T-USED-DAY Update for July 21st, 2015

T-USED-DAY Update for July 21st, 2015
at Redscroll Records








Here are some of the latest used arrivals at the shop. Keep in mind this doesn’t include any of the CDs or many of the LPs in the general rock/pop/jazz/anything-in-the-back-room that we get in. This list also builds over the course of a week so sometimes some items are no longer in stock by the time this is posted. We try to avoid that, but it happens. Call ahead if there’s a particular release you’re curious about. These are the in-store prices – if you’d like to find any of these online please visit us here: http://www.discogs.com/seller/Redscroll

LPs & 12″s

Adventures in Negro History “Volume 1” $4.00
Alice Cooper “Killer” $4.00
Alice Cooper “Billion Dollar Babies” $4.00
Ampere / Sinaloa “Split Recording” (Purple) $7.00
Armalite “Armalite” (Yellow) $8.00
Assistant, The / Takaru / This Ship Will Sink “Three Way Split” $5.00
Balance & Composure “The Things We’re Missing” (Blue) $15.00
Balance & Composure “Only Boundaries” (Clear) $10.00
Balance & Composure “Separation” (Purple/Green) $15.00
Balance & Composure / Tigers Jaw “Balance & Composure / Tigers Jaw” (Brown/White/Green) $13.00
Barghest “The Virtuous Purge” $12.00
Basement “Colourmeinkindness” (Magenta/Blue Splatter) $14.00
Beach Boys “Surfer Girl” $5.00
Beach Boys “Wild Honey” $14.00
Best Coast Crazy For You” (Sealed, Numbered 2281/4000) $20.00
Best Friends! “Forever” $7.00
Black Ivory “Mainline” $13.00
Black Keys, The “Magic Potion” $14.00
Black Sabbath “We Sold Our Soul For Rock ‘N’ Roll” $8.00
Blaq, Rufus “Make it Hot” $1.00
Blow, Kurtis “Im Chillin” $4.00
Bones Brigade “Focused” (Grey) $18.00
Box Elders “Alice And Friends” $6.00
Breakfast “3RD And Army” $5.00
Breez Evahflowin Forsaken $12.00
Bring Me The Horizon “Sempiternal” $14.00
Burgess, Sonny “We Wanna Boogie” $7.00
Byrds, The “History Of The Byrds” (UK Pressing) $18.00
Call It Arson “Animal Strings” $8.00
Call It Arson “Animal Strings” $4.00
Cancer Kids “The Possible Dream” $7.00
Caravan “For Girls Who Grow Plump In The Night” (UK Pressing) $15.00
Career Suicide “Career Suicide” $8.00
Carlos, Walter “Switched on Bach” $7.00
Carpenter Ant “Get Over It” (Red) $6.00
Ceremony “Violence Violence” $9.00
Chain Of Strength “The One Thing That Still Holds True” $9.00
Chelsea Beige “Mama, Mama, Let Your Sweet Bird Sing” $5.00
Citizen “Youth” (Red) $14.00
Citizens Arrest “A Light In The Distance ’88-’90” $6.00
Cohen, Leonard “New Skin For the Old Ceremony” $16.00
Coke Bust “Lines In The Sand” $7.00
Company “Die On This Island” $5.00
Compton & Batteau “In California” $15.00
Conversions “Prisoners Inventions” (Blue) $3.00
Conversions “Spineless Wonders” $3.00
Cosmic Slop Shop “DA Family” (Feat Big Lurch) $2.00
Counterparts “The Difference Between Hell And Home” $15.00
