T-USED-DAY Update for May 26th, 2015

T-USED-DAY Update for May 26th, 2015
at Redscroll Records

5-26-15 tUSEDday
Here are some of the latest used arrivals at the shop. Keep in mind this doesn’t include any of the CDs or many of the LPs in the general rock/pop/jazz/anything-in-the-back-room that we get in. This list also builds over the course of a week so sometimes some items are no longer in stock by the time this is posted. We try to avoid that, but it happens. Call ahead if there’s a particular release you’re curious about. These are the in-store prices – if you’d like to find any of these online please visit us here: http://www.discogs.com/seller/Redscroll

LPs & 12″s
4 Skins “A Few 4 Skins More Volume 1” (2LP) $20.00
Afghan Whigs “Gentlemen” $18.00
Arc Angel “Arc Angel” $5.00
Arcade Fire “Funeral” $14.00
Armored Saint “March Of The Saint” $10.00
Berry, Chuck “The Great Twenty-Eight” $15.00
Black Flag “Damaged” $12.00
Black Flag “Wasted… Again” $9.00
Black Keys, The “Lonely Boy / Run Right Back” $13.00
Bl’ast “The Power Of Expression” $24.00
Bloody Hammer “Bloody Hammer” (White) $12.00
Bowie, David “Changesonebowie” $8.00
Bunyan, Vashti “Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind” $16.00
Burns, George “I Wish I Was Eighteen Again” $2.00
Bush, Kate “The Whole Story” $7.00
Buzzcocks “Singles Going Steady” $18.00
Chameleons UK, The “Strange Times” $20.00
Charlie “Spacer Woman” $12.00
Christian Mistress “Possession” $15.00
Christian Mistress “Agony & Opium” $10.00
Coltrane, John “The Best Of John Coltrane – His Greatest Years Vol. 3” (2LP) $8.00
Cypress Hill “The Phuncky Feel One” $4.00
David “S/t” $16.00
Die Kreuzen “October File” $14.00
Die Kreuzen “Die Kreuzen” $13.00
DJ Zinc “Flim” $1.00
Doors, The “The Doors” $8.00
D’Rivera, Paquito “Mariel” $4.00
Ferrara, Paolo “Profundita” $44.00
Flipper “Album Generic Flipper” (1990 Repress) $25.00
Floor “Oblation” $20.00
Genesis “A Trick Of The Tail” $5.00
Genesis “Foxtrot” $8.00
Gielgud, Sir John and Irene Worth “T.S. Eliot Old Possum’s Book Of Practical Cats” $10.00
Give “Singles Going Confetti” $12.00
Goblin “Roller” (Italian Pressing) $22.00
Gong “You” $15.00
Gore, Lesley “I’ll Cry If I Want To” $6.00
Holy Other “Held” $12.00
Judas Priest “British Steel” $10.00
Kylesa “Ultraviolet” (Yellow) $14.00
Lazy Cowgirls, The “How It Looks – How It Is” $15.00
Let’s Active “Every Dog Has His Day” $3.00
Mason, Dave “Scrapbook” $5.00
Mastodon “Remission” $20.00
Micalizzi, Franco “The Visitor” $16.00
Minor Threat “Out Of Step” $15.00
Misfits “Misfits (Collection 1)” $15.00
Modern Lovers, The “S/t” (Reissue) $24.00
Mortifera “Bleuu De Morte” $15.00
Mortifera “Malediltiih” $13.00
Mortifera “Vastiia Tenebrd Mortifera” $12.00
Motorhead “Ace Of Spades” $16.66
My Bloody Valentine “MBV” (No CD) $18.00
Nat King Cole Trio “Pieces Of Cole” $7.00
Nazareth “Hair Of The Dog” $5.00
New Order “Way Of Life” $7.00
Nilsson “Nilsson Sings Newman” $12.00
No Faith “No Faith” (Grey) $5.00
Poison Idea “Confuse & Conquer” $12.00
Queen “A Day At The Races” $11.00
Radiacs “Hellraiser” $23.00
Real Kids, The “The Real Kids” $11.00
Red Hot Chili Peppers “Mother’s Milk” $40.00
Reports / Halfsour “Reports/Halfsour” $5.00
Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow “Rainbow” $8.00
Sadness “Ames De Marbre” $20.00
Signs Of The Zodiac “Scorpio” $6.00
Smiths, The “Strangeways, Here We Come” $20.00
Smiths, The “The Queen Is Dead” $23.00
Tex And The Hoseheads “Life’s So Cool” $9.00
Thunder “Headphones For Cows” $4.00
Toots & The Maytals “Funky Kingston” $16.00
Toots & The Maytals “Reggae Got Soul” $2.00
Tosh, Peter “Mama Africa” $6.00
Trist “Zrcadleni Melancholie” $15.00
Turnstile “Nonstop Feeling” (Green) $16.00
Van Der Graaf Generator “H To He Who Am The Only One” $17.00
Van Halen “1984” $6.00
Van Halen “Women And Children First” $4.00
Van Halen “Fair Warning” $6.00
Van Halen “Van Halen II” $5.00
Van Halen “1984” $5.00
Various “Metal For Breakfast” $12.00
Various “Scandal Ska” $8.00
Various “Themes From Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange” $3.00
Various “What Stuff” (Germs, Skulls, Kaos…) $7.00
Various “Skank (Licensed To Ska)” (Toasters, Loafers, Busters, Skaos…) $12.00
Various “Ska For Ska’s Sake” (Loafers, Maroon Town, Riffs, Judge Dread…) $10.00
Warlock “All We Are” $16.66
Whitesnake “Trouble” $5.00
Whitesnake “Ready An’ Willing” $5.00
Williams, John “Superman The Movie: Original Sound Track” $4.00
X “4th Of July” $5.00
Yardbirds, The “Greatest Hits” $7.00
Young And In The Way “When Life Comes To Death” (Clear) $12.00

