15th Of May 2015 Update

15th Of May 2015 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records

Update 5-15-15

LPs & 12″s

Abrams, Joshua “Magnetoception”
Ahmed, Ilyas “I Am All Your Own” (5-19 Release Date)
Air “Moon Safari”
Ambarchi, Oren “Sleepwalker’s Conviction”
Atmosphere “Sad Clown Bad Fall #10”
Atmosphere “Sad Clown Bad Spring #12”
Ayler, Albert “Spirits Rejoice”
Azar Swan “Dance Before The War” (+ D/L, Frosted Clear)
Baba, Ali “Ali Baba”
Baumel, Patrice “Speicher 85: Lowrider / The Vanishing”
Bellows “Rustl” (Clear)
Blanck Mass “Dumb Flesh” (Ltd. Ed. Clear + D/L, Fuck Buttons Side Project)
Bontempi, Marcel “Witches, Spiders, Frogs & Holes – Demos & Recordings 2009-2014″ (+ 7”)
Breach “Dim Sum EP”
Brokaw, Chris “The Periscope Twins” (+ D/L)
Caribou “Mars”
Cave, Nick And The Bad Seeds “Murder Ballads” (180 Gram + D/L)
Cave, Nick And The Bad Seeds “Henry’s Dream” (180 Gram + D/L)
Cave, Nick And Warren Ellis “Loin Des Hommes: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” (“Far From Men’) (+ D/L)
Ceremony “The L-Shaped Man” (Ltd. Ed. Colored Vinyl + D/L) (5-19 Release Date)
Chrisma “Hibernation”
Circuit Des Yeux “In Plain Speech” (5-19 Release Date)
Clear Soul Forces “Fab 5ive” (Produced By Nameless) (+ D/L)
Connors, Loren “Blues: The ‘Dark Paintings’ Of Mark Rothko”
Copeland “Beneath Medicine Tree” (Audiophile Edition)
Crocodiles “Boys” (+ D/L)
Damu The Fudgemunk “Public Assembly 2”
Death Alley “Black Magick Boogieland” (+ D/L)
DJ Spinna “Compositions4″ (+ D/L + 7” /500)
Dolat-Shahi, Dariush “Dariush Dolat-Shahi – Electronic Music, Tar And Sehtar”
Dommengang “Everybody’s Boogie” (5-19 Release Date)
Dumas Jr., Martin L. “Attitude, Belief & Determination” (Remastered) (5-19 Release Date)
Efdemin “Decay Versions Pt. 1”
Ekoplekz “Reflekzionz” (5-19 Release Date)
Elfman, Danny “Beetlejuice: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”
Emika “Drei”
Epworth, Mary “Dream Life” (+ D/L) (5-19 Release Date)
Fashawn + Alchemist “Fash-ionably Late”
Fell, Mark & Gabor Lazar “The Neurobiology Of Moral Decision Making” (2LP)
Foot Hair “Foot Hair”
Gaslamp Killer Experience, The “Live In Los Angeles” (Ltd. Ed. Color)
General Magic & Pita “Fridge Trax Plus”
Girlschool “Glasgow 1982” (Purple Vinyl Ltd. Ed.)
Guantanamo Baywatch “Darling.. It’s Too Late” (Ltd. Ed. 1,000 Peaches & Cream Vinyl + D/L)
Heavy Trash “Noir!” (5-19 Release Date)
Helio Sequence, The “The Helio Sequence” (180 Gram Loser Edition + D/L)
Herndon, Holly “Platform” (5-19 Release Date)
Him “Razorblade Romance” (Deluxe Magenta 2LP Reissue)
Him “Love Metal” (Remastered Deluxe Colored 2LP Reissue)
Holydrug Couple, The “Moonlust” (+ D/L)
Hot Chip “Why Make Sense?” (150 Gram + D/L)
House Shoes “Seven”
Howling “Sacred Ground” (2LP) (5-19 Release Date)
Ihsahn “Das Seelenbrechen” (180 Gram Ltd. Ed. Coloured Vinyl)
Insanlar / Ricardo Villalobos “Kime Ne / Kime Ne Versions 1+2”
J.B.’s, The “These Are The J.B.’s”
