6th Of November 2015 Update”

6th Of November 2015 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Review
at Redscroll Records

New Rack 11062015

LPs & 12″s
Addison Groove / Errorsmith “Allaby / Airbag”
Alessandroni, Alessandro “Panoramic Feelings”
All Time Low “Nothing Personal”
Alpha & Omega “Dub Magic”
AxH “Numbskull”
Bambounou / Margaret Dygas “See You Soon / Popular Religions”
Banks, Azealia “Broke With Expensive Taste”
Big D And The Kids Table “Strictly Rude” (Ltd. Ed. Colored Vinyl + D/L)
Birthday Suits “Spin The Bottle: Adult Party”
Blond:ish “Welcome To The Present”
Bloom “Quartz VIP”
Campuma Meets Haku “”The Reconstruction of ‘Na Mele A Ka Haku'”
Cash, Johnny “Wide Open Road – 1960-1962 Rarities”
Chimurenga Renaissance “Rize Vadzimu Rize” (Hip-Hop From Shabazz Palaces Member)
Cienfuegos “A Los Martires”
Coltrane, John “Black Pearls”
Cooke, Sam “The Singles Collection” (2LP Gatefold)
Cooke, Sam “Twistin’ The Night Away” (Special Collector’s Ed. 180 Gram)
Cooper, Martin / David A. Hughes “C.H.U.D.: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” (180 Gram Colored Vinyl)
Dadaism 999 “The Misery Book” (Numbered /600)
Davis, Miles “Monterey Jazz Festival, 1963”
Dekker, Desmond “The King Of Ska” (180 Gram)
Denial.Of.Service “Sensou EP”
Devo “Satisfaction: Live At The Mabuhay Gardens San Francisco 1977” (Yellow Vinyl)
Ditmas, Bruce “Yellow Dust”
DJ Deep & Roman Poncet “Adventice”
DJ Taye “Break It Down”
Dream Syndicate, The “Weathered And Torn (3 1/2, The Lost Tapes 85-88)”
Drive-By Truckers “This Weekend’s The Night!” (2LP + D/L)
Editors “In Dream” (180 Gram Gold Vinyl + D/L)
Fernando “Mid Decade EP”
Ferrara, Paolo “Ritmico”
Floating Points “Elaeina”
Floating Points “Elaeina” (180 Gram)
Fold “Netflix And Chill EP”
Foxing “Dealer” (Dark Green Vinyl)
Frizzi, Fabio “The Beyond: Original Score” (Remastered 2015 Version)
Function “Obsessed EP”
Gerstaffelen “Night Flowing North & South”
GosT “Behemoth”
Gun Club, The “Mother Berlin”
Haku “Na Mele A Ka Haku (Music of Haku)”
Hart, Grant “Ecce Homo” (1994 Acoustic Album)
Hawkins, Screamin’ Jay “I Put A Spell On You: Rare Tracks And B-Sides”
Headcoats, Thee “The Good Times Are Killing Me”
Healing Force Project “Entheogenic Spore”
Heptones, The “Good Life”
Kistenmacher, Bernd “Wake Up In The Sun”
Kistenmacher, Bernd “Head-Visions”
Koch, Robert “Hypermoment”
Koray, Erkin “Tutkusu”
Kowloon Walled City “Grievances”
Krebs, Peter “Brigadier” (/300)
Kweli, Talib / 9th Wonder “Indie 500”
LaMartine “Reportage”
Lilys “Eccsame The Photon Band” (Remastered + D/L)
Little John “Give The Youth A Try”
Moori, Arash “Heterodyne”
Morricone, Ennio “The Black Belly Of The Tarantula: Soundtrack”
Mr. Mitch “The Man Waits (Remixes)”
MU330 “Rangoon”
Necks, The “Vertigo”
Nicodimus “She Love In The Morning”
Nirvana “Feels Like The First Time” (Unofficial Ltd. Ed. Blue Vinyl)
Nirvana “Drain You: Live At The Pier 48, Seattle December 13th, 1993 – Westwood One FM” (Unofficial)
Nurse With Wound “The Surveillance Lounge”
Orcutt, Bill / Jacob Felix Heule “Colonials Donuts”
Phork “Disappear In Raveland”
Pioulard, Benoit “Noyaux”
Pixies “Velouria: Live At Hollywood December 21, 1991” (Orange Vinyl Remastered Ed.)
Popol Vuh “Nosferatu” (2LP Gatefold Wah Wah Records Version)
Popol Vuh “Coeur De Verre” (Remastered Wah Wah Records Version)
Popol Vuh “Letzte Tage, Letzte Nachte” (Remastered Wah Wah Records Version)
Popol Vuh “Aguirre” (Remastered Wah Wah Records Version)
Power Glove “EP II” (Bright Red Vinyl + D/L)
Promise Ring, The “Nothing Feels Good” (Remastered + D/L)
Racontwoers, The “Live At Third Man Records: 04-17-2010”
Red Fetish “A Derangement Of Synapses” (180 Gram Colored Vinyl)
Revolutionaries “Satta Dub”
Saloman, Gabriel “Movement Building Vol. II”
Shavit, Ami “In Alpha Mood”
Silent Ones, The “The Magical Party”
Skatalites “Skatalites & Friends At Randy’s”
Spelljammer “Ancient Of Days”
Thrasher, Willie “Spirit Child: Native North America Archive Series” (Burnt Orange Wax /200)
Timmy’s Organism “Heartless Heathen”
Treanor, Rian “A Rational Tangle”
Tropic Of Cancer “Stop Suffering” (+ D/L)
Tropic Of Cancer “Archive: The Downwards Singles” (+ D/L)
Various “Brown Acid: The First Trip – Heavy Rock From The American Comedown Era” (Ltd. Ed. Color)
Various “Clarks In Jamaica”
Various “Gqom-oh! The Sound Of Durban”
Various “Bollywood Bloodbath: The B-Music Of The Indian Horror Film Industry”
Various “Danse Sacrale: 14 Early Avant-Garde And Electronic Compositions For Ballet And Modern Dance”
Video “The Entertainers”
Vincent Floyd “Moonlight Fantasy”
Waits, Tom “Foggy Night: Unplugged” (Unofficial, Clear Vinyl)
Ween “La Cucaracha”
White Light “White Light” (Shadoks Reissue)
With The Dead “With The Dead”
Wolf Eyes “I Am A Problem: Mind In Pieces”
Zeus B. Held “Vinyl Collection” (180Gram Colored Vinyl)