Counterparts “The Current Will Carry Us” (Orange) $15.00
Crucial Unit “These Colors Get The Runs” $7.00
Dangers “Anger” (White) $12.00
Dangers “Messy Isnt It?” (Red) $10.00
Dead Dog “Dead Dog” $6.00
Dead Dog “Don’t Touch Me” (Clear) $6.00
Dead Prez “Police State” $3.00
Deadseraphim / Montcalm “Deadseraphim / Montcalm” (Red) $4.00
Death To Tyrants “Experience Will Be Your Monument And Your Love” $3.00
Defeater “Letters Home” (Blue) $9.00
Defeater “Empty Days & Sleepless Nights” (Purple) $15.00
Defiance Ohio “Share What You Got” $7.00
Defiance Ohio “The Great Depression” (Blue/Purple) $8.00
Devil Is Electric, The “I’ve Never Trusted A Revolutionary That Was Afraid To Dance” $10.00
Dillinger Four “Versus God” (Silver / 300) $24.00
DJ Clue “The Professional” $4.00
DMX “Flesh Of My Blood” $16.00
DMX / Method Man / Nas / Ja Rule “The Grand Finale” $2.00
Doomriders “Black Thunder” $13.00
Draize “Draize” $6.00
Drake “Take Care” $14.00
Driscoll, Julie/Brian Auger & The Trinity “S/T” (UK Press) $10.00
DS-13 “Vat Vet Vi Om Kriget?” $8.00
Duck Duck Gray Duck “Desire” $13.00
Dylan, Bob “Hard Rain” $6.00
Empty Flowers “The Air You Found” $7.00
Ergs, The “Jerseys Best Prancers” (Orange) $10.00
Estrogen Highs “Tell It To Them” $6.00
ETA “No Faith” $6.00
Evens, The “The Odds” $10.00
Everything But the Girl “Five Fathoms” $5.00
Fade To Gray “White Cadillac” $5.00
Fairport Convention “A Moveable Feast” $6.00
Fell Voices “Regnum Saturni” $18.00
Fighting Dogs “Fighting Dogs” $5.00
First Aid Kit “The Lion’s Roar” $14.00
First Platoon “M.I.A.M.I” $3.00
Flashlights “Im Not Alone” (Yellow) $5.00
Flaws “Erectnation” $4.00
Flipmode Squad “Cha Cha Cha” $1.00
Former Thieves “The Great And The Alleged Great” (Orange Marble) $9.00
Front Bottoms “Talon Of The Hawk” $12.00
Front Porch Step “Aware” $15.00
Genesis “Trespass” $8.00
Gentle Giant “Octopus” $7.00
Gentry, Bobbi “Touch Em With Love” $4.00
Glen Or Glenda / Dinosaurs, Baseball, & Hopscotch “Glen Or Glenda / Dinosaurs, Baseball, Hopscotch” (Grey) $5.00
Good Vibrations, The “I Get Around” (Test Press) $15.00
Guardian Alien “Spiritual Emergency” $7.00
Gueruo, James William “Electra Glide In Blue” $8.00
Guthrie, Gwen “Padlock” $10.00
Halo Fauna “Durak” $5.00
Healey, Skip “Empty Pockets” $6.00
Heiress “Early Frost” $10.00
Heresy “Face Up To It” (White) $8.00
Holier Than Though? “The Hating Of The Guts” $4.00
Howlin’ Wolf “The Howlin’ Wolf London Sessions” $13.00
Infamous Syndicate “Here I Go/Clock Strikes 12” $2.00
Into It Over It / Koji “IIOI KOJI” (Clear Light Blue) $10.00
J.O.B. Orchestra “Open The Doors To Your Heart” $5.00
Jamalski “Jump, Spread Out” $5.00
Jerry’s Kids “Is This My World?” $12.00
Jobin, Antonio Carlos “Terra Brasilis” $6.00
Johnson, Jack “In Between Dreams” $20.00
Jurassic 5 “Woe Is Me” $2.00
King, B.B. “Completely Well” $11.00
Kooper, Al “Al’s Big Deal/Unclaimed Freight- An Al Kooper Anothology” $7.00
