvian, David “Brilliant Trees” LP $3.00
Sylvian-Sakamoto “Bamboo Houses – Bamboo Music” (UK Pressing) LP $5.00
Talk Talk “It’s My Life” LP $8.00
Talking Heads “Blind” LP $5.00
Titus Andronicus “Local Business” (Red) LP $8.00
Titus Andronicus “Record Store Day” 12″ $3.00
Tosh, Peter “Captured Live” LP $13.00
UFO “Misdemeanor” LP $6.00
Urubamba “Urubamba” LP $5.00
Used Kids “Yeah No” LP $5.00
UTFO “Skeezer Pleezer” LP $6.00
Van Halen “Diver Down” LP $4.00
Various “Woodstock: Music From The Original Soundtrack And More” (Check Condition) LP $5.00
Various “Sonic Chimp Volume One” LP $5.00
Various “Newport Broadside” LP $5.00
Various “Groundzero NYC 2013” LP $13.00
Various “Ghostbusters” LP $4.00
Various “Thunder Before Dawn: The Indestructible Beat Of Soweto Volume 2” LP $7.00
Various “Homeland – A Collection Of Black South African Music” LP $10.00
Venom “American Assault” LP $18.00
Vivian Girls “Live On The Radio WFMU 9/1/2008” LP $6.00
Warriors “The Warriors” LP $15.00
Watazumido-Shuso “Mysterious Sounds Of The Japanese Bamboo Flute” LP $5.00
Waterhouse, Nick “Holly” LP $13.00
Weber, Andrew Lloyd “Jesus Christ Superstar” (Soundtrack) LP $2.00
Whitesnake “Slide It In” LP $5.00
Whitesnake “Slide It In” LP $6.00
Wild Flag “Wild Flag” LP $10.00
Williams, John “The Story Of Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom” LP $7.00
Williams, John “Empire Strikes Back: The Adventures Of Luke Skywalker” LP $3.00
Williamson, Sonny Boy “One Way Out” LP $13.00
Witchkiller “Day Of The Saxons” LP $18.00
Zola Jesus “Conatus” LP $8.00

Fitz And The Tantrums “Out Of My League” (Clear) 10″ $6.00
Money Mark “Marks Keyboard Repair” 10″ $14.00

Airpeople “Stockholm” 7″ $1.00
Bane “10 Year Anniversary” (Bjork Cover B-Side!)(Orange/White) 7″ $8.00
Benett “Amor The Seven Inch” 7″ $2.00
Blanks77 / Forklift “Blank77 / Forklift” (Grey) 7″ $7.00
Blurred Vision / Jobbykrust “Blurred Vision / Jobbykrust” 7″ $3.00
Broken / Boiling Man “Broken / Boiling Man” 7″ $5.00
Brutally Familiar “TV Land” 7″ $3.00
Brutally Familiar “Ashamed To Be White” 7″ $3.00
Cars, The “You Might Think” 7″ $1.00
Cohen, Leonard / Jeff Buckley “Hallelujah” 7″ $14.00
Cutting Crew “One For The Mockingbird” 7″ $2.00
Dissolve “Dissolve” 7″ $5.00
Fluid, The “On My Feet” ( White) 7″ $2.00
Forklift “Untitled” 7″ $3.00
Giuffria “Call To The Heart” 7″ $2.00
Grateful Dead / Dr. John / The Dixie Cups “Iko Iko” (Side By Side) 7″ $2.00
Human League “Don’t You Want Me” 7″ $1.00
Icicle Works “Whisper To A Scream” 7″ $2.00
Jake O’Fire “Punkin” (Glow-In-The-Dark) 7″ $6.00
Jett, Joan “I Love Rock ‘N Roll” 7″ $2.00
Lava “Lava” 7″ $2.00
Led Zeppelin “Immigrant Song” 7″ $6.00
Missing Persons “Give” 7″ $3.00
Morning Shakes, The “I Wanna Get High!!!” (Drinky Crow) 7″ $3.00
Mountain Movers, The “Willimantic Record Store” (6 1/2″ Lathe) 7″ $6.00
New Radiation Storm King “Subway Token” 7″ $2.00
New Radiation Storm King “Mad Money” 7″ $3.00
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark “If You Leave” 7″ $2.00
Shed The Skin “Rebirth Through Brimstone” (White) 7″ $6.00
Sound Bite House “Dinner With Julia” 7″ $2.50
Sugarshock “I Hate The Kids” 7″ $2.00
Sugarshock “Playtime” 7″ $3.00
Twisted Sister “I Wanna Rock” 7″ $3.00
Various Artists “A Dent In The General Mentality” 7″ $5.00
Various Artists “Seeing With New Eyes / Long Island Hardcore” 7″ $8.00
Voetsek “Tinea Cruris” 7″ $2.00
Voetsek “Voetsek” 7″ $2.00
Voetsek / Mind Of Asian “Voetsek / Mind Of Asian” (Clear) 7″ $2.00
Wang Chung “Don’t Let Go” 7″ $1.00
Yage “Somethings Take A Long Time But Step For Step It Takes Its Direction” 7″ $4.00
Yage / Engrave “Yage / Engrave” 7″ $4.00