Barnett, Courtney “Boxing Day Blues (Revisited) / Shivers”
S.O.A. “12/29/80 First Demo”
Yak “No / Alas Salvation / Out On A Limb”


Dead To A Dying World “Litany”
Floating Points “Elaenia”
Integrity “Humanity Is The Devil: 20th Anniversary Remix – Remaster”
Wolf Eyes “I Am A Problem: Mind In Pieces”


Guaraldi, Vince “Greatest Hits” (5MP F4505)
Kadavar “Berlin” (EZRDR-059)
Nothing Israel / Loopheads In Space “Nothing Israel Vs. Loopheads In Space Episode I” (23 Minutes, CSERP001)
Timmy’s Organism “Heartless Heathen” (TMR-325)
True Widow “True Widow”
Video “The Entertainers” (TMR-326)
Wolf Eyes “I Am A Problem: Mind In Pieces” (TMR-324)
Wax Poetics #63 Magazine



His Name Is Alive Tecuciztecatl
(London London)

His Name Is Alive Tecuciztecatl
Now a quarter-of-a-century and fourteen albums into their career, this Livonia, Michigan experimental rock band goes for a progressive/psychedelic rock-opera on their latest album. Themed around a power struggle between a pair of twins, the dark-natured story fits the music excellently, all making for a uniquely emotional experience (for added variety, each format of the record – vinyl, CD and download – has a unique mix and track listing.) One of my favorite tracks is one of the more mellow ones – “African Violet Casts a Spell” – with an enticing acoustic guitar melody and unique percussion that sounds like dancing in puddles.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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