Jaar, Nicolas “Nymphs II”
Jad Fair & Norman Blake “Yes”
James, Etta “Etta James Rocks The House” (Blue Vinyl)
Joy Wellboy “Wedding” (+ CD)
Jupiter Jax “Visions”
Kerrier District “4” (5-19 Release Date)
Knight, Kenny “Crossroads” (+ D/L)
L7 “Bricks Are Heavy” (180 Gram)
Lakker “Tundra” (2LP + D/L) (5-19 Release Date)
Lauer “Borndom” (2LP + CD)
Lifted “1”
Lunch, Lydia “Conspiracy Of Women”
Malone, Wil “Death Line: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”
McCaughan, Mac “Non-Believers” (+ D/L, Mac Of Superchunk)
Mercyful Fate “The Beginning” (180 Gram)
MF Grimm? & Drasar Monumental “Good Morning Vietnam 3 – The Phoenix Program”
Micachu “Feeling Romantic Feeling Tropical Feeling III”
Miranda, Holly “Holly Miranda” (+ D/L)
Moondog “The Story Of Moondog” (180 Gram)
Motorhead “Iron Fist” (180 Gram)
Muldrow, Georgia Anne “A Thoughtiverse Unmarred”
Mutant Beat Dance “PolyfonikDizko / Stress”
Naked “Youth Mode” (5-19 Release Date)
Naum Gabo “Fyei”
Nicks, Stevie “Crystal Visions… The Very Best Of Stevie Nicks” (Clear Vinyl Half-Speed Mastered)
Novella “Land” (+ D/L + 7″)
Pev & Hodge “21 Versions”
Pfarmers “Gunnera” (Green Vinyl + D/L)
Prefuse 73 “Rivington Nao Rio” (+ D/L)
Raw Poetic & K-Def “Cool Convos In Quantum Speech”
Roach, Max “We Insist! Max Roach’s Freedom Now Suite”
Roots Manuva “Facety 2:11” (5-19 Release Date)
Saints, The “(I’m) Stranded”
Saun & Starr “Look Closer” (+ D/L) (5-19 Release Date)
Shamir “Ratchet” (5-19 Release Date)
Shilpa Ray “Shilpa Ray Is Last Year’s Savage” (+ D/L) (5-19 Release Date)
Shook, Abram “Landscape Dream” (+ D/L)
Silverstein “I Am Alive In Everything I Touch” (Ltd. Ed. Colored Vinyl First Pressing + CD)
Simonetti, Claudio Goblin “The Murder Collection” (Picture Disc)
Soulphiction “Drama Queen / Soul Brother No. 2”
Superheaven “Ours Is Chrome” (Ltd. Ed. Colored Vinyl + D/L)
Surfer Blood “1000 Palms” (Blue/White Swirl & Blue Vinyl Varieties + D/L)
Surgeon “Dynamic Tension EP”
Tallest Man On Earth “Dark Bird Is Home” (White Vinyl Ltd. Ed. + D/L)
Tanlines “Highlights” (5-19 Release Date)
Terranova “Restless” (2LP 180 Gram + CD)
Tesseract “Odyssey/Scala” (Live LP + DVD)
Tobar, Ricardo “Collection” (2LP)
Torres “Sprinter” (180 Gram + D/L)
Total Babes “Heydays” (180 Gram + D/L) (5-19 Release Date)
Triana, Andreya “Giants” (+ D/L + Bonus Disc) (5-19 Release Date)
Various “Trojan Records: Roots Volume I”
Various “Trojan Records: Dub Volume I”
Various “Trojan Records: Reggae Volume I”
Various “Tropical Disco Hustle Volume Two”
Various “Cargaa 2” (5-19 Release Date)
Various “Hedwig And The Angry Inch: Original Broadway Cast Recording” (Starring Neil Patrick Harris, + D/L)
Warlock “Seventeen Camels EP”
Warm Soda “Symbolic Dream” (+ D/L)
Weather Station, The “Loyalty” (+ D/L)
Weedeater “Goliathan”
Weird Owl “Interstellar Skeletal”
Wen “Finesse EP”
Westerberg, Paul “Suicaine Gratifaction” (180 Gram)
White Eyes “White Eyes” (Numero Reissue)
WhoMadeWho “Ember EP” (+ D/L)


