3rd Of April 2015 Update

3rd Of April 2015 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records

New Rack 4-3-15

LPs & 12″s
Aphex Twin “MARCHROMT30a Edit 2b 96” (4-7 Release Date)
Atlas Sound “Parallax” (+ D/L)
Cave In “Creative Eclipse” (4-7 Release Date)
Chavez “Gone Glimmering” (+ D/L)
Chavez “Ride The Fader” (+ D/L)
Colleen “Captain Of None” (4-7 Release Date)
Creature Automatic “Dust Clouds May Exist” (180 Gram + D/L)(4-7 Release Date)
Dorian Concept “Joined Ends Remix EP” (4-12 Release Date)
East India Youth “Culture Of Volume” (2LP + D/L) (4-7 Release Date)
Hauff, Helena “Lex Tertia” (4-7 Release Date)
Heavy Trash “Noir!” (4-7 Release Date)
Hit The Lights “Summer Bones” (Ltd. Color Vinyl + D/L)
Howling “Signs Remixes” (4-7 Release Date)
Kollwitz “Dissonance” (+ CD) (4-7 Release Date)
Krautner, John “Fun With Gum – Vol. 1” (4-7 Release Date)
Lapalux “Lustmore” (4-7 Release Date)
Liturgy “The Ark Work” (4-7 Release Date)
Marriages “Salome” (4-7 Release Date)
McNeill, Lloyd “Tanner Suite” (4-7 Release Date)
Milo “A Toothpaste Suburb” (4-7 Release Date)
Mitski “Bury Me At Makeout Creek” (4-7 Release Date)
Pare-Phillips, Scout “Heed The Call”
Portico “Living Fields” (4-7 Release Date)
Prince Far I And The Arabs “Dub Encounter Chapter One”
Riley, Jimmy “Live It To Know It: Self Productions, Protest Songs & Dub Plates 1975-1985”
Shlohmo “Dark Red” (+ D/L) (4-7 Release Date)
Sonics, The “This Is The Sonics” (Mono)
Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments “Straight To Video”
Uncommon Nasa “New York Telephone” (4-7 Release Date)
Various “Cargaa 1” (4-7 Release Date)
Various “Sherwood At The Controls Volume 1: 1979-1984” (4-7 Release Date)
Young Fathers “White Men Are Black Men Too” (+ D/L) (4-7 Release Date)
Yung “Alter” (4-7 Release Date)

Culture Abuse “Spray Paint The Dog” (White)
Milky White “Milky White” (Transparent Green)

Ceschi “Broken Bone Ballads” (Produced By Factor Chandelier)(4-7 Release Date)
Creature Automatic “Dust Clouds May Exist” (4-7 Release Date)
Kelela “Cut 4 Me: Deluxe” (4-7 Release Date)
Lapalux “Lustmore” (4-7 Release Date)
Rivener “Fires In Repose”
Shlohmo “Dark Red” (4-7 Release Date)
Various “Crosstown Rebels Present: Rebel Rave 4” (3CD Digipak)(4-7 Release Date)
Young Fathers “White Men Are Black Men Too” (4-7 Release Date)

Cassette Tapes
Fuming Mouth “Demo” (dose:28)
Mykki Blanco “Gay Dog Food” (UNO! Oo59) (4-7 Release Date)
Rivener “Fires In Repose” (TLR020)
Shilpa Ray “Make Up” (NS065)(4-7 Release Date)


Sugar Stems  Only Come Out at Night
Sugar Stems  Only Come Out at Night
This Milwaukee band’s latest album is brimming with hooky power-pop energy that sounds like a beaming sunny day. Singer/guitarist Betsy Heibler’s loud and sweet vocals shine with the power chords, whether she’s asserting that she doesn’t want to be “The One” someone’s waiting for or simultaneously yearning for and despairing the chances of becoming a “Radio Heartthrob.” “Million Miles” proves to be an unexpected closer, with imagery indicative of the unknown, danger and apparently even death (turning to ashes and blowing away, walking into a storm, etc.) amidst a calm, starry-sounding acoustic guitar and organ.

[Reviewer: Mark]

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