La Dispute “Somwhere At The Bottom Of The River Between Vega And Altair” (Cream/Black) $38.00
Larm “Straight On View / Campaign For Musical Destruction” $14.00
Larm “Larm” $8.00
Larm / Pandemonium “Larm / Pandemonium” (Unofficial /250) $10.00
Lion Of Judah “Universal Peace” $11.00
Littlest Viking “Labor & Lust” $9.00
Lychgate “Lychgate” $13.00
Mack, Lonnie “For Collectors Only: The Wham of That Memphis Man” $6.00
Man Overboard “The Human Highlight Reel” (Red) $14.00
Man Overboard “Heart Attack” $12.00
Marley, Rita “One Draw/That’s the Way” $5.00
Mayday Parade “A Lesson In Romantics” (White) $20.00
Memory As Perfection / Scent Of Human History “Memory As Perfection / Scent Of Human History” $1.50
Memory Map “The Sky As Well As Space” $10.00
Mercury Program, The “From The Vapor Of Gasoline” $40.00
Midi & The Modern Dance “Make It Easy On Yourself” (Clear) $7.00
Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn / Ginger Brooks Takahashi & Friends “Songs From The Black Mountain Music Project” $14.00
Mixtapes “Ordinary Silence” (Ice Crean Cone) $10.00
Modern Baseball “Sports” (Yellow) $12.00
Modern Baseball “Youre Gonna Miss it All” (Blue w/ White) $10.00
Modern Life Is War “My Love. My Way.” (Red) $10.00
Monty Python “Instant Record Collection Volume 2” $4.00
Moraz, Patrick “Human Interface” $6.00
Murdersquad “Knock On Wood” $5.00
Natural Law “Find The Flock” $5.00
Neck Deep “Rain In July / A History Of Bad Decisions” (Green/White) $20.00
Neck Deep “Wishful Thinking” (Clear/White) $16.00
New Orleans’ Billie & Dede & Their Preservation Hall Jazz Band “S/T” $8.00
NME / Domino / Grench The Mean One “Tales From The Hood” $1.00
Nomos “Notes From The Acheron” $6.00
Noreaga “Oh No (Remix)” $2.00
Of Montreal “Skeletal Lamping” $14.00
Old Time Relijin “Witchcraft Rebellion” $18.00
Palatka “The End Of Irony” (Grey) $10.00
Pavement “Live Europaturnen MCMXCVII” $30.00
Peter & Craig / Velouria / Sailboat “Funfetti” $4.00
Pierce The Veil “Collide With The Sky” (Coke Bottle Green/ Bone Splatter) $20.00
Pity Sex “Dark World” (Clear) $10.00
Palatka / Asshole Parade “The Network Of Friends Project” $5.00
Positive Force “We Got the Funk” $4.00
Praise “Lights Went Out” $15.00
Punch “Punch” (Pink) $8.00
Punch “They Don’t Have To Believe” (Yellow) $8.00
Pure Food & Drug Act “Choice Cuts” $6.00
Pyramids “Following The Tracks” (White/Blue) $8.00
Quatro, Suzi “S/T” $6.00
Queen Latifah “Order in the Court” $4.00
Rancid “Indestructible” (Red) $15.00
Real Friends “Put Yourself Back Together” (Clear/Blue Splatter) $13.00
Reinhardt, Django “Solos/Duets/Trios Vol 2” $12.00
Requiem “Storm Heaven” $7.00
Rich, Milton & His Dixieland Saints “Best Of New Orleans Jazz” $5.00
Ringers “Curses” $5.00
Schooly D “Welcome To America” $5.00
Seahaven “Ghost/Acoustic” (Blue Marble) $15.00