Pulling Teeth “Vicious Skin” (Picture Disc) 10″ $9.00
Various “Music From Spiderman 3″ 10” $4.00

Annihilation Time “Cosmic Unconsciousness” $3.00
Artless “Harass” $2.00
Bent Shapes “Panel Of Experts / Bites And Scratches” (Flexi) $3.00
Bent Shapes “Boys To Men / Brat Poison” (Flexi) $3.00
Benumb “Gear In The Machine” (Grey) $4.00
Beyond Description “Fine Day Nostalgia” $3.00
Black Torment / Invocation War “Nocturnal Chants Of The Iron Flame” $5.00
Blackout Shoppers / World War IX “Blackout Shoppers / World War IX” $3.00
Blanchard, Jack “Tennessee Bird Walk” $1.00
Blizzard “The Return Of Pure Filth And Mayhem” $5.00
Buffalo Springfield “For What It’s Worth” $3.00
Call The Paramedics / Gruesome Stuff Relish Split $3.00
Cleansing Wave “Cleansing Wave” (Green) $3.00
Coitus Diaboli “Goat Kult” $5.00
Cream “Sunshine Of Your Love” $2.00
Crunky Kids, The / Zemezluc “East Block Meets Mid West” $2.00
Dairy Queen / Septic Tumor “Dairy Queen / Septic Tumor” (Red) $1.00
Dave Clark Five, The “At The Scene” $1.00
Deadfall “Deadfall” (Green) $2.00
Deadfall “Comrades” $2.00
Death Sentence “Before The Slaughter” $5.00
Death Skull “Blessed Altar” $4.00
Denouncement Pyre “Circle Of The Black Flame” $5.00
Dios Hastio “Kerosene” $3.00
Discard “Death From Above” $8.00
Donovan “Poor Cow / Jennifer Juniper” $5.00
Doors, The “Wishful Sinful / Who Scared You” $3.00
Dropdead / Look Back And Laugh “Dropdead / Look Back And Laugh” $2.00
Envenom “Christfukk” $5.00
Excruciate 666 / Dawn Of Crucifixion “Obscene Perversion In Genocide” $3.00
Four Jacks And A Jill “Master Jack” $1.00
Freddie And The Dreamers / Beat Merchants “You Were Made For Me / So Fine” $3.00
Frijid Pink “The House Of The Rising Sun” $2.00
Frost, Max And The Troopers “Shape Of Things To Come” $3.00
Gault, Jonna And Her Symphono Pop Scene “What If They Gave A War And No One Came?” $5.00
George Moshington “Seventeen Seventy Fuck You” $3.00
Gnob “Hoping For Extinction” $2.00
God Bullies “Join Satan’s Army” (2×7″) $6.00
Heartwork “Anything Dry” $2.00
Herds “Herds” $2.00
Hiatus “Way Of Doom” $3.00
Holier Than Thou? “Holier Than Thou?” $3.00
Infernal Stronghold / Woe “The Land Of Piss-Poison” $3.00
Invocation War “Demonic Onslaught” $2.00
Irresolution “Control” $3.00
Kooper, Al / Blood Sweat And Tears “Kooper, Al / Blood Sweat And Tears” (Flexi) $1.50
Lennon, John And Yoko Ono “Instant Karma” $4.00
Machetazo / Winters In Osaka “Machetazo / Winters In Osaka” (Purple) $5.00
Maelstron “Megamorphosis” $3.00
Mayfield, Curtis “Freddie’s Dead (Theme From Superfly)” $2.00
Midnite Brain / Cleansing Wave “Midnite Brain / Cleansing Wave” $2.00
Morbid Execution “Cadaverous Cult” $3.00
My Minds Mine / Violent Headache “My Minds Mine / Violent Headache” $3.00
Necromessiah / Dewarsteiner “The Oath Of Bacco Militia” (Black/White) $4.00
Nerkroth “Eterno Ritual Negro” $5.00
Paper Chase, The “…And The Machines Are Winning” $1.00
Payne, Freda “Bring The Boys Home” $2.00
Pellinore “Memento Mori” $3.00
Pist, The / Half Empty Split (Green) $4.00
Powerbastard “Cursed Earth” $2.00
Presley, Elvis “Don’t Cry Daddy” $3.00
Presley, Elvis “In The Ghetto” $2.00
Presley, Elvis “I Really Don’t Want To Know” $2.00
Prosanctus Inferi / Witchtomb “Prosanctus Inferi / Witchtomb” $4.00
Pulling Teeth / Shin To Shin Split (Purple Marble) $3.00
Pustulation “Under The Shadow Of Death” $5.00
Rancid Vat “Portland Blood Bath” (Purple) $1.50
Red Planet Rocketts, The “Tick Tock” (Red) $3.00
Remission “A Few Faces Of Protest” $2.50
Resist And Exist “Dare To Struggle, Dare To Win” (Translucent Yellow) $4.00
Roberts, Austin “Something’s Wrong With Me” $0.75
Rotgut “Quit The World” $1.00
Rotten “Thrash N’ Roll” $4.00
Rush, Merrilee And The Turnabouts “Angel Of The Morning” $1.00
SBV / Feelin’ Fine “SBV / Feelin’ Fine” $2.00
SFA “Unclean” $3.00
SFA / Dare To Defy “Dead People Make The Best Friends” $6.00
Sister Ray “The King / Push Me” $2.00
Sly And The Family Stone “Everyday People” $3.00
Sneeze “Grandma In The Trenches” $3.00
SSS “SSS” $6.00
State Of The Union “Rez-Erection” $2.00
Stillborn “Stillborn” $2.00
Straight From The Heart “Maximum Tolerable Dose” $2.00
Thieves “EP 2” (Smoke Red) $3.00
Throneum / Graveworm “Hell Obscure Temptation” $4.00
Tri-State Kill Spree “Bathtub Meth” (Red) $1.50
United Super Villains “Escapist” (Pink Marble) $2.00
Vari “South Jersey Hardcore – Down But Not Out” $3.00
Various Artists “No Bullshit Vol. 3” (Yellow) $1.50
Various Artists “No Bullshit Vol. 4” $1.50
Various Artists “Yo No Quiero Que Vuelva Mecano” $3.00
Various Artists “Dark Thoughts: A Tribute To C.O.C.” (Clear) $4.00
Various Artists “Panx Vinyl Zine 09” $2.00
Various Artists “Every Twenty Seconds” $1.00
Various Artists “Thrash Metal Blitzkrieg Vol. 3” $3.00
Various Artists “Cash, Gash, & Thrash” $3.00
Violent Arrest “Violent Arrest” $1.00
Wartorn “Banzai” $3.00
Wounded Knee “Please Explain” $4.00
Wurst “No Comfort In Faith” $4.00

