T-USED-DAY Update for July 14th, 2015

T-USED-DAY Update for July 14th, 2015
at Redscroll Records




Here are some of the latest used arrivals at the shop. Keep in mind this doesn’t include any of the CDs or many of the LPs in the general rock/pop/jazz/anything-in-the-back-room that we get in. This list also builds over the course of a week so sometimes some items are no longer in stock by the time this is posted. We try to avoid that, but it happens. Call ahead if there’s a particular release you’re curious about. These are the in-store prices – if you’d like to find any of these online please visit us here: http://www.discogs.com/seller/Redscroll

LPs & 12″s

A Wilhelm Scream “Partycrasher (Exploding Shipwreck) $17.00
AC/DC “Back In Black” (Check Condition) $6.00
Alcoa “Parlour Tricks” (Blue/Maroon) $10.00
Alice Cooper “Pretties For You” $15.00
Alice Cooper “Welcome To My Nightmare” $5.00
Alice Cooper “The Alice Cooper Show” $5.00
Alkaline Trio “Agony & Irony” (Red) $24.00
Alkaline Trio “Maybe I’ll Catch Fire” $15.00
Alkaline Trio “This Addiction” $9.00
Alkaline Trio “Goddamnit” $15.00
Ambrogio, Elisa “The Immoralist” $12.00
Anvil “Metal On Metal” (Sealed!) $13.00
Anvil “Metal On Metal” $12.00
Appleseed Cast “Illumination Ritual” (Milky Clear/Bone) $10.00
ASG “Win Us Over” $13.00
Astral Social Club “Model Town In A Field Of Mud” $6.00
Avett Brothers “Emotionalism” $18.00
Avett Brothers “I And Love And You” $40.00
Bad Religion “Suffer” $22.00
Balance And Composure “Only Boundaries” (Grey/Black) $10.00
Bane “Give Blood” (2012 Reissue) $18.00
Beach Boys “Ten Years Of Harmonies” $5.00
Beaters / Prize Pets “Beaters / Prize Pets” (Palmist Split Series) $6.00
Bestial Mouths “Hissing Veil” $7.00
Between The Buried And Me “The Silent Circus” (Red) $16.00
Big Stick “Crack Attack” $5.00
Black Keys, The “Thickfreakness” (180gram Reissue) $12.00
Black Marble “A Different Arrangement” $10.00
Blue Oyster Cult “Some Enchanted Evening” $4.00
Blue Oyster Cult “Spectres” $4.50
Blue Swede “Hooked On A Feeling” $8.00
Bowie, David “Loving The Alien” (w/ Poster) $7.00
Bowie, David “Young Americans” $10.00
Brand New “Daisy” $14.00
Brown, Buster “Good News” (UK Pressing) $8.00
Burning Yellows / Whines “Burning Yellows / Whines” (Palmist Split Series) $5.00
Capsize “The Angst In My Veins” (Black/White) $10.00
Castle, Jennifer “Castlemania” $7.00
Chalk Circle “Reflection” $6.00
Chaplin, Charles “Charles Chaplin’s ‘A Countess From Hong Kong'” (Soundtrack) $2.00
Circa Survive “Descensus” (Clear/Blue & White Splatter) $25.00
Circa Survive “Descensus” (Yellow/Black Splatter) $25.00
Clutch “Earth Rocker” $8.00
Coffey, Sam And The Iron Lungs “Gates Of Hell” (Blue) $11.00
Coleman, John Wesley “The Last Donkey Show” $9.00
Crime In Stereo “Crime In Stereo Is Dead” (Blue/Black Haze) $10.00
Crosses “Crosses” (White) $18.00
Cult Leader “Nothing For Us Here” $7.00
Damiera “M(us)ic” (Clear) $13.00
Dead Luke “Meanwhile… In The Midwest” $5.00
Dead Or Alive “Youthquake” $4.00
Deafheaven “Sunbather” (Red/Gold) $18.00
Death Comet Crew “DCC America” $3.00
Deep Time “Deep Time” $7.00
Def Leppard “High ‘N’ Dry” (Sealed!) $10.00
Def Leppard “High ‘N’ Dry” (Check Condition) $3.00
