T-USED-DAY Update for 31st March, 2015

T-USED-DAY Update for 31st March, 2015
at Redscroll Records

T-USED-DAY 3-31-15

Here are some of the latest used arrivals at the shop. Keep in mind this doesn’t include any of the CDs or many of the LPs in the general rock/pop/jazz/anything-in-the-back-room that we get in. This list also builds over the course of a week so sometimes some items are no longer in stock by the time this is posted. We try to avoid that, but it happens. Call ahead if there’s a particular release you’re curious about. These are the in-store prices – if you’d like to find any of these online please visit us here: http://www.discogs.com/seller/Redscroll

LPs & 12″s

13th Floor Elevators, The “Live – I’ve Seen Your Face Before” (UK Pressing) LP $24.00
A Life Once Lost “A Great Artist” (Picture Disc) (/1500) LP $8.00
Allen, Woody “The Night Club Years 1964-1968” LP $5.00
Angel “Sinful” LP $3.00
Appletree Theatre, The “The Appletree Theatre” LP $20.00
Auger, Brian Oblivion Express “Second Wind” LP $5.00
Ava Luna “Services / 3rd Ave Island” LP $14.00
B. Willie Smith Band “B. Willie Smith Band” LP $5.00
B. Willie Smith Band “Worlds Favorite Songs” LP $6.00
B-52’s, The “Party Mix!” LP $5.00
Bad Swimmers “See You” (White) 10″ $6.00
Barrabas “Barrabas” LP $6.00
Beastie Boys “Licensed To Ill” LP $30.00
Bitter End “Guilty As Charged” (Coke Bottle Blue/Black) LP $10.00
Bjork “Post” (Promo Version) LP $18.00
Black Sabbath “We Sold Our Soul For Rock’N’Roll” LP $12.00
Black Sabbath “Heaven And Hell” LP $7.00
Blakey, Art / Dizzy Gillespie / Al McKibbon / Thelonious Monk / Sonny Stitt / Kai Winding “The Giants Of Jazz” LP $7.00
Blanchard, Michael Kelly “Love Lives On” (CT Private Press Folk) LP $14.00
Bleeding Through “Declaration” (White) LP $13.00
Bowie, David “Scary Monsters” LP $12.00
Bowie, David “Stage” (2LP) LP $10.00
Bozmo “Hosanna In The Highest” LP $7.00
Brown, Ray “Brown’s Bag” LP $6.00
Brubeck, Dave Quartet “Anything Goes! The Dave Brubeck Quartet Plays Cole Porter” LP $6.00
Butler, Artie “The Harrad Experiment” (Soundtrack) LP $5.00
Byrds, The “The Notorious Byrd Brothers” LP $13.00
Camarata Contemporary Chamber Orchestra, The “The Music Of Erik Satie: Through A Looking Glass” LP $5.00
Cash, Johnny “Sings The Greatest Hits” LP $7.00
Ceremony “6 Cover Songs” (Clear) LP $10.00
Chalk Talk “Bad Influences” LP $7.00
Cheech Y Chong “Los Cochinos @#!!*” LP $3.00
Circus Of Power “Circus Of Power” LP $6.00
Cirino, Chuck “Chopping Mall: Soundtrack” LP $20.00
Cohen, Leonard “Songs Of Leanord Cohen” LP $5.00
Copeland, Stewart “The Rhythmatist” LP $5.00
Coryell, Larry “Offering” LP $5.00
Creedence Clearwater Revival “Chronicle: The 20 Greatest Hits” LP $8.00
Culture “Baldhead Bridge” LP $13.00
Dallas Band, The “Casualty Of Love” LP $18.00
Davis, Larry “I Ain’t Beggin Nobody” LP $8.00
Dead End Path “Blind Faith” LP $10.00
Dead In The Dirt “The Blind Hole” LP $13.00
Deep Purple “30: Very Best Of” (Ltd. Ed. Import Purple Vinyl) LP $25.00
Defeater “Empty Days & Sleepless Nights” (Teal) LP $18.00
Defeater “Travels” (Clear Red/Black) LP $14.00
Depeche Mode “Black Celebration” LP $13.00
Derek And The Dominos “Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs” LP $10.00
Diaz, Alirio “4 Siecles De Guitare Classique” LP $7.00
Dio “Sacred Heart” LP $7.00
Djawadi, Ramin “Game Of Thrones: Music From The HBO Series” LP $16.00
Doll By Doll “Grand Passion” (UK Pressing) LP $6.00
Doll By Doll “Remember” LP $6.00
Doll By Doll “Gypsy Blood” LP $9.00
Donovan Wolfington “Stop Breathing” LP $9.00
Doomriders “Darkness Come Alive” LP $10.00
Dream Syndicate, The “The Day Before Wine And Roses / Radio KPFK, Los Angeles 1982 /” (Spanish Pressing) LP $24.00