Anthrax “State Of Euphoria” Cassette $2.00
Anthrax “Spreading The Disease” Cassette $3.00
Cosby, Bill “At His Best” (Sealed) Cassette $2.00
Drought Tolerant “Drought Tolerant” Cassette $1.00
Eula “Wool Sucking” Cassette $3.00
Green Jelly “Cereal Killer Soundtrack” Cassette $1.00
Ice Cube “The Predator” Cassette $3.00
Jane’s Addiction “Ritual De Lo Habitual” Cassette $1.50
Kiss (K.I.S.S.) “MTV Unplugged” Cassette $3.00
Megadeth “Symphony Of Destruction” (Cassingle) Cassette $2.00
Osbourne, Ozzy “No More Tears” Cassette $3.00
Osbourne, Ozzy “Bark At The Moon” (Digital Re-Master 22 Bit SBM) Cassette $5.00
Pizza Underground, The “(Demo)” (Yellow Tape) Cassette $8.98
Polaris “Great Big Happy Green Moonface” (Cassingle) Cassette $3.00
Ramones “Brain Drain” Cassette $3.00
S.O.D. “Live At Budokan” Cassette $3.00
Sepultura “Dead Embryonic Cells” Cassette $3.00
Sepultura “Refuse/Resist” Cassette $5.00
Various “Tales From The Crypt Presents ‘Demon Night'” (Soundtrack) Cassette $1.50
Various “Punk-O-Rama” Cassette $3.00

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