Defeater “Letters Home” (Bronze) $11.00
Defeater “Empty Days & Sleepless Nights” (Purple) $15.00
Denver, John & The Muppets “A Christmas Together” (Filed In Soundtracks) $3.00
Detached Objects “Detached Objects” (Sealed!) $12.00
Devil Wears Prada, The “Dead Throne” (Green With Black Splatter) $16.66
Devo “Q: Are We Not Men?” $12.00
Everytime I Die “New Junk Aesthetic” $13.00
Everytime I Die “From Parts Unknown” (Purple) $23.00
Explosions In The Sky “All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone” $11.00
Face To Face “Don’t Turn Away” $15.00
Finally Punk “Casual Goths” $5.00
Frightened Rabbit “The Midnight Organ Fight” $14.00
Future Shuttle “Waters Edge” $5.00
Garbes, Ryan “Sweet Hassle” $5.00
Garner, Erroll / Stan Getz “Groovin’ High” $3.00
Gaslight Anthem “The ’59 Sound” $13.00
High Castle “Spirit Of The West” $4.00
Horrible Crowes, The “Elsie” $8.00
Icky Boyfriends “Live In San Francisco” $9.00
Interpol “Turn On The Bright Lights” $18.00
Iron Maiden “Killers” $16.66
Iron Maiden “Piece Of Mind” $17.00
Iron Maiden “Iron Maiden” $20.00
Iron Maiden “Powerslave” (Textured Cover) $20.00
Jackson, Michael (& Janet) “Scream” (Single, Sealed!) $5.00
James Horner “Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan” $4.00
Jedi Mind Tricks “Heavenly Divine” (Single, Sealed!) $10.00
Johnson, JJ Quintet “J Is For Jazz” $4.00
Joyride! “Joyride!” $5.00
Judas Priest “Hero, Hero” (UK Pressing) $13.00
Judas Priest “Unleashed In The East” $6.66
Kanchan “Give Me Paisa” $10.00
Kano “I’m Ready” $8.00
Kat Thang “No One Stops…” (CT Punk) $10.00
K-Holes “K-Holes” $5.00
King Tuff “Live At Third Man” $7.00
Kiss “Lick It Up” $6.00
Krokus “One Vice At A Time” $5.00
Lanegan, Mark “Has God Seen My Shadow?” $25.00
Lovebug Starski “House Rocker” $1.50
Lubelski, Samara “Future Slip” $6.00
Lynyrd Skynyrd “(Pronounced’leh-nerd’skin-‘nerd)” $6.00
Make Do And Mend “Don’t Be Long” (Transparent Red) $15.00
Make Do And Mend “End Measured Mile” (White) $9.00
Mecca Normal “Empathy For The Evil” $8.00
Method Man “Tical 2000: Judgement Day” $10.00
Minerva, Maria “Cabaret Cixous” $8.00
Minerva, Maria “Sacred & Profane Love” $5.00
Minerva, Maria “Noble Savage” $4.00
Modern Life Is War “Fever Hunting” $9.00
Moon Duo “Shadow Of The Sun” (Deluxe Red Vinyl + Screened Cover +7″ + Poster Edition) $28.00
Moon Duo “Circles Remixed” $3.00
Motley Crue “Theatre Of Pain” $7.00
Moving Mountains “New Light” (White) $7.00
Moving Mountains “Foreward” (White) $12.00
Murder By Death “In Bocca Al Lupo” (Blue) $16.00
My Morning Jacket “Z” $14.00
Mystics “Dandies Are Back” $8.00
Nazareth “Hair Of The Dog” $4.00
Nelson, Bill “The Love That Whirls (Diary Of A Thinking Heart)” (Damaged Sleeve) $2.00
Nelson, Bill “Quit Dreaming And Get On The Beam & Sounding The Ritual Echo (Atmospheres For Dreaming)” (Damaged Sleeve) $2.00
Neo Boys “Sooner Or Later” $8.00
No Artist “Stereo Test Record: For Home And Laboratory Use” (Stereo Review Model 211, Filed In Soundtracks) $2.00
Norma Jean “Wrongsiders” (Clear) $11.00
Ortolani, Riz / Nino Olivier “Mondo Cane: Original Motion Picture Sound Track Album” $3.00
Osbourne, Ozzy “Live – Mr. Crowley” (Picture Disc) $8.00