Seahaven “Revere Lagoon Music For Escapism Only” $16.00
Sexy “Por Vida” (Purple” $6.00
Shanti “Shanti” $8.00
Shins, The “Oh, Inverted World” $5.00
Sick Fix “Vexed” $6.00
Silly Wizard “The Best of Silly Wizard” $6.00
Silver Mt. Zion “Horses In The Sky” $18.00
Simone, Nina “Live in Europe” $16.00
Simone, Nina “Nina’s Back!” $10.00
Sinaloa “Footprints On Floorboards” $6.00
Sinatra, Frank “Original Sessions Of The 50s” (Italian Pressing) $5.00
Skate Korpse “Skate Korpse” $8.00
Slang “Slang” $8.00
Sleeping With Sirens “With Ears To See, And Eyes To Hear” (Red) $10.00
Small Brown Bike “Fell And Found” (White) $9.00
Smashing Pumpkins “Perfect” $5.00
Smith, Lonnie Liston & The Cosmic Echoes “Renaissance” $8.00
Smiths, The “Old Guard BBC Tapes Volume 2” (Unofficial) $12.00
Social Circkle “City Shock” $6.00
Sound Of Failure “The Party Is Over” (Grey) $4.00
State Champs “The Finer Things” (Red/Yellow/Blue) $14.00
Steeplechase “Steeplechase” $4.00
Stone Titan “Peace Love And Get The Fuck Out Of My Face” $10.00
Stone Titan “Scratch N’ Sniff” $10.00
Stop The Violence Movement “Self Destruction” $2.00
Story So Far, The “Under Soil & Dirt” $12.00
Story So Far, The “The Story So Far” (Royal/Clear) $16.00
Story So Far, The “What You Don’t See” (Blue/White/Yellow) $20.00
Surf City “Kudos” $14.00
Sweet, Rachel “Fool Around” (UK Pressing) $8.00
Taking Back Sunday “Tell All Your Friends” $8.00
Tem Eyos Ki “Argenta” $6.00
Terminal Youth “Terminal Youth” $4.00
They And The Children “Home” $6.00
They And The Children “Thoughts On Becoming A Ghost” (Grey/Magenta) $6.00
This Moment In Black History /Fatal Flyin’ Guilloteens “This Moment In Black History / Fatal Flyin’ Guilloteens $2.00
This Will Destroy You “Another Language” (Copper) $18.00
Tigers Jaw “Tigers Jaw” (Orange/White) $10.00
Timberlake, Justin “Futuresex/Lovesounds” $11.00
Title Fight “Floral Green” $12.00
To What End? “Concealed Below The Surface” $7.00
Total Devastation “S/T” $5.00
Touche Amore “To The Beat Of A Dead Horse” (Orange) $12.00
Touche Amore “Is Survived By” (Blue) $10.00
Touche Amore “Parting The Sea Between You And Me” $10.00
Transit “Listen & Forgive” (Grey Marble) $13.00
Transit “Young New England” (Gold/Green/Red) $12.00
Tremeloes, The “Suddenly You Love Me” $14.00
Trick Daddy & Nappy Roots “Shut Yo Face (Uncle F**ka)” $2.00
Turnover “Magnolia” (Aqua w/ Mustard Splatter) $9.00
Turnover “Peripheral Vision” $15.00
Uke Of Spaces Corners County “So Far On The Way” $7.00
Umlaut “Havoc Wreakers” $5.00
Uriah Heep “Uriah Heep Live” $5.00
Uriah Heep “Sweet Freedom” $3.00
Van Halen “5150” $5.00
Various “American Graffiti” $3.00
Various “Ghostbusters” $6.00
Various “Poems And Songs Of Middle Earth” (Sealed) $20.00
Various “Tommy” $4.00
Various “Dreamgirls” $3.00
Various “Fast Folk: Musical Magazine Boston 2” $6.00
Various “Fast Folk: Musical Magazine Vol. 1 #7” $6.00