Electribe 101 “Electribal Memories” LP $5.00
Emerson, Lake & Palmer “Tarkus” (UK Pressing) LP $8.00
Foghat “Foghat” LP $5.00
Forbidden “Twisted Into Form” (Promo) LP $10.00
Foxx “Revolt Of Emily Young” LP $10.00
Freres DeJean “First Class” LP $10.00
Frizzi, Fabio “Zombie Flesh Eaters: Original Soundtrack” (Grey/400) LP $23.00
Garland, Hank “Jazz Winds From A New Direction” LP $12.00
Getz, Stan “The Best Of Stan Getz” LP $5.00
Getz, Stan Quartet “Pure Getz” LP $8.00
Gilberto, Astrud “The Best Of Astrud Gilberto” (Netherlands Pressing) LP $6.00
Glass Harp “It Makes Me Glad” LP $10.00
Hatchacha / Summer People “Do It.” LP $7.00
Hatebreed “For The Lions” LP $10.00
Hawkwind “Quark Strangeness And Charm” LP $13.00
Hostage Calm “Hostage Calm” (Orange) LP $10.00
Howdy Doody “The World: Original Cast Starring Howdy Doody” (Soundtrack) LP $5.00
Icon “Icon” LP $4.00
Into It. Over It. / Koji “IIOI KOJI” (Khaki Green /500) LP $13.00
Jeff The Brotherhood “We Are The Champions” LP $8.00
Jet Black Berries “Desperate Fires” (Promo Sticker On Front Cover) LP $8.00
Jethro Tull “A Passion Play” (German Pressing) LP $9.00
Jethro Tull “This Was” (UK Pressing) LP $18.00
Joel, Billy “Storm Front” LP $6.00
Johnson, Jesse “Shockadelica” LP $6.00
Jones, Grace “Slave To The Rhythm” LP $6.00
Jones, Quincy “Roots: The Saga Of An American Family” LP $2.00
Juluka “Scatterlings” LP $5.00
Kaukonen, Jorma & Tom Hobson “Quah” LP $7.00
Killing The Dream “Lucky Me” (Green/Black) LP $14.00
King Kobra “Ready To Strike” LP $6.00
Konte, Alhaji Bai “Kora Melodies From The Republic Of The Gambia, West Africa” (Sealed!) LP $13.00
Kryzys “Kryzys” LP $40.00
La Dispute / Koji “Never Come Undone” LP $12.00
Last Ritual, The “The Last Ritual” LP $16.00
Les Paul And His Trio “The Guitar Artistry Of Les Paul” LP $6.00
Linn County “Proud Flesh Soothseer” (Check Condition) LP $10.00
Little Richard “The Best Of Little Richard” LP $5.00
Little Village “Little Village” LP $8.00
Loma Prieta “I.V.” LP $12.00
Love “De Capo” (EKS-74005) LP $10.00
Love “De Capo” (EKL-4005) LP $25.00
Love And Rockets “Ball Of Confusion” LP $4.00
Madonna “Die Another Day” 12″ $5.00
Mahogany Rush “Maxoon” LP $5.00
Mahogany Rush “IV” LP $5.00
McCurdy, Ed “A Treasury Chest Of American Folk Song” LP $7.00
McGuinn, Roger “Cardiff Rose” LP $8.00
McLean, Jackie “McLean’s Scene” LP $5.00
Mean Creek “Youth Companion” LP $8.00
Melly, George And The Feetwarmers “Son Of Nuts” LP $6.00
Mission U.K., The “God’s Own Medicine” LP $8.00
Modern Life Is War “Fever Hunting” (Green) LP $15.00
Moore, Rica “Walt Disney Presents: Goldilocks And The Three Bears” (Filed In Soundtracks) LP $5.00
Moss, Michael / Four Rivers “Cross Current” LP $13.00
Motley Crue “Shout At The Devil” (Sealed!) LP $23.00
Motorhead “No Sleep ‘Til Hammersmith” (Slight Warp – Play Tested Fine) LP $10.00
Mountain “Twin Peaks” LP $15.00
Mountain “Nantucket Sleighride” LP $8.00
New American Orchestra, The “Blade Runner: Orchestral Adaptation Of Music Composed For The Motion Picture” (NOT THE VANGELIS SCORE)(Sealed!) LP $10.00
Omega Redstar “Trombitas Fredi Es A Rettenetes Emberek” LP $25.00
Pachangacha “Weirdhead” (/200) LP $9.00
Page, Jimmy “Outrider” LP $7.00
Pass, Joe “Portraits Of Duke Ellington” LP $6.00
Pass, Joe “University Of Akron Concert” LP $8.00
Pass, Joe “Intercontinental” LP $6.00
Pepe & Paradise “Niin Vahan On Aikaa” LP $40.00
Perfect Pussy “Say Yes To Love” LP $10.00
Plasticland “Color Appreciation” LP $12.00
Polar Bear Club “Death Chorus” (Orange) LP $14.00
Precious Metal “Precious Metal” LP $5.00
Primus With The Fungi Ensemble “Primus & The Chocolate Factory” LP $15.00
Prong “Primitive Origins” (French Pressing) LP $10.00