Pelican “The Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon The Thaw” $16.00
Peter Pan Players “Puff ‘N Toot” $2.00
Pianos Become The Teeth “The Lack Long After” (Blue/Black Smoke) $16.00
Portishead “Portishead” $11.00
Pray For Sound “Dreamer” (Purple) $12.00
Presley, Elvis “Elvis” $7.00
Presley, Elvis “Clambake” (Sealed! Soundtrack) $8.00
Prince “Sign O The Times” $12.00
Racoo-oo-oon “Raccoo-oo-oon” $5.00
Raffi “Singable Songs For The Very Young” (Filed In Soundtracks) $4.00
Rainbow “Bent Out Of Shape” $5.00
Rancid “And Out Come The Wolves” $30.00
Ratt “Invasion Of Your Privacy” $4.00
REO Speedwagon “Ridin’ The Storm Out” $5.00
Rites Wild “Ways Of Being” $8.00
Rock Master Scott & The Dynamic Three “Request Line / The Roof Is On Fire” $1.00
Running “Asshole Savant” $7.00
Russian Circles “Enter” $16.00
S.C.U.M. “Again Into Eyes” $9.00
Saxon “The Eagle Has Landed – Live” (French Pressing) $7.00
Scorpions “Blackout” $5.00
Scraper “Scraper” $12.00
Sesame Street “The Best Of Oscar The Grouch” (File In Soundtrack) $3.00
Shabazz Palaces “Lese Majesty” (Loser Edition Clear Vinyl + 7″) $35.00
Shankar, Ravi “Tana Mana” $9.00
Shankar, Ravi “The Genius Of Ravi Shankar” $8.00
Signor Benedick – The Moor “Opus 3: A Man Atop The Tower” $6.00
Silver Snakes “Year Of The Snake” (Gold / Black Smoke) $8.00
Skull Skull “Viet Calm” $7.00
Sound Of Genesis “Journey To The Moon” $4.00
Stecher, Jody & Friends “Snake Baked A Hoecake” $8.00
Stiff Little Fingers “Go For It” $8.00
Strategy “Boxy Music” $4.00
Sugarhill Gang “Rapper’s Delight” $3.00
Tool “Undertow” $10.00
Tunnels “The Blackout” $8.00
U.S. Girls “Gem” $8.00
Unknown Artist “Tale Spinners For Children: Hiawatha” $5.00
Unknown Artist “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer” $3.00
Uriah Heep “Look At Yourself” $8.00
Van Halen “Fair Warning” $4.00
Van Halen “5150” $5.50
Vanna “Void” (Clear/Black&White Splatter” $13.00
Various “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” (Soundtrack) $8.00
Various “6x2x12” (Defektors, O Voids, Sharp Ends…) $5.00
Various “Annie: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” $3.00
Various “Turkish Freakout 2: Psych Folk 1970-1978” $20.00
Various “Acid Rumba: Spanish Gypsy Grooves: 1969-1976 $30.00
Various “The Jewel Of The Nile” $3.00
Various “The Big Chill” $2.00
Various “Annie: Original Cast Recording” $1.00
Various “the Official Music Of The XXIIIRD Olympiad – Los Angeles 1984” $3.00
Various “A Very Special Christmas” $3.00
Various “Stand By Me” $10.00
Various “More Intensified! Original Ska 1963-67 volume 2” $9.00
Various “Heavy Hits” $4.00
Various “Chilling, Thrilling Sounds Of The Haunted House” (Filed In Soundtracks) $4.00
Various “Fat Music Volume V: Live Fat, Die Young” $10.00
Verse “Aggression” (White/Black) $15.00
White Wolf “Standing Alone” (German Pressing) $5.00
Whitesnake “Slide It In” $5.00
Whitesnake “Whitesnake” $7.00
Who, The “The Kids Are Alright” $5.00
Wilco “Sky Blue Sky” $17.00
Wolfhound, The “Best Of The Wolfhound” $15.00
World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die “Whenever, If Ever” (Black/500) $15.00
World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die “Whenever, If Ever” (Hunter Green) $15.00