Various “The Last Picture Show” $3.00
Various “2001 A Space Odyssey” $6.00
Various “Divas on the Dancefloor” (Still Sealed) $6.00
Vitamin X “Down The Drain” $8.00
Webber, Andrew Lloyd “Evita” $3.00
Webber, Andrew Lloyd “Cats” $3.00
What Happens Next? “Stand Fast Armageddon Justice Fighter” $6.00
Witch Hunt “As Priorities Decay” $7.00
Wolf, Kate “Safe at Anchor” $6.00
Wonder Years, The “The Upsides” (Safety Green) $24.00
Wonder Years, The “Suburbia I’ve Given You All And Now I’m Nothing” (Clear) $14.00
Wyman, Bill “Stone Alone” $5.00
You And I “Saturdays Cab Ride Home” $13.00
Youssou N’ Dour & Canibus “How Come” $3.00
Zann / Perth Express / Trainwreck / Ghostlimb “Four Way Split” $6.00


A Petal Fallen “A Petal Fallen” (Red) 10″ $3.00
Andrew Jackson Jihad “Only God Can Judge Me” (White) 10″ $12.00
Bridge And Tunnel “Indoor Voices” (Gray) 10″ $6.00
Clash, The “Black Market Clash” 10″ $10.00
Girls Just Want To Have Fun “You Will Always Be Relevant To Me” 10″ $7.00
Insurgent, The “Inside Every Kid” (Grey Marble) 10″ $4.00
Seasick “Awakenings” (Yellow w/ Black Splatter) 10″ $7.00
Twelve Hour Turn “Bend Break Spill” (Pink) 10″ $8.00
Various “How To Destroy Yourself” /330 10″ $8.00
Various “Short Fast And Loud” 10″ $6.00
Various “Posessed To Skate Volume 2″ 10” $6.00
What Happens Next? “Hollow Victory” 10″ $7.00
Wolves “Simulation Transparency Alienation” 10″ $12.00


A Minor Forest/Gainer “A Minor Forest/Gainer” $3.00
ANS/Carpenter Ant “ANS/Carpenter Ant” $2.00
Balaclava “Shame” $2.00
Balance and Composure “Acoustic 7″” (Cream) $7.00
Band of Horses “No Ones Gonna Love You” $4.00
Blotto/Ringers “Blotto/Ringers” $3.00
Born Against “S/T” $7.00
Box the Compass “S/T” $1.00
Braid “Im Afraid of Everything” $3.00
Bread and Water “Future Memories” $2.00
Bridge and Tunnel “Loss Leaders” $4.00
Bridge and Tunnel “S/T” $3.00
Brown Sugar “Luvly” $3.00
Busdriver “ATM” $2.00
By Surprise “Criteria” $5.00
Can Kickers “Fire in the East” $3.00
Can Kickers “Dark Molly” $3.00
Carpenter Ant/Headaches “Carpenter Ant/Headaches” $2.00
Caustic Christ “No Love” $2.00
Caustic Christ “Government Job” $2.00
Caustic Christ/RAMBO “Caustic Christ/RAMBO” $3.00
Cheap Girls/Lemuria “Cheap Girls/Lemuria” $4.00
Choke Up “Spent” $15.00
Citizen/Turnover “Citizen/Turnover” (Blue) $1.00
Citizens Arrest “Soaker in Others Blood $2.00
Clifford Rhody, Justin “S/T” $2.00
Clifford Rhody, Justin/Fools “Clifford Rhody, Justin/Fools” $3.00
Cold Snap “Godspeed” $2.00
Coma Regalia/Capacities “Coma Regalia/Capacities” $3.00
Concrete Facelift/Retard Strength “Concrete Facelift/Retard Strength” $2.00
Conversions “S/T” $2.00
Countdown to Oblivion “Brain Sugery for Beginners” $1.00
Creedence Clearwater Revival “Fortunate Son/Down on the Corner” $1.00
Crucial Unit “Moshzilla $3.00
Dead Uncles “S/T” (Test Press) $3.00
Dead Uncles “Countdown to Sighs” $3.00