Prong “Peel Sessions” (UK Pressing) LP $14.00
Prong “Cleansing” (UK Pressing, Red Vinyl) LP $16.00
Prong “Prove You Wrong” LP $9.00
R.E.M. “Reckonings” LP $11.00
Rainbow “Jealous Lover” LP $5.00
Rampal, Jean-Pierre “The Virtuoso Flute Volume 2” LP $5.00
Reinhardt, Django “Django Reinhardt Volume 10” (French Pressing) LP $20.00
Reinhardt, Django “Django Reinhardt Volume 7” (French Pressing) LP $15.00
Reinhardt, Django “Django Reinhardt Volume 4” (French Pressing) LP $6.00
Reinhardt, Django “Django Reinhardt Volume 5” (French Pressing) LP $13.00
Richardson, Doug “Night Talk” LP $20.00
Riga “Jesus: Music From The Motion Picture” LP $2.00
Riley, Terry “A Rainbow In Curved Air” LP $15.00
Rocket From The Crypt “Paint As A Fragrance” (Yellow Marble) LP $15.00
Rocket From The Crypt “Paint As A Fragrance” LP $9.00
Roderick, Judy “Woman Blue” LP $8.00
Sanders, Pharoah “The Best Of Pharoah Sanders” LP $12.00
Satanic Warmaster “Revelation” LP $16.00
Satanic Warmaster “Fimbulwinter” (Clear) LP $18.00
Satans, The “Raisin’ Hell” (Check Condition) LP $15.00
Scorpions “In Trance” LP $15.00
Scorpions “Love At First Sting” LP $9.00
Sesame Street “Sing The Hit Songs Of Sesame Street” (Soundtrack) LP $8.00
Shipwreck “Abyss” (Blue/Silver /300) LP $13.00
Simon & Garfunkel / David Grusin “The Graduate: The Original Sound Track Recording” LP $4.00
Springsteen, Bruce “Interview With Bruce Springsteen” (Picture Disc, UK Pressing /5,000) LP $10.00
Starz “Coliseum Rock” LP $5.00
Steppenwolf “Steppenwolf 7” LP $4.00
Steppenwolf “Early Steppenwolf” LP $4.00
Steppenwolf “For Ladies Only” LP $7.00
Steppenwolf “Monster” LP $6.00
Stereo Taxic Device “Stereo Taxic Device” LP $8.00
Stormcrow / Coffins “Stormcrow / Coffins” LP $10.00
Sunday Reeds “Drowning In History” LP $5.00
Sweet Apple “The Golden Age Of Glitter” LP $10.00
Talk Talk “It’s My Life” LP $6.00
Tomita “The Planets” LP $6.00
Touche Amore “Is Survived By” (Clear/Cyan) LP $12.00
Trapped Under Ice “Big Kiss Goodnight” (Red /500) LP $15.00
Trial “Are These Our Lives?” (Clear /500) LP $18.00
Turnover “Magnolia” (Green/Oxblood/Aqua /700) LP $14.00
Turtles, The “Best Of The Turtles” (Golden Archive Series) LP $6.00
Turtles, The “Greatest Hits” LP $8.00
Ugly Ducklings, The “Off The Wall” (Sealed!) LP $8.00
Unknown Artist “TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday): Music From The Motion Picture” LP $3.00
Van Halen “Van Halen II” LP $5.00
Van Halen “Van Halen” LP $6.00
Van Halen “1984” LP $7.00
Van Morrison “Into The Music” LP $5.00
Various “The Tale Of Peter Rabbit / Jack And The Beanstalk” (Childrens’ Stories Filed In Soundtracks) LP $5.00
Various “Miami Vice: Music From The Television Series” LP $2.00
Various “Footloose: Original Soundtrack” LP $3.00
Various “The Big Ball” LP $10.00
Various “Easy Rider: Music From The Soundtrack” LP $4.00
Various “The Story Of Star Wars: From The Original Soundtrack” LP $5.00
Various “Off The Board: Studio 4 Family Compilation” (Title Fight, Circa Survive, Koji, Pity Sex…) LP $15.00
Various “KZOK Best Of The Northwest 1981” LP $14.00
Venuti, Joe & George Barnes “Live At The Concord Summer Festival” LP $7.00
Wainrigh, Loudon III “Unrequited” LP $7.00
Waits, Tom / Crystal Gale “One From The Heart: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” LP $10.00
Walker, Scott / SunnO))) “Soused” LP $19.00
Warhorse “As Heaven Turns To Ash” (Gold) LP $22.00
West “Bridges” LP $14.00
Whitesnake “Whitesnake” (1987) LP $6.00
Who, The “The Best Of Who” (Import) LP $6.00
Wire “Ahead” LP $5.00
XTC “White Music” LP $8.00
Y&T “Down For The Count” LP $4.00
Yma Sumac “Miracles” LP $16.00
Young, Neil “Journey Through The Past: Original Soundtrack Recordings” LP $8.00