World Is A Beautiful Place To Die / Deer Leap “Are Here To Help You” (Yellow) $13.00
XBXRX “Wars” $4.00
XTC “English Settlement” $5.00
Yellowcard “Lights And Sounds” $18.00
Young, Lester “The Immortal Lester Young” $5.00
Zola Jesus “Valusia EP” $6.00
ZZ Top “Rio Grande Mud” $5.00
ZZ Top “Tres Hombres” $7.00


Goliath Bird Eater / Sasqrotch “Goliath Bird Eater / Sasqrotch” 10″ $3.00
Loosers “Logic On Its Head” 10″ $2.00
Pompeii “Loom” (Clear) 10″ $24.00
Rossi, Anni & Whitman “Anni Rossi & Whitman” 10″ $3.50


68 “Midnight” (half blue / half black) $8.00
Alcoa “Drowned” (White) $4.00
Boysetsfire / Funeral For A Friend “Boysetsfire / Funderal For A Friend” $6.00
Converge “Live At The BBC” (Pink) $8.00
Damned Things, The “We’ve Got A Situation Here” $2.00
Dizzy Dean & His Country Cousings / Rico Petrocelu / John Kiley “You Don’t Have To Be From The Country” $1.00
Drifters “Under The Boardwalk” $1.50
Franklin, Aretha “I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Loved You)” $3.00
Gallows “Chains / Wristslitters” (Clear w/ Smoke) $7.00
Goodtime Boys “Thingd I Still Don’t Understand” (White) $7.00
Living Laser “Versus Pigs” (Purple) $5.00
Orbison, Roy “Oh, Pretty Woman” $2.00
Redding, Otis “(Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay” $1.00
Temptations, The “Get Ready” $1.50
Temptations, The “Just My Imagination” $1.50
Temptations, The “The Way You Do The Things You Do” $2.00
Touche Amore “Live On The BBC Radio 1” (blue) $4.00
Touche Amore “Live On BBC Radio 1: Volume 2” (Blue) $3.00
Touche Amore “Live On The BBC Radio 1: Vol 2” (Purple) $9.00
Vanna “Preying / Purging” ( Orange w/ Black Splatter) $3.00


10,000 Maniacs “In My Tribe” Cassette $1.00
7 Seconds “Out the Shizzy” Cassette $5.00
Alice Cooper “Greatest Hits” Cassette $3.00
B-52s “Love Shack” Cassette $1.50
Beatles “Part 1 & 2” Cassette $8.00
Big Audio Dynamite II “The Globe” Cassette $1.00
Black Box “Dreamland” Cassette $1.00
Black Crowes “Shake Your Money Maker” Cassette $2.00
Bon Jovi “Bon Jovi” Cassette $4.00
Bon Jovi “Slippery When Wet” Cassette $2.00
Bowie, David “Let’s Dance” Cassette $2.00
Byrne, David “Rei Momo” Cassette $2.00
Camper Van Beethoven “Key Lime Pie” Cassette $2.00
Cash, Johnny “Country Classics” Cassette $2.00
Costello, Elvis “Spike” Cassette $2.00
Costello, Elvis “The Best Of” Cassette $2.00
Cure, The “Disintegration” Cassette $4.00
Danger Danger “Screw It!” Cassette $1.50
Depeche Mode “Music For The Masses” Cassette $5.00
Depeche Mode “Songs Of Faith And Devotion” Cassette $2.50
Doors “Absolutely Live” Cassette $4.00
Doors “Weird Scenes Inside The Gold Mine” Cassette $8.00
Down “NOLA” Cassette $10.00
Dr Dre “The Aftermath” Cassette $2.50
Enya “Shepherd Moons” Cassette $3.00
Fastbreak “Where It Lies” Cassette $15.00
Fishbone “Chim Chim’s Badass Revenge” Cassette $4.00
Fugees “Blunted On Reality” Cassette $5.00
Gang Starr “No More Mr. Nice Guy” Cassette $8.00
Genesis “Invisible Touch” Cassette $1.00
Genesis “We Can’t Dance” Cassette $3.00
Go Go’s “Talk Show” Cassette $3.00
Goldfinger “Mojo” Cassette $7.00
Grace Jones “Island Life” Cassette $2.50
Guns N’ Roses “Appetite For Destruction” Cassette $3.00
Hall & Oates “Rock’N Soul Part 1” Cassette $2.00
