24th of July 2015 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records






LPs & 12″s

Allien, Ellen “High”
As Friends Rust “The Porch Days: 1998-2000”
Ascion “Black Sun Records 11”
Ashtray Navigations “A Shimmering Replica” (+D/L)
Bell Witch “Demo 2011”
Blawan “Hanging Out The Birds”
Bong “We Are, We Were And We Will Have Been” (180 gram +D/L)
Bored Stiff “Explainin…”
Buckner, Richard “The Hill” (+D/L)
Cantu, D’Marc “Car Type EP”
Carlton Melton “Out To Sea” (+CD & Poster)
Celibate Rifles “Sideroxylon”
Chaos Echoes “Transient” (+ poster)
Cha-os Vs. Bassing Guild “Super Bass Traxx”
Creedence Clearwater Revival “Bayou Country”
Creedence Clearwater Revival “Willy And The Poor Boys”
Culture “Born Of You” (+D/L)
Davidson, Marie “Un Autre Voyage” (+D/L)
Deadbeat “Walls & Dimensions I” (Clear vinyl)
Decemberists, The “Castaways And Cutouts” (180 gram)
Dige, Sally “Hard To Please”
Disclose “Tragedy”
DJ Haus “Thug Houz Anthems Vol. 4”
DJ Rashad “6613”
DMX Krew “Dogg Fungk”
DVS1 “Break Away”
Eleventh Dream Day “Works For Tomorrow”
Evil Acidhead “In The Name Of All That Is Unholy”
Fahey, John “America” (180 gram)
Fort Romeau “Frankfurt Versions”
Goat Semen “Ego Sum Sathan”
Grave Babies “Holographic Violence” (+D/L, colored vinyl)
Hieroglyphic Being Experience “Methods Of Transfer Book I”
Internet Spy Machine “Semiotics EP”
Iron And Wine / Ben Bridwell “Sing Into My Mouth”
Isbell, Jason “Something More Than Free” (180 gram)
Kawabata, Makoto “Astro Love And Infinite Kisses” (+D/L)
King Khan & BBQ Show, The “The King Khan & BBQ Show”
Kosmose “Kosmic Music From The Black Country”
Lanza, Jessy “You Never Show Your Love”
M.E.S.H. “Piteous Gate”
Man Overboard “Heavy Load” (Colored Vinyl, with CD)
Martyn “Block The Box EP”
Mo Kolours “Mini Culcha”
Motor City Drum Ensemble “Black Label 27”
Ms Mr “How Does It Feel” (+D/L)
N.W.A. “100 Miles And Runnin'”
Nervosas “Nervosas” (+D/L)
New Riders Of The Purple “The Adventures Of Panama Red” (Purple Vinyl)
North “Siberia”
Not Waving “Voices”
Old Shady Grady And The Neighborhood Character “Tales From Caturday”
O’Sullivan, Steve “Interchangeable Patterns Part II”
Pahaa Verta “Pahaa Verta”
Paper Dollhouse “Aeonflower”
Pearson Sound “Extended Mixes Part 2”
Portal “Seepia”
Portal “Outre”
Portion Control “Progress Report 1982-86”
Radioactivity “Silent Kill” (+D/L)
Ricked Wicky “King Heavy Metal” (+D/L)
Roch, John Michael “With You In My Arms”
Rodhad “Kinder Der Ringwelt EP”
Schnitzler, Conrad “Kollektion 05”
Schnitzler, Conrad & Pyrolator “Con-struct” (+CD)
Screature “Four Columns”
Seven Davis Jr. “Universes” (180 gram + D/L)
Shed “Constant Power”
Skirt “Mirage EP”
Sleaford Mods “Key Markets”
Soft As Snow “Chrysalis”
Sonic Youth “Evol” (+D/L)
Souleyman, Omar “Darb El Hawa”
Souleyman, Omar “Bahdeni Nami”
Spraynard “Mable”
Strange Wilds “Subjective Concepts” (+D/L, colored vinyl)
Syntoma “Syntoma”
Trumpet & Badmad “Feel My Body Achin'”
Vacation “Non-Person”
Various Artists “Disco 2 Record A” (+D/L)
Various Artists “Disco 2 Record B” (+D/L)
Various Artists “Events At The Fatal Party”
Various Artists “Pocket Symphonies”
Various Artists “Fabric Safety Apparatus Vol 1”
Violet Poison “Absence Generator”
Volkov, Alexey “JL07”
Weekend Nachos “Worthless”
Weird Candle “Regeneration”
What’s Eating Gilbert “That New Sound You’re Looking For” (+D/L)
Xamiga “Bohemian Grove”


Black Channels “Black Channels”
Boddika / Joy Orbison “TMTT”


Ball “Fyre”
Kerridge “Sonic Instruments Of War”
Lee Bains III “Sweet Disorder”
Nervous Eaters “Just Head”
Nervous Eaters “Loretta”
Pure Ground “The Arsonist”
Run Forever “Big Vacation”


Abyssal “Antikatastaseis”
Bonehunter “Evil Triumphs Again”
Dday One “Dialogue With Life”
Khemmis “Absolution”
M.E.S.H. “Piteous Gate”
Merzbow “Wildwood”
Ricked Wicky “King Heavy Metal”
Seven Davis Jr. “Universes”
Sleaford Mods “Key Markets”
Sonic Youth “Evol”


Burst Of Rage “Burst Of Rage”
Direct Impact! “Direct Impact!”
Lock “Demo ‘2015’”
Plastic Cloud, The “The Plastic Cloud”
Souleyman, Omar “Bahdeni”


Prurient Frozen Niagara Falls

(Profound Lore)

Now in his seventeenth year of creating noise music as Prurient, Dominick Fernow has crafted yet another release that manages to expand on his bleak visions by incorporating more varied sounds than ever before. The double-album journey of Frozen Niagara Falls (recommending that you “listen at night while snow falls silently under street lights”) covers Fernow’s favorite themes of love and death via poetry both spoken and screamed. That, combined with sounds ranging from bracingly shrill shrieks to subdued synth melodies, demonstrate him as an unmistakably thinking noise artist. He draws inspiration from the unforgivingly stark recording setting (New York City’s winters from 2013-15) as well as a “recommended reading” list that includes titles of poetry, World War II history and Viktor Frankl’s concentration camp reflection Man’s Search for Meaning. An easy standout track is “Greenpoint,” starting most unexpectedly with delicate acoustic guitars that give way to an assault of noises chirping and blasting in an unpredictable pattern.

Secret Cities Walk Me Home

(Western Vinyl)









Since the core members of this North Dakota indie-pop band lived far apart (they met at band camp), they used to create music by mailing each other their four-track recordings. For this third record, however, they finally got to record together, resulting in a cleaner and less “ghostly” sound for their 60s-influenced indie rock. The use of piano, rich guitars and versatile vocals creates a swelling sound that certainly makes the music breathe. “Playing with Fire,” for example, is an extra-catchy piano-driven pop song that reminds me of sunny summer days.

(Reviewer: Mark)