Backtrack “Deal With The Devil” (White) 7″ $7.00
Best Coast “Best Coast (Sun Was High (So Was I))” (Green) 7″ $8.00
Blacklisted “Live On BBC 1 September 2, 2010″ 7” $14.00
Blacklisted “Peace On Earth, War On Stage” 7″ $2.00
Blacklisted “So, You Are A Magician?” 7″ $3.00
Blacklisted “Eccentrichine” (Red/Gold) 7″ $5.00
Blacklisted “Live From Nowhere U.S.A.” (White) 7″ $6.00
Christian Death “The Edward Colver Edition” (/500) 7″ $45.00
Civ “All Twisted” 7″ $2.00
Clippers “An Evening With Clippers” (Green) 7″ $5.00
Damned Things, The “We’ve Got A Situation Here” (Clear) 7″ $4.00
Defeater “Live On BBC Radio One” (Clear Blue) 7″ $6.00
Desert Sharks “Sister Cousins” 7″ $3.00
Down To Nothing “All My Sons” (Purple) 7″ $4.00
Down To Nothing “Greetings From Richmond, Virginia” (White) 7″ $5.00
Dream Syndicate, The “The Dream Syndicate” 7″ $12.00
Dropdead / Look Back And Laugh “Dropdead / Look Back And Laugh” 7″ $3.00
Estrogen Highs “Luxury Is God” 7″ $2.00
Fugue, The “Siblings” (Orange) 7″ $5.00
Full Of Hell / Code Orange Kids “Full Of Hell / Code Orange Kids” (Green) 7″ $7.00
Hostage Calm “War On A Feeling” 7″ $5.00
Incendiary / Xibalba “Incendiary / Xibalba” (Yellow Marble) 7″ $8.00
KC Quilty “Siiya” 7″ $2.00
Killing The Dream “I Rewrote It” (Gold) 7″ $4.00
Killing The Dream “Killing The Dream” (Clear) 7″ $4.00
Like Bats “Look On The Bright Side” (Purple) 7″ $5.00
Living Laser / God Mode “Living Laser / God Mode” 7″ $4.00
Mole People “Red Reflector” 7″ $3.00
Musical Youth “Pass The Dutchie” 7″ $2.50
My Heart To Joy “Reasons To Be” (Red) 7″ $5.00
O’Connor, Robert / Charlene Brown “Night Train To Terror: Original Soundtrack Recordings” 7″ $8.00
Paint It Black “Amnesia” (Clear) 7″ $5.00
Pulling Teeth / Shin To Shin “Pulling Teeth / Shin To Shin” (Gray Marble) 7″ $4.00
Reach The Sky “Everybody’s Hero” 7″ $2.00
Reign Supreme “American Violence” (Red) 7″ $4.00
Screaming Females / Tenement “Screaming Females / Tenement” 7″ $4.00
Shipwreck “Shipwreck” 7″ $3.00
Shook Ones “Merriweater Post Pavillion” 7″ $5.00
Swingin’ Neckbreakers, The “Workin’ & Jerkin’ / Good Good Lovin'” 7″ $3.00
Various “The Extermination: A Flatspot Hardcore Compilation” (Blue) (Turnstile, Backtrack, Suburban Scum…) 7″ $8.00
Voice Of The Puppets “I Don’t Wanna Know” 7″ $5.00


Diamond Terrifier “Himalayan Appalachia” Cassette $5.00
Dilloway, Aaron “All Of Them Spies” Cassette $5.00
Guerilla Toss “My Real Dad: Live In Nappa” Cassette $5.00
Higgs, Daniel “The Measure Of Mystery” Cassette $5.00
Names Divine “Something Vague And Maybe” Cassette $2.00
Nevari Butchers, The “Arms And Everything Else” Cassette $4.00
Pulse Emitter “Longing Thresholds” Cassette $4.00
Tangerine Dream “Rockoon” Cassette $4.00
Tangerine Dream “220 Volt” Cassette $4.00
Ungod “In Numele Metalului Est-European” Cassette $8.00