Hart, Mickey “Mystery Box” Cassette $1.00
Hendrix, Jimi “Smash Hits” Cassette $3.00
House Of Pain “Same As It Ever Was” Cassette $4.00
Icemen “Rest In Peace” Cassette $10.00
Jeru The Damaja “Wrath Of The Math” Cassette $7.00
Jethro Tull “A Passion Play” Cassette $2.50
Jett, Joan & The Blackhearts “Up Your Alley” Cassette $4.00
Jones, Grace “Living My Life” Cassette $8.00
Kreator “Extreme Aggression” Cassette $4.00
Kreator “Pleasure To Kill” Cassette $8.00
LA Style “James Brown Is Dead” Cassette $8.00
Led Zeppelin “I” Cassette $5.00
Led Zeppelin “In Through The Out Door” Cassette $3.00
Led Zeppelin “II” Cassette $3.00
Loudness “Soldier Of Fortune” Cassette $3.00
Madonna “True Blue” Cassette $2.00
McCartney, Paul “Pipes Of Peace” Cassette $2.00
Ministry “Twitch” Cassette $2.50
Motley Crue “Shout At The Devil” Cassette $3.00
NdegeOcello, Me’Shell “Plantation Lullabies” Cassette $2.00
New Order “Substance” Cassette $4.00
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band “Nitty Gritty Dirt Band” Cassette $1.00
O’Connor, Sinead “I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got” Cassette $3.00
Offspring “Smash” Cassette $3.50
Pink Floyd “Delicate Sound Of Thunder” Cassette $4.00
Pretenders “Get Close” Cassette $1.00
Public Enemy “Yo! Bum Rush The Stage” Cassette $3.00
Rancid “Let’s Go” Cassette $5.50
Rancid “And Out Come The Wolves” Cassette $4.00
Red Hot Chili Peppers “Greatest Hits” Cassette $7.00
Rogers, Kenny “Twenty Greatest Hits” Cassette $1.00
Rolling Stones “Gimme Shelter” Cassette $4.00
Rolling Stones “Emotional Rescue” Cassette $1.50
Rolling Stones “It’s Only Rock’N’Roll” Cassette $2.50
Rolling Stones “More Hot Rocks” Cassette $4.00
Rolling Stones “Beggars Banquet” Cassette $6.00
Rolling Stones “Undercover” Cassette $2.00
Rush “2112” Cassette $7.00
Rush “A Farewell To Kings” Cassette $2.00
Sacred Reich “Ignorance” Cassette $3.00
Saigon Kick “The Lizard” Cassette $5.00
Sick Of It All “We Stand Alone” Cassette $7.00
Sick Of It All “Just Look Around” Cassette $5.00
Skull N Bones Society “The Prophet Speaks” Cassette $1.50
Small Faces “Big Music” Cassette $3.00
Social Distortion “White Light White Heat White Trash” Cassette $5.00
Soundgarden “Ultramega” Cassette $5.00
Squeeze “Singles – 45’s And Under” Cassette $2.00
Steely Dan “Katy Lied” Cassette $5.00
Stompbox “Stress” Cassette $2.00
Sublime “Sublime” Cassette $8.00
Talking Heads “Naked” Cassette $2.00
Talking Heads “True Stories” Cassette $2.50
Thompson Twins “Big Trash” Cassette $1.50
Tigertailz “Young And Crazy” Cassette $1.00
Tom Tom Club “Dark Sneak Love Action” Cassette $6.00
Tom Tom Club “Tom Tom Club” Cassette $6.00
Trixter “Trixter” Cassette $3.00
Various Artists “Free Willy” (OST) Cassette $1.00
Various Artists “The Crow: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” Cassette $3.50
Various Artists “Collision With Tradition” Cassette $6.00
Various Artists “Halloween Horror” Cassette $1.00
Various Artists “Evita” Cassette $1.00
Various Artists “The Bodyguard” Cassette $1.00
Violent Femmes “Why Do Birds Fall In Love” Cassette $4.00
Warren G “G Funk Era” Cassette $4.00
Who, The “Who’s Next” Cassette $5.00
Who, The “Who Are You” Cassette $4.00