Allen, Tony “Film Of Life Remixes”
MNDR & Sweet Valley “Dance 4 A Dollar”
Pye Corner Audio “Stars Shine Like Eyes”


Como Mamas, The “Out Of The Wilderness / Well, Well Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me”
Germs, The “Forming” (Delayed RSD Release Ltd. Ed. Color)
Poets Of Rhythm “Path Of Life / Smilin’ (While You’re Crying)”
Relationship, The “Oh Allen / Young Temptations”


Aqua “In Loving Memory Of Aqua (1982-1988)”
Blanck Mass “Dumb Flesh”
Built To Spill “Untethered Moon”
Cannabis Corpse “From Wisdom To Baked”
Ceremony “The L-Shaped Man” (5-19 Release Date)
Clear Soul Forces “Fab 5ive” (Produced By Nameless)
Death Alley “Black Magick Boogieland”
Ekoplekz “Reflekzionz” (5-19 Release Date)
Faith No More “Sol Invictus”
Herndon, Holly “Platform” (5-19 Release Date)
Kerrier District “4”
Kid606 “Recollected Ambient Works Vol. 1 Bored Of Excitement” (Long Box)
Kool Keith “Total Orgasm” (3CD Box + Condom)
Lauer “Borndom”
Prefuse 73 “Rivington Nao Rio”
Prurient “Frozen Niagara Falls” (2CD)
Ross, Gyasi “Isskootsik (Before Here Was Here)”
Satyricon “Live At The Opera” (Ltd. Ed. DVD + 2CDs)
Scharpling & Wurster “Best Of The Best Show” (16 CD Box Set, WFMU Comedy, Lots Of New & Unreleased Stuff, + Book)
Shamir “Ratchet” (5-19 Release Date)
Tallest Man On Earth, The “Dark Bird Is Home”
Various “Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten: Cambodia’s Lost Rock And Roll”
Von Till, Steve “A Life Unto Itself”
Washington, Kamasi “The Epic” (3CD) (5-19 Release Date)
Wauters, Juan “Who Me?”


Krautner, John “Fun With Gum Vol. 1” (BRGR705)
Peach Kelli Pop “Peach Kelli Pop (III)” (BRGR925)
Simonetti, Mike “At The Juncture Of Dark And Light Vol. 6” (HTR001)
Various “Coalmine Records Presents: Remineded – A Collection Of New & Old Remixes” (CM-060)
Various “Coalmine Records Presents: Unearthed – Mixed By DJ Revolution”
Maximum Rock N Roll #385 June 2015



(Northern Spy)
Here’s an ambient drone / experimental collaboration between Joel RL Phelps (former guitarist and vocalist for the now-defunct indie band Silkworm) and G. Stuart Dahlquist (formerly of Sunn O))) and Goatsnake and now in Asva.) Despite Dahlquist’s doom-metal background, this record is more about simulating the feel of being in a huge old church, with long stretches of organ (along with bells, choirs and various instruments) that seem to permeate a wide space. Phelps’ strong vocals bring the sound together, making it sound like he’s singing hymns for the doomed. The feeling of dread is clearest in the sensual, pitch-dark “Death Rattle,” but others like the steel drum-infused “Been to the Water” and radiant closer “Thine” manage to sound downright uplifting.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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