Dearlandlord/Chinese Telephones “Dearlandlord/Chinese Telephones” $6.00
Deathreat “S/T” $3.00
Deathreat “S/T” $3.00
Deathreat/Talk Is Poison “Deathreat/Talk Is Poison” $4.00
Defiance,Oh/One Reason “Defiance,Oh/One Reason” $4.00
Dennis “Wasted Days” $1.00
Denovo “S/T” $2.00
Dinosaur Jr “I Don’t Wanna Go There $5.00
Dinosaurs, Baseball, Hopscotch “Selections From…” $3.00
Disarm “Disarm” $10.00
Drago Miette, The “A Slow Summer Drowning” $2.00
Dropdead “Hostile” $18.00
Dropdead/Look Back and Laugh Dropdead/Look Back and Laugh $3.00
Dropdead/Totalitar “Dropdead/Totalitar” $5.00
Dylan Bredeau/Ripshit “Dylan Bredeau/Ripshit” $1.50
Elliot/SEDC/Kid Dynamite “Elliot/SEDC/Kid Dynamite” $6.00
Engine Down “S/T” $3.00
Engine Down “A Sign of Breath” $4.00
Engine Down/Twelve Hour Turn “Engine Down/Twelve Hour Turn” $5.00
Environmental Youth Crunch/Defiance, Ohio “Environmental Youth Crunch/Defiance, Ohio” $6.00
Epileptic Terror Attack “We Are the Attack” $2.00
Evens, The “2 Songs” $4.00
Failures “S/T” $5.00
Fighting Dogs “S/T” $2.00
Fired Up “When the Lights Go Out” (Blue) $6.00
Floor “Heather” $10.00
Four Eyes “Towards the End of Loneliness” $3.00
Fucked Up “Crooked Head” $3.00
Fucked Up “Police” $5.00
Fucked Up “Crooked Head” $3.00
Fucked Up “Grimey’s” $8.00
Fugazi “Furniture” $4.00
Get to the Chopper/October Skyline “Get to the Chopper/October Skyline” (Purple) $1.50
Gomek “What the Hell Happened” $1.00
Good Clean Fun “Shopping For a Crew” $6.00
Good Clean Fun “Who Shares Wins” $3.00
Greek Favorites/Glocca Morra “Greek Favorites/Glocca Morra” $18.00
Hey Mercedes/Favez “Hey Mercedes/Favez” $6.00
His Hero is Gone “The Dead of Night in Eight Movements” $4.00
Hostile Takeover “Youth Grenade e.p.” $2.00
Hostile Takeover “Fucking Up and Fallin Hard $2.00
Hostile Takeover/Terminal Youth “Hostile Takeover/Terminal Youth” $2.00
I Hate Myself “2 Songs” $8.00
I Hate This/Raw Sewage “I Hate This/Raw Sewage” $2.00
I Hate You “The Prime Directive” $4.00
I Object “America Today and Tomorrow” $1.00
I Object/F.P.O “I Object/F.P.O” $2.00
I Object/Forever Youth “I Object/Forever Youth” $2.00
In First Person/Titan “In First Person/Titan” $3.00
Infest “Days Turn Black” $14.00
Iron Hand “Usurper Divine” (Dubey Family Benefit Edition) $4.00
Iron Hand “Ross Menze Can Suck it EP” $4.00
Ispoke/Beaumont Hamel “Ispoke/Beaumont Hamel” $2.00
Japanese Motors “Singlefins and Safety Pins” $3.00
Joel, Billy “Allentown” $2.00
Jud Jud “The Demos” $5.00
Kicking Spit/Stymie “Kicking Spit/Stymie” $3.00
Lemuria “Brilliant Dancer” (clear black smoke) $3.00
Lemuria “Vardom Alluder” $6.00
Libyans “Paralyzed” $3.00
Lifetime “Dwell” $4.00
Living Laser/Godmode “Living Laser/Godmode” $5.00
Look Back and Laugh “Street Terrorism” $3.00
Look Back and Laugh “State of Illusion” $4.00
Los Crudos/Huasipungo “Los Crudos/Huasipungo” $7.00
Madeline Ava/Watercolor Paintings “Madeline Ava/Watercolor Paintings” $3.00
Madeline/Saw Wheel “Madeline/Saw Wheel” $4.00
Majority Rule “S/T” $8.00
Mayday!/Brown Sugar “Mayday!/Brown Sugar” $4.00
MC5 Kick Out the Jams $4.00
Merkit/Roboteer “Merkit/Roboteer” $2.00
Moment “A Year Ago” $2.00
Monikers/Delay “Monikers/Delay” $2.00
Montcalm/Kodan Armada “Montcalm/Kodan Armada” $5.00
Monument “A 3 Song 7″” $3.00
My First Step Toward Failure/Wrench in the Works “My First Step Toward Failure/Wrench in the Works” $8.00
Natural Law “Slump” $2.00
Navies “S/T” $3.00
Neil Perry/Kaospilot “Neil Perry/Kaospilot” $4.00
No Friends/Off With Their Heads “No Friends/Off With Their Heads” (6″) $4.00
Nomos “S/T” $2.00
Off Minor/My Disco “Off Minor/My Disco” $3.00
Oiltanker “Crusades” $3.00
Oiltanker “S/T” $4.00
Old Wounds/Trenchfoot “Old Wounds/Trenchfoot” $7.00
One Reason “Mountains” $3.00
One Reason/The Because “One Reason/The Because” $2.00
Pankration/The Minus Tide “Pankration/The Minus Tide” $2.00
Positive Noise “No Hardcore” $2.00
Psyched to Die “Scatter Brains” $2.00
Psyched to Die “Sterile Walls” $2.00
Ramones “Wanna Be Your Boyfriend” $5.00
Rancid “Radio Radio Radio” $2.00
Rational Animals “Perception Becomes Reality” $2.00
Real Estate “Fake Blues” $7.00
Red Scare/True North “Red Scare/True North” $1.50
Relics “Demo” $4.00
Relics/Furnace “Relics/Furnace” $3.00
Reversal of Man/Cease “Reversal of Man/Cease” $4.00
Ripshit/Offsides “Ripshit/Offsides” $1.00
Rites of Spring “All Through a Life” $7.00
Sin Desires Marie/Del Cielo “Sin Desires Marie/Del Cielo” $2.00
Sonic Youth/Beck “Sonic Youth/Beck” $6.00
Teenage Bottle Rocket/Ergs “Teenage Bottle Rocket/Ergs” $8.00
The Credentials/Dead Uncles “The Credentials/Dead Uncles” $1.50
The First Step “Connection” (Red) $4.00
The Helm “S/T” $2.00
The Ladies “Hole Sailor” $2.00
The Repos “Rejoice in Ruin” $5.00
Ther Ergs/Modern Machine “Ther Ergs/Modern Machine” $3.00
Transit “Futures and Sutures” $4.00
Transit Skipping Stone $7.00
Ulcer/Failure Face “Ulcer/Failure Face” $3.00
Various “Prevent this Tragedy” $2.00
Various “Placebo Compilation” $1.50
Various “Between a Rock and a Hard Place #1” $14.00
Various “The Microwave Says to the Pacemaker” $4.00
Various “Absolutes: New England Hardcore Comp” $4.00


Bad Religion “No Control” Cassette $4.00
Broken “Demo” Cassette $5.00
Clash, The “Black Market Clash” Cassette $6.00
Cowboy Junkies “The Trinity Session” Cassette $3.00
Lazyeyes “New Year” Cassette $3.00
Led Zeppelin “The Song Remains the Same” (2x Cassettes) Cassette $5.00
Napoleon Complex “Flesh Control” Cassette $2.00
New Turks “Hot Leather” Cassette $2.00
Pink Floyd “A Collection of Great Dance Songs” Cassette $3.00
Rush “Exit Stage Left” Cassette $2.00
Steelheart “S/T” Cassette $3.00
Sugar “Beaster” Cassette $4.00
Trixter “S/T” Cassette $1.00
Uriah Heep “Abominog” Cassette $3.00
World is Shit “S/T” Cassette $2.00